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WBJEE Previous Year Papers are a must to be solved by all the aspirants for more focused exam NextWBJEE Question Papers PDF Download». Previous Year Papers with solution of WBJEE (West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination), Physics and Chemistry Question Paper (uploaded by WBJEE Board). WBJEE MOCK TEST ,WBJEE SAMPLE PAPER,WBJEE QUESTION PAPER ,WBJEE MOCK TEST PAPER IN PDF.

Wbjee Sample Paper Pdf

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WBJEE Sample Papers – Candidates can prepare themselves for the exam through the previous years sample papers of WBJEE The candidates. Get free access to WBJEE Sample Question Paper Set-II in pdf format for WBJEE engineering entrance examination. This paper consists of three. WBJEE Model Question Papers. WBJEE Model Question Paper is given below. WBJEE Model Question Papers. WBJEE Home Page. NIIT University Click Here.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Gautam Mukherjee. Booklet Number] Regd. Aakash Tower, Plot No. Experimental investigations show that the intensity of solar radiation is maximum for a wavelength nm in the visible region.

Half-life of a radioactive substance is 20 minute. The energy released by the fission of one uranium atom is MeV. The number of fissions per second required to produce 3. A 1 Hints: How long will the ball take of hit the ground? A stone falls freely from rest and the total distance covered by it in the last second of its motion equals the distance covered by it in the first three seconds of its motion.

Two blocks of 2 kg and 1 kg are in contact on a frictionless table. If a force of 3 N is applied on 2 kg block, then the force of contact between the two blocks will be: B 3 Hints: A boy of mass 40 kg is climbing a vertical pole at a constant speed. If the coefficient of friction between his palms and the pole is 0. B m Hints: A spring of force constant k is cut into three equal parts.

B 1 Hints: The relative density of the oil is A 0. C d Hints: A uniform long tube is bent into a circle of radius R and it lies in vertical plane. A Hints: Two solid spheres of same metal but of mass M and 8 M fall simultaneously on a viscous liquid and their terminal velocities are v and nv then value of n is A 16 B 8 C 4 D 2 Ans: C 4 3 Hints: A particle is executing linear simple harmonic motion of amplitude A.

At what displacement is the energy of the particle half potential and half kinetic? The maximum particle velocity will be four times the wave velocity if: Which of the following diagram is most appropriate? T Heat supplied Aakash Institute - Regd. The ratio of their rates of loss of heat are: At identical temperature and pressure, the rate of diffusion of hydrogen gas is 3 3 times that of a hydrocarbon having molecular formula CnH2n—2.

Dipole moment of is 1. The dipole moment of is X X X A 1. A X Hints: Which of the following thermodynamic relation is correct?

As water used is in large excess. For a reversible chemical reaction where the forward process is exothermic, which of the following statements is correct? A The backward reaction has higher activation energy than the forward reaction B The backward and the forward processes have the same activation energy C The backward reaction has lower activation energy D No activation anergy is required at all since energy is liberated in the process.

The pH of the resulting mixture is A 1.


The molarity of a NaOH solution by dissolving 4 g of it in ml water is A 0. Hence species is S—2 In a periodic table the basic character of oxides A increases from left to right and decreases from top to bottom B decreases from right to left and increases from top to bottom C decreases from left to right and increases from top to bottom D decreases from left to right and increases from bottom to top Ans: Which one of the following contains P — O — P bond?

Which of the following orders regarding ionization energy is correct? Which of the following statements regarding ozone is not correct? A The Ozone molecule is angular in shape B The Ozone is a resonance hybrid of two structures C The Oxygen— Oxygen bond length in ozone is identical with that of molecular oxygen D Ozone is used as germicide and disinfectant for the purification of air.

Aakash Institute - Regd. Due to resonance the bond order in ozone is 1.

WBJEE Question Papers

Which of the following orbitals will have zero probability of finding the electron in the yz plane? Px orbital lies along x-axis only. What type of orbital hybridisation is considered on P in PCl5? For which element the inertness of the electron pair will not be observed? Inert pair effect is exhibited only by heavy metals of p-block elements In which of the following molecules is hydrogen bridge bond present? Ortho-and para-hydrogens have A Identical chemical properties but different physical properties B Identical physical and chemical properties C Identical physical properties but different chemical properties D Different physical and chemical properties Ans: The bond order of CO molecule is A 2 B 2.

C 2 Hints: On mixing an alkane with chlorine and irradiating with ultra-violet light, it forms only one mono-chloro-alkane. A meta-chloronitrobenzene B para-chloronitrobenzene C nitrosobenzene D benzene Ans: Phenyl Nitroso Hydroxyl benzene amine C PCl 5 Hints: Which of the following compounds shows evidence of the strongest hydrogen bonding?

Propan-1,2,3 triol have three polar —OH group. Which one of the following produced when acetone is saturated with HCl gas? C CH3 Hints: Phorone is formed as minor product] Mesityl oxide CH3 Which one of the following is an example of co-polymer? A weak acid of dissociation constant 10—5 is being titrated with aqueous NaOH solution. What will be the half life of the sample?

A 5 years B 2 years C 3 years D 10 years Ans: What fraction of its total energy is translational? The length and radius of B are twice those of A. What is the ratio of the pressure difference across A to that across B? Find the e. Find the magnitude of force on the electron. How nitrobenzene is identified using Mulliken-Barker test? Nitrobenzene is reduced using Zn and NH4Cl in alcohol medium. Calculate the ratio of the rate of diffusion of oxygen to the rate of diffusion of hydrogen at constant temperature and pressure.

Why B2 is paramagnetic whereas C2 is diamagnetic? Explain briefly the cause of Lanthanoid contraction. On moving in the lanthanid series from left to right successive electrons enter into ante penultimate 4f-subshell which imparts very poor shielding effect due to its diffused nature , hence effective nuclear charge gradually increases with increase in atomic number. That is why shrinkage is observed on moving through lanthanide series, this is known as lanthanide contraction.

Explain why aniline is not as basic as ammonia. That is why availability of lone-pair is not as that as in ammonia. Thus aniline is less basic than ammonia.

First Genetically modified plant commercially released in India is: Quiescent centre is found in plants at: It is a zone of low mitotic activity located in the sub-apical region of root. The distance between two bases is 0. Sporopollenin is the product of oxidative polymerisation of carotenoids.

Which one is true for ATP? ATP is a multifunctional nucleotide which acts as a coenzyme. Which one of the following is the basic chromosome number of Wheat?

Purines possess nitrogen at A 1, 2, 4 and 6 position B 1, 3, 5 and 7 position C 1, 3, 7 and 9 position D 1, 2, 6 and 8 position Ans: Thylakoid occurs in chloroplast.

Micropropagation is a technique A for production of true to type plants B for production of haploid plant C for production of Somatic hybrids D for production of Soma clonal plants Ans: Raising of new plantlets through tissue culture technique producing similar plants true type plants.

Test cross - F1 hybrid is crossed with recessive parent. Polymer of N-acetylglucosamine C8H13O5N n that forms exoskeleton of arthropods and cell wall of fungi. Which of the cell organelle lacks membrane? Smallest cell organelle without cell membrane is ribosome. Parenchymatous cells present between two vascular bundles give rise to interfascicular cambium after dedifferentiation. Cotton fibres are epidermal out growth in form of hairs.

Two types of chloroplast are found in plant having Kranz anatomy In which type of reactions related to plant photosynthesis peroxisomes are involved? Perosisome perform photorespiration that is also called as glycolate cycle. Alpha diversity is a type of community or ecosystem diversity How many variable segments are present in the basic structure of antibody molecules? Which one is diaminodicarboxylic amino acid? Which one is the cofactor of carbonic anhydrase? Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin in presence of sunlight A virus that is parasite over bacteria is called Bacteriophage What is mitoplast?

Mitochondria without outer membrane is called as mitoplast. Which of the following is not a conjugated protein? Peptone is a derived protein. Others are conjugated proteins. Perichondrium is the outer covering of cartilage.

WBJEE Sample Papers

The blood does not clot inside the body because of: Heparin prevent clotting of blood inside the body. Blood corpuscle counting is done by this instrument. Gastric glands are activated by this secretion of Argentaffin cell. Bile salts act as activator of which enzyme? Heparin is produced by liver cells mainly. Which of the following cells produce HCl? Oxyntric or parietal cell of stomach secretes HCl. A Rib No. The upward and downward movement of the shaft of the rib no 6 - 10 has been likened to raising the handle from the side of a bucket.

Therefore, they show bucket handle movement Aakash Institute - Regd. In which of the following subjects the dead space is highest? Old man haivng high dead space volume due to low supply of blood to lungs Which one has the thickest wall?

The thickest wall of heart is found in left ventricle. The cardiac cycle in normal subject is about A 0. One cardiac cycle is completed in 0.

What is glycosuria? Glycosuria is the high amount of sugar in urine mainly due to insulin deficiency. Skin is an accessory respiratory organ in amphibians. In diabetes mellitus ketone body synthesis increases due to cellular starvation. Prolactin secreted from pituitary is responsible for secretion of milk after parturition.

Endemic goitre is due to low iodine in soil and water in hilly areas.

WBJEE Previous Year Question Paper Answers

Islets of Langerhans are the endocrine part of pancreas. Which of the following is the function of Adrenaline? Adrenaline is released in stress condition and is responsible for increased heart rate and blood pressure. Which of the following is not related to the autonomic nervous system?

Autonomic nervous system controls involuntary functions of the visceral organs. Which one of the following cranial nerves is carrying the nerve fibres originating from the Edinger-Westphal nucleus? Occulomotor nerve has occulomotor nucleus and Edinger-Westphal nucleus. How many laminae are present in the grey matter of spinal cord? Rexed, based on the cyto architectural pattern as well as on the density of neuronal packing, identified several groups of arrangement which are 10 in number and now called Rexed laminae.

Cones are related with coloured vision. MRI is not allowed in the following conditions except one. Identify the exception. A Presence of pacemaker in the body B Pregnant women C Person suffering from stroke D Presence of metallic plate in the body for treatment of broken bones Ans: This paper are really helpful for you. The candidate must complete the graduation with pure science group from this entrance exam.

The candidate complete the graduation in engineering for this entrance examination. The minimum age limit should be 17 years. All the best. Sir, my name is Prasun. I'm study in class My wanting help is, please sent me a name of a book ,in which, have last ten year solved wbjee questions not chapler wise.

My email id: Unregistered Guest Posts: Please send me the question papers at my email id: Dear sir, I, Adwaitya Maji a student of h. Yours faithfully, Adwaitya Maji. Please send it to my e-mail ID: It will help you a lot. Hi My name is Anam Shakil. Do you have any question? Related Articles: Karnataka SLET previous 10 years question papers?

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