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The AWW Birthday Cake Book is an Australian institution. A rite of passage The 13 best cakes from the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book. Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book published in and sold more than half a million copies. It's cakes have been recreated in. The Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book is a recipe book focused on children's-themed birthday cakes published as part of The.

Womens Weekly Birthday Cake Book

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Childrens Birthday Cake Book (Australian Women's Weekly Home Library) [ Australian Womens W] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Children's Birthday Cake Book, released in , was an essential ingredient of so many childhood birthday parties. Its author, Pamela. The Australian Women's Weekly's Children's Birthday Cake Book was first published in and has sold more than half a million copies. In response to all the.

The author of the iconic Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book has labelled one of her own cakes "a bitch to make", telling readers to "glue the pages shut". Pamela Clarke spoke to ABC News about the legacy the book left on the hearts of Australasian kids, but says one recipe is not worth the time. Bitch of a cake. Don't make it. Unless you're really desperate," she told viewers.

When time was limited, which can and does happen, boxed cake mixes which I could bake ahead and freeze for easy assembly and trimming the night before a party turned out just fine too. I think it's always preferable to whip up homemade cake batter, but you can definitely improvise when need be with a quality cake mix and your own buttercream icing.

This book is full of all kinds of fun cake designs for both boys and girls, number cakes for ages, hobbies and sport themes, deliciously pretty and girly ones, and fun and quirky cakes, such as the crazy Duck that has rippled potato chip 'duck lips' and a quirky popcorn head of curly hair.

This isn't a book with the latest movie cartoon character, but good-old fashioned, classic and kid-friendly cake designs. I once made the sewing basket cake for an adult friend who adored sewing, the piano cake for a budding pianist, and that big flopped out fish-shaped cake for a fisherman family member who loved salmon fishing. Due to my own spin and with my intention of humour, it turned out exactly like I wanted. A sick looking, beached and bloated giant salmon with a my own hideous shade of flesh coloured icing.

It was a huge hit, as it was incredibly funky and original looking. These were days well before the internet and TV food networks. Books were our guides. None of these cakes really have to have special pans. Most all of them are assembled from good old regular round, square or rectangular cake pans, a good cake, delicious butter icing and a sharp knife. My circle of friends were a great bunch and people soon started asking if they could borrow my beloved cake book with which I was more than happy to accomodate as the book was difficult for them to find.

I was like a secret agent in disguise, diligently tracking it's location and reasonable return at any given time. I had kept track of every cake I made for each child by noting their names and dates in the book pages and storing photographs of each of the cakes in a secure envelope attached to the inside of the book for reference and fun looking back. I felt like a stern library clerk, checking out my popular book all the time to friends and family and keeping it's whereabouts always noted under a refrigerator magnet.

That's how much we loved this book. My tracking skills obviously became complacent as the Birthday Cake book eventually went missing. The kids had become older and on their birthdays they always fondly remembered their special cakes.

Women's Weekly birthday cookbook author hilariously slams own cake recipe

One said she'd love to look at the cake book again. In a mad and extensive search for the book after seeing it wasn't located in it's usual place, I realized I hadn't seen it for quite some time.

It was sadly not found in my collection of cookbooks and recipes, nor did it seem to be in the house for that matter. Had I forgotten whom I last lended it to? Today, now that the kids have wee youngsters of their own, I was extremely happy to find a couple of 'Good Condition' copies on Amazon.

They were reasonably priced and I ordered from 2 different Amazon sellers randomly chosen.

Both copies fortunately arrived in 'Like New' condition with no markings, dried up batter, glued together pages or flying icing spatters like mine had. These 2 humble books trumped more expensive and relevant gifts the kids received for Christmas last year. There is something nice in seeing your adult children clutching the gift of the book to their hearts saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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On the bright side, both kids may have argued over the now lost, lone and special family book which provided a very special key ingredient that made for some memorable and happy days. Now they each have their own and can create their own memories.

I put things away very well sometimes, so I can only hope that my original book may magically appear someday. I cling to the notion that it may be tucked in with other long stored memorabilia or in the buried storage box of Barbie and Ken dolls that are still breeding in our garage and may appear during a spring cleaning. Or maybe a well meaning friend unknowingly tucked it away in the bowels of their bookshelves and we both forgot about it.

I take solace in the fact that if I chose to make any of those cakes again for our grandchildren, I could likely make them in my sleep or with a blindfold on, thanks to this fine book.

One person found this helpful. These cakes can be labor intensive my daughter spent at least 6 hours assembling the train but they are adorable and taste good too. Our 3 year old grandson was delighted with his train cake and the 5 year old grandson was delighted with the tiger cake. You need to have the time, energy and desire to assemble one of these but they are worth the effort.

All the kids and parents found the cakes to be delightful and almost hated to cut into them. I gave it 4 stars because of the time required to make some of the cakes. The directions are clear and some cakes are much easier than others. You also need lots of "trimmings" to make the cakes: Most of the stuff is easy to find but you do need to have it to make the cakes look as good as they do in the book.

Birthday Cakes from the "Australia Women's Weekly" book have been a feature of family birthdays for about 3 decades now, and my daughter's are using them for THEIR children's birthdays. There have been some spectacular fails, and some spectacular successes too. My children loved choosing their cake, which their Mum would make with every effort to mimic the one in the book.

The recipes are easy, and the instructions are clear. Measurements are metric, of course, but are easy enough to adapt if you need to. My family had this recipe book when I was a kid and I had a few of these birthday cakes made for me!

Now having children of my own I'm so happy I was able to get hold of a copy in such great condition so I can make them too! I love this book. It was my birthday cake bible when my kids were young and then I bought copies for them when they were grown up! Children love browsing through and picking out their favourites. Cookbook is missing a few pages, and there are a number of children's scribbles on the page I love this book as it's not too hard to recreate the pictures My mother made a number of these cakes from this cookbook for my birthdays growing up- Now It's My Turn!!!

I'd recommend this book to anyone whose mastered the basic birthday cakes and want to try something a little more intricate. This is the cakebook every Australian family had on the shelf in the s. When you asked a kid what cake they were having for their birthday, they would just name a cake from this book. These cakes are creative artworks: Decorations are made mostly with lollies and biscuits, so each slice is a taste adventure. This book is gold, and I am thrilled to have my new copy.

This was a replacement for an earlier damaged order. This one was a good copy. See all 25 reviews. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Women's Weekly The Australian. Kids' Birthday Cakes Paperback.

The Australian Women's Weekly. Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook Paperback. Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks. Pages with related products. See and discover other items: There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. One of the most important cakes for the book, of course, is the train cake, and that book is often referred to as the book with the train on the cover. The train is a labour of love, let me tell you.

I've made it several times, and Agnes did the original cake for the cover, and she did a mighty job, and it's just become an iconic cake in Australia. I remember when I made the ghost cake. I was struggling with what to do for his so-called eyes, and suddenly thought, "What about egg shells? They're going to go in the bin, anyway, because I'd made the fluffy frosting using the egg whites".

And stuck the egg shells into the cake, into the frosting, and then just put some smarties in the egg shells, and they look quite ghostly, I thought. They look rough and ready, they were rough and ready, and they're not scary at all, and I think most people, even if they've never made a cake before, will give those cakes a go. The kids don't care about the details of the cake, how messy it might look, the fact that the icing doesn't go right down to the board.

The woman who wrote the iconic Women’s Weekly birthday cake book reveals her favourite recipe

They don't care. I often think about this book being handed down through generations, and how a single book has actually become a record of kid's birthdays from, say, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, children. There's a comedian in Victoria who's worked his whole routine around the Children's Birthday Cake Book, and sings about the train on the cover.

Oh, and it's very funny. There's been jewellery made of some of the cakes in the book. There've been events around the book.

I helped with a charity event in Canberra a few years ago, and the aim was to make every cake in the book by different people, and it was staggering.

I've had people bring me their very old books with pages stuck together with buttercream, and want me to sign them, or write something, and they just love those books. And often, it's the book that their mother made cakes from, and they've passed it on to their daughter, and then their children are now looking at these cakes.

It feels like this book has developed a life of its own, and it will be around for a long time yet with even more generations of people making the cakes for their kids. First posted September 09, If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content.

Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. The youngest world leader lost his job, an Australian was rescued from the slopes of Everest and an AFL fan was left very disappointed with his meat pie — were you paying attention?

Let's find out. I was on Mt Everest the day of the viral traffic jam. But from my vantage point on the north side on my sixth climb to the summit, the view was very different. Australia's richest people can afford a toast, with their wealth growing more than 20 per cent over the past year alone.

Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Cookbook: The one cake no parent should attempt - Kidspot

Related Story: What it's like to live with the nickname 'Wake Up Jeff'. The Ferals were dangerous. We need them on kids' TV more than ever, puppeteer says. Pamela says the book wasn't born in one flashy moment. ABC News: Dave May. Pamela says the Dolly Varden cake "is so mindbogglingly simple". The animals were always pretty popular. Pamela says she would swear a lot whenever she made the tip truck cake.

The 13 best cakes from the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book.

The train cake is a labour of love. Kids don't care about the details of the cake or how messy it might look, Pamela says. Kids are daggy and like something that's approachable, Pamela says. Pamela Clark says her book has "made birthdays more special for kids of two or three generations". Often it's the book that their mother made cakes from, and they've passed it on to their daughter, and then their children are now looking at these cakes. Top Stories Grieving mum pleads for action as road safety boss calls for ban on 'bombs' Adani one step away from construction after bird protection plan approved Mortgage lenders rush to offer cheaper loans ahead of RBA rate cut Cindy had her first cigarette at Ben Stokes takes a blinder as the phoney war ends Trump imposes 5pc trade tariff on Mexican imports over 'illegal immigration problem' Jet lag isn't just about changing time zones.

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