Fitness 70-533 Dumps Pdf

70-533 DUMPS PDF

Monday, June 3, 2019

Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions / The Leader of IT Certification visit - cittadelmonte.infoader. Collect Microsoft Exam Dumps for candidates. % Free pdf Files With Updated and Accurate Questions & Answers for passing the exam. Valid Microsoft Azure Dumps Pdf for Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Exam. Avail actual exam questions and download.

70-533 Dumps Pdf

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Dumps - Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Practice Exam Questions Braindumps Exam Braindumps Certification. Microsoft PDF Questions Guaranteed Success in Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Exam % Valid Exam Dumps. Pass Exam With Our PDF Dumps. Practice Exam PDF Using Our Exam Questions With Microsoft PDF Questions.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Ling Xiaoyu. Which service should you use? Azure Mobile Service B.

Where should you create the files?

PDF Dumps, Exam Questions As Study Materials

In Azure local storage B. In Azure Storage page blobs C. On an Azure Drive D. In Azure Storage block blobs Correct Answer: A https: The WCF services must support streaming.

You need to recommend a host for the processes and a WCF binding. Which two actions should you recommend? Each correct anwer presents part of the solution. Choose two. Host the processes in web roles. Host the processes in worker roles C.


BC https: The application must securely integrate with on-premises servers. You need to recommend a method of enabling Internet Protocol security IPsec -protected connections between on-premises servers and the distributed application.

Azure Access Control B. Azure Service Bus D. D https: You must run a daily maintenance task. The maintenance task requires native BASH commands.

You need to configure Azure Automation to perform this task. Which three actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

Create an automation account. Create an Orchestrator runbook. Create an asset credential D. ACE https: It plans to deploy a large number of virtual machines VMs into Azure. You install the Azure PowerShell module, but you are unable connect to all of the company's Azure subscriptions. You need to automate the management of the Azure subscriptions. Which two Azure PowerShell cmdlets should you run A. Add-AzureSubscription D.

Import-AzureCertificate E. Get-AzureCertificate Correct Answer: AB https: You have a security token for each non-Windows application. You need to ensure that non-Windows applications retrieve messages from the solution. Where should you retrieve messages? An Azure Queue B. An Azure blob storage container that has a private access policy D.

Azure Table storage Correct Answer: Published on Jun 22, Test your knowledge with our pdf dumps questions. Study for final exam using our dumps with detailed Microsoft questions and answer. SlideShare Explore Search You.

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70-533 Dumps PDF

David Mayer , I am David, one of the creators of certification-questions. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Your company network includes users in multiple directories. You need to ensure that all users can accessSaasApp1.

What should you do? Register the application as a web application.

Configure the application as a multi-tenant. Register the application as a native client application. Option C is correct. Forinstance, is called "directory" is also referred to as a Windows Azure AD Tenant or simply as "tenant. Inthis service, every client gets its own separate space for which the client is the tenant. In the case of WAADthis space is a directory. This might be a little confusing, because you can create multiple directories, inWAAD terminology multiple tenants, even though you are a single client.

A typical scenario that lends itself to a multitenant application is onein which all users of the application may wish to customize the user experience but otherwise have thesame basic business requirements. Examples of large multitenant applications are Office ,Outlook.

You manage a collection of large video files that is stored in an Azure Storage account. A user wantsaccess to one of your video files within the next seven days.

You need to allow the user access only to thevideo file, and then revoke access once the user no longer needs it. Give the user the secondary key for the storage account. Once the user is done with the file, regenerate the secondary key. Set the Shared Access Signature to expire in seven days. Create an access policy on the container. Give the external user a Shared Access Signature for the blob by using the policy. Once the user is done with the file, delete the policy. Create an access policy on the blob.

Give the external user access by using the policy. See 3 below. By default, only the owner of the storage account may access blobs, tables, and queues within that account.

70-533 PDF Dumps

If your service or application needs to make these resources available to other clients without sharing youraccess key, you have the following options for permitting access: You can set a container's permissions to permit anonymous read access to the container and its blobs. This is not allowed for tables or queues.

You can expose a resource via a shared access signature, which enables you to delegate restrictedaccess to a container, blob, table or queue resource by specifying 2. You can use a stored access policy to manage shared access signatures for a container or its blobs, fora queue, or for a table. The stored access policy gives you an additional measure of control over yourshared access signatures and also provides a straightforward means to revoke them.

You need to change the Block 8lob to a page blob. What should youdo?

Update the type of the blob programmatically by using the Azure Storage. Update the metadata of the current blob and set the Blob-Type key to Page. Create a new empty page blob and use the Azure Blob Copy Power Shell cmdlet to copy the current data to the new blob. Option A is correct. NET or a third-party storage explorer tool.

When using this new enhancement, always make sure that you create a page blob not a blockblob. Page blob: Contosodb runs on a Standard tier within the SI performance level. You have multiple business-criticalapplications that use contosodb. You need to ensure that you can bring contosodb back online in the eventof a natural disaster in the US Central region.

You want to achieve this goal with the least amount ofdowntime. Which two actions should you perform?

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