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Ra's al Ghul embodies another plan to destroy mankind-improvement. Using the stolen plans to the members of the Justice League Batman. Read JLA () Issue #43 comic online free and high quality. Unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. I swear, I kill the Justice League just to use their costumes to make a bunch of scarecrows, and they don't even WORK. Times like this, I almost.

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JLA – Tower of Babel #1 – 4 (): Batman's greatest rival, Ra's al Ghul, continues his quest to save Earth from humanity by thinning the. Post with votes and views. Shared by SuburbanSloth. JLA: Tower of Babel Part 1. JLA: Tower of Babel () FREE CBR CBZ DOWNLOAD. Download free DC and Marvel Comics only on comicsXcomics.

Account name: Forgot it? Remember Me. Tower of Babel - Part 1. Tower of Babel - Part 1 Aug.

Link Reply Thread Hide 1 comment Show 1 comment. Looking back, I don't really see why "Aquaman's afraid of water! I mean, sure, he might die of dehydration before he could bring himself to get wet, but the League had a panoply of speedsters, flying bricks and teleporters that could drop Arthur in the middle of the ocean whether or not he cooperated. Were they just worried that he'd have a heart attack from sheer panic if they dunked him against his will? Link Reply Thread Hide 3 comments Show 3 comments.

Yea, they could keep him alive without that much trouble, but he's still effectively out of action. He's no good if he's catatonic after taking a dip. Or, y'know, sedate him and put him on an IV drip until he sleeps it off. He's out of action, sure, but you don't need comic-book-ridiculous solutions to get around that one. That's pretty much what they do in a later issue. I just think it's funny that Wonder Woman tries aimlessly flapping a damp rag in Aquaman's general direction for a while first.

What if I wave two wet rags at him at the same time? And kind of make little pouncing movements with them? Oh wow, he's super freaked-out now Boring, I'll get the sedatives. Thanks for posting.

To this day, the part of this story that seems most ridiculous to me is that the JLA is so mad at Batman for having plans to deal with them if they went bad. In a world full of clones, dimensional duplicates, time travel, mind control and everything else, the entire team should be planning for what they will do when they inevitably have to fight each other, or fight others with the exact same power sets.

Any team like that should be actively training for such scenarios. It should come up in their second meeting. What would we do about that? Link Reply Thread Hide 20 comments Show 20 comments. I always felt that isn't so much that he had plans. There's clearly a chance any one of us could go rogue, and the rest need to be prepared to stop them, no matter what. Part of the issue is that these plans were terribly cruel and potentially lethal.

They seem harsher than what he has planned for his worst enemies. I know the plans were supposedly altered to be deadly, but I don't see how the plan to turn J'onn's skin into a neverending fire and dangerously dehydrating Arthur weren't already potentially lethal. In J'onn's case, it might have been meant to weaken rather than kill.

As for Arthur, the intent might have been to incapacitate him and neutralize him enough so that they could bring him in and try to help him. I always interpreted the problem as Batman doing all of this on his own without anyones knowledge or input. I believe its wonder woman who specifically mentions the betrayal of Batman potentially using their most intimate, broken and open moments with him as ammo in his contingencies.

Yea, having contingencies is actually a fairly good idea. Some of the methods The anti-GL plan actively involves having access to Kyle Rayner while he sleeps. It's personal and not good for GLs who are more openly hostile.

It's a plan to betray Kyle Rayner specifically. Right, in the backup story from Secret Files and Origins where Batman is developing these plans, he specifically takes a comment from Kyle Rayner that he'd hate losing his sight because it would impact his art career as the basis for his plan.

That's not a plan for an evil GL or even a mind controlled Kyle.

JLA: Tower of Babel Part 1 - Album on Imgur

That's an attack plan for Kyle Rayner specifically. Okay, in Kyles case, I can almost understand. At the time, Kyle was the only Lantern left. This was before they turned Parallax into the big yellow space bug, and during this period Bruce had had a serious problem with Hal, or people even speaking well of him.

JLA: Tower of Babel Part 1

As far as Bruce was concerned, he went crazy, murdered a lot of people, and then tried to murder a lot more, becoming incredibly powerful in the process.

If Kyle had a breakdown, it makes sense that Bruce would have plans to target him in a way that disabled him. The thing was, the presentation always seemed off for me. Bruce planning for worst case scenarios made sense. But the way it was written seemed to have Bruce treating it as inevitable, and a little too spiteful for my liking. I would have preferred it if, when making the plans, it was presented as a more regretful act. That, and the bat-dickery in the aftermath always struck me as just silly.

To be fair, maybe his 'I'm a villain' plan was, " Wonder Woman'll get me. Wonder Woman might not have a weakness like Kryptonite, but he still managed to find ways to subdue her like here or in Endgame. What if they both go evil at the same time? Oh, then everyone's preeeetty much doomed. Tower of Babel 14 on a list of the 25 greatest Batman Comics, saying that "this compelling story examines the depths of Batman's paranoia, but also shows admiration for his forethought".

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JLA – Tower of Babel #1 – 4 (2000)

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