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K53 Learners guide. Page: FREE Learner Driver Manual. Everything you need to know about the learners test (traffic theory). Download/View. The Safeways K53 Learners and Drivers Manual has been designed with you in mind. It's so easy to use. Each section, from road traffic signs to rules of the road. The manual covers regulations under the South African Road Traffic Act that directly affect driver and to ensure safer driving. Click on the link to download.

K53 Learners Book Pdf South Africa

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This manual is the property of the Department of Transport and may not be copied and LICENCE TO DRIVE, EITHER LEARNER'S OR DRIVING LICENCE. The learner's section explains the K53 Defensive Driving principles, road signs The general speed limits in South Africa are 60 km/h on roads in urban areas, .. (PDF) PLEASE NOTE: The National Road Traffic Act, Regulations and test. K53 South Africa is the most popular FREE Learner's license app in South Africa, Thousands have tried it and thousands have passed. K53 South Africa app.

Each section, from road traffic signs to rules of the road, is colour coded to make learning easier. See how simple it is. Click on the bottom right corner of the diagram below, and page through some examples of the sections within this book. Know your rights when it comes to speed traps. Some trapping is illegal, so educate yourself. See this video regarding illegal trapping. We would just like to congratulte Sias Du Plessis from the 5fm morning team of successfully passing his learners yesterday 29 AUgust

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Follow this link to find that all important nearest Caltex: Find a flat, stable and safe place to change your tire. You need a solid, level surface that will restrict the car from rolling. If you are near a road, park as far from traffic as possible and turn on your emergency flashers hazard lights.

Avoid soft ground and hills. Apply the parking brake and put car into "Park" position. If you have a standard transmission, put your vehicle in first or reverse. Place a heavy object e. Take out the spare tire and the jack. Place the jack under the frame near the tire that you are going to change.

Ensure that the jack is in contact with the metal portion of your car's frame. Raise the jack until it is supporting but not lifting the car.

The jack should be firmly in place against the underside of the vehicle. Check to make sure that the jack is perpendicular to the ground. Remove the hub cap and loosen the nuts by turning counterclockwise.

Don't take them all the way off and just break the resistance.

Having the wheel on the ground means that you're turning the nuts instead of the wheel. Pump or crank the jack to lift the tire off the ground. You need to lift it high enough to remove the flat tire and replace it with a spare.

As you lift, make sure that the car is stable. If you notice any instability, lower the jack and fix the problem before fully lifting the car. If you notice the jack lifting at an angle or leaning, lower and reposition it so that it can lift straight up. Remove the nuts the rest of the way. If you get the answers right in this test you will know everything you need to pass your official learners test whether its the written or computerised exam.

K53 Learning | Book

We know this from the s of comments we've received from learners that have already passed using the same material. The sequence of the questions and answers are as follow: Questions and Answers related to your vehicle class. Questions and Answers on Road Signs. Questions and Answers on Rules and Observations. Results and Revision. You should start with the questions and answers related to your vehicles class, thereafter you should proceed to road signs, rules and observations and finally results and revision.

The final step is where we show you all the answers you selected incorrectly, this way you will be able to brush-up and perfect your score.

[Start] Practice Test for K53 Official Learners Exam. Pass your learners

Each category contains all the questions that you will find in question paper A, B and C collectively for a particular class and a number of question from the computerized test. For example, for Light motor vehicles we have taken all the light motor vehicle questions from exam paper A, B and C and joined them into one questionnaire.

This way, regardless of the question paper you receive on your test day, you will be ready. Please note: Although each question shows the correct answer, the purpose of this learners test is not for you to memorise the right answer, this learners test and study guide is to help new drivers understand the rules of the road.

Once you understand and apply the correct observations and K53 driving standard you will automatically pass the learners test and become a safe and courteous driver.

k53_learners_manual.pdf - K53 Learners Manual If you are...

This material has proven to work more times than we can count, for the written and computerised test. We are confident that if you correctly answer all these questions, you will pass your written test. Read the comments from learners that have already passed using this material, you'll find the comments below each vehicle class. Passing your official test will allow you to drive a vehicle where the weight, gross or tare does not exceed Kg's. You are only allowed to drive a vehicle if you are under the the direct supervision of a licensed driver for the same class or greater.

Passing your K53 test will allow you to ride a motorcycle on public roads. The minimum age requirement for code 1 learner's license is 16 but restricted to motorcycles under cc until the age of The restriction falls away if you are over 18 years of age and acquire your learners permit. A learner rider is not allowed to carry passengers piggy backing. Passing your K53 test will allow you to drive an unloaded heavy vehicle on public roads. Certain loads require professional driving permits in addition to a learners or drivers license.

The minimum age requirement for code 3 learners license is The holder of a K53 class 3 learners permit can only operate a vehicle if under the direct supervision of a licensed driver with the same class.

The learners permit is valid for 24 months from the date you pass the official test. You're commenting on: Avoid in-appropriate remarks and comments. If you'd like to thank the poster dont forget to cast a vote. If you have a question, do it here. All Topics. Community 13 Jan at About this learners test K53 questions and answers: Start the Light Motor Vehicles Test. Start the Motor Cycles Test. Start the Heavy Vehicles Test. Your examiner will issue you with a random question paper and explain the following: Regardless of the class of vehicle you are writing for, each learner must complete questions 1 to 52, these are general question related to the rules of the road.

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