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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Ebooks | The number one Bodybuilding, Fitness & Nutrition resource for people living with Diabetes. The Internet is a great place, but it also home to an amazing amount of bad fitness and nutrition ebooks. How can you tell the difference between the good and. This muscle building ebook program is designed to hit your weak points, build strength and muscle while maintaining a lean physique. Those trying gain muscle.

Muscle And Fitness Ebook

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A list of 31 new fitness ebooks you should read in , such as Maximum Muscle, Pilates for Men and Lean Muscle Diet. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Muscle & Fitness is bodybuilding magazine that offers professional exercise and nutritional tips. Free download of Muscle Building by FitnessExercise. I want Free eBooks and resting your body as it repairs and heals itself, before restarting your workout.

Ahh, the Internet. A place where anybody can say anything and, well, get away with anything. There are amazing products published online both in ebook and webinar formats. There are also a lot of bad ones. The difference starts and finishes with the gatekeepers that exist offline. Online things are much different.

Passion always improves the quality of a product.

Did the author used to be overweight themselves? Did they struggle with the problem they are solving with their book? Usually in the sales copy for the ebook they will write a blurb about themselves. Look past the emotional mind tricks that whoever wrote the sales copy is trying to employ and check into the story.

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So what many authors will do is split their book up into a series of parts and sell them as different components. If the product includes a manual, a series of workout templates, a nutrition guide, a macro- and micronutrient calculator, and a series of expert interviews, which of these are actually important to you?

The interviews were inserted to add to the valuation of the product.

All of the other components would have been included in the original book and cut into their individual parts after the fact with a valuation put on them. Only consider the parts that you need and ignore the rest when you're deciding whether the product is worth the price. The best part about ebooks is they do not have to be mass marketed to the public.

Since cost of production is low the author can create a product for a very specific audience and still make enough money to make the venture worthwhile. Generally an ebook is created for a specific audience. Look for professional recommendations from somebody you trust before you buy.

A good author should be able to get other notable fitness professionals willing to give them a testimonial for their sales page. For the client before and after pictures or testimonials you can do one of three things:.


A lot of ebooks are rehashed materials with a little twist from the original developer of the system. A perfect example of this is the huge amount of books advocating different methods of intermittent fasting. This way you can stick with what works but change it up a bit to keep your workouts or nutrition interesting. The other, and perhaps more truthful reason is that this is the economy that has developed. If I were to write an ebook on a workout, it would be the equivalent of at least four weeks of workouts in addition to support materials.

All you need is one good workout and a gym membership. No COD ,please understand the inconvenience.

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Muscle & Fitness Colour Ebook–101 Workouts. Build Muscle, Lose Fat

Successful bidder must contact seller within 48 hours after the auction close. Please BID with Confidence. Special Featured Items: Protect Your HOme!! Success University: E book Title: There are photo-illustrated workouts that allow enthusiasts the opportunity to glance at the photo during a workout to check their faithful following of the routine. Whether a novice or an experienced weight trainer, the chapters offer different programs for levels of progress as well as a guide to designing personalized workout systems.

Muscle Building, by FitnessExercise: FREE Book Download

Moreover, fitness and well-being are considered with a presentation on cardio primer and a feature on basic fitness nutrition as well. Table of Contents: Dexter Jackson 18 Advanced Routine: Omar Deckard 20 Advanced Routine: Book Description Bodybuilding is the process of developing muscle fibers through various techniques.


Reader Reviews. Add a comment: You need to login to post a comment. Donate to the author Author's Website. You may also like Get Fit!

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