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Barkun, Michael. A Culture of Conspiracy: Apolyptic Vissions in Contemporary America. University of California Press. Byford, Jovan. Conspiracy Theory: A Crictical Introduction.

University of California Press.

Byford, Jovan. Conspiracy Theory: A Crictical Introduction. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

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Caody, David. Coady, David. Scheider, Frierich. Buehn, Andreas; dan Montenegro Claudio E. Shadow Economies all Over the World: New Estimates for Countries from Schneider, Friedrich.

Handbook on the Shadwo Economy. Edward Elgar.

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Schneider, Friedrich dan Enste, Dominick. Hiding in the Shadwos: The Growth of the Underground Economy. International Monetary Fund.

The Shadow Economy: An International Survey. Cambridge University Press. Williams, Collin C. Confronting the Shadow Economy: Evaluating Tax Compliance and Behaviour Policies.

Wisnicki, Andrian S. Notifikasi Lihat Langganan.

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The method of this reasearch is qualitative which use narrative analysis Vladimir Propp and Tzvetan Todorov. The subject of this research is novel Pulang by Tere Liye.

This research is focused on the problem which regard with analysis of the moral value. The way of collecting the data is done by the technique of documentation and the library study. After collecting the data, Analysis from this research method will be done to get the result.

The result of this research will show the moral value that is gotten by the characters and the plot of the story, there are some categories of moral value which cover the moral message in the human relationship with God and accept the destiny, that all happened cannot be changed. As a human, it just can choose for receiving or rising and trying to come forward. In a human relationship with himself on loyality to family, the principle and commitment which makes the establishment of a service to something.

And the relationship between the other human there is love each other that make the attitude of devotion, help each other, kinship, and caring. Full Text:

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