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SUB INSPECTOR OF POLICE KERALA PSC EXAM NEW SYLLABUS RANK FILE HUMAN RIGHTS Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Kerala GK Papers Key MPPEB Head Constable, SI Answer Sheet for 17th July Exam GENCO Chemist Answer Sheet Pdf for all Sets @ www. Solved previous year question papers of Kerala Public Service .pdf Kerala PSC Sub Inspector of Police Main Exam question

Sub Inspector Kerala Question Papers Pdf

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Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) 'Sub Inspector of Police' Exam Question Paper for the year with answer keys for the Question. Solved Question paper of Kerala PSC Sub Inspector Examination .. Download this paper as PDF Format (Sub Inspector(SI) Examination. View Kerala Police SI Previous Papers PDF. Applicants download KPSC Sub Inspector Sample Papers, KPSC Syllabus. Kerala Thulasi Old.

Which one of the following statements is not correct? The law of gravitation was discovered by: The best conductor of electricity is: When ice melts. Telephone was invented by: Shockely D Samuel Morso. Three primary colours of light are:

The medulla oblongata is concerned with the control of: Which of the following is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin? The first five year plan was started in the year: Which one of the following is in the concurrent list of the Constitution of India?

Sub Inspector of Police Kerala Psc Examination Rank File

For a group to come into existence, it is essential that people: The main fuel for the body to produce energy is: The philosophy of Adwaita is associated to: Vivekananda D Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Who introduced English education in India?

Who announced an American model Constitution for Travancore? A Rajagopala Achari B C. The first English School in Kerala was established at: The district of Kerala having the highest urban population is: Who emphasized the need for compulsory primary education in India? The Five -Year Plan of the period is: A 9th B 10th C 11th D 12th. Effective communication will make the receiver: The state with the smallest population in India is: A B C In a military mode.

A class has R rows of desks with D desks in each row. On a particular day when all the pupils were present, three seats were found vacant. The number of pupils in the class is: The average age of a husband and wife was 22 years when they were married five years back. What is the present average age of the family if they have a three year old child?

A 25 years B 19 years C 27 years D 28 years.

Find the pass percentage. Find the average speed of the train: A m.

The remaining do not study any foreign language. How many students are there in the university? Who is 8 years senior to Q. What are the ages of P,Q,R respectively?

A 22years, 22 years, 24 years B 20years, 22years, 32years C 12years, 30years, 32years D 20years, 22yeara, 30years. What will be the angle between two hands of a clock at time 8. A 90 degree B 60 degree C 45 degree D 75 degree. Q is shorter than P but taller than R. R is shorter than P but taller than A. If the stands in ascending order of height, the sequence is: A,B,C are intelligent. A,D,E are laborious. D,C,E are honest. A B, E are ambitious.

Which of the following are not honest? There are four roads. I have come from the south and want to go to the temple.

Kerala PSC 'Sub Inspector of Police' Exam 2016 Question Code:075/2016

The road to the right leads me away from the coffee house; straight ahead it leads only to a colllege.

A cube is to be painted. No two adjacent faces can be coloured the same. What is the least number of colours needed? Some boys are standing in a queue. If the 10th boy from behind is 5 behind the 12th boy from the front, how many boys are there in the queue?

Kerala PSC Excise SI Previous Papers & Model Papers

According to the Gregorian calender Saka era, our national era begins from which of the following year: D C A. Indian learnt the art of preparation of horoscope from whom? Kalidasa, the great Indian poet, was in the court of the Hindu emperor: The Portuguese conquered Goa in the year: A A. D B A. The examination will conduct soon by the official Kerala Police Department. So stay prepared for the test and download Kerala Police Sample Papers from our educational portal.

Stay tuned with us to check more future updates about the upcoming written test. Also, you can download the pdf format of the syllabus from here. Because syllabus plays a vital role in your preparation.

The exam pattern also important for the Kerala Police Written Test. Because we can check that how many questions and subjects will come in the written test by using the exam pattern.

Exam Pattern also describes us about the duration of the exam and marking scheme of the exam. So you can get an idea about the complete structure of question paper Kerala Police Exam. Also, check the provided table in this section to check the complete pattern of upcoming Kerala Police SI and Constable Exam. Stay connected to get the exam date as soon as possible. If you looking for the exam date of Kerala Police then you should have to wait a little bit more.

The official department will release the official exam date of written shortly. At this time the officials of the board are busy in some another work.

Kerala Police SI Previous Papers – KPSC Kerala Sub Inspector Trainee Question Papers

Hence, they will take some time to release the exam date. They will declare the official date after completion of other works. We will provide you exam date hereafter declared by the officials. We will inform you through our page. So keep checking our page regularly to get all latest updates regarding the exam time to time.

You can download all type of preparation documents from this educational page easily. As we all know that the official Kerala Police Recruitment Board has not yet provided the official date of exam yet. So all the contestants should have to wait for the official announcement. Also, we will notify to all our readers through our page whenever the officials will declare the exam date.

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