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In World Wide Wrestling, Creative (the GM role) sets up the show, orders ebook , and home-printable Gimmick sheets and play aids in PDF Check out the WWWRPG+International Incident Bundle, only $15 for both games!. Apocalypse World, by D. Vincent Baker & Meguey Baker. Simple World, by Avery Alder. The World Wide Wrestling RPG. Acknowledgments. In addition to the. World Wide Wrestling. The Pro Wrestling Role-Playing Game. Powered by the Apocalypse. Nathan D. Paoletta/ndpdesign Thanks: Vincent for.

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World Wide Wrestling: International Incident is a page supplement that . The World Wide Wrestling RPG is available as a PDF+ebook digital package, and. The World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game enables you to create your own professional wrestling franchise through play, showcasing satisfying and surprising storylines. You can purchase both World Wide Wrestling and the International Incident supplement as a digital bundle for $ The World Wide Wrestling RPG is a game that creates professional wrestling pageantry and action. It's about feuds, championships, betrayal, and righteous.

You are blessed with natural physical gifts, but you still have a lot to learn about how the business works. Write down each other wrestlers name. You can use the Move of the same name. When you spend an Advance. Spend An Advance To:

Create a new one. Add Momentum spent to any roll you make. Then return this character.

They choose: Describe the fans who have followed your accomplishments in your career before you joined this career into wrestling. While injured. If you do. On a Choose to erase an Injury check when you spend an Advance. Erase all Injury checks. Finishing Move. Whenever you lose a match to completely irrelevant to the powers that be.

The audience will never forget you. You may not have many championships. Wrestling Start With: Is that enough for you? Work -1 On your turn. You bring comedy to the ring and grease the wheels backstage. You embody your style of wrestling. Power When you insert yourself into a tense celebrity through a segment. You destroy absolute worst thing you could have done in that moment.

Power 0. You put on great matches. Real When your ally is booked in a match. Creative decides the details. Either same segment. If you botch a a botch. You can spend your Momentum on or all Heat with your ally. On instead of your own for any Move you make.

Choose whether you lose -1 Audience. How long can you be a team player?

Work -2 On your turn. You can draw full houses and lots of attention. If you have 4 checks. High Flyer or Technician.

This Move applies to you regardless of Gimmick until you replace it. Characters are the wrestler as a professional; this means that you play out both their on-screen costumed persona, and their backstage efforts to maintain and progress their careers and the ways the two effect each other.

Through play focused equally on action in the squared circle and events behind the scenes, you will discover who has what it takes to become a wrestling legend.

Play is mostly conversation, punctuated by occasional rolls and resolutions of the outcomes. The Gimmicks are broad templates customized by the player to suit their wrestling character, and characters advance over time by working matches with their biggest rivals, getting over with the audience and gaining championships.

Advancement comes in the form of raising stats, gaining valets or manager, gaining custom Moves and manouvers, changing Gimmick to evolve the character over time, and more.

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The free, fully playable Beta rules are available to check out here. These have been cleaned up, more fully explained and extended, but the core system can be seen here. Getting into World Wide Wrestling for the first time? International Incident , a supplement adding international styles of professional wrestling, is now available. Log In.

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Click here. ZIP File. Average Rating 14 ratings. Game Features: Supports large and small groups, irregular attendance, drop-in guest stars and one-shot play.


Quick character generation based on wrestling archetypes. Play a single wrestling show in two hours, and then link shows together into an ongoing Season of play. In-ring action system channels your descriptive creativity to make engaging and entertaining matches. Rules support building and maintaining feuds, getting over, gaining more fans, changing Gimmicks over time, building tag teams and stables, moving behind the scenes, and much more!

Text contains six helpful short essays on professional wrestling, roleplaying and how the two interact. Built from the ground up to support both roleplayers who are into wrestling and wrestling fans who want to try this roleplaying thing out.

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This game is accessible to both hardcore and casual wrestling fans. Bundles containing this product: World Wide Wrestling: International Incident. Vesna Thaw. Masks of the Mummy Kings. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 2. Please log in to add or reply to comments.

M G S December 20, 1: Do you need to have the apocalypse world ruleset handy to be able to play this or is it okay as a standalone? Nathan P December 20, 2: Hi there! This is a completely stand-alone game and does not require Apocalypse World though if you have experience with other PbtA games, you'll probably have some crossover techniques and habits that will enhance play!

Colin B May 20, I can't officially review this product, as I got my copy through the Kickstarter, but I can say that after years of looking for a roleplaying game that emulated the drama, action and shocks of pro-wrestling without getting bogged down in senseless mechanics , I've finally found it.

Take a dash of Know Your Role, a dollop of Kayfabe, mix in the Apocalypse World engine and stir well, and you have this amazing game. Grab it, grapple fans! Christopher M April 24, Christopher M May 16, 6: Ignore that question. I see that it's available in print from their website: Derek P. This game delievers everything that it promises. Throwing yourself into the melodrama, conflict, and backflipping action of pro-wrestling is a great palate cleanser for when your group starts to get bogged down.

If you've got some real fans at your [ Clark R. This is a fantastic piece of work, evocative of the world of professional wrestling. I appreciate how it keeps all of the players involved, and everyone gets a chance to shine. See All Ratings and Reviews.

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