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pages. with Audio CD Achieve IELTS Grammar and Vocabulary concentrates on the key grammar points and Файл формата pdf; размером 10,17 МБ. Download the file Achieve IELTS Grammar & for free. You can now download the Achieve IELTS Grammar & 8 Tháng Chín achieve ielts grammar and vocabulary - - thư viện trực tuyến, download tài liệu, tải tài liệu, sách, sách số, ebook, audio book, sách.

Achieve Ielts Grammar And Vocabulary Pdf

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Achieve IELTS Grammar and Vocabulary concentrates on the key English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy with Answers (PDF) · Check. Each question is related togrammar units in Achieve IELTS Grammar and Vocabulary.1 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the. Achieve IELTS Grammar and Vocabulary concentrates on the key grammar . B2 grammar_and_vocabulary_with_answer_key English Grammar Book Pdf.

What have you listened to lately? Software testing Long before a computer program 1 ship to the customer, software testing 2. Testing can be done on the following levels: Unit testing 3. Each basic component of the software 4. In the second kind of test, integration testing, progressively larger groups of tested software units 6 integrate and tested until the software 7 work as a system.

Then system testing 8 check the whole system to see that it works. Before shipping the final version, alpha and beta testing 9 often do. Beta testing comes after alpha testing. Versions of the software, known as beta versions, While I. It is said that Galileo 1. This was contrary to what Aristotle 2. Galileo also 3. Nicole Oresme in the 14th century 5. However, Galileo was the first person who 8.

What are you doing, Hasan? Are you writing a training programme? You really are serious. Approximately million patients 1. Approximately 55, people 3. Ycu should wear a warm coat. Excuse me, can you tell me where I 1 get an application form for language classes? Yes, just wait a minute while I find them. Yes, of course - it 3 take me a few minutes - I 4 remember where I put them now. OK, here we are. We have several options for you - which languages are you interested in?

Let me see. Wednesday afternoon 7 be difficult as we 8. I wonder, there 10 be another possibility here. Yes, here we are - starting next week there will be a class at lunchtime on Monday. Could you make that?

The bar chart sh owe the cost of living for eight cities in comparieon with New York. Overall, there has been a Numbers jrom Additionally, immigration The present perfect is always related to present time.

Harrison L., Cushen C., Hutchison S. Achieve IELTS: Grammar & Vocabulary

Speaking test. Numbers from Oceania and Africa have not fallen. Where have the immigrants come from? Read the passage in Activity 1 again and underline the examples of the present perfect.

Use present perfect where possible. Immigrants to New Zealand Listen again, and complete the rule for yet and already. Complete the conversation between Sally and Bohos, who are preparing to go on holiday. Yes, I did it this morning. You need to check the weather forecast and call your parents.

If you havent, you should. After you You now need to add yeast, salt and sugar. When you When it 4 grow to double the size, work it with your hands again. It should feel dry to the touch if you Put the bread mixture into a tin, and leave it for an hour until it Finally, when you Please give it to me. Can I speak to Gordon, please? Offers to resign immediately Now check your answers. Grammar A5 Present perfect continuous Read the conversation and choose the correct answer.

How long have you been living in Brisbane, Zhang? What kinds of things have you been doing? A one month.

B two months. C three months. Use the present perfect continuous 2 He has been staying in the Speaking test A at a hotel. B at a college. C with a family. B falls off a lot.

Contrast this with the present perfect, Activity 4. We can use the present perfect continuous with wrords and phrases like fo r , since, recently, lately, or time phrases like all morning i day! What kinds o f things have you been doing? The group which B My cousin stayed with me for two weeks. The car is working now. B Jill waited for you for three hours.

Achieve IELTS Grammar and Vocabulary (Ebook+Audio) Free Download

You can smell the paint. B The painters have decorated the house. He finally paid it. B e st wishes, Ehsan6 Complete the questions. W hat Grammar A6 Present simple passive1 Read the passage and choose the correct answer. Large amounts of coffee are also grown in Indonesia, Colombia and Vietnam. It takes 4, coffee beans to make half a kilo of coffee and 60 to 70 beans are used to make an espresso.

A gold B coffee C oil A one fifth B one quarter C one third A 1, B C 4, Look for M aking coffee separate Coffee beans are really the seeds of a fruit. Coffee trees produce coffee cherries, which turn bright red when they are ripe and ready to pick.

Achieve IELTS Grammar and Vocabulary (Ebook+Audio)

There are three parts to making coffee: There is usually one coffee harvest per year. Coffee cherries Then the beans The green coffee beans The beans About seven million tonnes of green coffee are transported worldwide each year. Not all the verbs are in the passive. The beans first The beans are heated for another eight minutes until the beans pop7 anddouble in Z size.

Then the temperature They are roasted J jj for a further three to five minutes until the second pop This means that the beans are ready.

Writing task 1 The diagram shows how fish are tinned. Write a report describing the process. The diagram shows how jish are tinned after they have been caught. First, they are cleaned.

When they have been cleaned, they are washed and soaked. Then they must be preserved with salt because they have not been cooked. After they have been put in tins, the tins are sealed and labels are put on.

When the labels have been put on, they are ready to be put in a box and stored in a warehouse. Why have the fish been tinned? Because they will keep longer that way. Use present perfect passive or present simple passive. When the stamps After this Writing task 1 The diagram below shows how the colour of light from a star changes when it is moving rapidly through the universe.

Write a brief explanation of what is happening. R e d s h ift and the expanding universe Is the universe expanding? Most scientists believe that it is, but how do they know? The theory can be explained by something called redshift. When a star is travelling through the universe, the light waves in front of it are compressed and appear bluer, whereas light from a star which is zooming away is stretched out, and becomes more red.

This light isnt travelling slowly: Since most light from stars we can see is redshifted, scientists conclude that they are moving away from us - but where are they going? They must be going somewhere, and scientists say that this proves the universe is getting bigger.

Examples of stative verbs in the receives the action: It moves at 1, t Many stative verbs can also be used in an active miles per second. Intransitive verbs cannot be used in passive Light waves in front o f it are compressed and sentences, because there is no object. Writing task 2 The extinction of animals is part of a natural process that should not concern us.

How far do you agree with this statement? When a species of animal dies, the world loses something that can never be replaced. Sometimes, humankind is directly responsible jor hunting and killing a species to extinction, as with the example of the dodo. This bird lived on an island called Mauritius. Portuguese sailors visited the island and found the birds, which were easy to catch.

The dodo had no fear of humans, so it walked straight up to them. They hunted and ate the birds until there were none left, which changed the ecology of Mauritius forever. A is an example of an extinct species.

B disagrees with the statement. B could not run fast.

C has no opinion about the statement. C was an unintelligent bird. B humankind is responsible.

C it is gone forever. Grammar A9 Adverbs of frequency1 Read the passage and choose the correct answer. I particularly like duck and eat it I regularly, usually with a green salad. I hardly ever eat pasta and I never go near fried potatoes. I normally have fruit for breakfast.

Achieve IELTS 2: English for International Education

I like to relax with a glass of champagne on a Saturday evening. Well, we all need a treat sometimes and it is only once a week! I love barbecues but they generally only work well in warm weather. Climate-wise, Australia is good for barbecues. The reality rarely lives up to the exotic image! A pasta and salad. B eating breakfast. B cereal and milk. C fried potatoes.

C yoghurt and honey. D Asian food. D duck. A They take a great deal of time to organise. B The quality of the food is good. C They should only be held in good weather. D The food can be difficult to prepare. Adverbs of frequency We use adverbs of frequency to talk about how often something happens.

We can use a word or a phrase, such as: Usually, often, sometimes and occasionally can come at the beginning or the end of a clause. Ever is only used in questions and negative sentences. I hardly ever eat pasta. Writing task 1 The figures below give information on the amount of oil used globally in and the use of oil by sector in the US in Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information.

They used almost three gallons of oil per day per person, which was double that of other industrial countries and six times that of the rest of the world So how did the north American countries use this oil? Figure 2 shows US oil consumption by sector. The biggest demand for oil came from transport; in this was almost two thirds of the total.

Surprisingly, the US did not consume as much oil to produce electricity as they did for industry. Past simple We use the past simple to write about completed events. Tell me about your education and how it has changed in your country. Well, I was born in Poland in and when T was seven years old 1 Then I went to a gymnasium. I was at high school for three years and after I Then I Microbiology and Recently the government decided to Happy landings4 Complete the passage with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

The total The Middle East Africa Yes, it wras quite easy - I Not too far - i t I born in Jeddah, be 4 Exam iner: W here Which subjects At first I Listen to the speaker and complete the sentences with a number for each answer. I was skiing in Switzerland. In this case, the past continuous usually refers to the background action or situation and the past simple refers to a shorter action or event that happened in the middle of the longer one.

I realised that I was lying in an upside down and backwards position. You can use the past more permanent situations we usually use past simple. Listen again and decide which position he was lying in. Circle the correct picture A-D. C D4 Choose the correct alternative. Talk about an event in your childhood that you clearly remember. You should say: The time in my childhood I remember best was when.

I moved with my parents and my little sister to our new house in the countryside. My father had sold everything to be able to buy it. He had left his job in the city and decided he wanted us to be self-sufficient. He had bought seeds and garden tools so we could grow our own vegetables. It was the biggest adventure I had ever experienced in my life.

What had my mother thought of his idea? Well, she supported everything he did, and he was right - it was hard work at first, but we never felt that he had made the wrong decision. We soon became used to our new life in the country. Past perfect We use the past perfect when speaking about things that happened before another time in the past.

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