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Animal Crossing New Leaf Prima Official Game Guide game guide. Identifier AnimalCrossingNewLeafPrimaOfficialGameGuide. Topic: New Leaf PDF Guide Book» ARCHIVED This includes the Animal Crossing Wiki, Gamefaqs, and other guide sites. know that most of the information about breeding flowers is from the Prima guide, which is wrong. For Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board e- guide accessible web based only or is it an actual e-book (PDF.

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Animal Crossing - New Leaf - Prima Official Game Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. This reward will give you full access to Animal Crossing: New Leaf Prima Official Game Guide on How to use your reward code. 1 Important Information. Thank you for choosing the Animal. CrossingTM: New Leaf game for the. Nintendo 3DSTM system. Please note that, for this manual.

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If you want to look up a list of more than about 5 items perhaps 10 items, was it? Each time. For every list. For every item type.

Works well for fossils, but it's terrible for everything else. User-friendly, I guess? I haven't used it too much. More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? HylianAngel HylianAngel 5 years ago 3 Web-based. Animal crossing guide app. Simply equip and ready the megaphone. Shoot these down for a chance to score a golden slingshot.. Pop these special balloons for a chance to score the silver slingshot. Whenever you see a balloon lazily drift by.

This special tool fires two pellets instead of one. Slingshot Megaphone This tool's powerful pellets can only be shot directly up into the sky. Pick up a wet suit as soon as possible! When you spot a shadowy object under the sea. Keep tapping to The wet suit is a special outfit that lets you swim in the sea. These nasty creatures t. Catch the shadow. Wet suits are sold only at the tropical island. Without a wet suit. Race to nab more bugs and aquatic life than your peers to finish in first place!

Equip a wet suit just as you would any other tool or article of clothing-from within the pockets menu. Swimming in the sea is lots of fun. Once you're wearing a wet suit. Advance to the point where Kapp'n appears at the town dock. Once you've earned enough medals. Once you've purchased a shovel. But selling stuff is easy-the real trick lies in knowing where to find stuff to sell. Selling Stuff Smack Rocks You want to sell somethmg. Without plenty of Bells. If it's a fruit tree.

Let's explore the many ways in which you can acquire goods to sell for Bells. Shaking other trees may No matter how you choose to spend your time in Animal Crossing. Bells couldn't be easier to come by-if you know where to look! Pocket ch. JII v. It's easy and fun! How did that get up there. If you're ever stung by a jellyfish. Selling stuff is a great way to earn Bells-the best way. Shaking trees is an easy way to find stuff.

It's possible to cultivate other. Comb the Beach Only one type of fruit grows naturally in your town. Anything you dig up can be sold for Bells-just be sure to have Blathers identify your fossils at the museum before selling them it increases their value. Whenever you spot a star-shaped crock on the ground. See the "Other Items" chapter for a listing of every shell and their values. You can buy fertilizer from Leif at the gardening store--see the "Shops and Such" chapter for details. Dig for Loot Shovels aren't just meant to help you whack rocks and plant fruit trees-they also let you Use a shovel to plant fertilizer next to fruit trees for a chance of growing a perfect fruit tree.

Fruit that doesn't grow naturally in your town is worth a lot more than the town's trademark fruit. Some shells are worth quite a lot.

Perfect fruit is delicious. You can fish all day and never run out of things to catch. Look for these special treats near the base of trees. Run errands for neighbors. Whenever you lend a neighbor a helping hand. Thrnk you could bnng me a n1ce. Bug Out Look for Shrooms like fish. I caught a crucian carp! It's usually a piece of furniture or an article of clothing. It's fun. Mushrooms grow only during the month of November. Run around town with a net in hand.

There's rarely a need to carry so many Bells around with you. Joan visits your town every Sunday morning. These special root veggies can be bought only from Joan. You'll also earn special badges and unique prizes from the post office when you save up lots and lots of Bells I I'm afra1d the turnip pnces aren't set on Sundays.

Seasonal events are happy affairs. The turnip trade is another good way of earning Bells. Your mission: Buy low. We recommend setting the game to the current time and date-this gives you the ideal Animal Crossing experience!

Quite masculine! It's perfect for someone like you! To help get you started.. Ma1ch 4th.

Your first day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is quite eventful. Rover asks you to verify the time and date--his watch isn't very reliable. Use the Touch Screen to type in any nome you like.

If this is your first time playing.

I've got it right now. Rover asks your name. Be sure to pick a good one-you can't change your name without starting a new game! The only other passenger is a friendly cat named Rover.

After choosing a town name. These questions seem innocent enough. Rover asks you a series of three questions.

Naming Your To'Wn Oh. Choosing "cool" indicates that you wish to play a male character. If you like the layout. You'll be visiting these places a lot! Rover shows you a map of what he thinks must be your town..

Consider where the town's bridge is in relation to points of interest like the plaza. If you'd rather see a different layout.

Use the following table to determine how you'd like to look. This is the part where you get to name your town. Take a gander and decide if you like the town's layout. Don't be afraid to examine a few different options I Questions Three Now that you've named your character and your town.

Let's take a look along thiS tram line. Rover asks you where you're headed. I'm senous. I've never been there. It's a secret! I'm moving there.

Can't say! Can't say' How'd you know? I don't remember. I think I will I don't remember. It's a secret' I Duh. I'm moving. I'm sure I'll. Starting Appearances Fe: It's a secret' I I It's a secret' 1 I'm moving there. I've never been there.. I'm sure I'll befine.. I'm serious. It's a secret' Duh. It's a secret' I'm moving there. Wocka wocka' No. Can't say' You guessed ill I've never been there.

I don't know 11'etfate decide. I'm Yes. I don't know. I I'll get I'm moving. I'll get a place there. Stepping off the train and exiting the station. First thing's first: Her name is Isabelle. It looks like you'll be diving right into the action here' on 81! Simply tap the map icons until you discover the town hall. Everyone in town has gathered to welcome their new mayor! That's your next stop! Feel free to speak to the townsfolk if you like.. Cool' Resident Registration That flashong spot there is the.

Hall Use your map to guide you.. And for that. But before you can fill out the form.. If everything checks out. Nook will fence off a small plot for your home. All right! I'll l et you borrow this tent so you have somewhere to sleep! Q It will take Tom a full day to construct your home. Take a stroll around the strip if you like. Tell Tom you're ready to pick out a plot for your home. Picking Your Plot Yes. Nook will survey the area to ensure that your home can be built there. If you're satisfied with his plans.

The good raccoon tells you to come see him later for the bill. Tom will show you an example of what your new home will look like. A friendly raccoon named Tom Nook greets you inside the shop.

Give Isabelle this final piece of info and your town registration form will at last be complete! After completing your registration.

Isabelle whisks you away to the town plaza. I ' 7 Now that you've got an address. She asks you to plant a sapling in commemoration of this joyous day.

You're now free to do as you please. Sounds like a good idea! This card is carried by you at all times and serves as your primary form of identification. It's a must-have if you plan on visiting other townst The Big Cerem. Return to town hall and speak with Isabelle. Isabelle returns to the town hall and invites you to visit her for advice whenever you like..

You may have already done so by this point. Isabelle recommends that you try. Mail a Letter 1. Isabelle's Tips If you're troubled abmJt what to rio. I could give you some advice! Though you're free to do what you please at this point. Isabelle suggests that you introduce yourself to each of your neighbors in town. Meet Your Neighbors 1 r. We're happy to guide you through this part. Use either one to reach the sandy shore.

It's easyl Just open your pockets with Now that you've mastered the art of sending mail. She even gives you some stationary to use I Shell Seeker Go ahead and try writing a letter. What can I help you w1th today? When you're happy with your letter. Isabelle gives you some fruit in return. Thrilled that you remembered to bring her a seashell. Choose the name of the recipient and then type out your message.

Speak with Pelly at the counter. The fruit that Isabelle hands you is different than the type thot grows locally in town. Don't worry. Oh my! You actually remembered to bring me a seashell?!

Isabelle's next tip involves visiting the beach to collect seashells. Isabelle just loves seashells and hopes that you'll bring one back for her. Look at your map and notice two slopes leading down to the beach.

Dig It. If you're lucky. She instructs you to dig a hole. It's a steal at just Bells.

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I can teach you of you'd loke. Isabelle hints that you should purchase a shovel from Timmy and Tommy's shop on Main Street. Don't plant it in the Timmy and Tommy run a ramshackle shop called Nookling Junction. Head inside and see what's for sale. This is how you grow your very own fruit trees' After handing you her favorite fruit. She tells you to dig at star-shaped.

Hurry over there without delay! Isabelle's fruit. Return to Isabelle after planting your fruit trees. Fun "With Tools Since you're carryong a 'howl. Make sure to give your tree a little room to grow. Q After selling or donating your fossil. Dig at these spots until you discover a fossil. Bugs can be found all over the place. Feel free to donate the fossil if you wish.

He'll then ask if you'd care to donate it to the museum's fossil exhibit. Either option is totally fine I hopping along the ground. If you're after fish. Visit Timmy and Tommy's shop to purchase either a fishing rod or a net if they have one in stock. Head inside to speak with the museum's curator.

She informs you that the locals here make a lot of Bells by fishing and catching bugs around town and then selling them to shops. Tell Isabelle you'd like to either fish or catch bugs lit doesn't matter which. Now that you've found a fossil. Catching Critters special star-shaped cracks on the ground. Show Isabelle your encyclopedia as proof of your deeds. It looks like you're catchmg f1sh without any trouble whatsoever! I think that's about all the advice I can gtve you..

Now you can water the flowers Catch three specimens for Isabelle. All of these can. What a skunk! I paid the down payment! I 'II be able to move into my home tomorrow! After this small detail is decided. You'll have What did you bring in? Let's get you set up with a proper home before we wrap up this chapter. That does make me rather happy. He's thrilled to relieve you of your Bells. Isabelle has already given you all the tips you need to start earning lots of Bells.

Yesl Exactly 1 ' 1 I You've completed Isabelle's tutorials. We bel you can hardly wail! The friendly raccoon tells you that it'll take a hefty down payment of Spend time collecting fruit and seashells. Pull weeds around town. Before you can do much as mayor. Donate fossils. This chapter covers all aspects of being the mayor. Before you Cdn o. To discover your current approval rating. Write messages on the bulletin board. This is the mayor's chair.

Isabelle con also give you tips on how to boost your approval rating. Pay close attention to her advice--or simply toke a gander at this helpful list: Fish up garbage from ponds. This important permit will only be issued to you after you've earned a percent approval rating from the local citizens.

Early Bird: Citizens will wake up early and shops will operate at earlier hours. Keep checking in with Isabelle. The first is ordinances. There are four ordinances to choose from. Anything you sell will earn you even more Bells than usual!

So you want to s1gn the t ordinance mto law? Q Simply tell Isabelle which ordinance you'd like to enact. The new ordinance will go into effect the very next day. By enacting ordinances.

Animal Crossing - New Leaf - Prima Official Game Guide

It'll take a day or two before you receive your permit. This is When you've at last attained a percent approval rating. It takes time to earn your development permit because your citizen satisfaction rating peaks each day. It's an efficient process! Let's review your options: Keep Town Beautiful: Flowers will live forever. Perfect for night-owl garners!

Promotes a rock-solid town economy. Isabelle informs you that she'll submit your application for the town-development permit right away. Shops will stay open late. At pre Starting a Ne'W Project. Works You want to work on a puhl1c work5 OK What do you th1nk? Is this the spot' If the location you choose is suitable. These special projects add new buildings and features to your town. Isabelle will show you a sample of what the project will look like when it's complete. Q The second way to exercise your mayoral power is by starting public works projects.

Each item on Isabelle's list is something that a citizen has suggested to her. After you've picked out a project. To begin a public works project. Confirm your decision. Isabelle will rope off the area. After you've chosen a spot. To help us gather donatoons to fund the 1 1s our Q helpful town gyro1d. Ma yo r! P lease lead t project?

I'm happy to help' Q me to the spot where you'rll1ke to place the 1. I was wondering if you'd let me open up shop in the shopping diStrict.

Just talk to Lloid and he'll gladly accept your donation. Even 1 Bell will help-we ask for your cooperation! That's right: It takes one full day for the project to be completed. These ideas are then added to Isabelle's list and can be started at any time. You see. The following table lists all of the public works project in the game. As your town grows. Check with Lloid each day to see how many Bells have been donated so far. The townsfolk would like to hold a ceremony to celebrate completmg the 1.

Isabelle will also ask if you'd like to participate. It takes a long time for your neighbors to donate the full amount. You've completed at least one public work project.

At least 1 item has been donated to the insect. Neighbor approach conversation. Available from the beginning. If the town environment becomes fantastic. You've spoken to Blathers at least once on 14 different days! More than players in total hove visited your town. Over 40 items hove been donated to the museum. Isabelle will suggest this public work project to the mayor player. Katrina comes to the mayor player for consultation after you've had your fortune told 20 times or more in her tent at the plaza.

If the above conditions are fulfilled. At least 7 days have passed since the museum's 2F public work was opened.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Prima Official Game Guide

Porter will suggest this public work project to the mayor player. At least 1 week has passed since public works have been unlocked. Speak with Isabelle at the town hall for tips on how to improve your town's environment.

Blathers will suggest this public work project to the mayor player. Enter the museum after fulfilling all these conditions. Over 20 items have been donated to the museum. Public Works-Minor. Leif will suggest this public work project to the mayor player if no weeds are present on the day of the Weeding Day event. Gained when the town environment becomes Perfect. And boy. You can also report problematic citizens to Isabelle.

She runs the day-to-day business at the town hall. Your House Be it ever so humble. Front Desk Duties Stand in front of the counter and speak with Isabelle to change the town theme song. Whether you're strolling through town or browsing around Main Street. This chapter exposes every shop and point of interest in town. Shops a: Isabelle will give you feedback on what your neighbors are saying about your town.

See the "Home Sweet Home" chapter for details on home renovations. Town Hall The town hall is open 24 hours a day. If you choose the latter. It pays to visit the plaza each day See the previous "Mayoral Mirth" chapter to learn all about playing as the mayor. Goods can be bought here at bargain prices from the flea market You want to project? Re-Tail 1'..

It is here that the town tree is planted in honor of the mayor's first arrival. From small tents set up by traveling merchants to important ceremonies and seasonal events. TER 5: But if you sell lots of items to Re-Tail. Q The items for sale at Re-Tail are actually refurbished goods that have been put up for sale by members of the community. Not Purples and Blacks. I couldn't find a very good collection of info on flower breeding.

I didn't want to spend more time on it, though, so the prima-guide bit is what I ended up leaving in there. It was more a space-filler than anything else, though. It's just regular reds with an insanely low chance rate. All rights reserved. Animal Crossing and Nintendo are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America. Current Jackpot:. User N ame Lookup:. GC Guides AC: WW Guides AC:

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