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Computer General Knowledge आज हम आपके लिए X-EEED Coaching द्वारा SBI, RBI, UP RO-ARO तथा Other Competitive एग्जाम की तैयारी कर रहे है| तो अभी CCC Previous Year Question Paper PDF in Hindi sir meri computer ki exam hai muje computer ki tips chaiye hai please help me sir. Computer Notes PDF Download कम्प्यूटर नोट्स Computer Notes in hindi PDf download Computer GK PDF Download बहुत सी परीक्षाओ मे Questions पूछे ही लिए जाते है, Knowledge (कम्प्यूटर जीके) · CCC Question Book PDF Download · Computer Online Test Free मे. जो छात्र SSC, UPSC, Railway या Competitive Exam की तैयारी छात्रों के लिये “computer gk in hindi objective questions pdf”.

Computer Questions For Competitive Exams Pdf In Hindi

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Nowadays computer related question asked in every competitive exam. . computer questions for competitive exams pdf download in hindi, computer samanya. Nowadays computer related question asked in every competitive exam. answers pdf in hindi,computer question in hindi online test,computer. - Computer GK Objective Questions in Hindi Notes in PDF – Computer General Knowledge Questions and Answers PDF Arihant Computer Awareness in PDF Free download · Exam Attack Computer Awareness PDF Notes General Knowledge One Liner Questions For Competitive Exam.

You may like to read. Friends, if you enjoyed this post, then please share it on Facebook! Now you can follow us on Facebook! To access properties of an object, the mouse technique to use is: Why is it unethical to share copyrighted files with your friends: Which of the following can be used to select the entire document:

OLE stands for: RDBMS means: KVM stands for: RTF stands for: Which of the following is incorrect: What is the minimum number of rows and columns that a word table can have: Why are headers and footers used in the document: What is the file extension of MS — Word document: What is the purpose of headers and footers used in document: Which among the following short cut key is used to check spelling: The minimum number of rows and columns that a word table can have, is: A bookmark is an item or location in document that you identify and name for future references.

Computer General Knowledge Hindi PDF Download

The task accomplished by using bookmarks is: What is the use of sections in a word document: Which among the following print commands should be selected to print first 5 pages of document: Word Perfect and Professional Write are examples of: What input devices do you have to work with when you work in MS Word: In MS — Word every command is available in: Which among the following views in MS-Word can not display graphics: What is an Excel: MS Power Point was officially launched on: Power Point was officially launched on May 22, the same day that Microsoft released which of the following windows: Slides may contain: Presentations password protected for opening or modifying can be opened by: Overlay is: Concurrent Process are: Fragmentation is: Critical Region is: Kernel is: Necessary conditions for deadlock are: Supervisor call: Mutual exclusion problem occurs between: Sector interleaving in disks is done by: A program: A processor: Assembler is: Word Q What do you call the word processing task associated with changing the appearance of a document: Minimizing a window means to: Which among the following is a folder: Which of these programs will you choose to write a letter to the head of an institution: Graphics for word processor is: The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was called: Father of the punch card processing: Which is true for Digital Computer: Which is considered a direct entry device: Binary means: Names, numbers and other information needed to solve a problem are called: The control and arithmetic-logic sections are called: BCD stands for: ASCII stands for: Virtual Memory is: Which of the following is not an advantage of storied programs: Which of the Following is not true of immediate processing: A transaction file is a type of: Which of the following is a computer code: A Winchester disk is a: The register which keeps track of the execution of a program and which contains the memory address of the instruction currently being executed is known as: The register which contains the data to be written into or readout of the addressed location is called: Where does a computer add and compare data: Microsoft Access Database Management System Tally Data Communication and Computer Network Internet Computer Security, Cyber Crimes and Laws Computer Language and its types Programming Language Data Structure SQL Basics and Normalization Software Engineering Compiler Design Digital Electronics Model Practice Set Computer Glossary.

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See more. Computer GK General Knowledge. Viss Peram. Computer general knowledge question and answers in Hindi language.

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