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Results 1 - 10 of Download Children's Classics Books for FREE. All formats available for PC, Mac, eBook Readers and other mobile devices. Large selection. And I had a few friends to play with. Page 5. My parents left me alone a lot. They thought I was a cool kid. But that was only on the outside. They didn't really. offers best selling children's stories with beautiful illustrations for free. Free & Original Stories for Kids The Journey of the Noble Gnarble is a number one best-selling ebook that has been adapted into a hardcover.

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Original children books for free download, in PDF versions or read online, great kids stories for entertainment, author promotion, and improved literacy. Simply great free children's stories aimed at ages year olds, available for free download or readonline at Free Kids Books. Reviews loading. Read Online -. Views Download Free PDF -. Downloads: Simply great free children's stories aimed at ages year olds, available for free download or readonline at Download Free PDF - Hello is a short book for young children or those learning to read giving greetings to the world around us.

Tony J Moon. Once they see Alfi is in trouble and not trying to ruin their fun or steal their honey, they come to the rescue in this fun adventure. The medium length book is suitable for developing readers. Another …. An amusing tale that helps us find out where metal comes from.

May …. Praba Ram, Sheela Preuitt, Illustrator: Vidyun Sabhaney.

This count-down style book counting down from 12 to 1, introduces readers to fascinating celestial objects, to space concepts, and to the people involved in the various facets of astronomy.

It may just inspire them to take a step towards a career in astronomy. Come, let …. Jayashree Deshpande Illustrator: Srikrishna Kedilaya. Does milk come out of a packet or out of a cow? Raju loves the sight of the fresh milk frothing in the bucket, but there is something he enjoys even more. Moo Moo Brown Cow is an …. A tom cat is trophy hunting to impress his female friend, a hard to please siamese.

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This short wordless comic will appeal to children, cat lovers, and well just about anyone. Dave Revoys amazing comics …. Another great rhyming book with a moral brought to us by Yan Li. See Yan …. Vena Kapoor, Illustrator: Pia Meenakshi. In Off to See Spiders, we have a fun biology lesson about all the different types of spiders. They find lots of different types of spiders, and Shama helps them learn about all the different names. The book combines some fun rhythm and ….

Marsha Landau and S. A wonderful story about how to recognise that standing out and being different is not a bad …. Chrissi Nerantzi, Illustrator: Gail Spencer. Sejal Mehta, Illustrator: Pia Meenakshi. See more books from Pratham in our Pratham-Storyweaver category. See more stories about animals and marine life in our …. Mathangi Subramanian, Illustrator: Shambhavi Singh. A day in the village doing laundry is fun for everyone in this short early reader.

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Another great book brought to us by Pratham and Storyweaver. This is where I live. Today is a new day. In Archie Makes a Big Bang, a science theme early reader from bookbot, we follow the fun tale of an inventor and his creative inventions.

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This is an early reader book, aimed at introducing phonics, sound out words, and high-frequency sight words. This is another great free picture book from Bookbot — the reading app …. Anupa, Lal Illustrator: Suvidha Mistry. In My Best Friend, we see how imagination and dreams can make something feel real. She lives in my house.

When I am happy, so is she. When …. In Who Takes The Train a child looks at all the different people and offers that come and go on the train while enroute to her destination.

This is a fun book for young children and good preparation for an upcoming journey. Rob Owen. Counting Animals is a counting book for numbers , perfect for kindergarteners or pre-schoolers learning their numbers. Sample Text from Counting Animals: One elephant is going to drink water.

Two giraffes are going to drink water. This book was …. A fun bedtime book for young children. Baby Blue and his pet Shadow star in this picture-filled story.

Baby Blue says goodnight to everything until he drifts off to sleep.

This ebook has different paths you and your child can choose, making it even more of an adventure. When Una discovers she's been written into a fantasy book, she realizes she may need the save the magical world.

A brave little ferry boat named Fergus embarks on adventures with his friends and makes exciting rescues in the harbor. In this ebook, Fergus enters a race and struggles to catch up to the others. The Newfangled Fairy Tales series is a modern take on classic children's stories. Turning fairy tale gender roles on their heads, the Girls to the Rescue series shows that girls don't need a Prince Charming to save the day.

With this ebook, your child will learn fun facts about polar bears though high-quality photographs. The Water-Babies is one of the most well-known children's tales. Written in , it's now in the public domain, so you can share the tradition with your kids.

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