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I finished What Makes Sammy Run last week and have been thinking about it non-stop since. If you haven't read it then you need to–it's very much on the level of. What Makes Sammy Run? () is a novel by Budd Schulberg inspired by the life of his father, . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. What Makes Sammy Run? is a musical with music and lyrics written by Ervin Drake and a book Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

What Makes Sammy Run Pdf

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Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. What Makes Sammy Run? Everyone of us knows . That honesty comes through in "What Makes Sammy Run". Sammy. The classic book that shaped two generations' view of the movie business and introduced the is the archetypal Hollywood player Sammy Glick. He's. What makes Sammy run? by Budd Schulberg; 12 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Motion picture industry, Fiction, Protected DAISY, Internet Archive .

What Makes Sammy Run? This study guide contains the following sections: This novel is an exploration of the changes and personalities of Hollywood in the s. The author reveals this topic through the story of a young Jewish boy named Sammy Glick and a news writer named Al Manheim. Al meets Sammy while working as a theater columnist at a New York paper called the Record. At this time Sammy is a sixteen year old hired as a copy boy.

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What Makes Sammy Run? Everyone of us knows someone who runs.

He is one of the symp-toms of our times—from the little man who shoves you out of the way on the street to the go-getter who shoves you out of a job in the office to the Fuehrer who shoves you out of the world. And all of us have stopped to wonder, at some time or another, what it is that makes these people tick. What makes them run? This is the question Schulberg has asked himself, and the answer is the first novel written with the indignation that only a young writer with talent and ideals could concentrate into a manuscript.

An older and more experienced novelist might have tempered his story and, in so doing, destroyed one of its outstanding qualities. Compromise would mar the portrait of Sammy Glick. Schulberg has etched it in pure vitriol, and dissected his victim with a precision that is almost frightening.

But speculation as to his real identity would be utterly fruitless, for Sammy is a composite picture of a loud and spectacular minority bitterly resented by the many decent and sincere artists who are trying honestly to realize the measureless potentialities of motion pictures. To this group belongs Schulberg himself, who has not only worked as a screen writer since his graduation from Dartmouth College in , but has spent his life, literally, in the heart of the motion-picture colony.

Sammy Glick is a poor Jewish kid from the streets who wasn't about to let anything stand in the way of his success. That includes love, honesty, trust, friendship and morality. Al despises the kid on first sight but finds himself fascinated at the same time and makes it his mission to find out "What Makes Sammy Run? Through the book Al develops a grudging respect and a bit of pity for Sammy, even as Sammy runs over everyone in his path in an effort to reach That's the big question and what makes "Sammy" an exceptional book.

Readers interested in how Old Hollywood worked, and what the town was like in the Golden Years will find much to enjoy in "Sammy".

I came to this book through a late '60s Dick Cavett interview with Bette Davis who said this is the best book ever written about Hollywood. If it's good enough for Bette, it's good enough for me. And you. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I had a hard time figuring out how many stars to give this book.

What Makes Sammy Run?

I think 4 is too many but 3 seemed too little. It is a very interesting book.

When he strays from that , the book is less convincing. This is the story of Sammy Glick who is a consumate narcissistic hustler. It's told by Al Manheim who is a reasonably decent, sane guy and you ask yourself why he would be so fixated on Sammy. He's so different. Yet, it makes sense because Sammy is a fascinating spectacle.

Even though , in a way, he's insufferably boring. How interesting can a shallow person whose only interest is in self advancement be?

Well , actually , very. You just don't come across that many people who are so single mindedly devoted to their own self advancement.

There is a horrible splendor to it! When the book gets too far from Hollywood, it drags a bit. Al's visit to Sammy's boyhood home on the Lower East Side is the least successful part of the novel. Schulberg grew up in LA, wealthy and my guess is , not very religously observant. Here we have crime , poverty and Orthodoxy.

It's not Al or Schulbergs world and it shows. Also Schulberg is at his most annoying when he tries to explain things that don't need to be explained. The reader already suspects this is the kind of place Sammy came from. We can't wait to get back to Hollywood! There the author is in his element.

What Makes Sammy Run? Summary & Study Guide

This edition contains two short stories which are in effect early treatments of Sammy notable largely for having Sammy come from the Bronx rather than the Lower East Side. There is also a biographical note from Schulberg which contains a funny story.

John Wayne apparently hated the novel I like John Wayne but I have a hard time believing he actually read it and the thought of him reading a book about largely Jewish urban characters strikes me as funny. He wanted to beat up Schulberg and apparently took a crack at it.

John Wayne upholding the honor of Louis B. Mayer, that's funny! Hollywood is the perfect place for Sammy Glick. His only talent is the ability to ruthlessly usurp the talent of others as he steps on their back to get ahead. He starts out as a copy boy for a New York newspaper and quickly learns how to game the system.

While he has no scruples, his boss at the paper, Al Manheim, has a moral conscience and an obsession with figuring out "what makes Sammy run. After Sammy makes his way to Los Angeles, where he works as a writer for one of the big studios, Al ends up there as well. But Sammy, an alpha in a dog eat dog world, doesn't write - he steals the writing of a nebbishy colleague. Surrounding himself with the rich, powerful and beautiful, he has an uncanny knack for being at the right place at the right time.

He soon becomes a producer. As Al starts piecing together Sammy's back story he realizes that Sammy is climbing up the ladder of success but it's a rope with no end in sight. While he strives for money, power, and prestige he never stops to see the collateral damage he causes. He doesn't care who he hurts or alienates on his way to the top because he has no regard for his fellow man.

This is a powerful morality tale, an inside look at the Hollywood machine, and a timeless page-turner written in See all 90 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Is that the life you want?

He might have been on top of us, but there never was a top for Sammy. You need to look at relative vs. Sammy ran because he had to, like a rat in wheel convinced he was on some eternal, endless road. Is obsession no longer a weakness when it produces the things we supposedly aspire to?

Can complete consumption ever really be healthy? The world killed Gatsby, but he lived for something. Durden died so Jack could live. All Sammy did was run. I would characterize myself as ambitious—I get labeled it all the time. And as Aristotle suggested, triangulate towards moderation. But I think you can wretch what you please from life—both materially and spiritually. Gatsby tied his whole being on a single love and the world killed him for it. Sammy tied his whole being on never, ever loving and killed himself inside for it.

Can self-awareness and dogged personal ethics navigate this chasm? My money says it can. Is Al really the hero? Are you just jealous? Where was his self-reflection? Or was it all about Sammy? And what are you doing in Paris?

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What have you been doing man? If not, get on it. The way she plays the different characters, giving each of them a very distinct theme to represent, intertwines and conflicts them, is genius.

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