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Laymans Guide to Steroids 3 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. be particularly wary of? DNP Methyltestosterone Insulin Steroids a beginner should consider. Cycles Fat = 33g. 8: 30pm 2x tin of tuna with various pickles and low fat mayo. Kcals = .. Y3T+eBook+EDITION+2. Testosterone Steroid Cycles: including the Ultimate Sustanon Cycle eBook: George Spellwin: Kindle Store. Tagged Under: anavar steroid cycles, dbol steroid cycle, injectable steroids cycles, oral steroid cycles, steroids cycles, steroids cyclws ebook, sustanon steroid.

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Steroids and other drugs used to enhance performance and image. Written by .. these effects. Testosterone shut down and 'Post Cycle Therapy' (PCT). use of anabolic steroids and some of the other drugs that are used in .. Steroids are generally used in cycles and are often taken in stacks. Page 12/15/ Dianabol,Testosterone Deca Duraboline Steroid Cycle 01/14/ Cycling for Pennies 03/23/ 33 Steroids Cycles Ebook.

What do we see as too much? Products a beginner should be particularly wary of? Conditioning Cycle Winstrol and Virormone propionate 6 Week cycle Nolvadex suggest only at 20mg every third day. Can this be used in a beginning cycle? I answer that easily by saying what extra can be said about a certain steroid that has not been already written because to be honest there is not much that CAN be said.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Info is given in a dated and honest way. I'm sure the Author in no way would like to glorify steroid use but the info given almost seemed like he was trying to talk the reader out of using.

Giving mostly the bad side of steroid use without telling the whole story or giving examples of the positives of steroid under safe conditions. Not recommended! An unbiased evaluation of the benefits and dangers of anabolic steroids. King uses the science of physiology in his analysis but writes in a clear, concise style that is easy for the layperson to understand. This is a solid reference for those who might be considering using these drugs in their own personal training.

One person found this helpful. If you have previous knowledge of aas then this is a good reference. Covers the basics of aas's. Worth reading and purchase. Always look for the latest copyright date for the latest information. See all 3 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: The Big Book of Steroids: An unbiased look at the world of Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Set up a giveaway. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. A Concise Guide. Anabolics E-Book Edition. Gain 20 pounds or more in just 12 weeks. Underground Anabolics. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Simon Schalumov. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The trick with the internet is not to become being TOO confident with a new supply unless you are absolutely sure you know of the supply, their quality and of course their integrity and the latter will only be assured with time.

You see many of the internet sources would first lock on to your first few orders of smaller amounts and return your goods as fast at they could get them to you. This could happen on the next few orders and by this time most would not see any problems then with increasing their order quite dramatically; now THIS is where you can get trapped - why? As soon as the suppliers had received the nice lump of wonga money , that was it, no more communication.

He was fucked big style. Now it does not take more than a few to make these bastards rich at that game now does it, but the guy had dropped his guard AFTER being given the advice. Go figure. Just remember not to buy too big, do not get over confi- dent, stay small and then if you do get ripped off at least you can limit your losses rather than a hefty amount.

Also and most important is the use of cred- it cards. But not all of them are going to scam you; you just have to be careful. There are also many web sites that will give you lists that contain the blacklisted names of people or companies that are known scammers but this can also be used wrongly.

Obviously I am bound to know where certain gears steroids come from, I would be a liar if I said I didn't know, but I also can say that these lists can be used by the wrong people against the good people. What I mean is that it is so easy for a shit company to black list a genuinely good one simply by putting their names up! Try and do a little homework or give us a bell, we usually know who the bad guys are - that's a fact! Where can I buy pins? They will ship to the UK with no problems as far as I know.

But there is an even easier and cheaper way. If you look in your local area or nearest city there are usually these drug rehab or advice centres. Now it is at these places that you will be able to pick up your pins for free usually and get the advice need- ed for their usage.

All you have to do is give a name or at least the area you are in to qualify for free needles. Their main concern is that you do no share needles and spread the Aids virus or any other transferable disease for that matter.

These places are manned with friendly, helpful people so a few minutes of your time is all that they ask and as I have said, it is free. They will also give you one of those dis- posable containers for putting your used needles in, now this is handy and in some cases the only stipulation that they insist on - makes sense mind.

Simplified Injection Proceedures This guide is to show the easiest, safest method of injecting anabolic steroids. A good way is to use one of those baby wipes prior to using an alcoholic swab. The most common places to inject are usually in order of prefer- ence Glutes butt , quads upper outer thigh or side deltoid shoulder As seen on the previous picture. To start with we always recommend the glutes as first choice as these are the large well developed muscles which are really the simplest place to inject and contain very few blood vessels and nerves.

When injecting the glutes divide the butt cheek into 4 quarters. You want to be injecting into the upper, outer quarter. If you imagine a clock, the injection sites would be at 2 and 10 o'clock as a guide. The equipment you will need to inject safely is the following: A little tip is to hold the vial in your hand for a short while to warm the oil or even hold the unopened vial in a cup of warm water; this will help in both drawing up and injecting and in some cases stop the jab from stinging.

Push and twist on the green nee- dle onto the syringe and push any air out that may be in the syringe see pictures. Using a small file gently file round the edge of the neck of the vial and score a line all the way round, once this is done gently snap the top of the vial off. In one quick snap. Note that should you snap it and it shatter, be careful not to get any small pieces of glass in the syringe.

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OK there is little chance of any of the glass being pulled in but nonetheless, be careful. Note some gears, mostly multi- vials usually have a metal strip covering a rubber plug; this must be removed before attempting to put the needle in to the centre of the plug. There is usually a circle showing where to put the needle. Now gently insert the syringe into the vial and carefully draw out the contents, slowly.

Once the vial is empty pull back the plunger a little more to make sure all gear has gone into the syringe, replace the safety cap onto the needle then swap to the needle size of your choice. Green needle for the thicker oil; blue for the lighter mainly water based gears.

Now you can use a blue for the thicker oil based gears if you like the choice is yours. It is just that some prefer the smaller needle for all injections, I prefer the greens personally. Remove safety cap then push up on the plunger slowly until the gear starts to trickle down the needle, replace the safety cap as it is now ready for injecting.

For this example we are going to inject into the upper outer thigh so clean the injection area thoroughly with an alcohol swab. Remove your safety cap from your prepared syringe and slowly push the needle in up to the hilt and pull out so that about half an inch is showing.

Sometimes you can pierce a small vein and this can bleed quite a lot but do not worry as long as you have aspirat- ed then you are OK. If there is no blood in the syringe then slowly push the plunger in, taking your time to inject. Once all the gear has gone from the syringe then slowly pull the needle out of the injection site and apply pressure with a clean swab.

If there is a little blood do not panic this happens from time to time as explained above, a bit of pressure applied soon sorts this! After your jab has been completed then massage the injection site for around minutes to try and disperse the gear easier. The following training schedules have been designed specifically for home and commer- cial usage. There will obviously be exercises that you are not aware of or machines that you may not have but please contact me and I will do my best to advice in anyway that I can.

Just a little pointer here, home gyms usually consist in the main of dumbbell and barbell sets and commercial gyms, well mostly machines and free weights hence the rea- sons for the two categories. I have tried to give as best a variety as possible so that all aspects of training are covered examples being total body training, split systems and single body part once a day train- ing.

All these systems have been proven in battle and I can guarantee that should the training be adhered to your gains will be rewarding. You only get out what you put into this game so work hard and reap the rewards.

Laymans Guide to Steroids 3

The old story of whether or not training at home is better than at a commercial gym will always be top subject but it really is a personal thing. I personally trained for many years at a home gym albeit it was more than substantial in content and for those years pre- ferred training on my own most of the time - again a personal thing.

Training partners are a definite benefit and bonus should you wish to go for those poundage's a little more than you can handle on your own, plus the safety aspects are an obvious advantage. The ideal choice is to have the best of both worlds to be honest.

If you can equip your home with even the basics then join a gym and take advantage of the benefits of heavier and more varied machines and heavier free weights then all round it would be better for you. This advantage is shown should you not be able to make the trip to the big gym for many reasons; late from work, too tired, babysitting name it, it happens and having at least the basics would mean that no workouts are missed or at least you can keep the condition that you have been working hard for; just a little point but an all important one to be sure.

Check out these varied home gym and commercial workouts given for you. Remember that it is always advised that you give each system at least a three month run before moving onto the next. Also and all important, if your gains are coming thick and fast there are a few main rules that you need to take note of: Don't mend it if it not broken. If a plan or schedule is working well, stay with it until it stops producing results. Always try to better your results each time; even the tiniest increase in weight or intensity is bettering your performance.

Your body will relish the idea of a systematic routine so long as you take note of the previous point. It will adapt to the increases resulting in gains. Do not let your body get a chance to get bored, test it with ever increasing tasks and challenges. Toil to improve each time. Listen to and respect ONE master. The worst thing that you can do is to be set in your mind and happy with your training only to lose it all to the confusion of a dozen different opinions that do nothing but conflict each other.

Note my advice here as this one will particularly screw up your head - big style! Keep a diary not only of your weights and diet but also of your attitude and feelings of how you are progressing, how you feel you can improve and the methods that you plan to use. Not only will this help you to plan the next training period it will be an interesting insight into what and how you have progressed AND should the need arise assist you in training yourself again should you stop and restart.

Stay focused but able to leave the gym until it is needed again. I can vouch that this one will surely fuck you up if not taken note of. OK I made a career out of the fact that I could not let go, but I also found myself NEVER to be able to let go - the gym has always followed me no matter where I have been or with whom I have been with. Bodybuilding is good but not that good you cannot let go.

Trust me I know whereof I speak. Please try to aim for the best possible style, and also remember to record all increased poundage. Day One: Warm up with 5 minutes of stretch. Prone triceps skull crishers: Barbell curls: Flat bench press: Single arm rows: Seated barbell twists: Complete three circuits if possible.

Day Two: Warm up well. Pre-exhaust barbell curls: Flat leg raises: Day Three: Long warm up here, stretch well. Seated press behind neck: Squats with bar: Inclined bench press: Heavy barbell cheat curls: Slightly inclined prone triceps: There will be no abdominal training today; you will need all the energy you have. Plenty of carbs at least an hour before training will also help a great deal.

The point of this type of training is to shock the muscle into new growth, and it is quite acceptable to decrease the amount of sets in the first couple of weeks in order that you get used to the system.

You will find that it will take some getting used to but it will produce results. Rest time between sets, sug- gest 30 seconds to one minute.

This system is hard, but will prove effective. Stick at it; try to increase your stamina gradually. Result will not come if optimum performance is given. It is another version of the successful three day systems but note the differences in repetition ranges on most exercises as they tend to be higher here.

Standing bar twists: The training system given here will most certainly produce results only if you give it your all. Do not think that it will be an easy task, no way! What it will give you is the confidence that you are in need of to succeed. When you start off, aim for just a few sets at first, then gradually move up to the maximums that have been given.

Take as much rest as you need and move on to the next set only when ready. You can reduce the amount of time between each set as you progress. Do not try to rush into it to fast. The results will come, be assured, so hang in there and do the business. The weekends MUST be kept for rest and recuperation. This will allow for the growth and repair of muscle tissue, including conditioning. This workout is also designed to save time and make sure that recovery is a main factor.

Warm up well, 5 minutes minimum. Warm up well, include stretch. Full squats: Please note it is important that this work-out would read as follows: The days set out are best stuck at if possible but should they not be compati- ble then obvious changes can be made to suit. The rest of the days would be left for rest and recovery.

Try to maintain your training style as best as possible. This will ensure that you will hit the body parts where they need it. Another point is that you may feel your weights will be strongest at the begin- ning of the week so do not despair should you need to lower and pump out with lighter weights on the last two workouts of the week i.

The weight used is really secondary as the PUMP is the main concern here. The training should be both fast and good style, this will ensure that each muscle group is hit accordingly and accurately using the triple set system.

Triple set: Barbell twists: Triple set:. This is a triple set system and should be done in similar fashion as that of the super set system.

The first set followed immediately by the second etc. There is no rest between the sets as they fall into place, rest should be taken when the triple has been completed. Remember that although the system calls for speed and pump you must still pace yourself and get used to it gradually. This workout would be used for conditioning and weight loss assistance for instance.

An excellent system but just take your time and you will get up to speed. After the 2nd day, take only one day off and then revert back to the system. The days off can be filled with a little extra aerobic exer- cise, but just a little. Thigh extensions: You must endeavour to strive for as perfect a style as is possible. This will ensure that you will hit the areas that have been targeted for you.

Where the system asks you to pump, this means that you must continue to failure as best you can and hard! It can most certainly be adjusted to suit your own train- ing day requirements. Single arm concentration curls: Nice and low on bottom part of movement so that the delts get a full stretch. This should be enough for this area as the previous body parts will hit the delts area also.

On the third day make sure that you rest well. Work the abs on days one and two, rest them on the third. Your energy should be aimed at the major, yet basic exercises which will result in better tone and condition.

After the last days training, take the day off and then start the three day rout- ing again i. I like this one a lot. It is important that only the training given for the day be done.

The growth that can be derived from this can be quite amazing if adhered to. Delts to be done on low sets a few days per week as shown. Day One - Delts, Legs: Hack squat 4 x 12, 10, 8, 8 Thigh extensions 4 x 10 Standing Calve raises 5 x 12 Day Two - Delts, Chest: Warm up Press behind neck Smiths 4 x Flat bench press 4 x Inclined flyes: Day Three - Delts, Back: Bent over lateral raises 4 x Lat Pull downs 4 x Bent over rows 4 x Seated pulley rows 4 x Abs and calves can be done after one weeks training on this system.

The rea- son is that you need to find out when your energy levels are at maximum. If possible, try to fit them in when you feel strongest. You must hit the muscle groups very hard in order that they are worked enough for the next time - it will work well. I would advise that nothing extra be added to this system unless advised. The system is proven and works. It is also important NOT to alter the deltoid training on the days given in this system. Should you do so, the workout and the reason for its construction would be pointless.

This one is the one that works for me on any plain and I can honestly say that this is my favourite training system to date. The tendency would be to add much more each workout, but if this is done i.

Stay with the amount given and this will reduce the time in the gym, assist you in being able to increase the intensity and be in the gym, trained and out - in an ideal world.

Standing calve raises x Stiff leg dead lifts 4 x 10, 8, 6, 4 Leg curls 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6 Squat 4 x 12, 10, 8, 8 Thigh extensions 4 x Day Two - Chest, Abs: Inclined bench press 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6 Inclined flyes: Lat Pull downs front 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6 Bent over rows 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6 Seated pulley rows 4 x 12, 10, 8 Bent over lateral raises 5 x 12, 10 Standing calve raises 5 x Day Four - Delts, Hamstrings: Seated triceps press 4 x 8 Close grip bench press 4 x 8 Triceps pushdowns 4 x 8 Excellent little system is this.

Doing ones hamstrings twice is recommended here as it is a body part that many miss and it is surprising how much growth it stimulates as with calves. Most do not! Please remember to keep the time periods between sets low - keep the pump up! This may be the MOST important part of the book for you to understand, not the actual diets that we are suggesting but the Why is Diet so Important understanding behind the importance of a good and regular diet.

You MUST take this part and lock it into your heads as soon as possible because your growth depends on it seriously. Most people would and do reply on the supplementation i. Yeah right in an ideal world this would be so, but unfortunately it is not so.

The reason this is not so is because although the MRP's meal replacement packs and high tech protein powders do contain shit loads of essential vitamins and minerals but not enough for you to have any to spare that is IF you used these in the main. You must use the basic foods that are in fact the cheapest and best way to go for growth.

These of course include eggs, chicken, beef, turkey, fish, in abun- dance and to include: OK, we have heard this shit loads of times, but what many do not understand is that the BIG secret that successful bodybuilders have and use over and above most of you is that they DO actually do what the rules say and that is eat regularly, high protein, medium carb and low fat at proper and regular intervals and maintain that regularity. No kidding that is it!! Steroids will help of course, but only a little.

Lifting heavy weights, yep, that will also help not being sarcastic here but the most important part IS eating at regular and set times. Even if you are not hungry, it is vital that you try and get something down because your body will accept smaller meals easier; process and digest them easier and also will help you keep the fat levels to a minimum because your body is using the foods at a faster rate and being able to use the nutrients quickly and effi- ciently.

Sounds too simple eh? Maybe so, but I am afraid to say that should you fail in your attempt to achieve growth and suc- cess through then I am Now there are those that would like to believe that a lack of diet can be supplemented with shit loads of steroids. These types of fuck nuts would have you believe that even a small amount of gear would still utilise the minimal amount of protein intake and you will still grow; they are wrong. A sensible but suitable analogy would you not agree.

But you would NOT grow because it would not be possible without any more bricks, simple but it makes sense. OK you would be able to make the wall look better i. This may be how you wish to look but for most growing is part of the game and without a regular supply of bricks the wall will stay the same come rain or high water.

Same goes with your body; it will get harder but no bigger I can assure you of that! The best tip here is to eat if possible every three hours. If you cannot eat, then drink; this is the ideal opportunity to add the protein shakes as they were intended for - to supplement your diet. They are perfect for this reason alone as may cannot eat a solid meal every three hours but find it easier to sit down, relax and drink.

But to summarise, a regular eating plan is in my opinion THE MOST single important thing you can do to make your training go with success; I have no doubt in my mind that is so. In all of my years, the students, clients who have enjoyed the most success are easily the ones who have given their diets the up most priority the built the rest of their training around this factor. This may be the MOST important part of the book for you to understand, not the actu- al diets that we are suggesting but the under- standing behind the importance of a good and regular diet Of course they are only suggestions as we don't know what sources of food you prefer use and so we suggest what we would use as a general idea.

The ideal time or rather optimum time that we can lose weight is the period before breakfast or ideally the time that we could do our cardio BEFORE breakfast. Our bodies are usually craving carbs in the main for the day ahead and with no food in our bodies we tend to use some of our stores of fat at this time more than any other; obviously due to the "fast" that we have gone through during the night so the glycogen levels are exhausted.

However it does not have to be weight training you could maybe try a small amount of cardio or a short walk which would certainly suffice as a start. You would be boosted for the rest of the day. Drinking plenty of water also boosts the body's abili- ty to lose weight. Being in a dehydrated state is not only unhealthy but also slows down the fat burning process.

Suggest drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Mirrors are our friend when we like what we see, but checking in and not being able to see the minute differences simply because we CAN'T, can reduce moral so fast that we tend to give in. A good tip here is to stay covered as much as possible when in training, stay away from the mirror as much as pos- sible and weight yourself ONLY once a fortnight at the minimum but once a month is better.

You will be amazed at the difference this simple tip will help. Ever heard the term "Can't see the woods for the trees"? These are just a few tips to help and they may not seem to be of all that much help but should you think that way have you ever wondered why someone else can lose weight better than you?

Could it be that they are using all of the available tips that they can use? Another point and an important one too, ever wondered why people prefer cardio over weight training.

OK I know that cardio does burn off more fat than weight training, that is obvious, and also that cardio is important for the heart and general health - now THAT is something that I can relate to and know how important that is. But you must also realize that most people fad diet, they tend to aim for diets that will get the weight off quickest.

OK, noth- ing wrong with that in its basic idea format - BUT think about what happens when you blow up a balloon, tighten and stretch the skin the more air you blow in?

Well it gets bigger and stretches out of shape and the thing to remember is that it does NOT revert back to its original state and therefore remains in a stretched state. Now with a balloon there is not much more you can do really but with our bodies there is - we can tone them; tone the muscle and pull in the skin and prevent the baggy skin problems that fast dieting can bring. Now I am sure that this makes sense. Weight training AND cardio are impor- tant together to achieve the best out of our training and to achieve the optimum results we have to combine the two as closely as possible.

If sweet snack preferred, try using low sugar diabetic jam. Quarter slice of melon with a carton of low fat cottage cheese crisp-breads of your choice Large side salad of your choice, add low fat dressing if preferred. Protein shake made with water OR rice cakes with very low fat cott age cheese or tomato.

If sweet snack preferred, try using low sugar dia betic jam. Go for pasta or rice meals here, with meat of your choice as the main course with plenty of side salad. Low fat yoghurt Large glass of cold water with pure lemon juice added. Or Half a grapefruit with low calorie sweeteners if used followed by 2 poached eggs on whole-wheat toast 2 Supplements with orange juice or coffee se semi-skimmed milk if possi ble at all times, if required.

Baked potatoes sprinkled with low fat cheese or beans Side salad of lettuce and tomatoes Fruit of your choice; followed by either fruit juice or cup of coffee. Cheese and eggs in a little low fat mayonnaise with a large cut of crusty bread Suggest four eggs and take out the yolks of two eggs. Remember that you will still get the protein from the white and lose the fat which is in the yolk.

Water and lemon juice as a main drink. Even if you are not hungry, it is vital that you try and get something down because your body will accept smaller meals easier This diet is set over 5 days, by all means swap and change meals as you wish. Stir fry your food or add sauces to taste. This is by no means strict but it will give you very good lean gains. Feel free to add cheat meals, the weekend is good for this as by the time the week is out you really will look forward to them.

Just remember to keep your protein content high with shakes.

steroids cycles – Steroids Cycles

For those that have kindly asked about my son and his progress of late since the Chris Report and also the possibility of a Chris Report II I can say that we hope to produce a full on and detailed report in the coming year - we hope. But due to commitments both here at the office and indeed personal endeav- ors requiring extra attention these things have had to take a back seat for a while. I do plan to put the details of his latest contest preparation down but to be honest it will take a shit load of time.

I will also explain the basic but ACTUAL gear used but do not expect new and secret concoctions because there were none. No matter who believes what, using the basics DOES work and we have proved that. Chris started training for the British Qualifier at Leamington Spa at around August at a bodyweight of 14st 7lbs lbs then hit the bulk phase hard to come out at the end of January at a balloon headed 17st 6lbs lbs.

Although he achieved what he set out to achieve and put on the bulk he felt that he could only keep this weight for a short time as the extra weight truly slowed him down outside of the gym; hard to breathe, lethargic etc, but whilst in the gym the extra weight helped the BIG weights go up.

So from circa February we decided that it was time for him to s-l-o-w-l-y start and trim the excess fat off but I emphasize it was done very gradually so as not to lose any muscle gained and there was plenty of that. Throughout the training the gear that he used was as before very basic indeed. I cannot stress this enough but even though I make a point of this many times there are those that do not believe that Chris could have done what he has done on so little gear; but I will tell you that they are so wrong.

I have never known anyone put so much time into their diet and as meticulous as Chris did. This included the dieting phase too, never have I seen so much dedication to such a phase and it worked. We stuck with what we knew worked for Chris and avoided the heavy and toxic gears such as Anadrol, test suspension and methyl test. These nut case gears would not help and so we avoided them like the plague. We know what works and IF such a plan produces results we stay with it - why fix it if it is not broken!

One thing we did put more emphasis on this time was HGH. For as long as we could financially and supply wise we kept up the input of growth on a steady 4iu's every other day and on occasion even dropped down to a maintenance dosage of 2iu's EOD for short periods; more as a top up method and we feel this worked very well indeed. We did not need to use insulin, DNP or heavy diuretics and would have not even con- sidered them at any cost; said many Chris Hart times before, bodybuilding is good bit not THAT good.

I admire my son even more for his beliefs which mirror those of my own. We would gladly stop what we do without question should we have to use these types of drugs that in my opinion bodybuilding does NOT need.

So, we stuck with the good old basics: The anti-estrogens were Nolvadex and Proviron. The cycles were constructed mainly on week but the first one or two stayed at around 10 weeks approximately; we needed to experiment and the begin- ning of the comp training was the time to test, not at the end.

The results proved that the shorter cycles worked the best and we stuck with that throughout the whole training.

The Sustanon and Deca was injected in the same syringe every days, the Winstrol every 3rd day and the Virormone every 4th day. We stayed with this combo throughout the system, the pictures will tell the story of how it went and it went well. Firstly make sure the bench is placed under the bar DUHH! Lie on the bench under the bar and place your hands approx 12 inches wider than your shoulder width. Now before you take the weight make sure the bench is in a central position.

DON'T take the weight then suddenly try to readjust your self by squirming left and right trying to make your self-comfortable. Re-rack the weight and get comfy. Slowly lower the weight toward the chest, across the nipples is the area the bar wants to be hitting whether flat, incline or decline. Sometimes it is inspired by others sometimes you just think you reached your natural growth potential and just want to [ Have you ever been in a situation when you need a steroid cycle and you want to get it asap, you want to have it ready, you want to have it all put into a table with clear understanding what and when to use, you want to be able to print it?

Well, once we [ There are sites which either sell fake products or take money and dont send you a thing! In a […].

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