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View and Download Denso 4D56 service manual online. Because the engine ECU controls the injection system (injection pressure, injection rate, Operation Section – Supply pump interior Regulating valve Feed pump Rail SCV (Suction. Diesel Injection Pump. SERVICE MANUAL Common Rail System (HP3) for MITSUBISHI L/TRITON 4D56/4M41Engine. OPERATION June, DENSO. This is the Highly Detailed factory service repair manual for the fuel injection (distribution type injection pump system) NCNUZRU 4D

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Diesel Injection Pump. Common Rail System (HP3) for MITSUBISHI L/ TRITON. 4D56/4M41Engine. OPERATION. June, TGE. SERVICE. Diesel Injection Pump SERVICE MANUAL Common Rail System (HP3) for MITSUBISHI L/TRITON 4D56/4M41Engine OPERATION June, DENSO . Service Manual PDF for Mitsubishi Engine Type 4D56, a Mitsubishi diesel Fuel Injection Pump and Injection Nozzle,; Injection Nozzle Holder,; Intake and.

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Related Manuals for Denso 4D56 No related manuals. This book may not be reproduced or copied, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the publisher. QE, QE replaced. See P, 44, 45 Page 4: Page 5 Table of Contents Page 6: Page 7: Outline Of System Operation Section — 2.

Because the engine ECU controls the injection system injection pressure, injection rate, and injection timing , the injection system is independent, and thus unaffected by the engine speed or load.

Page 8: Page 9: Page Supply Pump Operation Section — 3. The two plungers are positioned vertically on the outer ring cam for compactness. The engine drives the supply pump at a ratio of 1: Exterior View Diagram Operation Section — 3. The eccentric cam is connected to the ring cam. Due to the spring force, Plunger B is pulled in the opposite direction to Plunger A. Begin IntakePlunger Plunger A: Finish Compression B: Begin Compression Plunger B: Finish Intake Plunger A: Indicates the section title.

Indicates the group number. Indicates the page number. Indicates procedures to be performed be- fore the work in that section is started, and procedures to be performed after the work in that section is finished.

Component diagram A diagram of the component parts is pro- vided near the front of each section in order to give the reader a better understanding of the installed condition of component parts. Mark denotes nonreusable part. Repair kit or parts sets are shown. Only very frequently used parts are shown. Removal steps: The part designation number corresponds to the number in the illustration to indicate remov- al steps.

Disassembly steps: The part designation number corresponds to the number in the illustration to indicate disas- sembly steps. Installation steps: Specified in case installation is impossible in reverse order of removal steps. Omitted if installation is possible in reverse order of re- moval steps. Reassembly steps: Omitted if reassembly is possible in reverse order of dis- assembly steps. Maintenance and servicing procedures The numbers provided within the diagram indicate the sequence for maintenance and servicing procedures.

These are arranged together as major maintenance and service points and explained in detail. Indicates that there are essential points for removal or disassembly. Indicates that there are essential points for installation or reassembly. Operating procedures, cautions, etc. Indicates by symbols where lubrication is necessary. Symbols for lubrication, sealants and adhesives Symbols are used to show the locations for lubrication and for application of sealants and adhesives.

These symbols are included in the diagram of compo- nent parts or on the page following the component parts page. The symbols do not always have accomp- anying text to support that symbol. On completion, confirm all systems for diagnosis code s. If diagnosis code s are set, erase them all. Troubleshooting of electronic control systems for which the M.

Even in systems for which the M. If the diagnostic flow is different from that given below, or if additional explanation is required, the details of such differences or additions will also be listed. Check trouble symptom. Read the diagnosis code. After taking note of the malfunction code, erase the diagnosis code memory. Recheck trouble symptom. Read the diagnosis codes. No diagnosis code. Diagnosis code displayed. When the M.

The message for the former state identifies it as a "Active" and the message for the latter identifies it as a "Stored". For how to treat past trouble, refer to P. For how to cope with intermittent malfunctions, refer to P. For details on how to use the M. Start up the personal computer. Connect M. MB and the personal computer.

Connect the M. Turn the V. When the V. Start the M. Disconnecting the M. The procedure is the same as "How to Read Diagnosis Code. These inspection procedures follow this order.

They first try to discover a problem with a connector or a defective component. ACAC Explains about the basic operation of the components. Explains about technical details. Describes the conditions for that diagnosis code being set. Start of diagnosis procedure Describes possible causes s for that diagnosis code. Describes inspection procedure. Carry out troubleshooting as described in the applicable inspection procedure.

Since the trouble may still be present, set the vehicle to the diagnosis code detection condition and check that the status changes to "Active". If the status does not change from "Stored", observe the applicable inspection procedure with particular emphasis on connector s and wiring harness. Carry out this inspec- tion while referring to the Electrical Wiring Manual. Here, "Check the wiring harness between the power supply and terminal xx" also includes checking for blown fuse. Turn the ignition switch to "ON" when measuring, unless there are instructions to the contrary.

ACAB Special tool Use the special tools such as test harness, harness connector or check harness. If the connector is too small to insert a test probe e. Use special tool extra fine probe MB If the test bar is inserted forcibly, it will cause a poor contact. Use check harness MB of special tool har- ness set MB To do so may damage the circuits inside the ECU. Touch the pin directly with the test bar.

Denso 4D56 Service Manual

Therefore, gently pull the harnesses one by one to make sure that no pins pull out of the connector. Pin drawing force: ACAB Battery Fuse Load switch Load Short-circuit occurrence section Remove the blown fuse and measure the resistance between the load side of the blown fuse and the earth. Close the switches of all circuits which are connected to this fuse.

The main causes of a short circuit are the following. In order to ascertain the conditions under which an intermittent malfunction occurs, first ask the cus- tomer for details about the driving conditions, weather conditions, frequency of occurrence and trouble symptoms, and then try to recreate the trou- ble symptoms.

Next, ascertain whether the reason why the trouble symptom occurred under these con- ditions is due to vibration, temperature or some other factor. If vibration is thought to be the cause, carry out the following checks with the connectors and components to confirm whether the trouble symptom occurs.

The objects to be checked are connectors and components which are indicated by inspection procedures or given as probable causes which gen- erates diagnosis codes or trouble symptoms.

If determining the cause is difficult, the drive recorder function of the M. If the status does not change from "Stored", carry out the following procedure. Establish from the customer whether a fuse or connector has been replaced or disconnected. If yes, erase the diagnosis code, and then check that no diagnostic code is reset.

If no diagnosis code is reset, the diagnosis is complete. If no, follow the applicable Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart.

Then check the wiring harness and connector, and refer to "How to Cope with Intermittent Malfunction P. AC 1 2 AB No. This engine model numbers is as shown as follow. Engine model Engine displacement 4D56 2, mL 4M41 3, mL The engine serial number is stamped near the engine model number.

V5MB1 Type 5-speed manual For safe operation, please follow the directions and heed all warnings. Wait at least 60 seconds after disconnecting the battery cable before doing any further work. The SRS system is designed to retain enough voltage to deploy the air bag even after the battery has been disconnected.

Seri- ous injury may result from unintended air bag deployment if work is done on the SRS sys- tem immediately after the battery cable is dis- connected.

Warning labels must be heeded when servic- ing or handling SRS components. Warning labels can be found in the following locations. Always use the designated special tools and test equipment. Store components removed from the SRS in a clean and dry place. The air bag module should be stored on a flat surface and placed so that the pad surface is facing upward. Do not place anything on top of it. Whenever you finish servicing the SRS, check the SRS warning lamp operation to make sure that the system functions properly.

Observe the following when carrying out opera- tions on places where SRS components are installed, including operations not directly related to the SRS air bag. When removing or installing parts, do not allow any impact or shock to the SRS compo- nents. If heat damage may occur during paint work, remove the SRS-ECU, the air bag module, clock spring, the front impact sensor, and the seat belt pre-tensioner.

Denso Fuel Injection Pump HP3 5_L_DI-D Mitsubishi | Fuel Injection | Throttle

The table below shows what should be registered and learned after each type of operation. Doing it makes registration easy. Small injection quantity learning Refer to P. Supply pump correction learning Refer to P. If the injector identification code is not regis- tered, the engine warning lamp goes on and diagnosis code No.

P is logged. Failure to register the injector identification code correctly will cause rough idling, abnor- mal noise, and emission deterioration.

1994+ Mitsubishi 4D56 Diesel Engine Service Manual PDF

Correction data is converted into an identification code consisting of 30 alphanumeric characters and printed on the injector connector. This operation is purposed to read the injec- tor identification code stored in the engine-ECU. Reading the identification code in this way before replacement can eliminate manual input of the identi- fication code after replacement. Turn the ignition switch to "ON" position. It controls the injection to an optimal timing based on the engine speed and the injection quantity.

It controls the fuel injection to an optimal injection quantity based on the engine speed and accelerator position signals. Operation Section 1— 27 9. The engine ECU performs the necessary calculations in accordance with the sensors installed on the engine and the vehicle. The engine ECU calculates the basic injection quantity based on the engine operating conditions and driving conditions.

With the engine speed constant. The lesser of the two injection quantities is used as the basis for the final injection quantity. The injection quantity obtained by adding various types of corrections to the maximum injection quantity obtained from the engine speed. The basic injection quantity that is obtained from the governor pattern.

As a result crank angle speed becomes more uniform and smoother engine operation is achieved. The pilot interval at the time the engine is started is calculated from the coolant temperature and engine speed. The pilot interval is calculated based on the final injection quantity. During normal driving operations. Because of quantity learning control. As a result of this learning.

In addition. Through the use of quantity learning control. In this state. The corrected injection quantity is then calculated. ISC Correction Portion: This increases both NOx and noise. Operation Section 1— 35 The fuel injection pressure at the time the engine is started is calculated from the coolant temperature and engine speed. Open circuit detection Intake temperature sensor perature sensor.

Crankshaft position sention sor. Operation Section 1— 37 Society of Automotive Engineers Injector der actuation system abnormality open circuit actuation Injector Yes. Open circuit detection Supply Pump sor. Cylinder recognition sention sor Yes P Cylinder recognition Pulse system malfunc. Injector actuation abnor Injector injection 3 malily Yes P Injector function non. Injector actuation abnor Injector injection 2 malily Yes P Injector function non.

Engine abnormality mality Engine Yes P High boost abnormal. Injector actuation abnor Injector injection 1 malily Yes P Injector function non. Injector actuation abnor Injector injection 4 malily Pulse system malfunc. Engine abnormality ity diagnosis Engine Yes P Injector function non. Vehicle speed sensor tion Network Yes P Immobilizer authenti.

If this DTC code is detected. Fuel pressure control mality diagnosis system abnormality Supply pump Yes In the event that the vehicle runs out of gas. Fuel pressure control mality system abnormality P Single pump abnor. P Pump protective fill Fuel pressure control plug system abnormality Supply pump Yes. When "P" is displayed. Do not replace the pump assy.

Remove the air from the fuel. This does not mean that engine ECU is malfunctioning. Operation Section 1— 43 Operation Section 1— 45 Terminal Connections 2 No.

Battery Back-up. Muang Samutprakarn Thailand. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

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