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mode one alan roger currie pdf download. Mode One Alan Roger Currie Pdf Download. 2 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. asperdefa By asperdefa Ongoing. Alan Roger Currie is the dating coach known for his straight forward and upfront approach to seduction. He is the author of the popular book. does anyone have this book in pdf? Become Irresistible to Women. d26cjpg. FREE 45 Page Guide to.

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by Alan Roger Currie. pages. Revolutionary new book designed to help ( PDF, ePub, and Kindle). Paperback, $, + $ shipping & handling (USA). Alan Roger Currie - Mode One Notes (#1) - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. psichology. ALAN ROGER CURRIE despite being a man of good looks and intelligence. The other had broken up with his ex-girlfriend a few months prior, and had become.

How to Be Assertive with Women. An Easy Way to Project Confidence. If you've ever seen a girl go home with some asshole she didn't even LIKE, you know this is true. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register.

Matt Cook knows this all too well. Matt is a nice guy In this free video training below, he'll show you how he does it: Zarky said:. I think "Mode 1" is kinda dorky but could you post links or citations to these research studies you speak of?

Joined Aug 22, Messages Reaction score Age I agree with Stagger Lee. I hardly ever express my "needs, desires, interests and intentions" to a woman and that's largely because I have none to begin with. If you walk up to a girl in the street and ask for her number, you put her on the spot and you give her the power to decide. Even if she finds you physically attractive normally they won't give it out because it would make them look desperate.

Every time I seduce a girl, I will communicate with her not just talking "I am superficially interested in you, but what can YOU do to take this further?

Throughout this I am constantly giving her the opportunity to qualify herself. If "Mode 1" means simply "be confident" then I agree. I don't disagree at all.

But there are I do believe you should let the world, and women, know what you want and who you are. But there are ways to do so that will earn peoples' respect and ways that will earn their derision.

I would suggest that you first build a persona for yourself, and then work within that persona to determine the best way to act around women. That is to say, you have to be congruent. Just applying some "mode" that someone else made up to your interactions isn't going to automatically work.

It has to be congruent with the entirety of your persona. Read the 22 Rules for Massive Success with Women. Everything you need to know to become a huge success with women. And it's free! Mr Wright Master Don Juan. I believe in understanding women! I use "conversing with a woman.

Re1ection in my opinion is always a "win-win" scenario. It usually doesn! And that is not a good thing. I believe in concentrating most on those factors in relationships that you have the most "ontrol over.. And I didn! I tell guys that all of the time.

Mode One by Alan Roger Currie

I critici. I say this all of the time. Any man can accumulate platonic female friends. I actually read it for the very thing you accused me of: Commenting on people! If your only focus is on getting some pussy then you might as well read ystery! If other guys li e his suggestions.

I say that all of the time. And the reason why I! I now do. And the reality is they! And in the long-run they pay for it. A' Anytime you! H' Anytime you are interacting with a member of the opposite se. I will never do that. Comecuca almost "defends" women being misleading vague ambiguous and manipulative. I mean top of the line manipulators In my adult years dealing with women I!

I can name times when women I was fuc ing would go out with "nice guy" types and have them spend money on them only to have those guys drop them off. I am bac D thin s almost suggest that if you 1ust "put your mind to it " that you will never run into these types of women.. If you live in a city li e "os Angeles especially you will really see it all.

What ty! And if you as the more manipulative women if they are who you thin they are GBM chance they! I really li e youD I want to en1oy your companyDD" 4o woman is really going to!

Again you were more on trac with your first response. A' As soon as I! I would let it be nown in one way or another that I! I might throw in there that I don!

And 2uite honestly I would want her to be!

J I wouldn! And you pointed that out. If you are "nice " "pleasant " and "conservative" with this woman you will get played. I would cum on her face and then move on to the woman who is on the same page as me which is I was tal ing about this in another thread 1ust recently.

I believe all men now what they want at the s! In other words if I approach a woman at HB: I now that. Quic solution7 5on! Is that a Role. BBpm doesn! Again I! A' 5old diggers: Quite simply gold digger types want money to be spent on them If you have time to waste then there is not really that much of a detriment to that J "9mall tal " is a waste of time.

If you 1ust wal into a dealership and say "Fhm. H' Approach a woman. L' If she generally gives you the vibe that her interests are far different than yours end the "onversation and leave her alone.

If you can sense that some degree of interest is there "ontin e the "onversation. A' Converse with her for a while to see if she! Fsing the "shopping for a car" analogy again when I wal into a dealership I want to say to the salesman as soon as I wal in "0ey.. H' Approach a woman Again the main problem with "waiting" before e. I put "chit chat" in the same category as "small tal. Again using the "shopping for a car" analogy there is a difference between saying "0ey.

I agree with the "being patient" portion of your comments but the one point of contention for me would be the idea of "ma ing a woman feel comfortable.

I really don! A lot of things he says and recommends is more so for guys who feel li e wasting time is not that big of a deal. If you were say a millionaire. I only concentrate on e. If that ma es me "9cientology" li e then so be it. I act the way I want to act and still get the pussy more often than not.

I better have some prophets write it over again and change some things. NABB or more per date with the ris that she might not give you the pussy.

Comecuca is essentially saying the same thing over and over and over again in different ways. I have no control over their behavior. All radio and television interviews are usually!

Alan Roger Currie - Mode One Notes (#1)

Compromising is cool if. I thin you were wrong in your accusation As long as my desire to fuc a woman can be accomplished and satisfied within the conte I will never compromise myself for the pussy. I would bet you money that GB-GG.

GM chance the manipulative women would get the best of the manipulative men.. Comedian" with the women. As long as it!

At least in my e. I love beauty. A close second is the 2uality? I actually don! I do not believe.. I generally say it! Is that a rule that you can! An attitude and demeanor you possess and maintain that lets others now that you rarely if ever avoid tal ing action towards pursuing your desired goals and ob1ectives. As someone said already I believe you have to have a certain degree of confidence in order to have courage..

H estion: A' Al ays e4! H' Al ays take a"tion.. In my Mode One boo I don! Right before you approach one or more of these women you! All courage says is "approach that woman.. H' I re-emphasi. And in his own opinion he felt li e GBM of the time he was being!

Taking a"tion despite the presence of some degree of fear is always important. H' y ability to take a"tion and approach every woman who I may be attracted toJ A' y ability to e. A' I always say to men: If a woman re1ects you because she 1ust has BM interest in you then that is a "win..

In my opinion many activities of interest in life is more or less a "numbers game. In real life a man would either get slapped cursed out or both I had never in my life seen a man approach a woman while being that bold upfront unapologetic and se. Initially I did all of the "conventional" stuff: I was on a "triple date" with two friends of mine. I will only have se.

R tags wrapped around their nec: In other words realistically you wouldn! In other words their "public tag" is the same as their "private behind-closed-doors" tag.. If I find you handsome charming and se.. I will only have se.. I many times use an " rated" approach with certain women but that!

If I want to! I have to feel you out first. H' Is this woman single? NOT TR. In other words they want to be everything b t specific. Remember in my boo where I refer to "the ambiguous. I always tell men in the face of harsh sub1ective criticisms H' remain calm composed and confident. I would say GGM of the time if a woman wal s away from you.. BBpm on a -riday night and by HH: BBpm or HH: I never continue to pursue a woman once she!

BBpm and turn around and suc your coc at HH: About A wee s later we were fuSSing. A woman can re1ect you in 5ecember only to call you in arch April or ay and invite you over to her place to e.

I simply move on to the ne.. Right where you want them I answer the phone and she tells me who she is.. I now you! As I alluded to above the main reason why so many women initially don!

Anyways long story short. Classic e. I would love to fuSS you from behind. I typically say ": If Ran o says that wor s for him more power to him..

It usually ta es me at least A. I believe in being HBBM a thenti". All women want to have good se. If you approach me again I! Again when it comes to responding to Mode One Behavior they! I am so sorry. HB minutes critici.. I now many 5evelopment 6. I love having the power to say what I want to say. I surely do. I would li e that I was gen inely interested in that. Corporations don!

It frustrates most women to see men getting "easy pussy.. And don! I only tal about se. I was too! Big b siness. If a woman sort of! I want to identify potential interest in a woman within the first three to five minutes of conversation.. I would probably say generally spea ing "lightheartedly coc y If a woman really really acted li e a complete "bitch" towards me when I initially approached her I want to get to now you!

I always tell men it! In my e. I never want to do that. Fse that "power. I li e you Ein y 9emi-8romiscuous -ree-9pirited and ready to get their frea on.

After my initial opening comments I 1ust sort of! H' If a woman is genuinely interested in you or! I rarely hit on women in nightclubs. R-rated 9tyle: I will offer more!

I use more profane language and more se. I will still be provocative to a degree but won! A' 0ealth? I have a buddy in ". A relationship with her is not even a remote thought. A sweet down-to-earth personality.

I have a headache. In addition to my boo you might want to read "8I 8: GBM of the time they go out "inda pays. If you treat them li e a woman who will indulge in casual se.. If you treat them li e " s. Challenging huh7 If you only new about "inda!

Enowing what you now now about her interactions with 5anny 5. I would probably approach a woman and say "I! H' "et! And I firmly believe that. I would purposely go places 1ust so I could approach women.

In my younger years I would many times go out "loo ing to be" Mode One with women.. I li e all three films. GM chance you will never admit an interest in her. GGGM chance no. I never try to! I fantasi. GM chance she will never admit her interest in you. I first wrote the concepts down on paper in HGGB. I dream about you fuc ing me.. A' 4ow let! Warning though: J and b' 1ust because a woman is behaving li e she! I also agree with you that I don! A phone number will come to you easy if you enhance a woman!

When you hoo up with a woman is a matter of individual preference. GM of the time I leave the woman alone at that point.. I generally shy away from e. I evaluate whether or not my approach was! In other words even in the instances where I!

I still feel as though I was! A few years ago I approached this attractive young lady in a library study room All of the things you mentioned I could do that with a! At this point since she was re1ecting me I! I was calm when I left that study room. I caught her off guard with my! I bet if I ran into her again I could!

I still feel li e my behavior was Mode One. If you engage in a heavy degree of! I say that in my boo. I beg to differ with you about not! If I tell her I want to hoo up with her and she says "9orry And it wor s on any woman who! I li e it how the sunshines are lightly touching your se.

I am not interested in continuing this conversation I 1ust wal away GM of the time I leave her alone. I will become more persistent. I would have left her alone as soon as she said she had a boyfriend It always leads to confusion. Qualifying a woman is important especially if you! I never aggressively pursue women with boyfriends fiances! I met most of the cast members and the show! Never as a woman for her "permission" to be straightforwardly honest..

Instead of 1ust being bold and straightforwardly honest he would preface his comments with 2uestions such as "5o you mind if I tell you something that will. I mean yeah.. I agree that women will do damn near anything to avoid being perceived as a "whore" or a "slut.

Read my opening 2uote for -ha! And it! I thin most men on here will agree men. And you won! Anytime you fail to get the e. If you hold off on e. Again it! I can name times where I met women and let them now I wanted to fuc them on the first day I met them but we didn! I rarely try to! I agree that many men can be guilty of "rushing" a woman into se. It will be harder for you to identify the women who are genuinely interested in you versus the women who are! I would start her off as a "fuc buddy.

I 1ust did it.. If a woman is genuinely interested in you hy would she be "turned off" at the idea of having se.. I actually told the young lady in the car that night "I don! I had a woman in Chicago a few years ago admit this point blan.

I very much believe in "mentors " "teachers " and "advisors" though Again a ma1or contributing factor is your degree of "onfiden"e "o rage and straightfor ard honesty I want to hopefully! Realistically there is really no such thing as "not nowing what to say to a woman. Covey and 5r. Is she a! If every top home-run hitter in baseball preoccupied himself with "not stri ing out " he would never hit any home runs.! I' -inally force her to either re1ect me or reciprocate. If she reciprocates we e..

Mode One by Alan Roger Currie | SoSuave Discussion Forum

I may add things modify things or change up things here and there to a minor degree but generally this is always my structure for approaching women conversing with them and hoo ing up with them. Read her body language. If she flat-out re1ects me I leave her alone. Again if she re1ects me I leave her alone and move on to the ne. If she becomes! And anyone who! Dire"t Methods of approaching women: Actually I sort of li e being critici. I never recommend any boo or set of materials that ma e such a claim..

L things: I hear that a lot. I rarely if ever e. I call it "presenting yourself li e you have! I like men who I feel already have one or two other women chasing them. I never loo at re1ection as some sort of "bad" thing or "negative" thing. Again re1ection itself is always "win-win.

An ob1ective would be striving to have a great 1ob interviewJ A goal would be e. I tend to e. If you thin differently you will find yourself e. And conse2uently you will find yourself in and out of the " ode -our Oone" for the rest of your. As long as you loo at re1ection itself as some sort of "failure " you will always see to avoid it.

Anyone ever play bas etball7 Coaches always told me I feel as though if a man consistently e. It may be within the first few days the first few wee s the first few months or for some maybe after a year or so. Fan ary JCCM: F ne JCCM: Angela gets the big head.

May JCC0: A g st JCC0: Available" an organi,ation with its. I might be able to use some degree of influence in order to prevent a woman from re1ecting me but I cannot totally "prevent" a woman from re1ecting me. Angela dropped the ball when she stopped wor ing out and eating right. I love simply! It is a woman! That is antitheti"al to the! TS-fo" sed. H' 0ow yo "hoose to behave towards women.. I need to now the answers to these 2uestions.

All you have to do is go up to all one-hundred women and say "I believe you have something to give me that will ma e me smile. H' 0e emphasi.

I tal ed about it a few times on As en And you can! Any man who fre2uently hesitates to approach women has either a conscious or subconscious belief that he is more li ely to receive a! I want it. I thin his name was "Anthony". At the ris of sounding conceited I used to thin to myself "I! I say that in my boo.. I have men as me all of the time "Alan. I believe the more you go out of your way to try to "prevent" re1ection or "avoid" it your level of self-confidence and courage begins to slowly but surely diminish.

I rarely will turn fully around to loo at a woman but I will turn my head somewhat if a woman is standing or wal ing in front of me. U a powerful presence around women. SE of most men! I gotta be honest I do this with women most of the time anyway.. I mean when our female co-wor ers would say " ood morning Anthony..

I wish all men who read my boo "got it" li e you do. I had at least one of my reviewers on Ama. I was 1ust telling a friend " ost guys who read my boo are either on one end of the stic or the other. I en1oyed it. I hope not though.. As far as your 8oint KA I totally disagree with that.

Alan Roger Currie

I literally hated it. GM chance she! I will tell you. A' I respect other people! AR5 in e. At least a small percentage of those women who initially re1ect you. Alan Currie. L' -or me the difference between "manipulation" and "persuasion" comes down to these factors: I want to fuc them in a highly self-assured upfront specific and straightforwardly honest manner I would put a "GGM" guarantee on that.

Most men in society are not very good when it comes to communicating their true desires and interests to Manipulative Timewaster types. Very few men who are primarily interested in engaging in Relationship Type B casual sex with a woman have the bold courage to communicate their sexual desires, interests, and intentions to women in an upfront, specific, straightforwardly honest manner.

The question is, why did this man wait until after he had sex with the woman to communicate that to her? What does it mean to FunClub with a woman? This type of man is just as bad, if not worse, than your typical Pickup Artist type. Men in this category are total verbal cowards with women. Reality check for the ladies: Learn the overall background of dating and relationships, and marriage and monogamy, and why many men have lost interest in strictly monogamous long-term relationships and marriage in the 21st Century:

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