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Saturday, December 15, 2018

cittadelmonte.info3-DUPLEX. stable CFW , DUPLEX brings properly patched and tested EBOOT Patches for. cittadelmonte.info3-DUPLEX. bmx!11 P R O U D L Y P R E S E N T S : Darksiders II CFW EBOOT Patch. The Last Of US v Patch Ps3 Cfw Eboot | Ps3cfwfix.

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From Team DUPLEX [img] Team DUPLEX has released eight new EBOOT patches for PS3 games to be played with CFW Team DUPLEX. More EBOOT patches from DUPLEX for CFW Users BorderlandsEboot. cittadelmonte.info3-DUPLEX cittadelmonte.info3-DUPLEX. cittadelmonte.info3-DUPLEX. Date: August Languages: English Platform: PS3 CFW Genre: Action.

Discussion in ' PlayStation 3 ' started by proton , Jul 24, Log in or Sign up. CFW 3. Na Blackcats se pojavio: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 3.

After much research and hard long days at coding, the solid support team behind the 'True Blue' dongle have now been able to encode all the BD-R booting information which was previously needed on 'special' discs to be patched directly into the PS3 firmware, so now with this firmware updated the dongle fully supports booting of all v3.

Here is list of v3. Madness Returns Assassin's Creed: Revelations Battlefield 3 Bleach: Modern Warfare 3 Call of Juarez: The Cartel Captain America: Reloaded Green Lantern: The Run No More Heroes: Tides of Destiny Saints Row: War in the North The Sims 3: Pets Thor: Capcom 3 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Warhammer 40, Pojavio se Uncharted 3 od oko 28 giga - izbacheni 3D filmovi i svi jezici osim engleskog.

Uncharted 3 -pre Cracked -pre Fixed -and Ripped Journal works, no freezing at Chapter 9 and For all those not able to do the fix, i have done it for you. Now this is just plug'n'play, if you still cant manage it i cant help you.

Nice sideeffect of the fix is the game now fits on external hdd too since there is no bigfiles anymore. Instead there is a bunch of small files now, but there is near to no slowdown in the loadingtimes. This Version is based on the Duplex Release. EXE delete the.

New EBOOT patches for CFW | MaxConsole

When you unpack bin. Now with this latest firmware update the dongle fully supports booting of all v3. Zdravo svima. Novi sam na ovi forum. Molim ko ima linkova za Uncharted 3 od oko 28 giga sa vec uradjenim FIX-om nek stavi na moj pm. Hvala gejmeri. Slabe su sanse da ces dobiti linkove Ili idi na warez-bb pa vijaj sam linkove, valjda ces ubosti neke koji nece biti brzo obrisani sa servera.

uncharted eboot fix cfw 3.55 full tuttorial

DieH rd , Nov 2, Ne mogu jer je torent sa privatnog trekera i unishtice mi ratio bitgamer. Za dana trebalo bi da dobijem jedan invite a on moze tebi da ode.

Onda cesh imati pristup torentu.

Ako ti bude tada trebalo, samo javi. Efendija , Nov 2, Efendija hvala, cekam invite Hvala za linkove fluffy Idi ovde i kucaj sta ti treba, u ptanju je torent browser i daje linkove ka otvornim trakerima, http: Postoji thread za Uncharted i svaka dalja diskusija treba tamo da se odvija.

Postoji isto tako thread za torrent-e,pozivnice i sl,ili ako se niko ne oglasi otvorite fino novi thread i sigurno ce vam neko pomoci. Evo ja naprimer imam 3 invite-a za bitgamer a vidim da je i Nyrla postavio da ima invite-ove,ali je vasim lenjim guzicama muka da potrazite malo.

Ulazim ovde da procitam novosti o PS3 sceni i CFW napredku,a ne da citam vase zahteve za torrent linkove,ali ne da ih nema nego ste lenji da potrazite malo. Hvala na ukazanome vremenu. Hvala i tebi na ukazanim skretanjima. Potvrdjujem da na CFW 3. Uncharted 3 Real Fix fast Loading Code:. Probao sam i napisah o tome u Uncharted threadu.

Awesome, again many thanks! So I will try to update directly from 3. Do I understand it correctly that I don't need to dump console root key or set QA flag prior updating? As I understand the QA flag allows to downgrade freely, but it's only available for 3.

CFW 3.55/3.5x/3.6x/3.7x/4.x - novosti

Can I set this flag also after upgrading to 4. Is there ANY way to make the 3. I should have backups of the original EBOOT files for most of them, but overall it's about 4 TB of backups, so a lot of hassle to recreate such a massive game database.

QA can be toggled, regardless of whether the console is on 3. Not sure whether the 3. Not even QA would get you out of that misstep anyway, only a hardware flasher Patched eboots cannot work.

Afaik the patches were made specifically for 3. There is a big pack of original eboots out there in 3 archives iirc. Maybe not overly legit a method but if you own the discs, you would avoid wasting time after all. Splitted files would work but there is not much point using those, your 4.

Moreover splitted files get joined on internal hdd by the backup manager so I don't really see anything to gain in using that method.

All clear, much appreciated. Mar 8, Messages: Male Location: The Great Gig in the Sky. I believe you can update, even from 1. PS3BigFan likes this.


Updated to 4. PS3BigFan , Dec 31, Is CEX more stable? Or is DEX in any case just a better choice of the two? PS3BigFan , Jan 1, Also beware that you need to spoof to 4. Yes, this really is another [ In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you are taking up arms against dragons, as well as your encounters together [ Worms Revolution Ps3 3. Without a doubt, the presentation happens to be colourful, and also the tone comedy, but make no mistake, victory about this battleground requires skill and tactical nous.

Worms happens to […]. Inversion Ps3 3.

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Transfer the overall game to PS3 Hard disk drive 2. BIN using the downloaded one 4.

SFO using the downloaded one 6. Run the […]. Dungeons Dragons Daggerdale Ps3 3. Copy the. Run the overall […]. The Cave Ps3 3. Under Siege Ps3 4. Smurfs 2 Ps3 3.

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