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"Exploiting Chaos - Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change" is an award-winning book on innovation by Trend Hunter CEO. Exploiting Chaos: Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change [ Jeremy Gutsche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The hottest. Check out the first chapter of Exploiting Chaos, available as a free PDF download here: Link | Exploiting Chaos website | Book available.

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Exploiting Chaos is the quintessential road map for all those who seek op- portunity companies have risen from chaos, and he provides a toolkit that manag-. Chaos Permits You to. Think Differently. Page 8 by Jeremy Gutsche. Exploiting Chaos. Ways to Spark Innovation. During Times of Change. THE SUMMARY . Greetings! To kick off the new year, we have made Trend Hunter's award-winning innovation book free as a PDF. So, you can browse it free online with videos.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Mark Sandler. We show that a multibit implementation of a modified first order sigma-delta modulator may be used to produce an effective, stable chaotic modulator that accurately encodes the input and helps remove the presence of idle tones. It is frequently used in audio processing and has a wide range of applications. Sigma-delta modulators operate using a tradeoff between oversampling and low resolution quantization.

Never let a serious crisis go to waste" perhaps? For example:. Prior to the Great Depression, the only cereal brand that mattered was Post. After your great-grandfather silenced the piercing bells of his wind-up alarm clock, he savored the delicious taste of Post Grape-Nuts. Launched in , the cereal dominated the marketplace leading up to the s. As the Great Depression tightened its angry claws on America, Post found itself hungry for cash. The prominent cereal maker assumed they "owned" the market.

How could anyone stop lusting for Grape-Nuts? Accordingly, advertising budgets were cut to weather the storm. As the managers of Post reclined in their rawhide chairs, bracing for a slow economy, a hungry tiger lurked in the shadows.

That tiger was the Kellogg Company. Their mascot, Tony the Tiger, had not yet appeared, but his insatiable spirit was already born. While Post retreated, Kellogg doubled their ad spend.

However, as shall be seen later, as long as the average One requirement for SDM is that the quantizer output integrator output sufficiently approximates the input, approximate the input signal. With unity gain, Equation 5 holds for the single and multibit, first order sigma delta modulators. Using a multibit modulator is not Figure 5.

Clockwise from top-left. The average sufficient to alleviate this problem. This is a quantized output as a function of the input for a 1 bit, fundamental problem that is often overlooked in the 2 bit, 3 bit, and 4 bit sigma delta modulator with gain literature.

The gain is set to 1. The 45 degree line represents the ideal quantization. Symbol Sequences On a practical level the output prior to quantization is not of primary concern. More importantly, the quantized output must accurately encode the input signal without producing idle tones. That is, tones which are not present in the analog input may appear in the digital output.

One proposed method of eliminating these tones is to operate the sigma delta modulator in the chaotic regime. Although the output will still approximate the input, limit cycles might be eliminated. As an Figure 4. The 45 degree line represents the ideal average quantization. The modified modulator of 3 behaves quite differently. Figure 5 shows that this modulator, although assuming discrete values, still approximates the input.

As the number of bits used by the quantizer is increased, the average quantized output approaches the average quantized output of an ideal sigma delta modulator. Figure 6. The permissible 7 bit sequences that can be generated using a first order, single bit sigma delta modulator.

System 2. A sliding window of seven bits was The idle tones have been replaced by chaotic applied to produce output sequences in the range fluctuations similar to broadband noise.

This noise to 0 to A cyclic symbol can be filtered, thus leaving only the frequencies that sequence would be counted as multiple sequences, were apparent in the original signal. This figure is the same Conclusions for both System 1 and System 2. If instead the gain is applied to the Power Spectra error in quantization, then the sigma delta modulator may achieve accurate quantization over a far greater One reason to attempt SDM in the chaotic regime is range of input.

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For this reason, the power spectrum is staircase structure are minimized. This has the benefit an appropriate tool. Bibliography 1W. Lucky Strike became the 1 brand by , and shortly after- ward, Camel dropped again, to 3. Icons falter if they do not reinvent in periods of change. Awkw If only her breath was This adds fuel to the common misconception that people in large organizations cannot revive the dwindling fire of their heritage.

However, with brand recognition and deep pockets, monolithic organizations are better equipped to enter new markets, they just lack the adaptive mindset to facilitate entrepreneurial change.

In fallen market shares and the Great Depression gave R. Reyn- olds an opportunity to spark change. In a time when health impacts were less known, the message created subconscious fear: By this time R. Reynolds was a step ahead. In Camel started using athletes to associate their image with vitality.

Louis Cardinals Smoke Camels! It is never too late to learn. Semiconductors are so difficult to make that the leading The world of business is in a constant state of evolution. Great players boast billion-dollar research budgets. Fast-moving start-ups step into their place. However, just like in the simple disk drive market, shifts in technology hard drives. Also, it exem- cause new leaders to emerge. You might expect the same Semiconductors Texas Instruments, Fairchild, Motorola leaders to remain over time.

Mental note: Small shifts can disrupt the market. Our generation is fundamentally reinvent- pling major corporations today. The sneaky thing is that these shifts are not Broadcast Television Viral Videos happening overnight; rather, they are Newspapers Blogs slowly creeping up on us.

Classroom Method Virtual Learning Recruiting Offshore Outsourcing Peter Drucker, regarded as the father of modern management, noted the following at age The tech market was a land of popped aspirations and broken dreams. An undying focus on the future can lead to invention. Shareholders wanted Apple to reduce costs. The clairvoyant CEO defended his vision: A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them.

Why did the tabloid website PerezHilton. His videos are low-budget rants about his ordinary life. This might annoy you or me, but his is the 1 most subscribed-to channel on YouTube. By , Fred had over million views. He connects with the next generation. Should Fred really have more star power than professional celebrities? Should he be that successful? By understanding the chaos that IS the cutting edge, you can identify when the world will change. Reyn- Colloquially, chaos is synonymous with stress and disorder, olds, Apple, Perez Hilton, and Fred.

By knowing that you can adapt, and by up in the turmoil of change. Impervious to the clutter that surrounds them, these vanguards adapt and step away from the herd. What they do not do is stand still. Even in a chaotic world, some sense of stability can exist. While chaos does require you to act, it does not require precision. Once you accept the inevitability of perpetual change, you can abandon your quest to gain control, and instead, go with the flow.

Your company could increase its innovation budgets, take risks, encour- age failure, advertise, hire talent, invest in technology, etc. X The problem with all this advice, you are saying, is that it seems unrealis- tic. At least, it seems unrealistic within my organization. We tried that before. Our investors would never allow that.

The pursuit of opportunity will require you to think differently and break the rules that paralyze change. This is why the shape is al- ways symmetrical. Given one scenario, each branch will flourish into a sharp and pointy de- Order masquerading as randomness.

Exploiting Chaos: 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change

Given another scenario, each branch will end up round and dull. Metaphorically, your organization is one of these snowflakes embarking on a period of chaos and evolution: Within a rigid culture, chaos will make your organization round and dull.

Within an adaptive culture, your company will navigate through chaos and evolve into something spectacular. Most likely, your organization perceives the need to adapt, but game are changed. To thrive, companies must learn not to create structure uncertainty and resistance are paralyzing innovation. By creating an orga- and stability, but rather, to adapt quickly. Exploiting Chaos suggests that the next wave of management theory will be the science of adaptation.

Accordingly, this book approaches adaptation Trend Hunting using four equally important tactics: Culture of Revolution, Trend Hunt- Innovation and strategic advantage hinge on your ability to anticipate ing, Adaptive Innovation, and Infectious Messaging.

By applying the best of their proven practices to your own field, you can think big while acting small.

You can rapidly iden- Ideate tify and evaluate new opportunities. Well-packaged stories travel Prototype faster than ever before. By cultivating infection, your ideas will resonate, helping you to leapfrog ahead of the competition. Culture of Revolution In that cage was a ladder that led to a ripe bunch of bananas. The catch was that a powerful water hose was connected to the ladder.

When the first monkey raced up the ladder to reach for a banana, the en- tire cage was drenched with water. Another curious monkey made an at- tempt. She rushed up the ladder, greedy to grasp the yellow bundle, but she too triggered a shower on the cage.

At this point, it became clear to the monkeys that if one of them reached for the bananas, they would all get46 soaked. Each time one of the original monkeys was swapped out of the cage for a new monkey, the newcomer would immediately race toward the alluring fruit, but the group would beat him down before he made it up the ladder. This cycle repeated each time a new monkey was introduced to the cage.

The monkeys already had their lesson hardwired: One by one, the monkeys were replaced until none of the original five were in the cage. The same behavior persisted. Strategy This section presents four tools that can be used to enhance the culture of your organization: Be warned that these are not simple items on a checklist.

Culture of Revolution Perspective Your perspective is the way you look at the future and the problems that you are trying to solve. Experimental Your perspective determines your destiny. How do you describe your role? Accordingly, we are going to revisit this question at multiple points throughout this book. To really appreciate the importance of perspective, we begin with a quiz: Can you identify this company? Any guesses?

Exploiting Chaos: Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change by Jeremy Gutsche

Smith Corona What would lead a company to put that graphic up on their website? First, the company would basically have to be defunct, and not care. A closer look reveals the leaders were making rational decisions. In fact, Second, Smith Corona had a year history of reinventing itself: Also, one of the graphics illustrates a slogan you first portable electric typewriter54 probably have not heard: As an industry leader, Smith Corona could envision the big trends and competition.

But what were they missing? Accomplishment blinds us to the urgency of reinvention.

In Remington did get into computing. Smith Corona was making a ton of money as But by , the company started to falter. No competitor could challenge that sold off and by , Remington Rand declared bankruptcy. They would claim to fame. By revenues were at a record high: This catastrophic failure lingered in the minds of Smith Corona manag- Yes, the world was changing, but there was not an urgent need to move ers. Remington Rand had been an icon, an icon with a similar heritage.

If into an unproven market. Sometimes these rivals are little start-ups that are disorganized and imperfect. Other times, the rivals are large, but only in their respective markets, hardly a threat to our own dominance.

In short, large organiza- tions often have the misconception that new entrants will fade away. Commodore For Smith Corona, Commodore was one of these entrants. Computers were becoming popular, but not for word processing.

Yeah, baby. It came with an awkward set of boxes, lots of ca- bles, and a big blue screen. Plus, it had two external floppy drives. Yeah, baby! In many ways, it was like an all-in-one laptop and printer 10 years ahead of its time. The typewriter they knew and loved, or the computer box machine thing?

The company had deep pockets, Ivy League-educated managers, a legacy of innovation, and an appetite for new ideas. They featured easy-to-use software and a low pricepoint. The partnership was a reasonably good strategy. Although he dismissed the significance, CEO G. Lee Thompson noticed the progress:

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