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This book covers every topic in biology that is asked in various PMTs. It serves as a manual for medical entrance examinations giving you an. Refer to my book handbook of helps you in last minute revision and contains all the important and frequently asked points with %. Hand Book Of Biology 1st Edition by Rahul Chawla from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On.

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1ure1u - Download and read Handbook Of Biology By Rahul Chawla book is easy. Full supports all version of your device, includes PDF, ePub, Mobi and. Hand Book of Biology [Rahul Chawla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book can be considered as a last ditch stand for all the. Posts about FREE DOWNLOAD HANDBOOK OF BIOLOGY written by VAIBHAV TRIVEDI, krishan rajbhar, and Rahul Chawla.

A Pioneer Institute owned by industry professionals to impart vibrant, innovative and global education in the field of Hospitality to bridge the gap of 40 lakh job vacancies in the Hospitality sector. The Institute is contributing to the creation of knowledge and offer quality program to equip students with skills to face the global market concerted effort by dedicated faculties, providing best learning environment in fulfilling the ambition to become a Leading Institute in India. Thanks for sharing this unique information with us. Your post is really awesome. Your blog is really helpful for me..

I would like to request all the people who have been following my blog to step up and take the legacy of guiding PMT aspirants forwards Accept it and start blogging! Hazaaro Khwaahishein: Search for: Before posting any doubt please read all the past queries and our blog-posts. Queries to which we have replied before won't be answered. And keep your queries short, specific and to the point. Order Biology Your Fingertips Online. Pay at the time of delivery. This website has been designed by the medical students of Vardhman Mahavir Medical College to provide the PMT aspirants with the right guidance for medical entrance examinations and provides previous papers, examination notifications, admission counselling and online doubt clearance.

This website gives an opportunity to the PMT aspirants to interact with the medical students who had been the toppers of various national and State level Medical Entrance Examinations. Through this website, we, the medical students, would like to share our success mantra, study material and mnemonics with the students and also help them clear their doubts.

Handbook of Biology is now available at Dialabook. Dial to order it on phone. Price is Rs. Follow Rahul Chawla's Personal Blog. Find Biology Your Fingertips on facebook. Find us on facebook. Latest News and Announcements. Hand Book of Biology by Rahul Chawla. Follow pmtgurumantra. Click on the folder and select the file, it would be automatically downloaded. Dial to order. Now Handbook of Biology is just a phone call away!

Posted on March 6, by Rahul Chawla. The journey of Biology Your Fingertips from a sweetheart to enfant terrible! On the occasion of the first anniversary of the launch of Biology Your Fingertips, I recall the incidents that happened during the making of this book, the appreciation I got from the students and the side effects of writing the book I had to face thereafter.

Just a year back, it was the day of utmost joy for me, the day I Had been waiting for years. The first time I went to the World Book Fair in , I had decided that next time Ill come here as an author and so did happened. I was shocked to see the enthusiasm and excitement in the students for the book.

Before I reached there and saw the first printed copy, more than 50 students had already bought it and obviously I wasnt the first one to have a glimpse of my own creation. I still remember the evening I spent and the events thereafter! No doubt, Handbook of Biology had released already by that time on 5 August and students really appreciated it, still Biology Your Fingertips was the litmus test.. After all , Biology Your Fingertips was the original creation and Handbook of Biology, its concise version.

The time, hard work and and energy, I invested in writing this book had taken a huge toll not just on my studies, but my life as whole.. The idea of writing a book! Story writing had always been my hobby and I was highly inspired by Chetan Bhagat, the man who changed the way India reads. During those early days of first year , I thought of a story about 5 friendstheir dreams and passions.. Soon I began writing the novel, but within days I realized its not my cup of tea.

My English was extremely pathetic and although I dropped the idea of writing a novel, the idea of writing a book kept banging my mind. Few days later, I got a call from a student studying at Allen.. I advised him what to study in biology, how to study and allat the end of conversation, he advised me Sir aapko itna kuchh pata hai, aap book kyo nahi likh lete!

I still remember, It was my physiology mid semester exam the very next day.. Exclusive features?? How I m going to promote it??

How will I find a publisher interested in publishing my workThese questions gave me a dozen of sleepless nights and by every passing day my resolution got stronger and stronger. But I was still sceptical about finding a publisher. So, even before I started writing the book, I sent a tadakta fadakta mail to MTG publications just to confirm if these ppl will publish my work.

I was amazed to get a positive response from Anil Ahlavat of MTG and he asked me to drop in his office with the manuscript. Those unsuccessful attempts of writing the book! In my Diwali Holidays , I started the process of writing the manuscript with my dear friend Ashish Gupta. But we could hardly complete a unit and decided to continue the process in winter holidays. During winter holidays also, we couldnt complete more than 2 units. I even shared this idea with my friends in college, but no one took me seriously!

This was the time I realised I wasnt enough mature for this taskAnd I was alone!! I knew it demanded extreme hard work and a stable mind but I was still flying high in the sky after the entrance results. I needed a break!! So, I dropped the idea and just gave up! Its not my cup of teaAll the big authors have years of teaching experience. I studied biology in 11 and I am not even a graduate. How can I even think of writing a book?? I told myself! Failure is the first step towards success, whoever said, holds true!

A lot happened in those 2 years. Time passed so swiftly that I didnt had the time to recall that I once thought of writing a book! Apart from regular college fun, I started giving Biology Home Tuitions! It wasnt just a cool source of pocket money but gave me enough confidence to seriously think about the idea of writing the book again. And I believe that I wont have written this book if I had not taught biology. Well there was another major developmentEntry of a very special person, without whom I could not have written the book, who was not just the driving force and source of motivation, but the editor and co-author of this book too.

Writing the book! Soon after I gave my 2 professional MBBS exams, I went home December with a motive to complete this task by the end of holidays anyhow. Such was the magnitude of passion and fire within me, that no obstacle in the path could stop me from doing what I wanted to. I had lost my past papers and objective biology books. I had even lost my mnemonics collection. But still, managed some how.

Borrowed some books, bought a few and started the work. Made fresh mnemonics and tricks nd. Reformed my notes which I made during the entrances.. I used to sit hours a day for 20 days continuously Friends and relatives used to come and go.. Even a minute of distraction made me frustrated. Even sometimes I just look back and wonder, How I did it! Finding the Publisher! After coming back to Delhi January , Next task was to find a publisher.

Started sending mails to endless numbers of publishers. The name of the book Biology at your Fingertips just came into our mind as we were sending mails to the publishers. After days of disappointment, finally got a call from Galgotias and we went for our first Corporate meeting. It was successful and the old lady was highly impressed by the idea. The contract was signed on 26 Jan and I received my first installment of the royalty. The Euphoria I was very happy. Everything was just going fine.

Wrote the book and got publishers approval within a month of starting of work. I thought its overI m soon going to be an authorMy dream is going to be fulfilledI was on top of the world! I started working on the cover page of the book with my friend Hemant Kumar. It was just a one day affair for this guy. Even the people at Galgotia Publications were surprised to know that the cover designer was my batch mate. Side by side the promotional work was on full swing. I was simultaneously working on my website www.

The dream I had seen long back, in months to come, became a night mare, scary enough to frighten the hell out of me. I wasnt aware that the idea of writing a book is a Pandora box in itself!! Mission Impossible 1: Editing the printed draft of my handwritten manuscript The typesetting of the manuscript began soon and the publishers sent me the first draft of the book which dropped like a Hiroshima atom bomb.


I felt devastated.. It was a cruel and brutal assault on my creationa mockery of my hard work. It took months to correct the mistakes those idiots made while typing the manuscript. The height of the stupidity was that even after correcting the typed manuscripts, they used to make the same mistakes. I wrote the entire manuscript in less than a month but it took more than a year to correct it. It was not at all, one mans job. It required an army of ignited and dedicated minds to clean up the mess those idiots had made.

I am really thankful to all my friends and juniors who helped me in this tiring, boring and frustrating job. Without them, it could not have been possible. Mission Impossible 2: Getting the book printed on time The typesetting of the manuscript, as I said wasnt going smoothly. On repeated requests, threats and abuses, the publishers finally agreed to give the assignment of typesetting to a trained professional. As by that time the manuscript of handbook of biology was also ready, we decided to go with.

But after the release of handbook of biology in August , the task was further delayed for months adding up more to my unending frustration and anger. The work started again in December and by February we completed the editing work.

The complete task of writing, editing, cover designing and promotion was on my shoulders. But still, I was not alone. My team of dedicated editors My juniors and batch mates helped me in doing the task ASAP cause the exams were round the corner and there were repeated enquiries about the release of the book before its release. The whole manuscript was revised and edited more than 15 times before sending it for printing. Finally the day arrived and the book was released on 5 March, The book had strike the chord with the students and most of the reviews were over-whelming.

But the happiness and euphoria of books success soon subsided. Mission Impossible 3: Royalty payment I was supposed to get my Royalty Payment by first week of April, after the end of financial year.

But still, I am waiting for that day to arrive.


Mission Impossible 4: Re printing of the Book out of stock for months in spite of heavy demand Isnt it the height of stupidity that even after a good response, publishers have no interest in printing more copies after the initial stock ended. Side effects of writing the book Success Comes with a Price. But the price I had to pay for itI couldnt afford to! With every passing day my anger and frustration kept increasing.

I wasnt able to challenge the bar I had set for myself. I had no idea that the story on which I was going to write the novel , will hold true on me! I was over ambitious, selfish and mean! I did every possible thing within human limits to get the things done the way I wanted..

In the course of one year, I became a monster in my attempt to pursue my dreams!

With every passing day, I kept raising my bar of success.. With the failure, came more unhappiness, more frustration and desire to work more. I was stuck in this never ending cycle of despair and by the time i realized the mess I was in, it was too late! And the person I hoped would get me out of it, had already left me. My life was a shit hole. The sermons on controlling anger and frustration seemed to me easier said than done. I had realized that my books and my website were the reason behind the turmoil in my life.

And I began to hate them! After the release, I didnt even opened my book once in a blue moonI was scared to do it. I stopped posting articles and solvin doubts on my website. Never ever in my life I gave a dam what others think about me. But this time, for months I carried the burden of being tagged as a Looser by an idiot..

Rejuvenation, Reincarnation and the battle against my own conscience. It was a phase that taught me a lot about life and changed my perception to see the things around.

The so called author was now in search of a Gurumantra to get his life back on track. And thankfully, I met people who tried to help me get out of it. If I lost one, many new friends came in life and many old ones too came back to me.

Pmt Gurumantra Docx

And life since then, is rocking! These days I am really enjoying the things around me. I now look life through my pair of coloured spectacles! I believe only those who have been through hell can realize how beautiful life is. Caught in the crossfire of my own mindset, old and new, its still tough for me to decide which road to take. But where ever Ill go I know Ill not be aloneI have my dreams, passions and ideas to accompany me in the journey..

Then I also have my social network. I just hope it follows me wherever I go! Guru Shishya Parampara Redefined!

I have grown old and my hairs have started turning grey. Whatever I knew, I have already told you and I guess theres hardly anything left. You dont need to worry at all because we have extremely talented ppl like Krishan, Vaibhav, Saurabh and Anshika who be there for posting articles and replying to your queries.

What could be the perfect example of Guru-Shishya Parampara.. Its hard for me to say good bye, but I have to! But Ill keep making surprise visits and will try to write articles sometimes. You can now follow me on my personal blog www. National Eligibility -cum-entrance test: The Prologue Posted on November 15, by anshikagupta. As the students attempt to adapt To the redesigned concept , their Minds are already Full Of apprehensions and Confusions regarding The Unified pattern.

So Heres a Quick Update on The same. Qualifying Criteria: Age eligibility: A maximum of Three attempts. Paper Evaluation: Marks in Biology section of paper Higher marks will be placed higher in the rank 2. Marks in Chemistry section of paper Higher marks will be placed higher in the rank 3.

Marks in Physics section of paper Higher marks will be placed higher in the rank 4. Total number of negative responses Fewer negative responses will be placed higher in the rank 5. Date of birth older person will be placed higher in the rank. Tentative Dates A Online Registration starts from: For Normal Areas: Jan 25, For Remote Areas: Feb 05, E Schedule for on-line submission of application with second late fee: A student will be required to solve each question in a minutes time, so regular practice of at least full length tests before taking the actual exam will prove beneficial.

For example: Its far more better to Cram up the formulas rather than sit and derive them. Students who do not need to face Boards, Should totally ignore the derivations. Work, energy and power; gravitation; properties of bulk matter; thermodynamics; behaviour of perfect gas and kinetic theory; oscillations and waves; electrostatics; current electricity; magnetic effects of current and magnetism; electromagnetic induction and alternating currents; optics Chemistry: Structure of atom; chemical bonding and molecular structure; equilibrium; organic chemistry some basic principles and techniques; hydrocarbons; coordination compounds; biomolecules; polymers; surface chemistry Biology: Structural organisation in animals and plants; cell structure and function; human physiology; genetics and evolution; biology and human welfare; biotechnology and its applications; ecology and environment Also, the right dose of mental guidance is of utmost importance for students.

A positive attitude and a calm disposition will definitely help you develop a stress free study environment. Panicking is never a solution; it just hampers the aspirants overall performance. So, let go of your worries and adopt a practical stance. React wisely to the amendments not just today, but also in the future.

The exam paper might be totally contrary to what is expected,But that shouldnt be a reason to worry. Even if its a surprising Or shocking Paper,Just remember That its equally perplexing for All of them. Its Your patience and ability to handle emergencies,thatll help you get closer to your doctor dreams. Unlike those published in some leading magazines, these would be unbiased and original.

So go ahead and fill in the details. To buy at dial-a-book, call Price Rs. To buy online click here http: Buy Biology Your Fingertips: It serves as a manual for medical entrance examinations giving you an overview of the complete biology syllabus. This book is based on my notes which I had prepared myself while preparing for PMTs. You need not study from any other material of any coaching institute to supplement this book. I have written this book with a view to prevent students from being misguided by surplus, irrelevant information provided by books currently available in the market or by various PMT coaching institutions.

This book contains all very important and frequently asked questions from biology in factual form derived from the previous years question papers of all medical entrance examinations. It also contains tips for solving questions, FAQs regarding preparation methods, study techniques, suggestions and advice regarding the entire preparation as well as last minute revision. Flow charts, tables, cycles have been incorporated in a notes wise format for better comprehension and easy learning.

All the important terms and facts have been highlighted by using italics or bold fontswhile the necessary superfluous information has been omitted. Also covers additional topics asked in different state-level examinations. Even a below average student can crack the exam after reading this book. This book also covers additional topics asked in different state-level examinations.

Pages approx To buy at dial-a-book, call Price Rs. Dont read the whole book while revising, but only marked and highlighted points. No extra unnecessary details. To buy the books at dial-a-book, call to order. Time Management During Exam It is a general rule that before sitting for any exam, you should know the previous years cut-off of that particular exam.. There is no hurry.. The questions are very simple and there would be ample of time to do them..

So, dont make foolish mistakes in a hurry.. Read the questions carefully. In Physics and Chemistry, attempt the paper in two rounds. Attemt that subject first in which you are strong.

In chemistry, do inorganic and organic first; solve only the simple questions in physical chemistry. Those questions that are confusing or involve rigorous calculations can be left for the 2 round. In physics, If you are well- versed with all formulae and thorough with all your concepts, then physics is the subject where you can score in almost 50 out of 50 questions easily, if tried properly nd. Be very careful so as to mark the same option in the OMR answer sheet that you have selected in the question paper.

Read the questions very carefully with special emphasis on what is asked. Read each option carefully, rule out others and then select the answer. For physics numericals, substitute the answer back in the formula to be sure that your answer is correct.

This prevents calculation errors. There is negative marking..

Now Handbook of Biology is just a phone call away! Dial to order. Posted on January 4, by Rahul Chawla. Dial to order it on phone. Price is Rs. This page-hand cum pocket book gives you an overview of the complete biology syllabus so it is easier for the students to revise at the last moment. The book would be extremely helpful in last minute revision.

Biology on amazon, Buy Handbook of Biology on flipcart, Buy Handbook of Biology on internet, buy handbook oh biology by rahul chawla online, Dial to order the book, dial a book, free home delivery biology book, Handbook of Biology is now available at Dialabook.

Leave a comment. This book is based on the notes I made while preparing for my pre-medical entrance test. It is an easy, practical and simple to use book for students. My next book, Biology Your Fingertips, will also be released soon, he says. Rahul along with his friends has also designed a website,http: This is a first of its kind initiative taken by the students for those preparing to crack the examination.

The vision behind the venture is to prevent pre-medical test aspirants from being misguided by coaching institutes and to provide authentic guidance since the group behind the endeavour had faced and cracked these pre-medical tests, he adds.

Also we have had first-hand experience about the needs and problems faced by students preparing for the medical entrance examination. This effort we hope will help the students concentrate on topics that are important and also help them get an idea of what to expect in a medical entrance examination.

There are several coaching institutions and individuals helping students prepare for these tests but our UPS is the fact that we have actually gone through the entire process, says Rahul.


He adds that books cover only the biology section of the entrance test and that he has not dealt with the chemistry, physics or mathematics segments. Tips and Suggestions 1. If you really want to be a doctor, develop qualities that are the trademark of a doctor-hard work, determination, consistency and patience. To make you understand this fact, I am citing a n e. I have included the same in my book Biology Your fingertips Q. I have been preparing for medical entrances since I was in class They cannot wave a moron into a.

This ensures easy and fast revision and the probability of missing out on topics while revising is also. K Aggarwal objective book or any other book which your teacher has specified.

Chemistry Pradeep textbook and P.

These are a few points which you need to remember before starting preparation for AIPMT and other medical entrance examinations which you are going to appear in next year. Refer to my book handbook of biology. It also contains last minute revision strategy, suggestions and tips for time management in exam.. The book has pages and its MR prize is Rs.

Please have a look by clicking on the link below. Posted on June 24, by Rishav Raj Chaudhary. Most of the questions only appear difficult because you busy were learning the tough chapters and left out the basics. Practice tests The more you practice the more confident you are. Helps improve your speed and approach towards questions. There are always a few favourite and repeated questions.

Practice tests will help you find them and answer them in less than a second. Prepare wisely Know which chapters have more weightage and concentrate more on those chapters. Time Time is the villain.

No matter how hard you study and how good your basics are, if you cant manage your time, everythings going down the gutter. Do not waste time on questions you dont know. And mock tests help in learning how to manage time.

Read the question properly In the process of managing time we tend to misread the questions. So read the question properly Scores Every time you take a test, check your score. Check where you stand and always aim high. If you want to end up in top college, you cant be happy with your score if it is not very very good.

Having said that, do not get disheartened if you dont score well. There is always a next test and a scope to improve. Health Last but not the least. You cant become a good doctor if you are not in good health yourself.

So take care of yourself. Nothing is more important than your health. All the very best!! Few copies are still available at Infibeam. Have a doubt? Please read blog-posts and past queries before asking! Before posting any doubt please read all the past queries and our blog-posts. Queries to which we have replied before won't be answered. And keep your queries short, specific and to the point. Be a Mentor! I would like to request all the people who have been following my blog to step up and take the legacy of guiding PMT aspirants forwards Dreams Unlimited!!!: One of your caring relatives in home town: Aur beta kya kar rahe ho?

MBBS kar raha hu Uncle.. First Year with a proud smile Uncle after lot of thinking: Woh to abhi nahi, 4 saal baad jab MBBS ho jaegi na.. Every couple of years I stumble upon a film that transcends its traditional entertainment purposes and goes for something more divine, ambitious and philosophical. When a film like this comes along, it reassures me that film is indeed the greatest art form of our time.

Movies that had that. About PMT Gurumantra This website has been designed by the medical students of Vardhman Mahavir Medical College to provide the PMT aspirants with the right guidance for medical entrance examinations and provides previous papers, examination notifications, admission counselling and online doubt clearance.

PMT Gurumantra supports Aam Admi Party Be a part of second war of Indian Independence, a revolution against corruption, communalism, ideology of hatred and petty vote bank politics. Handbook of Biology is now available at Dialabook. Find us on facebook Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 3, other followers. Get latest news, exam alerts and notifications on facebook Like our page 'Latest News and Announcements' on facebook.

Buy Online! Let's Stay Connected. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Previous Years Papers Previous years papers of various exams are provided below.

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