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Windows users require Adobe Reader to display PDF files. You can download MacOSX users can read PDF files immediately without additional software. improvised, humble beginnings during the Second World. War to the anniversary year of Numerous documents and photos from the vast company archive. Page 1. ŠCIP. Hummel Indur.

Hummel Katalog 2015 Pdf

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Real Madrid and the club's biggest star, Emilio. Butragueño. The deal makes hummel products even more popular. 7. Browse sportswear and shoes at – See the brand new collections right here - Established in - Our mission is to change the world through. – (Does not apply to all styles). When you look both back and forward in time, magic occurs. The Sirius collection combines items from the hummel®.

Find a filter for your application now! Here you can download current catalogues and service instructions for our industry-products. Or find a filter for your application now! Applications Catalogues. Applications Construction and agricultural machines Construction and agricultural machines.

Compressed air and vacuum technology. Electric discharge machines.

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High Voltage batteries. Fuel Cells. Catalogues Here you can download current catalogues and service instructions for our industry-products.

German 3. German 2.

German Service instructions Centrifuge German English English 4. Service instructions Fuel filter switchable German German 1.

Service instructions ProVent German The filtration expert from Ludwigsburg increasingly uses plastic in its production. This enables more flexible product designs and weight saving.

A further important innovation is the introduction of lost core technology for injection molding.


This allows the seamless production of complex intake manifolds. The result is the manufacture of the first series production of intake manifolds made from plastic, the parallel development of oil filter housings in plastic and also complex module solutions. Since the mids, the issues of environmental protection and recycling have taken on an ever more important role.

They are represented by authorized representatives at the general meeting. The company establishes numerous subsidiaries in the European, American and Asian markets.

The aim of the internationalization was and remains to reduce the costs of production and logistics and also to establish operations close to the customer. In the long-term group strategy is embodied by the vision of "Leadership in Filtration". The core points are leadership in the fields of quality and innovation, closeness to the customer on a global level, and further growth through the acquisition of filtration companies.

The company headquarters remain in Ludwigsburg near to Stuttgart. In the company further invested in the location with the inauguration of the Technology Center.

One thing is clear: In our chronicle you can find out more about the history of the company. It is the people who work for us that drive us and make us a market leader.

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