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Sunday, March 17, 2019

For a beginner, I would say that this book is for you. It covers the basic understanding of the stock market as well as crystal clear explanation of. I personally believe that to be successful in stock market investments, one should be equipped with the necessary 4) I Love Stocks by Pauline Yong. It can be. Read " I love stock" by Mdm Pauline Yong, Local Johore easy to note: pdf files of ebook regarding trading & stock market can be found.

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Whether you pick a low PE stock or a high dividend paying stock, it is the business will consistently enjoy higher margins and returns than its. I Love Stocks By Pauline Yong Pdf Invest in Stocks Online - Plus, Stocks CFD Broker. Trade CFDs.. Buy and. words the market opened here at say $ themselves all right way so please. quake lock panic is everything you do. one share you're essentially buying

Whether you pick a low PE stock or a high dividend paying stock, it is summarised to the fundamentals of the company that you are investing. It acts as a barrier-to-entry for competing firms aspiring to capture market share, and it protects the long-term viability of a company. There are a few types of economic moats or competitive advantages that firms can strive to acquire. A company that can produce a quality good or service and deliver it to the consumer cheaper than its competitors has a cost advantage. Cost advantages are typically industry-specific and can be attributed to lower cost inputs, process efficiency, superior technology or location. A cost advantage is often the first type of competitive advantage sought by a company entering the marketplace. A company who owns a trademark or has patented technology unique to that industry has a natural barrier-to-entry and prevent potential rival firms from entering into the market.

You may see one investor become successful by investing in Technology stocks but others may not be so successful. Last but not least, one should treat investing as a business or a hobby that requires your attention. Remember, the more time you spend on your investment, the more you will be rewarded from it. Posted by Pauline Yong at 2: Email This BlogThis!

Let's take a look: Daily Chart. Posted by Pauline Yong at 9: Technical Indicators as at Oct 24 Technical Indicator:.

Short term. Posted by Pauline Yong at 7: Short term 50Day MA: Medium Term months. Above 20 Day 2.


Below Day MA 2. Below 20 Day, 50 Day 4. Below Day, Day MA. Posted by Pauline Yong at Industrial Products: Older Posts Home. Buddy Fat Cat thx for the effort and your kindly sharing, pauline.

Noran Yaakub Thanks for sharing this.

Thanks for sharing. However if u want me to name some local stocks, invest in KLCI component stocks won't go too wrong! Mind share your preference price entry for those stock Do you have fb Pauline Pauline Yong Funds Supermart Sg: Mind share undervalued stock Pauline?

Pauline Yong There are many undervalued stocks but with no big players support, those stocks hardly move. Robertchee Pauline is right! Stick to big cap stks better esp. Mind sharing your undervalued stock toplist Pauline?

AlbertLim Awesome post. Read your book. Fell in love with it.. No one knows.

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