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About the book · Extended wordlists (all units) · Practice Objective PET Additional resources for teachers. Download teaching tips, recording scripts and extra exercises here. All additional resources (PDF). Teaching tips on how to use the. Objective PET Second edition is a completely updated and revised edition of the The Teacher's Book offers complete support with time-saving ideas, regular An accompanying website includes a printable PDF of a PET practice test plus. Objective PET Practice test. Download a full PET Practice test with answer key, recording scripts and audio below. Download full test (PDF). Paper 1: Reading.

Objective Pet Teachers Book Pdf

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Скачать / Download: Objective PET. Student's Book. Workbook. Resources for Teachers. Hashemi L., Thomas B. (, 2nd.) (+ Audio) (pdf; mp3). Cambridge Objective Pet (Teachers Book) - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Objective PET. Cambridge English Objective PET Second Edition Student s Book With Key PDF PDF - Free ebook Cambridge Objective Pet (Teachers Book).

Educational resources of the Internet - English. Cambridge University Press, 2nd. Provides exam preparation and practice for the PET exam. It combines thorough and systematic exam preparation with language work designed to improve students' overall English level. This edition includes several great new features. There are brand new 'Corpus spots' throughout the Student's Book which alert students to common mistakes made by PET candidates.

Bestselling Series. Harry Potter.

Objective: Objective PET Teacher's Book

Popular Features. New in This edition includes great new features, including brand new 'Corpus spots' alerting students to common mistakes by PET candidates.

This Teacher's Book offers complete support with time-saving ideas, regular progress tests, and a bank of supplementary photocopiable material. Three Audio CDs, available separately, contains the listening material to accompany the Student's Book.

314389900 Cambridge English Objective PET Second Edition Student s Book With Key PDF PDF

Workbooks providing further practice of language and vocabulary introduced in the Student's book are also available in with and without answers editions, as are Student's Books with CD-ROMs. Other books in this series.

Add to basket. Common Mistakes: Common Mistakes at Proficiency Common Mistakes at First Certificate Additional Resources for Teachers. Practice Test. Practice Test - Audio: Word list with definitions. Thirty short units that offer a fun, fast-paced approach to learning. Writing folders' develop the full range of writing skills needed for the PET exam and focus on the area many PET candidates find the most challenging part of the exam.

Cambridge Objective Pet ( Teachers Book)

Exam folders' provide helpful advice for each part of the exam, giving PET candidates constant reassurance that they will know what to expect in the exam and how best to tackle it. Regular revision units recycle grammar and vocabulary so that language is practised and honed to keep it fresh in the students' minds. Fully updated content and design provide teachers who have been using Objective PET over a number of years with a fresh new version of a well-established favourite. A CD-ROM provides added value and flexibility with extra language and vocab practice and fun new interactive activities.

Cambridge Objective Pet ( Teachers Book)

The authors are closely involved with the KET exam as item writers and examiners. This is the only set of tests to replicate the actual exam in both level and appearance.


The Student's Book provides hours of core material in twelve topic-based units that provide essential exam practice and training, plus focused practice of the key language used in the exam. Cambridge Objective KET Pack - The course combines solid language development with systematic and thorough exam preparation and practice.

The short units give a sense of progress and cover a wide variety of motivating topics relevant to the exam. Regular revision and recycling of language is provided by the revision units.

They allow candidates to familiarize themselves with the content and format of the examination and to practise useful examination techniques. A Student's Book 'without answers' is available separately. Classroom activities for KET for schools - There are activities for teaching each skill: These can be also adapted to use with adult learner Crosswords 1 - Vocabulary Revision for KET Teachers book - As an alternative and fun approach to learning and revising vocabulary, Crosswords 1 offers the chance to learn and memorize almost words from the Key English Test word list.

Is a collection of four complete practice tests written in line with the specifications for the KET examination. The tests in this collection reflect the KET Syllabus, both in content and format, and therefore provide thorough, systematic exam preparation and practice.

Patricia Chappell and Mark Lloyd.

Essential exam practice, tips and strategies are combined with fun, communicative activities, ensuring lessons are varied and engaging - and that students are ready for their exam. English for Today Class The book follows the communicative approach to teaching and learning English in Bangladesh situations. It provides learners with a variety of materials such as reading texts, dialogues, pictures, diagrams, tasks and activities.

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