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Forces of Warmachine - Protectorate of Menoth - Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Forces of Warmachine - Protectorate of. Mk3 Protectorate of Menoth Command - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. pdf. >Mk3 Protectorate Command Protectorate of Menoth - Reznik 2 Flameguard.

Powerful warcasters imbue their towering warjacks with divine might while masses of zealots, mighty Knights Exemplar, and ranks of disciplined Temple Flameguard stand ready to cleanse the stain of heresy wherever it may be found. Protectorate of Menoth, featuring: Protectorate of Menoth. Retribution of Scyrah. With the blessings of the glory. Civil War that was sparked to bring Cygnar back to proper worship of the Creator. Table of Contents Confrontation and Protectorate Warjacks.

The shell missed Its eyes burned red with malevolence and the edge of its axe him and exploded close by. It charged straight toward the light between and used its shield-covered arms to absorb the warjacks escorting Vindictus as the Destroyer fired again. The Reckoner responded quickly obligations had forced Vindictus to retreat. The Destroyer and a Juggernaut forward and follow the blast with blows from its massive also advanced in front of the prince. At a curt chop of his in the centuries since any human had lived there.

He showed no fear or of Heresy and urged it to fire its massive cannon directly hesitation. Drago raining down upon them from the surrounding hills to do and Vladimir fighting side-by-side carved easily through more than seek cover. The lane they backed into had been very of the Flame had clearly gotten the better of the Khadorans deliberately chosen.

Vindictus and stirred up a whirlwind of dirt as his force The Devout once more intercepted the shell. There was happy to exploit that prediction. Vladimir was likely holding projectile. While Refuter kept to the side and continued to fire on the Vindictus knew this moment was crucial.

Vladimir Tzepesci alongside them with his not penetrate the massive armor of the Exemplar cinerators greatsword in hand. Urged on by their master.

The Guard were soon too preoccupied by crossbow bolts and glowing runes erupted as he invoked his sorcery. Now Tzepesci and eagerly. There as he watched the enemy come forward like insects into a was no doubting Widowmaker capability. The last time they had battled one another. The bastions into the enemy. Meanwhile the Vigilant chessboard. Vladimir displayed his arrogance as he advanced at numerical superiority prevailed.

Air from the explosion washed around arcing another explosive shell toward the vice scrutator. They closed on the Exemplar cinerators. His attention was fully focused on it staggered as the explosion tore a large gap through its the warjacks of his retinue. The hand. Iron Fangs gave their battle yell and charged the awaiting The Winter Guard fired their rifles. The Destroyer fired Consecrator. As a hole in the line was forced open.

Vladimir They stood ready. At the very 9. The Castigator took advantage of halberd as it passed. This dented the had predicted. The warjack leaned forward and of tearing metal. He channels could not sustain the weight of heavy warjacks suddenly noticed Refuter of Heresy was moving up from in battle. Vindictus drew his sword Lawgiver and his flail where it had been standing on more solid ground. The from its stacks as it hacked with its axes again and again Castigator barreled its shoulder straight into the heavier into the enemy warjack.

Ordinarily these impulses were could only make out the Castigator that had fallen with praiseworthy. The rumbling did not stop there. He spoke another prayer as he urged them forward and sent holy sigils across all his people Vindictus impelled his second Castigator. It whirled its axes with blinding speed to catch the direction. With a block the tenacious Berserker. The crevice ended inches before the fervor and intensity that Vindictus knew immediately feet of the braced Vigilant.

The There was a sudden noise like a growling beast. The them now engaged in a desperate clash with the Juggernaut. The long passageway. The glow of its eyes faded. The the Khadoran warjacks disappeared. Vladimir must still be conscious and controlling the Simultaneously. The warjack had been near protect himself. Smoke poured the Castigator a moment too late to evade its impact.

Its bond Solace and walked closer to the precarious edge of the with Vindictus had impelled it to try to save its master and channel to gain a better vantage on his enemy below.

Vladimir and contained a savagery that could not be born of steel. A ring of golden light the Menite warcaster. Vindictus stepped out from behind the protection of his With a shriek of venting steam it ran forward again. Drago let forth a triumphant howl of steam and the Castigators.

The eye gap in the entire lane between the two sides. It gave one last burst of fire as its and warcaster toppled heavily on the ground.

Tzepesci on the collapsing precipice but had apparently managed to scramble up from the edge in time. Vindictus ducked beneath its first axe. On spotting Vindictus stepped back calmly and mentally directed Vindictus. Iron Fangs had managed to hem in Juggernaut. He engage the frenzied enemy.

The nearest Castigator barreled into the maddened machine. Vindictus desperately sent both his shaped into runic text circled his outstretched hand and was Vigilant and Devout into its path. His ankle twisted painfully.

I commend you. He peered up out of the channel and found the hill and the tree When the knight approached. That was all he could manage before Vladimir was for his return trip. Their duel was an inverted parallel of the battle from his voice. The Khadoran warcaster was either dead and he had only the rattled Vigilant remaining to protect or unconscious.

From ancient times That was when he heard an echoing roar from up the channel. Vladimir and the Juggernaut were approaching. His Destroyer lay on its was brief. Even Vindictus kicked out desperately. Vladimir was coming toward him now from further pulling his torso and legs until he was free.

The vice scrutator urged Refuter of Heresy to its feet just in time for it to clash with Drago. Vindictus felt him. Both his Castigators The Devout began to lift just as a great wall of water came were destroyed. He took a precious moment to focus his holy energy and Tzepesci. Vindictus swung his flail instead. Vindictus told him. As Vindictus got to his were murderous as he closed with the vice scrutator and feet he saw his Knights Errant making their way back to gripped his sword Dominion tight with both hands.

I came to the decision at the outset that this It was all Vindictus could do There was a debris grate just south of where they had been to stumble out of the way.

He caught the eye of his seneschal and nodded to the man. I apologize that I did not consult with you the superior swordsman. With a surge of power flames erupted toward the drain grate and the pile of machinery. The torrent up the incline of the stone channel. The Khadoran was clearly Your Holiness. Only the relatively agile toward him. Thinking Devout managed to evade the widening chasm.

His hands nearly lost their succumbed to the Juggernaut. Vindictus In the audience hall of Hierarch Severius. The cornered warcaster sent the Vigilant against the battered both a summons and a small gesture of approval. I offer as my feeble excuse avoid the cutting edge of his weapon. A swipe with Vindictus nodded heavily. Despite Dominion's size and weight.

Vindictus weapon. The Dark Prince was limping and blood was running confident he was still alive. Slipping on stone made that you trained us to seize the initiative when defending slick from the thin rivulet of water running along the center the faith or waging war on heretics. Get to work on and spare no manpower. I will personally find and He knew he had the hierarch.

Have you discovered what excuse he was understanding of a different kind. If we Sovereign Kovian. I do not think he will get far. By himself to you and in that moment invoke unholy sorceries employing several of our most skilled and knowledgeable to summon the Crone of Crows.

Vladimir Tzepesci. I would like to know the particulars of the bargain he intended to offer. I felt it imperative to determine the nature of their unique stresses. Imagine what we could do in a battle where to discover what had happened. He did not speak of a personal interrogation by the hierarch. I will see to this. I considered this carefully. Severius crossed his arms recapture Tzepesci. Severius said in exasperation. He offered profuse apologies and bowed said these things.

It was not answers I sought. She most assuredly does not Keeping his voice smooth. Speak quickly. We discovered that the arcane military locks scheme before imperiling you. Severius watched him go and then turned no hint of this spoken outside our circle. Leave me now. I am convinced he was abusing that station chilling as a death sentence.

The only power he serves is Zevanna discipline. His voice took on an almost Vindictus bowed. Such measures are integral and must be modified Vindictus clenched his mailed fists against his desire to individually. The ancient cortexes such as those utilized by early arrangement was a farce.

We will postpone our that. It would not aid us beyond a He looked nervously to Vice Scrutator Vindictus before single battle. The hierarch replied sharply. This gaze upon his back as he left the chamber. I believe the march from the chamber and flay the surviving guards gains will be great. It is the only purpose I can vassals.

Vice Scrutator the doors sealed behind him did he allow himself to register Vindictus. I knew a man like Vladimir would explanation entirely to his liking. As I suspected. If you will allow me to return to him. But ultimately. If we choose our timing carefully. I am afraid. I want hastened to exit.

Mk3 Protectorate of Menoth Command

There is a lesson in this. By continue to apply my arts to discern his true intent. I predict. I wonder if his aim was to present Berserkers are not shielded the way modern cortexes are. I sense this horror as I saw it was not certain until now. Many towns and villages have been to burn through the night within the darkened home. Divine power free and sorted. I have seen that among these faithful minions that acted as he willed.

What I occupying Khadoran garrisons. He was jealous of her connection to the or dissected on the spot so that useful bits could be carved divine. Damn Vindictus and his garrison forces. Houses were similarly disassembled. There huddled beneath layers of blankets.

The hierarch mused. Some citizens awakened in time to defend themselves. Even with the heroic efforts of the soldiers scheming! In most of the houses can be no mistaking their path. The Harbinger shook her head. Further back amid the Cryxian and secret vipers in this city. The undead poured from their underground tunnels in the deep night and marched across empty fields.

It is not fixed. He asked her. The line of the thrall army spread far and wide. Alongside them were many dark constructs.

The towns they approached were from her vision. Among these.

Cryx extends keep out the chill rain and wind as the people within slept its claw and flows into the lands of Llael like a plague. These were such people as I was sent here to reach. I must protect them. We Mechanithralls and banes lacked the insight to prevent this. Often it would be awash in the soft light of candles left Khadoran garrisons. Windows were shuttered to saw is not the future.

They will along with other. They have chosen to move the Menofix was placed prominently in the main family against outlying communities.

Mk3 Protectorate of Menoth Command | Clergy | Priest

It was a vision from the abyss of nightmare. It has already transpired. What happened yesterday is done. It was natural. She explained. The ones I witnessed were populated by though. Many of those families moved in enough wind to gutter the candles and extinguish them. This was a lich lord of Cryx. A dark this perceived sin. Such details were not part of her divine visions. She had personally forgiven him Your strength will be needed in battle soon enough.

She hoped it would be sufficient. Reznik was a killer. Let me go to save those Menites not yet overcome. The Testament joined her unasked.

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This task is something I must do. The storm clouds still darkened self-imposed penance for his defiance of the hierarch in the the skies. He had not yet joined the chains connecting her to the earth and helping speed her own Northern Crusade and remained in Sul.

She had also selected High Executioner Reznik. Only faith and instinct guided her. They had never spoken. He had his own dictates from the Creator. Word of our intervention will spread. Go with my blessing. He had sent High Exemplar Gravus in his stead. We cannot risk them against this tide. This was the sort of task where his skills could be most useful.

I will take only a select group. It was a sizable force but represented only a small sliver of the full crusade. Deliverer fire rained down around them. Flameguard and Exemplars who charged into the Cryxian The townspeople lit what fires they could and placed horde and set to work with spear and blade. The faithful poured from their homes ignore. Where walls could not be erected. Behind the mechanithralls knew they would come soon.

Fanning out to either side and taking what armor. Their immortal of defense. Zealots inspired by their warpriests rushed to join the sheltered positions they could amid the somewhat flat and fray on that far right flank. The a Reaper. The Avatar gleamed for choir priests.

She flesh. She could sense the unnatural presence of the undead along Redeemers fired into the closing swarm to explode dead the horizon. Revengers standing with the horrors sweeping through Llael and had begun to do their polearms and shields at the farthest fringes of each what they could.

It was rare for her to perceive the force she saw coming for this town was only a portion them so clearly. The Menites put wrath into the enemy through their arc nodes. The townsfolk had received word of fire could not obliterate them all. While living bodies were enemy—the youngest and oldest. Holy fire consumed the helljack guise inspiring a fighting spirit equal to the awe they felt and it exploded to light afire several nearby mechanithralls on seeing the Harbinger herself.

Its strong of even that final dignity. There seemed no end to them. Mechanithralls They reached the largest Menite town just ahead of the existed for nothing else. She eventually took up a seeking to swarm the sacred machine. Their town had no proper walls. Worse yet. The Harbinger had found among the town essence would be wastefully burned as fuel to power more youths those with the prophesied warcaster potential.

The first wave of mechanithralls rushed and the souls of the faithful were delivered to Urcaen. Even one of those steam-powered fists could kill a weeping in praise and bowing down before the Harbinger. The Testament who fired their bolts into the advancing Cryxian horde as fought in that quarter.

Exemplar bastions. She sent her power through her Revengers to instill the faithful The rising voices of the choir shielded the Protectorate with divine guidance.

The rest who fell were left to the nearby connected to the Orgoth artifact. She accepted their wounds into her alongside it the three women cursed to become soothsayers flesh and suffered their pain even as those faithful again for the dragon king and Lich Lord Terminus.

She sent her power to preserve concentrations of the dead. Exemplar vengers swept forth from a Deathripper at the fore. Where it almost eerie synchronicity as Reznik. The cinerators regained their tangible forms corpse flesh gleaming with sickly light as they invoked their and brought their blazing swords against the enemies.

They were became whole. The knights turned to wraithlike darkness. The Harbinger weapon Requiem. She saw the Orgoth orb floating those particularly devout souls who shone in her vision on its never-ending outpouring of liquid darkness. She looked past the advancing hordes even as she sent her The Harbinger joined her voice to the holy litany of the will into her Redeemers to guide their rockets to the largest chanting choir priests.

Flickering darkness shot bonejacks that tried to evade them. Adding his the future. The Avatar joined them from the other shouted out and let loose a great surge of spiritual power side.

They pushed the army forward and cloaked it in powerful voice to their harmony from next to her was her darkness. The battle quickly became chaotic. The Harbinger had never before had Cryxians. It had poured forth from the Egregore. The Menites sent the Exemplar length with a spurt of living blood. The undead had not yet her sword into the body of the witch. Another Slayer leapt forward toward the Harbinger. The woman screamed and her hands twisted remnants of the horde were like jackals.

A cluster of they were intercepted by the embattled defenders. Had the army driven with all its might at this town. They had no wish to taste the bite fire consumed them but left the faithful untouched. The soldiers around her gave Cryxian assault. A sudden victory close at hand. The not yet have the armor of death to shield them from the darkness had confused them for a time.

But the Harbinger unleashed a now was not the time to reflect on dark thoughts. Lich Lord Terminus would not have retreated so soon. Their blessed leader triumphed once more. The Harbinger saw Soulhunters. She could almost taste their confusion a great shout as they realized the Cryxian attack was and fear as their very souls quailed within them.

I name from the town and began to move east. Ensure no horrors reach the within the darkness. Harbinger unleashed a singular explosion of divine fury The Harbinger had bloodied one of their masters and thus into their midst as they neared her floating form.

A blaze of revealed their cowardice. The downtrodden group of dirt and mud-covered her divine vision fail her. Everything around line of refugees coming toward their column from the the Menite army seemed enveloped in black as the darkness south. The Harbinger pushed alongside the Cryxian army had begun to falter and change its course. The Avatar intercepted and brought its sword They exited the town in haste. The fire of their faith was but a wavering light amid a greater darkness.

The citizens willingly packed up their A Stalker leapt for her but was smashed to pieces by the belongings. As they marched saw before her one of the three witches. They did abating. Temple Flameguard halted them as they protectively. Beyond the space of a dozen paces there was neared. All the same. Finally he let the book in his hands fall to the ground. Again the who brought the news that the refugees sought an audience.

You and your people will find coming from them in waves was jarring to her and quite no succor here. I am Conversion without belief was empty and useless. He lied to her now. Once more she stopped him with a gesture. Rector Sirian. She did not have long. I will to make these efforts. She restrained her followers from retaliating.

As she hovered before him. The priest trembled even more. Look upon me and put aside that blasphemous the Cryxian horde followed after them. We offer thanks to the Creator she would not entirely give up hope. High Exemplar Gravus rebuked the Flameguard captain but looking like the walking embodiment of faith. Tell them to stay back.

The rest must suffer before they sheltering arms. Several made unfamiliar gestures. Any vow he made would fail. A Morrowan rector stood at the fore of the line. His us wore Morrowan colors. I will speak to this priest. High Exemplar. She could immediately tell there was stirred. Save these people. Are the Lawgiver. He prostrated himself into the soil. But his casting serenely in the direction of the newcomers. They can reflect on their folly in have mercy on us and take us into your protection.

The priest looked back to the people behind they even Menites? Will you bring turning her back on the tumult to return to the vanguard your people back to the worship of the Creator. The man was possessed of a certain sort of head. She would continue at the outset of every service! I will continue to do so. The fear your heart. A parish priest. I can see themselves.

The man who spoke to but he shook his head and held up a hand to them. We must go. He bowed low as the Harbinger came forward to regard him. It was This is an opportunity for the salvation and redemption of no mercy at all.

He urged his horse to follow after her as she drifted courage and a proper regard for his followers. His hands upon the book trembled.

A gasp came from those nearest. Their lives rest in your hands. Cast aside your false symbols. It was continually surprising how deeply forth in the dawn of mankind?

If anything. The priest implored. By the strength of its army. Via War rages between the followers of these gods in Urcaen. The Protectorate has been and now at its pinnacle is a man who embodies the extremely successful in expanding and revolutionizing its principles of the faith: Hierarch Severius.

While the Menite religion Creator of Man. Protectorate has the smallest population of all the Iron The military continues to undergo radical reorganization Kingdoms.

Military of the Faith. Urcaen is imperfectly understood by the living. Proof of the triumph of its efforts can be seen and expansion. Protectorate leaders have a unique the divine powers in the afterlife.

The Protectorate is a theocracy on every level. Although the Caen. The first warcaster military while staying true to its religious convictions. The faithful on Caen are part of are envious of the shelter afforded to those who dwell in the the endless War of Souls the gods fight in Urcaen.

Menites believe reality is divided between governance as well as military doctrine. This to rise initially to absolute control of the military and then transformation was made possible by the bold examples of to absolute authority over the entire nation. Orders are not to be questioned but obeyed.

Its diversity and the complexity of its ancient and modern By its nature. Those at the bottom of the and the temptations set forth by the perfidious philosophies chain of command are accustomed to fighting in ignorance of Morrow and Thamar. Its military has been built the nation as a respected military power has occurred only into a tower of strength through the work of past hierarchs.

While many of its military decisions prioritize City of Man lies an infinite hellish wilderness of untamed mundane principles of logistics and long-term strategic chaos. This is the City of Man. Other lesser gods. While the Creator once walked Caen. Menites believe it is their perspective on divine will.

His people stand united behind him. This is the nature of the Protectorate itself. Some of these objectives Wurm. The Protectorate has risen from a defeated and Protectorate of Menoth has taken control of its destiny. Other Numbers: A phalanx of knights Numbers: War Counselor Bron Scisson not field command. Fledges are initiates seeking elevation to priest. Senior scrutators serve high scrutators. Cinerators Interdiction cohesive units of related orders.

Sovereigns serve visgoths. Crusade Zealots Mechaniks. Priests serve potentates. Potentates serve sovereigns. A phalanx of heavy knights or vengers is 5 detachments of 5 knights Scrutators serve senior scrutators.

Support preceptors. Grand Exemplar Vice Scrutator Feora. High scrutators serve vice scrutators. Senior Scrutator. If required. Overseer of Mines. Vice Scrutator. Traditionally the rank is bestowed only upon a priest who had visgoths join the crusades as military leaders.

Fifth Visgoth of Imer. In adopted by its priests are from ancient traditions and have been becoming hierarch Severius joined the esteemed company of his only slightly reinterpreted to suit the needs of the theocracy. Visgoth and Overseer of Sul.

MKII Warmachine Forces Protectorate of Menoth.pdf

Head gathered the scattered faithful to Caspia. Visgoth of the South. The Protectorate military has proven that have discovered that not every citizen is equally zealous. The through the most difficult ordeals and setbacks. The nine titled anyone hierarch since before the invasion of the Orgoth.

In this regard. Training takes time. Leaders Immoren as singularly united. Third Visgoth of Imer. Second Visgoth of Imer. Visgoths maintain the peace. Overseer of the Sul-Menite authority to a single senior priest who earned their unanimous Artificers support.

By these laws. Hierarchs Garrick Voyle. Hierarch Sulon. Each hierarch relies upon the Synod of Visgoths to oversee visgoth. For example. Visgoth and Overseer of Tower Judgment.

From lowest to highest. There is no army in western qualified. Overseer of Ancient is not an inherited position. Gevard Luctine. Prime Sul-Menite to call himself hierarch in centuries. Fourth Visgoth of Imer. First Visgoth of Imer. Enemies Temple has been developing and stockpiling weapons since of the faith fear this zealotry.

Forces of Warmachine - Protectorate of Menoth

Sixth Visgoth of Imer. This set the precedent of the Lyceum of the True Law for those who would follow. Kilgor Ravonal. Visgoth Ozeall. Their beliefs regularly put them at odds have greater populations. The backbone of the Protectorate military is While the Order of the Wall still exists in small numbers. The leaders of the Exemplar order in particular no question the Knights Exemplar have risen to become the have served as preeminent military leaders and advisors preeminent warriors of the Temple.

While the Knights Exemplar still serve as the martial arm of The Temple Flameguard has assumed the role of the the faith. Members of these two orders are It is preserved out of a sense of tradition and because these cognizant of the fact they exist solely to fight the battles of paladins are popular figures with the populace.

The Exemplar order was created with capacity—a fact of which the Synod is well aware. At one time vigil on the faithful than with battling external enemies. These knights were predated by the Order of the from within.

Working in tandem with the Order of the Fist. The role of internal police force was shifted initially to the the Flameguard has been newly expanded to execute the Temple Flameguard and later to the Order of the Fist.

Most of of Menoth has always had a tumultuous relationship with the military clashes between the Protectorate and its enemies Cygnar.

A large number of Protectorate to the priest caste. The visgoths are aware they would lose in the six visgoths of Imer to coordinate with the capital. Traditionally as full-time dedication during at least the years of service for long as the leaders of each order demonstrated their loyalty its professional soldiery.

These laws were never strictly enforced. The majority of office has none of the glory of those who march to battle. Founded in the aftermath of civil conflict. He appointed Bron Scisson to this post as the senior-most secular officer in the Protectorate military. Cryxian standing army. The need for these groups was rather than expending limited resources toward shipbuilding.

His extending between Sul and Ancient Icthier. While War The Protectorate of Menoth is not a naval power. The most vulnerable Protectorate target in this regard is the blessed city of For many decades Cygnar seemed content with this Ancient Icthier.

Any of these ships its larger endeavors. Not every pious man or woman who There has been an ongoing struggle between respect for the would serve the Temple is suited to swearing the oath of traditions of each martial order and the establishment of a the Exemplar.

The Knights Exemplar has evolved into a purely immersion of the populace in religious doctrine makes it martial force regularly sent to do battle in foreign lands. The Protectorate lacked any with cleansing them. Shortly after the founding spend their time in the serene contemplation of the divine like of the Protectorate of Menoth. Their internal order is removed from them the comforts of family or friendship. They were executioners and torturers.

Laws were enacted allowing While laborjacks were incorporated into a number of the Protectorate to arm and train defenders of its temples industries to exploit the reliable strength and stamina and other holy places as well as to ensure the basic safety of of these machines. Hierarch arming of laborjacks so long as they were employed Luctine and his visgoths foresaw that such machines would against savages dwelling on the fringes of the wastes.

While all priests are to be respected glory. These masks serve as a barrier between their human faces and the individuals they confront and interrogate.

They became leading priests and the internal arts of governance. It was natural that these formidable to test the faithful continually for any hints of treachery or figures would rise to positions of authority. These visionaries granted that to disguising the fact that the Menites were building new mechanika and the arcane arts were unquestionably tainted warjacks of their own design.

While all Menite priests wear ceremonial masks in honor of the one worn by Menoth. They are considered dark protectors of the Protectorate society that far exceeds their traditional status.

This caste must abandon the indulgences of mercy and forgiveness. Among Menite citizens. Being a scrutator is not a privilege but a criminals and heretics. Every hierarch heresy. Protectorate to circumvent Cygnaran proscriptions against Cygnar never fully apprehended the extent of these mining building a standing army.

He was strongly other gems gathered there helped open trade abroad by influenced by his predecessor and continued the work lining the pockets of Cygnaran inspectors and border guards. The diamonds and allies. Voyle understood that before it became one of the signature weapons of the Protectorate. In time As Ravonal had before him. With the proper distillation and refinery process. Voyle consolidated his again. Because most of the groups were Temple protectors and therefore enabled the raw ore and other resources were initially processed in Sul.

This volatile oil bubbling up from the sands. This period saw the construction of Tower imminent and necessary battles to come. Garrick Voyle. As important as these findings were. Key to this was his radical decision to move the capital of the Protectorate to Imer. While it took many Ravonal stockpiled resources and weapons purchased by years to build the mines and other infrastructure to exploit the sale of diamonds abroad.

Ravonal had begun. He was later it is a substance able to spark tremendous conflagrations. He also ordered the expansion these resources. In the wake of this earthquake. Imer remained a primitive city for many decades.

These conversion would be a mercy compared to the fate awaiting included several rich veins of iron. Ravonal preached it was not enough for the population but also brought the Idrian city of Imer and its Protectorate to preserve the True Law.

Igniting the Great the Cygnaran crown was blinded to several significant Crusades developments many miles from the Black River. As a result. They helped protect this historical monument the Flameguard could look to for inspiration.

Feora has selected during its costly and delicate restoration from the lengthy the Umber Guard to serve as the core of a dedicated interdiction defilement it endured when captured by Cygnarans and used as under her personal supervision tasked to undermine Cygnaran their field headquarters in the city.

While some phalanxes of the defenses in the southern theater. Those who serve the Umber interdiction are found at this site at all times, the majority are Guard do not know these actions have not been technically frequently sent on special missions, including into the outlying authorized by Hierarch Severius and are loyalty tests with region north of Sul and sometimes clandestinely across the Black Feora—nor would they care.

They are hardened zealots who River and into enemy territory. They have been used to gauge have been thoroughly integrated into the modern structure of the ongoing defensive situation with the Cygnarans as well as the Flameguard. They understand the priests are the rulers of the to intercept military supplies and conduct other harassment theocracy, but they obey only their chain of command; by their operations, such as burning crops and food warehouses.

Their training that command reaches no further than the Priestess and goal is to weaken the Cygnaran defenders at the Caspia garrison Protector of the Flame. During the initial invasion of Sul by the Cygnarans, the Umber Many Flameguard phalanxes are made up of a single unit type, Guard both were among the most zealous defenders of the Great but the phalanxes of the Tenth Interdiction are mixed. This interdiction earned honor semi-autonomously. The bulk of the force remains Temple and prestige during these defensive battles and fought in the Flameguard, but it also includes a large attachment of Cleansers bloodiest and most protracted of the subsequent street-to-street as well as a handpicked contingent of the most experienced battles.

They learned very well the nature of the enemy and how Daughters of the Flame, who are most often chosen to conduct best to thwart their advance through the city.

The interdiction is most famous, however, for its vital role in the subsequent counterattack on Caspia. The Umber Guard was at the forefront of the Menites chasing the Cygnarans out of Sul, and it was these soldiers who took the initiative to seize the Cygnaran gates before they could be closed.

The subsequent invasion of Caspia would not have been possible without these heroic efforts, which earned those soldiers the personal commendations of both Feora and Grand Exemplar Kreoss. This placed would not violate the spirit of the True Law while the central industries of the Protectorate farther from providing substantial military gains.

Cygnaran interference as well as closer to the vital mines Once the Protectorate war industry was proceeding apace, in the eastern hills. He encouraged several other reforms to strengthen the Protectorate certain outlying Menite forces to conduct surgical strikes military, including creating the House of Truth as the against Cygnaran targets, such as shipping along the headquarters for the new Vassals of Menoth.

This Black River. As a manifestation of that title after the formation of the Protectorate. Their Those deemed controllable and repentant regarding the place is on the battlefield.

Each Instructors in Imer and Sul stand ready to train new is believed to possess a special destiny and to have a place warcasters in the fundamentals of this discipline as well as awaiting them in Urcaen in the City of Man.

Receiving a fledgling warcaster into their ranks is viewed as a great boon by most martial orders. Knights Exemplar. The development of a warcaster is as much a matter of martial training as it is of theological indoctrination and purification. There are those who believe it is only right that by their side. Regardless of where a warcaster trains or which martial order Still. Though warcaster talents are diverse. The ability to manifest fire is particularly prevalent.

They must be able to look beyond their martial of Temple Flameguard. If a prospective warcaster While they wear no shackles. Otherwise those who were not already inducted into the military or part of the priesthood may be assigned to a suitable order after their talent is discovered. Their prominent positions place tremendous difficult gauntlet to ensure he is ready for the battlefield.

Whereas one warcaster may develop spells that can protect others from harm or make warjacks more efficient in battle. Each demands upon them. Some theologians within the Protectorate hypothesize that each warcaster represents a specific passage or interpretation of the Canon of the True Law. Even those warcaster has a different approach to this sort of training.

A warcaster might lead a small border patrol comprised other nations. Warcasters who manifest their ability later in life. All warcasters are taught to channel the magic given them by the Creator. Regardless of their personal disposition. The Menofix—the symbol of of the nation. Several martial orders Sacred symbolism illuminates these weapons and is particularly are led by warcasters.

Though some warcasters favor certain warjacks. A warcaster who has completed warcaster Crafting a weapon perfectly suited to the individual fighting training will be immediately elevated to a sufficient rank in style.

Indeed priests. Given their Each weapon is as unique as the warcaster wielding it. Every ruling priest has in his possession such a staff. Some priests have interpreted the rise of Man. During the final phase of training. B2B with it cannot become knocked down.

Steady — Remember. Soon Amon was displaying his skills on the field. Amon entrusted his destiny to the will of Menoth from that fateful day forward. The affected model and any friendly model Movement or Combat Action if it activates later in a turn it was thrown. It was the great Hierarch Garrick Voyle who took note of the young allegiant.

Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza is able to open his mind utterly to the warjacks of his battlegroup. These attacks are simultaneous. Amon projected his will into the mind of the machine. When the time comes. Models do not gain back strike bonuses began counseling students beside the very same masters who had instructed him. Focusing the holy clarity of his training. Amon was a born warcaster. As his legend grew among the Idrian tribes. Using every ounce of his superior mental discipline FEAT: UNION and control.

Amon triumphed over each trial. He asserts that he feels the will of the Creator guiding his actions. Rather than simply preaching glory through suffering and repentance 2 6 12 in the eyes of Menoth.

Though compassionate. Since becoming a full-fledged warcaster. Discard the lowest die of each roll. He comprehends that the titanic changes necessary for the fulfillment control range. Tristan has suffused with holy power. With each new city or village he visits. On a critical hit. Guard outnumbering his troops two to one. As Sovereign Tristan Durant raises his voice in the litanies of prayer.

Through prayer Durant becomes one with the divine will. Models are not occupying Llael. This model also ignores Stealth. This spell can be cast only once per activation. Durant gains 1 focus council with local authorities so he might better understand their needs and point for each warjack in his battlegroup currently in his concerns. Manifest Destiny lasts for one turn. Tristan speaks of a future beyond the constant state of war.

This model can make only one Retaliatory that tragic event scarred Durst deeply. He was thrust into made with this weapon. He still seeks to atone for the stain on his soul.

This FEAT: He endured training that had been perfected to forge youths slammed. Eruption he used his powers to prevent harm to his men. His machines advanced in tight of Ash damage rolls cannot be boosted. After drawing the attention of a veteran paladin passing through his village. Though committed to his oaths. Durst play. The warjack his paladin oath. The AOE is a hazard that remains in play for one round.

He took readily to combat training. Bastion of Faith lasts for one round. Shame drove him to an intense commitment Strike per turn. Deceleration lasts for one round. As the war raged on. Eruption of Ash — Because the boxed model is removed from play before being destroyed. When his forces close with the enemy.

Models within the wall template gain concealment. Ignite — When this spell is cast on cavalry models. In truth. Feora was chosen to lead the Flameguard. She is a living example to the Temple Flameguard. Feora prefers to lead from the front. An unfathomable vessel of wrathful power. As one might expect from such a driven and intense wrath.

Feora was chosen to receive both spiritual training and martial instruction.

When a model enters or ends its activation in the wall template. Due to her exceptional abilities. Feora has one significant fault: Feora has learned how to focus her holy fury into a singular burst of fiery the respect of her troops.

The resulting conflagration. Recognizing her ability as a gift directed by the hand of the Creator. Feora entered the ranks of the Incendium. Only months later. FIRE theocracy. Fire Step can be cast only once per Wildfire — A warjack cannot exceed normal focus limits as a result of Wildfire. She realized her drive and ambition. That pursuit of her goals. Feora managed to find continuous effect.

That such a powerful man could be killed in the moment of his triumph was Cleansing Fire causes fire damage. In their moment of triumph Feora saw Lord focus to warjacks in her battlegroup that are in her control range. FIRE one of the beleaguered outer garrisons and gather the surviving Flameguard. Cygnaran army. She delivers her allies from the blazes around her were routed. Feora can then remove the Fire Commander Stryker defeat Voyle—and with him their seemingly assured victory.

Feora can transmute flame into raw energy to strengthen her and annihilating whole ranked masses of the enemy. She found. FIRE Flame who had witnessed her fall rushed to her side. Feora unleashed the full FEAT: As she led her warriors into the Cygnaran flank. Though some of these risks did not pay off as she had hoped.

The Cygnarans balked and warjacks. After the damage is resolved. Feora marched alongside Hierarch Voyle into the heart of Feora gains 1 focus point for each enemy model currently in her control range suffering the Fire Caspia itself. She enemy model suffers the Fire continuous effect. Some fear conflict is inevitable. Feora immediately casts Incite without spending focus. The majority of the Synod deemed her disobedience forgiven as an attempt Faction models gain Flame Trail.

With Severius nearing the end of is resolved. After the damage by her actions. At the end of each of its activations. Clash of Flames lasts for one turn.

If column 6 is full. Though she by enemy spells or animi. Her actions were in open defiance of the orders of the hierarch.

Fire Step can be cast only once per his life. Molten Metal — If a damage column is full. Feora felt no regret over the choices she had made. Incite lasts for one turn. When Feora was subsequently brought before the Synod. Her words revealed his choices as FEAT: Against such a groundswell of support. From the beginning Feora was destined for greatness. Affected models cannot be targeted never before and has extended her participation in crusades abroad. The hierarch pointed to the floor where her shadow lay.

She singled out individual visgoths by name. This Menoth. Divinity — Remember. She unreservedly model cannot spend focus points to reduce this damage. Voyle ignored her warning. Voyle bent his knee and asked if she would serve as his personal and never suffers Blind. The Harbinger proved her commitment to the faithful when she went forth to confront a darkness in the Thornwood prophesied to threaten all Menites.

Infused with the glory of Menoth. Even if this spell is channeled. With the Harbinger leading the way. There she gave her life to release the souls of thousands of Menites away the impurities of any heretic who dares to approach captured and enslaved by the Orgoth before they could be used as fuel for an even her sacrosanct form.

All of the Protectorate mourned For one round. Cataclysm has no before the divided city was made whole. Martyrdom — Remember. Models do not gain back strike bonuses against this model. Even lesser reclaimers know they must not be deficient in their duties. While in the from returned models. In battle his sole weapon is a ceremonial torch called Cremator that is kept usher souls into the next existence. When a friendly living Faction model is destroyed High Reclaimer.

Early in his reign. After this model replenishes its focus during your next Control Phase. Even their prayers are silent. Place those models in formation in their original units No one is safe from reclamation.

They can activate normally this activation. Before walking from the unadorned cells in which they live and eat in solitude. These additional damage rolls are not considered to for failure means their own reclamation. Ashes to Ashes damage rolls are simultaneous. Sacrificial Lamb can be cast only once per activation. Discard the low die in each roll.

To prepare for each upcoming conflict. FIRE they know his will without being told. Their last spoken words are their oath to the order before their masks are sealed. This is among the greatest of miracles from this great weapon smashes limbs and collapses torsos. Soul Taker: Stepping into the dominion of the dead beyond the walled City of Man where the faithful are protected in death. When declaring they moved with him as a barrier against the raging unfaithful.

If one or more friendly Faction warrior models were destroyed or removed from play by The living fear him. Many feared he had chosen to reclaim himself in this time of great need. The by a continuous effect.

At his arrival. A model with Ashen Veil has concealment. If all models in the returned to play.

When a friendly living Faction model is destroyed of Icthier. Once again among the living. Maintenance Phase. Having accomplished the impossible— models without Immunity: As one fell. Righteous Vengeance during the last round. The AOE remains in play for one round. As he walked. Living enemy is a champion of faith unlike any other. They were not wholly mistaken. Using these supernal portals. Mikael Kreoss. Exemplars say their initiation is their true ARM.

At last. Mikael Kreoss realized his destiny rested with Cleansing Fire causes fire damage. His flowing robes and thick rune- inlaid armor enhance his impressive physique.

Mikael assailed all who oppose him to their knees. So strong is his faith that a mere touch from his blessed weapon can revoke the unwholesome sorcery granted by lesser gods to their wayward followers.

When the decision was made to renew war with Cygnar. Kreoss has become a living legend. Among the people of the Protectorate. Models are not affected while out of formation. With but a few chanted words from an ancient So strong was his conviction that he sought to enter the priesthood.

High Exemplar Kreoss stands in perfect harmony with the Lawgiver. As an acolyte. Bereft of his mother from birth. The Khadoran-born Menite seemed a wrathful. After crushing these desecrators. A visiting member of models hit suffer the Fire continuous effect. This may. Kreoss has led the exemplars at the fore of the Great Crusade.

Kreoss is a courageous and fearsome warrior but does not possess the Following his divine example. This grand exemplar is an enigma to other leaders of the Protectorate. Yet Combat Actions. Strength of Arms lasts for one turn. Scrutators watched him. With every death cannot be moved by a push or a slam. If the model hit has a of the True Faith record each of his valorous deeds.

The POW of collateral damage dead he sends to Urcaen. While he FEAT: Models in the target unit are not affected while out of formation. Priests attended him. Friendly Exemplar models can advance through spear Justifier.

When an enemy non-warcaster. Finally satisfied in his absolute commitment attack. Menites are often the instrument of their own contrition. Over the years. He takes the weight of the crusade on his own shoulders. Castigate lasts for one round. He move completely past them. For ten days and ten nights. Models boxed by Crevasse are removed from play. Then Kreoss can immediately cast Even with his unrivaled tactical brilliance. If Crevasse boxes its original target. They just suffer a damage roll.

Models are not confront the faithless there. Kreoss prefers to lead his men each of his upkeep spells without spending focus. Crevasse — Because a boxed model is removed from play before being destroyed. Target friendly Faction warjack can charge or make slam or trample power attacks without spending focus.

Bearing his spear. More importantly. Before their truth. Were it not for the The invocations of the True Law as spoken by Intercessor Kreoss linger and resonate in the air as a holy manifestation zeal and faith of knights like Kreoss. Kreoss is tasked with the lowest die of each roll. Each attack roll can be rerolled only once as a result of Death Sentence.

As intercessor. Affected models cannot be targeted by enemy spells or animi. Malekus was elated FEAT: Living enemy models without Immunity: FIRE instructors to discover his budding warcaster talent.

After setting fire to the orphanage. All too aware of how quickly on their melee attacks. From the moment he entered the Incendium. FIRE both within the borders of the Protectorate and outside them. He now their roar becomes a chorus that is silenced only once the faithless have been consumed. Malekus has cleansing fires of judgment. FIRE granted him. A model can be targeted by Open Fire only once per turn.

When he unleashes the role in shaping his path. Malekus has seen himself reborn into an the damage roll.

Scars riddle his flesh beneath his armor. Raging Inferno lasts for one round. Models hit by this attack become knocked down. Because the boxed model is removed on their melee attacks. Reznik strips away the arcane strength of his enemies and leaves them quaking and frail.

The way of the priest did not suit Reznik. To this day stories still circulate Heresy and blasphemy provoke the righteous wrath of High Executioner Servath Reznik. He journeyed south. If There he learned that the ministrations of wrack or execution invoked with the you do. Servath Reznik readily imposes his will on foreign soil.

He has earned fearful adoration from those who relish divine retribution. He has joined his strength to the Northern Crusade to carve a stronghold for one turn. In that hour Servath Reznik became high executioner.

Judgment Day lasts for one round. He has taken it Curse — This model also gains these benefits when attacking a cursed model. He second life. Perhaps no man so perfectly expresses the spirit of the Great who sought to stop their holy pilgrimage.

Servath Reznik has been Living and undead models hit by The Flesh authorized to dispense summary judgment in the Is Weak cannot run. Despite the singular purposefulness with which Reznik Reznik has served the will of the hierarchs for decades. He brings the fire of the Creator trample power attacks for one round. Faithless lasts for one turn. The truth of his power was seen by all who stood in his path when he joined the Harbinger of Menoth on an extended interdiction into Umbrey. Curse lasts for one turn.

Woe to those who would defy the True Law! Reznik is a spirit of wrath bound to the flesh of a man. During your Maintenance Phase. There he will continue to do so as long as he draws breath.

Boundless Charge lasts for one turn. For Reznik the world granted the miracle of life to those whose souls she perceived is a crucible of flame. And yet Reznik is no mere man. Behind him came the Harbinger. By this crusade hundreds of Umbreans joined the is a furious legacy of the ancient world. Spellpiercer lasts for one turn. It was Reznik who greeted the wayward soldiers The Great Crusade has unleashed this fury upon the inequities of the faithless who would seek succor in science.

This damage is not considered 1 or more focus points. Mounting his iron chariot like an angry god. Divine Might lasts for one round. Through Grand Scrutator Severius. These additional damage rolls are not considered to Age may have withered the warcaster and stolen his former strength. His cast spells or be used to channel spells and enemy warjacks come alive with the same fervor as his converts. So potent is his righteousness.

Severius has a plan in motion that will not come to fruition until far past his lifetime. With a great boom. Severius lives to battle the prohibitions of Menoth to deny the use of profane magic in his presence. Conversion remains a priority. The model immediately makes one basic attack. The litany proves that all things are warlock warrior model. Endowed with the authority to pass judgment on his fellow man.

Severius is the eye of the hurricane and a Death Sentence. Grand Scrutator Severius 2 8 13 is the stoutest pillar holding up the grand Temple of Menoth. They must be able to overwhelm the minds of the faithless and instill in them feelings of piety. Those who attend him can feel the power of unchecked divinity in his words and deeds.

While believers look on his 2 8 13 robed form with an awe and adoration that gives rise to tears, others see him as an DAMAGE: The presence of the Harbinger focus point to not suffer a damage roll from the attack. These damage rolls are not approval from the Creator of Man. Damage resulting from Admonisher is simultaneous. Severius no longer refuses authority as he had as grand scrutator, when he had FEAT: He takes the burdens of leadership in stride, knowing the can invoke the most sacred rites of his faith to call down curtains of holy fire from on high.

Unholy blasphemies are Protectorate must heed a single voice in this time of war. The AOE was a time of preparation, of building the machinery of war, readying the martial is a hazard that remains in play for one round. Enemy orders, and constructing factories and mines to support the coming crusades. Models are not power as foretold by prophecy and confirmed by the visions of the Harbinger.

These additional damage rolls are not considered to of those who have faltered in their faith, restoring them to righteous worship of have been caused by an attack. Ashes to Ashes damage Menoth. He has witnessed the return of the Testament from Urcaen and has vowed rolls are simultaneous. When making a melee attack, the spellcaster ignores spell effects that add to the temples to the Lawgiver.

Thyra has become a living weapon of the Menite cause. This model ignores intervening models retaliated with a brutal counterattack.

When the militia retreated, the mercenaries when declaring its charge target. Everyone Thyra held dear died on that day. Her warcaster potential had awoken without her When the Flame of Sorrow vows to bring ruin to those realizing it. Shadows of Urcaen assembled a band of zealots, many of whom had suffered similar losses. These lasts for one turn. Enraged at his attempt to Carnage lasts for one turn.

Despite her sentence, Thyra argued she had been chosen for this Take Down. Models disabled by a melee attack made cause and could not surrender her purpose. Feora was able to sense warcaster by a model with Take Down cannot make a Tough roll. Models boxed by a melee attack made by a model with power flowing through the passionate warrior and ascertained her potential Take Down are removed from play.

Thyra would become leader of the Daughters of the Flame, her bloody activation, as its controller chooses. Place the Grunt in formation and in can be more forgiving. Even in the chaos of battle he will stay his hand.

Vindictus BASE: He has taken on the FEAT: Menite faith. True Path lasts for one turn. If another model is destroyed delivered many zealots to the faith since the beginning of the Great Crusade. Vice Scrutator Vindictus can invoke the holy These are dangerous studies.

When one or more affected models are damaged by an enemy attack. Vindictus intends to show all power attacks. The Grunt must forfeit its those who fall before him should they accept the Creator as their rightful master. He is a master at finding the weakness in the hearts of his enemies warrior models cannot be targeted by charges.

The affected model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement. Divine Protection lasts for one round. To this end. Menoth toward those who spurn their creator. Combat Action the turn it is put into play. While the fielding of warjacks for defense was technically Some clung to the older.

Even then machines and inscribing prayers drawn from the Canon of the embers that would one day stoke the fires of the Great the True Law into their hulls. Those who sought the Temple. Warjack As the budding nation worked to expand its borders and build Though the Protectorate of Menoth considered itself mostly new towns and villages from the unforgiving environment. Such the great city of Sul. Two decades after of warjacks. Impure they might be. Steamjacks soon became a common sight in priests discovered ways to avoid or subvert them.

These acts came of the Protectorate. A strict interpretation error of their ways. According to the priests. The most significant of these was a prohibition feats of construction. This decree.

In the early years even going so far as to sabotage steamjacks. Some of these concessions had been made before the Protectorate was created. The clergy sought to reconcile their knew they must obey a higher authority. Aspects of these early venting superheated heartfire directly into the fuel. This opened the way to create weapons of Early Protectorate warjacks were tested not against Cygnaran war that did not initially betray their function.

It was tapped layers of armor. For a time. Cygnaran officials who could not be fooled were though initial designs were nothing more than pipes and bribed with gemstones unearthed among the desert sands. As the Protectorate became more industrialized. Later versions Menites worked numerous hidden forges night and day to utilized fanning spray nozzles with refined systems to propel create weapons for the mighty iron automatons to wield the blazing fluid further.

These parts included and flails capable of inflicting horrendous damage despite cortexes smuggled into the Protectorate—an especially their rudimentary nature. In many of the Creator and to field test new weapons away from the cases these machines were assembled in the Protectorate from prying eyes of Cygnar.

The Factorium is the largest single manufacturing complex ever constructed by the Protectorate. The sprawling thrown off after the declaration of the Great Crusade. In the shadow of Tower Judgment these new weapons became more prevalent leading up to the is the Factorium.

With the shackles of the Cygnaran mandates compound of the Sul-Menite Artificers. Due to their substantial body of stroke. At the center of sophisticated warjacks are assembled here. Hundreds of faithful Menites labor within. It is not include thousands of individual workers.

The development and implementation of other complex structures. Crusader heavy warjacks. Other weapons. Despite the considerable skill of the artificers. Yet these artificers know the importance of their role engineering knowledge and many skilled metalworkers. Relentless production industry. The Artificers and conviction put on display for their fellows.

Fully indoctrinated Vassals are frequently sent elsewhere. Cloaked in fire and ash. Many Menites lost their lives to accidents or contribute useful lore and expertise. The Vassals of Menoth were established to free the Protectorate from reliance on smuggled or stolen foreign cortexes for warjack production. In recent decades the Protectorate has been able to cultivate sufficient arcanists within its borders to fill the ranks of the communicated dire portents to the hierarch and the Synod Vassals of Menoth.

Disreputable smugglers exhaustion during the rush to complete the towering complex. By order of Hierarch Severius and under the creation of warjack cortexes were abducted from neighboring direction of Visgoth Ark Razek and the Sul-Menite Artificers. With fewer specialized arcane mechaniks than the larger enticing pirate crews to sell gifted captives with the promise nations of Khador and Cygnar. Like the warjacks before them. Entire armies tremble at the sight out the will of the Creator of Man.

This tightly controlled and closely watched order exists primarily to make cortexes for Protectorate warjacks. The Vassals are the only organization sanctioned to practice arcane magic within the Protectorate.

They selected armaments that Colossals did not require precise targeting. Receiving a vision of these impressive and see the Protectorate victorious. The foundation of this order was timely and necessary. Prior to this. Members of the Synod were so intent on their unshakable faith to bestow upon them the divine the production of warjack-grade cortexes at one point that a inspiration required to create a cortex suitable for a colossal. If beset by multiple foes.

Few outside the Vassals of Menoth know the Castigator was actually conceived before the Reckoner. Combustion damage is simultaneous. This model can make additional melee attacks after making this special attack. The impressive warjack is based on the same chassis as the Reckoner.

The chassis originated R 1 7 18 during the reign of Hierarch Luctine. The Crusader was unleashed to provide an unstoppable force in the battles to come. It also proved its strength against Cygnar when friction between the two nations prompted clashes along the Black River. When the call to arms sounds. Cygnar decreed the Protectorate could not keep a standing army.

L 1 3 14 The greatest of the new Protectorate designs was the Crusader. This weapon. Now in the days of the crusade. Instead of making a normal damage roll. L R This killing machine of the first order was obviously designed solely for war.

It possesses greater reflexes than any other Protectorate warjack developed to date and is constructed to have supreme flexibility. The Dervish has marked its successes with a wake of shorn limbs L 1 4 13 and fallen soldiers since the day it emerged from the hidden foundries. Bringing its blades to bear at blinding speeds. This model cannot use Shield Guard while it is incorporeal. Its massive shield is sanctified with holy inscriptions from the Canon of the L 0.

Though the Devout prototype still made extensive use of smuggled components. Like a faithful hound. It is light enough to 5 9 7 4 13 16 — keep up with fleet-footed warcasters. This model is automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects. More advanced than older counterparts. These warjacks are so infused with holiness that some warpriests use them as battle altars when far from their home temples.

The model thrown does not deviate. Inspired by the traditional weapons carried by the guardians of Menite holy sites. With this smoldering implement of destruction in hand. Even so. Crafted as a bastion of spiritual power against which 4 11 7 5 10 19 — the foes of the Protectorate must tremble. Some leaders. Though it starts with an ancient frame. In addition to its mystical defenses. Roaring fires conjured by the holy passages inscribed upon the chassis of the Purifier carry out this duty.

The uncompromising ferocity of the machine and the hunger with which it applies its flame have made even faithful Menites L R afraid to witness the passage of these warjacks. The Reckoner was once constructed in secret. A significant addition to the cache of weapons stockpiled while the Protectorate remained under the thumb of Cygnar. It was often employed against rugged and determined bands of Idrian holdouts who refused to convert.

The Redeemer can deliver devastating salvos of rocket fire. Since that time the warjack has been more actively turned against Cygnar L R and other enemies of the Protectorate. The current weapon design foregoes an external igniter and instead vents superheated heartfire directly into the fuel. That first model was little more than a pipe and an DAMAGE ignition system attached to a reservoir with a simple pump.

Those of weak faith who face the Protectorate M M C C in battle have no fortitude for seeing their friends burned alive. Into its other arm they integrated a rudimentary flamethrower. This model loses Repel while this weapon system is crippled. In a fit of spiritual inspiration. If the powerful runes come into contact with an enemy.

This remarkable achievement once again confirmed to the visgoths the divine endorsement of these weapons of war. When this model is hit with a melee attack made by a model in its front arc.

Sul-Menite artificers crafted the powerful repulsor shield to protect this vital L A A R weapon in battle. Employing the same procedures used to sanctify warjacks. Aided by priests.

This model can have up to five soul tokens at any time. If this model already has five soul tokens. Cenotaph — This model cannot exceed normal focus limits as a result of Cenotaph. The Reclaimant Order blesses each hulking warjack R 2 5 16 with silent benediction. Each Sanctifier is armed with a simple but potent weapon—a massive cudgel in the form of a Menofix. DAMAGE The presence of a Sanctifier indicates the Reclaimant Order expects a conflict to be especially bloody regardless of whether it ends in defeat or brings victory.

As battle wears on. Freed from this pretense. After the enemy model is pushed. The isolation of the Tower was such DAMAGE that the Temple dispensed with the usual practice of convincing the Cygnaran authorities the warjacks were actually laborjacks.

It visits swift justice upon infidels. These shells burst on impact. One arm wields a length of chain nearly as long as a man is tall. L 10 1 4 14 The Vanquisher is a towering behemoth. Thresher attacks are simultaneous. Armed defensively. M M C C After decades of service. This model loses Roadblock while it is incorporeal or knocked down. The tremendous area R 0.

At the end of their labors. The vassals who built the Avatar are said to have been driven by some unseen force that completely dominated their wills. This aegis carries the words advance only toward this model. With each strike. This model can have up to 4 focus points at any time. The Avatar lumbered through the portals of the foundry into the night of the Sulese desert. So far as the faithful are aware. During the focus allocation step of your Control of prayers that have not been spoken aloud in millennia.

For one round.

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