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Book Review Contents. Ron Alsop. The Trophy Kids Grow Up: How the Millennial Generation. Is Shaking Up the Workplace. Reviewed by Maryam K. Aryafar. Issue 1 · Personnel Psychology banner. BOOK REVIEWS. Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life by Winifred Gallagher. First published: 17 February Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life and millions of other books are . Acclaimed behavioral science writer Winifred Gallagher's Rapt makes the radical .

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A revolutionary look at how what we pay attention to determines how we experience life Acclaimed behavioral science writer Winifred Gallagher's Rapt. Rapt attention pdf . YOUTH: In this book, they are often refer to as, the young adult and also may sometimes be refer to as both young adults and children. Rapt Book Summary - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This is a book summary for Rapt.

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Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life by Winifred Gallagher

Ravi Raman. Ramanjeet Singh. Azm Lina.

Shanker Adawal. Pt Akaash. Alan French. Emetres Mercado. More From Tarheel Popular in Diet. Anonymous Poty38L. Marko Xllison Skyre. Gading Herinnayah. Jhacie Orongan. This statement implies that, the mind is exposing to some certain education and it must be guide against evil source of education.

What will then happen to his source of education which includes the Church? I am not saying that the Church is responsible for the evil man's attitude but my conviction is that, the Church existed in order to bring the evil man back to his Source, like the prodigal son parable in the bible, through any form of education he might be expose to that is embedded in the Church activities, such as, sermon, learning by doing, imitation and observation. He explained further that the "rational mind" will help man in making decision and picture life philosophy through critical thinking and reasoning.

These type of mind is also the sets of the unclean Man act, such as, evil thought, false testimonies, slander and so an. According to Plato's ideology of the child's mind, anything that happen to the child is as a result of the education he received or being expose to.

Awo said; we have human body, in that body consists of the soul and in that soul is the mind. Hence the rational mind means, he make his choice through reasoning, Spirit mean he hold credibility to his creator and follows His God attribute. The superstitious are the illiterate members of the society.

Awo proceed in dividing human mind into two types, namely; "The Objective mind" and "The Subjective mind". The subjective mind is the seat of emotions, passions, dream, inspiration, thinking, so forth. According to Awo, its only the subjective mind that is educatable hence the objective mind need no special education. Therefore, the subjective mind need to undergo a strict and self-discipline education and must be guided diligently in order to be free from superstition.

My Conclusion Now that we understood how the child mind can be educated , let us reference this to the Church effort or how the child has being undergoing several education, what are the possible outcome that we saw in the members behavior?

Rapt Book Summary

What measure the Church as a body as being taking to curb out of the child's mind- the damage done to it by societal exposure? Let not forget the outcome of any education given to the child, will be evident in his character. I put it to you that the end-result, so far, is religiously nothing to write home about, believe me it will continue if necessary change is not implemented. What looks shocking the most is that, these sets of people are coming to Church on regular basis but still no change in attitude, the evil things are still store up in their heart.

The possibility of total eradication may be uncertain because out of the twelve disciplines, found Judas, but it can come to the bearing limit. Maybe that is the reason it been recorded in the great book of Prophet Ezekiel from the Lord as thus; Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the children or Israel: So give ear to the word of my mouth, and give those words from me of their danger.

When I say to the evil-doer, death will certainly be your faith: But if you give the evil-doer word of his danger, and he turns not from his sin or evil ways, death will overtake him in his evil-doing; but your life will be safe.

This is statement is evidence in the obligation we own to our self as a Christian body, both physically and spiritually. I now postulated that both the biblical definition of the entire human evolutionary theory and the Plato classification of human mind , all in the respect of Awolowo educational idea about the subjective and the objective mind, that is, which of them is educatable?

The subjective, because it is the seat of reasoning, are as a result of what I called the three "agents of socialization". It is now advisable at this junctures, more effort than before should be made to guide the child's mind against any form of education t hat may pollute his mind against God-will.

How can these be done? It can be done by first, honoring the biblical word says; The fear of the lord is the beginning of all wisdom. This statement implies that; the only direction the child's mind can be pointed as against the societal influence is by aiming him to the fear of his Creator, that is, the child sermon should center mostly on making his to fear God.

These are the set of people that belong majorly to the "School" as an agent of socialization. The major aim of the School that is being entrenched in the National Policy on Education NPE , was to inculcate in the child national consciousness, and means of survival in various environment he may found himself, also to respect and appreciate his culture.

Doing some critiques on the above statements, we can deduce that all the School efforts on the Child is geared towards, making him a responsible adult, who can make rational decision about his life and the society at large. Owning to the look of things in western education, it is obvious that, the British system of education adopted by Nigeria is geared toward producing an individual that will be economically sufficient and self efficient and also to hold loyalty to the promulgated law of the state in order to do that which is societal ethical.

Formal education also brings inequality, which is evil to the believe faith and practice of Christian religion. Generally it drives the child's mind away from religious-moral. It is the Church that such values love, honesty, fair play, trustworthiness, right attitude to leadership and so on.

Posses by the good Man are being inculcated. We should also note, that, among the three agents of socializations, The Church, the School and the Society only "the Church" base her ideology on equality as against others levels of individual stratification.

In other words, everybody are equal before the lord, either the "sheep or the shepherd", all will be mention with the same criteria, in the Day of Judgment according to their works, attitude, and thoughts on earth. The society as an agent of socialization is responsible for the education of these sets of people. It is an undeniable fact, that, the Society is evil and corrupts for the Childs mind to learn. Both the superstitious and the appetitive sets of people, expose their mind loosely to the evils and corrupt practices of the Society.

They became too acquisitive, they ran after material wealth, which is vanity upon vanity according to the belief and practices of Christian religion, they view other people as inferior to them, and they admire selfish interest.

By and large they possess the attribute of the evil Man. Awo said; Anywhere the superstitious are been found, they bring underdevelopment, in other words they lesser the developmental process that ought to take place, therefore, strong measure is needed in other to ensure their education.

Awo also divide underdevelopment of the superstitious Man into two, as follow; The mind-underdevelopment and the environmental-underdevelopment, he illustrated them thus; When human is dominated by the superstitious mind; they exercise the above types of underdevelopment, in essence, these two type of underdevelopment follow each other when the mind is under develop it exercise superstition which will in result bring about the environmental underdevelopment.

At this juncture, a question might be running through your mind, that Is, it only the church that is responsible for the socialization of the child? I am glad to answer you that, the major purpose while the church existed as a body of Christ is to bring back man from their sin to their creator.

Therefore diverse measure must be taking the Church, as a separate agent of socialization, to curb the immoral act, done by other agents of socialization to the child's mind.

To make heaven. To take as many as possible with her. To have a branch in every nook and cranny of the earth. To accomplish No. To accomplish Nos. To be one of the churches that will be meant on the return of Jesus. To have a church that will become a model to the entire world at large. Those other churches around the globe will come and learn from and worship in Her. For Nos. Going by, the Church Spiritual Leader Rev.

Snr, Ap. O Ayodele statement on one blessed sermon, which says; Before a wearer of white garment could unconsciously be noticed as having a stain by an onlooker. This shows, that, wearer of colouredly stained garment is inauspiciously in dim darkness, undoughtedly- identified by a crowd of onlookers. I translated this simple statement to mean; before the Church can be said to have loses her total value, it shows the units are absolutely valueless, morally unjustifiable and so forth. We thank God for the Church relentless effort over us both the Youth and the Children , we wish the general church of the Lord heaven at last.

The facts that the Church has been putting her best into action in order to make her members a societal recognize elite cannot be overemphasis. Ones again we say thank you. If the Church fails in the spiritual wellbeing of her members, they Members will definitely be disconnected from their source God and if they are separated from their source, surely they will die.

To Creator, death is not ultimately the absence of life spirit from the body. True death- spiritual- death- is the spirit being detach from it source of life. Ultimately, what connects humanity to the Creator was His spirit in us. When Man disobeyed the law of God, the spirit departed, making the detachment complete.

The religion term for rebellion is "Sin". Therefore when I said, "if they are disconnected from their source, they will die", I simply mean the above analysis that go beyond layman conception of death. Just as a plant dies when detached from its source-the soil- or a fish when detached from its source-water-if, and when a person separated himself from his source- the spirit of God-, then he too will naturally malfunction and die.

So if Man detach himself from his Creator, it's undisputable that his mind will be expose to evil and corrupt practice, definitely, what is unjust such as, abortion, false testimony, prostitution, hooliganism, stealing and the general attribute of the evil man, will seems right to him. Maybe, that the reason, Book of books recorded it, by God that; Some way seems right to man but the end there of is destruction.

Am sure by now, you may be soliloquizing that; how do I goes about ensuring members spiritual development? These are the Church activities which does not allow member to develop spiritually to their own altitude or still make them to depend on both the Church Prophet and Pastor whenever they need spiritual assistance and counseling, instead of going directly to the Source God.

Those things that has been bringing defect to members spiritual life, are as follow; 1. Miss-implementation of Individual Learning Methods; I outlined the different learning methods in section A, these are the method and abilities.

For reference; since our Church-sermon is often geared toward the need of adult members in a congregation where different category of people are present, Am putting it to you that, the children will definitely be lagging behind and also found nothing to interest their mind, which will result into change in behavior through the sermon being delivered.

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Inspirited Sermon; I couldn't care less to name some of our Church sermon as "inspirited" and absolutely unenthusiastic, owing to the fact that, quite frankly to tell the truth, some preacher only came to shout at the audience and by the end of the sermon, nothing will be learnt or store up to the child's mind as a result of the sermon in order to bring change in behavior, resulting into both children and some youth devising other ways of interesting their mind with some unwholesome activities, such as, Sleeping, charting, and so forth.

Bible Knowledge; Imagine that you have been walking along an isolated road for two days with no food or water and the sun is blazing down on you. Suddenly, you notice a well in the distance. Even though you are tired, you will run with anticipation because you know that your thirst will be quenched. On getting to the well, however, you see a rope dangling over the opening, but no bucket. Deep down inside the well is what you need to satisfy your thirst and sustain your life, but you have no access to it.

This is the picture of members been cut off from their life-giving source. The knowledge of God exists deep down inside the makeup of every person our conscience because we are made in the image of our Creator and have an inherent dominion spirit. We have lost the spirit of the Creator and we have lost the awareness of His knowledge by not studying well-enough His words the bible as well as the mind-set that enables us to exercise it effectively.

I must say at this juncture, that those are one major ways through which the devil gain access to our lives as youth.

Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life

Improper coordination of Church activities; For reference, in every church service, the choir unit has generally been a problem for the wellbeing of other church activities, they haven't for ones gave a wonderful except poor and awful presentation, due to the fact that, we have little or no rehearsal of our songs.

The Church Soldiers of Christ P. A Cherubim where of less regard. Drama Ministration; Ha! Why do we forget so quickly this psychological statement, that read; You remember sixteen times what you saw, than what you heard.

Drama ministration is another way of impacting Christ and morality into the life of both the adults and children. Not knowing the efficacy of this ministerial activity, the Church of God has jettison in totality this salvationary aspect of the Church education. New Month Service; Where members come together in one accord in order to give thanks and praises to the lord so as to open the new month. More also, anchor will be pronounce, this will also promote Bible knowledge.

They can be subjected to criticism, more also, it just a suggestion and recommendations. I stand to reason as, someone whose heart really pants for change, it has been the sayings of my late father - Apostle Joshua Agidiogun- that, "Son anywhere you are, no matter what you do, in any circumstance, either conducive or not conducive, always learn to speak the truth.

Proper Implementation of Learning Methods; As have said earlier, that, we have different learning methods for difference sets of people according to their age and nature of learning. Definitely you will not expect the church elders to be their children facilitator; hence, youth are the rightful sets of people to be. This idea will also develop a teachers training institute, where the youths who are to feature in the Sunday school as teacher will be morally and religiously brought up and tutor by the elder Pastors.

Through this the youths will forcefully want to develop spiritually, because, by then they will have the mindset that people are watching them in whatsoever they do mostly the children and they may want to learn through imitation. Sermon as a Motivator; Research has revealed that, when something is not motivating, learning will not be effective. So as the case of our sermon, The Church mode of sermon is absolutely not motivating by our too noisy-preachers, hence, it result in arousing the prejudice and apathy of listening audience.

It is an undeniable truth, that some noise may serve as a means of enthusiasm in order to arouse the interest of your listeners, if properly co ordinate and it is reasonable, but most noise are often unpleasant, bringing psychological defect to the mind of listeners. The reason for our too noisy sermon, is what i believe to be; inadequate preparation of speakers. To put it in another way; it is the lack of confidence, and what is the cause?

It is as a result of not knowing what you can really do, and not knowing what you can do is cause by lack of experience.

When you get a record of experience behind you, your fear will vanish; they will melt like night mist under July sun. Deeper knowledge of our Creator; This objective is achievable through the organization of "bible study class" for youths and intending members. The will serve as an avenue where they came together in order to dine and wine in the words of God, hence, at the end of each sermon, room for question will be given since it will be inform of an interactive class as oppose to normal Church sermon, Where the teacher assume the position of "Mr.

No question is allowed because his words seem to be final.

Therefore the bible study program will be an alternative, use in complementing the Church sermon of banking education. At this juncture you may love to ask a question that, wouldn't the attendant be pre occupied with some other activities, such as, works, business, school and so on?

Schedule a time for meeting in evening hour as 6pm-7pm and you will discovered, when the attendant realize the efficient of the program, they will turn-up enthusiastically, turning-off those whatsoever they may be doing in that particular hour of the program. It will also aim at teaching them how to pray effectively, hence, resulting to standard and undependable spiritual- maturity.

This program will also serve as an avenue to help member with innate-talent develop their skills, such as, singing, pianist, drumming, and others as per choir unit. Furthermore, it will give them the sense of working voluntarily for their creator which we all know there is spiritual reward for. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Download Hi Res. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

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