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Books to Read for entrepreneurs - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A list of must Take me Home Rashmi Bansal I have a Dream. A new book by Rashmi Bansal looks at 20 entrepreneurs who found their business opportunity in small-town India. Take Me Home - The Inspiring Stories of 20 Entrepreneurs from Small - Town India with Big - Time Dreams by Rashmi Bansal from Only Genuine .

Rashmi Bansal Take Me Home Pdf

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TAKE ME HOME. A FEW. GOOD MEN. Nand Kishore Chaudhary – Jaipur Rugs. Jaipur (Rajasthan). In , a young graduate went into the carpet business. Take Me Home is the story of 20 entrepreneurs who have built remarkable .. Rashmi Bansal's book describes different sets of entrepreneur, ones it's about IIM . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and youth expert. TAKE ME HOME: THE INSPIRING STORIES OF 20 ENTREPRENEURS FROM SMALL-TOWN INDIA WITH BIG-TIME DREAMS.

Rashmi Bansal speaks of people that have made it big by sticking to their roots and develop their learnings from there. All her books have been about simple strategies that the common man can apply at the workplace. From Connect the Dots to Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, she has always tried to keep it simple and sorted when it comes to aspects of business. The stories are of twenty entrepreneurs who have made it big by sticking to the simple rule: Start from Home.

No longer are we limited by small towns or minimal resources: Rashmi Bansal is an Indian writer, youth expert and entrepreneur. She has written five other books: A regular contributor to Businessworld, she writes frequently on youth, careers and entrepreneurship on her blog Youth Curry. Certified Buyer , Pune. Certified Buyer , Warananagar. Certified Buyer , Bangalore. Certified Buyer , Dombivili. Certified Buyer , Thoothukudi. Certified Buyer , Lunglei.

Certified Buyer , Nagpur. Explore Plus. Self-Help Books. Personal Growth. Enter pincode. Usually delivered in days? Bansal Rashmi. English Binding: Paperback Publisher: Westland Genre: TrueComRetail 4. Only for plus members Get exciting benefits. Flipkart Official Review Rashmi Bansal speaks of people that have made it big by sticking to their roots and develop their learnings from there.

Summary of the Book Take Me Home collects the stories of twenty people from small towns across India, showing readers how they succeeded in their endeavours and realized their dreams of owning large companies.

Frequently Bought Together. I Have a Dream.

Take Me Home By Rashmi Bansal Pdf Free Download Pdf Download

Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. I'm a very big fan of Rashmi Bansal and always her books never fail to inspire me. This book is very inspiring from the first few chapters I read. As usual there are some punctuation mistakes overlooked and it's time the editors do something about it. And the big glaring mistake is that they have stated that Coimbatore is in Kerala. That city is in Tamil Nadu and I wonder whether Rashmi herself made this mistake!!! So I order the book via flipkart.

Sort order. Apr 29, Anie rated it it was amazing. Very motivating and inspiring A nice book for young entrepreneurs. It includes the stories of different personalities from small towns around India who in spite of all odds became successful in their respective fields. Nice research work done by the author and reading the real life inspiring stories keeps you motivated. May 18, Anil Swarup rated it really liked it. Another remarkable compilation of success stories of those that made it almost from no-where.

A few common traits that run through all these achievers centre around grit, passion, perseverance and honesty of purpose. All of them had a dream but they had their feet firmly on the ground. What is also noteworthy is the role played by various government agencies and the banks in acting as enablers. Credit goes to the author for compiling and narrating these tales in a manner that makes them fascinat Another remarkable compilation of success stories of those that made it almost from no-where.

Credit goes to the author for compiling and narrating these tales in a manner that makes them fascinating and worthy of emulations. These are people not out of this world. They belong to this world but what they have managed to achieve is commendable and eminently replicable. Truly inspiring tales. Jun 25, Mallika Hatimuria rated it really liked it.

No fancy packaging, the book is 'Straight from the heart' by these 20 entrepreneurs. Must read. Really appreciating Rashmi Bansal for such an idea of exploring these unique personalities and bringing all of them together in the form of a book. View 1 comment. Dec 29, Urvish Patoliya rated it really liked it. Book has really good stories of entrepreneurs, specially for those who are interested in entrepreneurship.

Good learning all the way from all prospectives. One get to learn the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life, and to get success and let business grow one must stick to it till long. Book all over to be good but it takes time to read. Feb 02, Senthil rated it really liked it. I just travelled with the entrepreneurs. Feb 07, Ripudaman rated it really liked it. Good read, about obstacles of unknown entrepreneurs who started just by an Idea and not equipped with college degrees, strong backgrounds or any-kind of support.

However they managed to flourish by staying in the game and believing on their soul of idea. Jan 09, Pavan Teja rated it liked it. A unison of different perspectives. Do read this. Feb 16, Ronald rated it really liked it. Another inspiring tales of brave Entrepreneurs. I really enjoyed the book. It motivates me to do my own thing. This is my third book of Rashmi Bansal. I am planning to read her other books as well. New type Simply super not read such type of book in Hindi. Narrative and story telling was gud but may be a bit of more technical for common man like me.

Nov 25, Rrrrrron rated it did not like it Shelves: The protagonists have no flaws except that they are too intelligent, too kind or too committed. These glaring flaws are all evident in the first headline story. They made chips the ones you ate. It was not a new market. There are existing competitors. Apparently, in this market, everyone treated each other poorly from suppliers to vendors - a common enough story when you are a small trader in all developing countries.

So how did they make it? There is no talk of what they offered that was better and what they did different. Except that they were kinder, more honest and fairer.

How cliche. How about telling us how they found good partners with whom this worked, that valued fairness and long term relationships. In my work which involves listening to folks working in developing countries, one recurring theme is finding people who thought in terms of long term mutually gainful business relationships.

This was one of their biggest challenges. This is one example of the gaping holes in the stories.

Books to Read for entrepreneurs

I stopped after the 4th story. Waste of time. Mar 17, Sanketh KG rated it really liked it. Excellent book.

But I think more emphasis should have been given on their journey and less on the number of stories. After reading a few stories, I felt that they were all monotonous.

A detailed version might have avoided that. Overall, a wonderful book.

Feb 27, Tony marked it as to-read. Mar 12, Vismay rated it really liked it. Every person has a story. So it becomes all the more difficult to pick out 20 something stories which might cater to inspire a wide spectrum of Indian Public. A hero, whose lifestyle or hobby, occupation or quirk is similar to that of ours, strikes a chord. We are inspired by those characters that started out the same. Only after that connect, a person feels that he too can be like her, he too can achieve what she has.

Hence, it becomes all the more important for the author to identify all the motley bunch of mavericks who might be a subset of the larger population. Not once had she offered her prejudice, not once has she superimposed her opinion on the stories.

Rashmi Bansal chose to become that channel, that copper wire that connected the reader to the pioneer with her inner current and personal magnetism. From the guy behind Balaji Wafers to the Bee expert, from a guy who wishes to create another Amul to the one who drives the National Defense — you might definitely find a success story that you wish to emulate, more so, as each one of them started out from their backyard, their hometowns - leading to its prosperity and that of its people.

While you see a shabby shed, they see a sprawling industrial unit, why you see the metal scrap, they see the bridge, while you see a slow-paced, frozen in time, underdeveloped place with no internet connectivity and kachcha roads, they see a highly furnished complex with world-class facilities and cheap labor.

While every story has a take home lesson, the ones which have left a lasting impact on my mind are that of Deepak Dadhoti and Dilafrose Qazi. One inspired me to excel in my field, other, to battle against all the odds. The guys from the I. We have to wait for it sometime; she would definitely come up with something good! May 18, Akanksha rated it really liked it. Jun 12, Nitin Vadher rated it really liked it.

The ways she narrates this stories keeps the readers hooked up until you complete the last chapter. Also the simple and easy language makes readers to easily understand the content of the book. Take me home is variety of many sectors like manufacturing, innovative, service sector, IT etc. Different stories give ideas of challenges faced by different entrepreneur. What inspire me is the hard work, honesty, dedication and perseverance of each and every entrepreneur, all this ventures were based in small town, and they started with small budget and almost reached to their mastery.

What you need to be a good entrepreneur? In short, another remarkable successful story of those that made it almost from no-where.

Each and every entrepreneur Never Give UP approach to their work made them successful. Author has done a great job, worth and must read book. Jul 26, Srinivas Addanki rated it really liked it. I must congratulate Rashmi Bansal on bringing out yet another inspiring book. This book contains stories of 20 people who, instead of following the crowd took a different route, cut a different path for themselves and made their own place in history.

The inspiring examples provided by the author in the book proves that you do not need to be a graduate or a PG from a world renowned institute to make it big. All you need is a vision, a mission and the determination and the zeal to convert your dre I must congratulate Rashmi Bansal on bringing out yet another inspiring book.

All you need is a vision, a mission and the determination and the zeal to convert your dreams to reality. The simple and lucid language used in this book makes it very easy for the average reader to understand the context without delving too deep.

The detail she has packed in each chapter shows the amount of time and energy she has spent in research to make her novel factually accurate. Each story in the book deals with different persons each from a different background: All in all, this book is an inspiring read. Kudos to the author for bringing out another masterpiece.

Books to Read for entrepreneurs

Definitely worth a "dekho". Apr 08, Chaitanya Deepak rated it really liked it. I looked up for this book right after it was launched but couldn't find it and wasn't in my mind until recently, when I came across it on an online store. This is my first book of this kind on entrepreneurship.

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