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Silver Linings Playbook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. screenplay. Screenplay Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance. Movie Time: min. 1. Inciting Incident. Over at Ronnie and Victoria's house for dinner, Pat. TSL Screenplay Library. Sign up for TSL Basic Membership (free!) to gain access to hundreds of Hollywood's top screenplays. Already have an.

Silver Linings Playbook Screenplay Pdf

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THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. OFFICIAL SHOOTING DRAFT by. DAVID O. RUSSELL. (Based on the novel by Matthew Quick). David O. Russell. WGAE. Silver Linings Playbook (PDF script) Undated Official Shooting Draft Written by David O. Russell. The Silver Linings Playbook – undated, unspecified script by David by Matthew Quick) – hosted by: The Weinstein Company – in pdf format.

Russell based on the book by Matthew Quick — hosted by: The Weinstein Company — in pdf format. After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. Things get more challenging when Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own. Information courtesy of imdb.

Are you joking? She just needs to take responsibility for hers. Which is odd. PAT voice over I come home. PAT voice over. PAT voice over I left work early -. The song that you so charmingly played out here today for us PAT voice over We never-. What a perfect thing. I look up and I see her naked in the shower.. Maybe today we will.. With mood swings and weird thinking brought on by severe stress. I almost beat him to death. It was a delusion. PAT Yeah.. I called the cops and I told them that my wife and the history guy were plotting against me by embezzling money from the local high school.

I snapped. But now I get fucking chastised for it? Can you talk about something that you did. Why would you call them? PAT Why would you do that?

Sort of. PAT Come on. Mister Excelsior. Why is he wearing a garbage bag? To sweat. PAT For a second. Sit down. You wanna be positive? Be positive. PAT Handkerchief? What OCD?

I want my son to watch the game with me. Come on.. You see?! You see that?! If I make a lot of money. I got your whole sheet. Everything happens for a reason. I want you to watch the game with me. Embrace it! People are stupid. PAT No.. PAT Ms. Take your camera and get out of here! I got it. PAT Let me ask you something. But Doug Culpepper is still here. PAT I just came by to say hi.

Did you lose a lot of weight? Does Nikki still work here? PAT Nance! This is my lucky day! Look at you working on a Sunday! Let me just ask you something. PAT Why would you tell me that? You know he broke up my marriage.

Look at how clear they are. Get away! A silver development! Good luck. I feel good. I did. I just want to let you know.

Thank you. I feel so good. Look at my eyes. People will get over it. PAT I did. PAT Yes! It will be! You gotta come see the baby. And Veronica wants to make dinner for you. PAT Congratulations on the baby. PAT Ronnie! I really need someone to talk to. I missed you. PAT Yes.

Does Veronica still talk to Nikki? PAT I know Veronica still hates me. PAT Now. But if you think she still hates you. You mean. As soon as you left. Very good news. PAT You know what. Doug Culpepper? PAT Things are looking up.

And we should spend time together anyway.. I knew it. PAT No way. PAT I have very. I need you. I knew why they invited me over. Andy Reid wastes a timeout challenging it. You're in this house.. PAT Oh. Well then. Gimme the phone. You wanna go back? PAT Give me the phone. PAT What are you doing? PAT Wait just a minute.. Put the phone down.. You gotta understand me Put the phone down. Pat Solatano?

You gotta. PAT SR I work this beat. We understand. DAY DR. Mister Solatano. And I heard you went to your old house and the school. I know. Respect the restraining order. Missus Solatano. Would you like to be a guy who goes back to jail or to the hospital? So take your medication and if you do fine. Five hundred feet.

PAT Since when do cops have cards? You hear what he just said? You have a restraining order.. I heard about the restraining order. Do yourself a favor. PAT Hey. So get a strategy. In the meantime. This is what I learned in the hospital. You have to do everything you can. PAT Let me say something..

PAT Well. You need one. I gotta say something. True love is about letting her go and seeing if she returns. PAT Plus you got a tie on. You come however you wanna come. I wish I was wearing that jersey. I made a mistake. PAT I feel like an idiot. I like that jersey. PAT I gotta go. DeSean Jackson? And wine. We just redid the whole thing. PAT Tremendous. My uncle. No disrespect. But the pressure. Listen to me. Holy shit. PAT Ronnie. Ronnie reaches for his throat.

You just do your best The family.. PAT Tiffany and. This is Pat. PAT What happened to Tommy? He died. Just Tiffany. You okay with that? Cops die.. She walks to Ronnie and Pat. PAT You look nice. I do that now.

Just practicing. I wanna acknowledge her beauty. I never used to do that. Tiffany looks back over her shoulder at Pat.. PAT Where would the dead body. I love our house. Gimme an iPod. PAT I would call Nikki. I have an old one. Pretty cool. Martin Van Buren. New York.. And if you were cool. Ask him about any president. I used to be on Lithium and Seroquel and Abilify.

They make me foggy and they also make me bloated. PAT Me? Just be nice. I was on Xanax and Effexor. PAT Wow. Nikki loves dance. She's gonna be competing at the Ben Franklin Hotel. My wife loves dance. What day is it? Are you gonna walk me home? PAT You have poor social skills. PAT You ever take Klonopin? Chuckling Yeah. PAT Right? You have a problem. It takes the light right out of your eyes. PAT You mean me? I made the Fire cake. I wanna go.

I bet it does. You say more inappropriate things than appropriate things. I just wanted to have a nice dinner. PAT I tell the truth. You scare people. You love it. I just wanted to have a nice. Pat stands. Just say it. Veronica and Ronnie are very uncomfortable.. I live in the addition around back.

I really wanna go! I felt it. I hate the fact that you wore a football jersey to dinner because I hate football. You felt it. I haven't dated since before my marriage so I don't really remember how this works. We're not liars like they are. PAT How what works? Ronnie called. I had a really good time tonight and I think you're really pretty. He's dead. PAT Look. So am I. PAT How old are you? What happened over there? PAT whispering I can't find my wedding video.

PAT When am I gonna get a phone? IN BED. PAT I looked in here. PAT Would you put it in here? It makes no sense for you to put it in here. Did you put it up here? PAT shouts O. Led Zeppelin continues. PAT It feels to me like you wanna hide my wedding video.

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Stop it! PAT yelling No. PAT spiraling I looked over there! I already looked all over there!

Silver Linings Playbook

Anybody can wake up! Let the whole neighborhood wake up! He grabs his head. PAT Get off me. Open up. You have to talk to her. PAT Nikki is being manipulated and controlled. I gotta come in. People in the neighborhood are scared. I got a lot of calls. You wanna send him back to Baltimore?

Help me! Cliff is lying. Keep an eye on him. Get outta here! Get outta here. I could just write you a letter and you could just let me have five minutes. Listen to me! I gotta make out a report. I gotta write this up. Everything all right? PAT Who was that. You wa It was that kid with the camera.. The family stands together in silence.

Me too. PAT sighs Oh. Did our little conversation get you upset last night? You just ran by my house. I like to run alone! Will you stop? Me too! PAT Weight lifting accident. Just back off. This is my neighborhood. PAT I like to run by myself. What are you trying to do? Can you forgive? Are you any good at that? Can you say the same about yourself. So am I! PAT I'm not the big slut! PAT Let me just set the record straight about last night.

Hurting my mother was a mistake and I hate myself for it, and I hate my illness and I want to control it. I mean PAT Yes, last night was a mess. And I think he probably just tried to do his best. I told you earlier. You need to recognize these feelings coming to you, otherwise you will be sent back to Baltimore.

So when you get these feelings, you need to get to a quieter place, and be at peace with yourself, however you can. You have no choice. PAT Yeah, Excelsior. Listen, I have a letter I want you to give Nikki, okay? PAT sighs What good are you, man? But I don't think I'm gonna blow it with Nikki because Tiffany's a slut. PAT After the dinner at Ronnie's, she said, quote, "We can go to the back house and you can fuck me as long as we turn the lights out.

And she still wears her wedding ring. So she's a loyal, married-to-a-dead-guy slut. PATEL Maybe she just needs a friend and she thought if she offers you sex, it will be easier for you to become friends with her. PAT She said she's not a whore anymore, but she likes that part of herself along with all the other parts of herself and can I say the same?

Can you?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

PAT Is that? PAT With all my crazy sad shit? What, are you fucking nuts? I'm just giving back your words to you. This "crazy sad shit," as you call it, made you a happier, calmer person with a beautiful positive philosophy of going outdoors, working out, and reading books. PAT No, not the books. So if you help Tiffany, it will be good for you. Trick or treat! I just want us to be friends. PAT No, I'm not giving you a hard time. PAT winded You wanna have dinner at this diner?

PAT Happy Halloween. PAT You want to share this? PAT Why did you order tea? Except for a minor incident at the doctor's office. That was a thing with my parents. PAT It's not a date. I see her sometimes with my sister. How's your restraining order? PAT I wouldn't actually call the restraining order "my thing. PAT It would be so amazing if you could get a letter to Nikki from me. So how's your thing going -. PAT But you would do it? It was a lot of people.

PAT We don't have to talk about it. Were there any women? I'm already on thin ice with my family PAT How did you lose your job?

She's not into breaking the law. Nikki hated when I talked like this. Maybe we should change the subject. PAT What? You sat on her lap? Was it like.. Made me feel like such a pervert. So I accused him of harassment and then they fired me.. But then people were getting into fights in the parking lot at work. So they put me on medication. PAT I get it. The song that was playing when my wife. I love that. You do.. So I know.. I go kinda crazy.

PAT What do you mean? How am I? How did I do? I think I did pretty well. It was a test. Did Veronica tell Nikki about our dinner? Why would she do that? Was it a test? PAT Wait. PAT Goddamn it. Can I finish it? PAT Wait a minute. Was I some percentage not cool? PAT "Sort of like you"? I hope to God she didn't tell Nikki that.

Forget it! PAT Tiffany! Forget I offered to help you. PAT Because. Forget the entire fucking idea. PAT scoffs chuckling Because. PAT Keep your voice down. Fuck you! Especially after all the shit you just told me. Look, I don't think you're crazy, all right?

Hey, calm down! PAT Can I just explain myself, please? I opened up to you and you judged me. You are an asshole. You are an asshole! Hey, hey! Get off! MAN to Pat Take it easy. Dude, relax. PAT Bro, get off of me.

PAT Hey, hey, stop, stop. Stop, all right? Shut up, shut up. Stop it. What are you doing to these kids? You wanna go back to Baltimore? Is that what you wanna do? Officer Keogh turns to push the crowd back. What can I tell you? This is a joke I started. You wanna get a drink sometime?

There you go. I have a stupid sense of humor. I'm Tommy's crazy whore widow. Calms himself. Pat breathes. Song stops. You do? I really appreciate that. With the letter? Pat watches her go. PAT All the time. PAT I'm sorry about what I said in the diner. Pat walks behind. This is serious. Who took one of my envelopes? Somebody took an envelope. You gotta ask. This everything. What FBI? I got this. I borrowed one of your envelopes. PAT But the envelope was empty. So show some respect for what I do.

What are you so up about? I saw two-seven-four. I just wanted to tell you the number. Spend some family time. Help him out. Stay for the game. PAT Nothing. Taking a little bit too many or something? Put on the jersey and stay. Spend family time. Are you taking the proper dosage of your medication? PAT Am I taking the right dose? Of course I am. Just stay with us. Have you guys not seen us? I took her to the diner. PAT Whoa. Just beat it. PAT Guys. Is Tiffany here? I'm on the scoreboard! I'm playing down field!

I feel great! What do you want. I know her. PAT What are you doing here? We still date. Is Tiffany home? Go away. PAT Do you know this guy? I think that wing is being fixed. And in this case.

This is a great girl and you gotta be respectful of that. PAT Hey! I can see it in your eyes. What happened? What are you doing for me? PAT You said! You said if I wrote a letter. I have nothing! PAT What are you talking about? PAT Tiffany. PAT What do you mean. I do all this shit for other people and then I wake up and. I give everything to other people and nobody ever.

I never -. Pat takes this in. PAT Alright. What can I do for you? What kind of thing? My God. What are you talking about?

Tommy would never do it with me and I missed it every single year. PAT Wait a second! But you promised you would do this.

I already did do something for you. PAT I took care of that jerkoff that was in front of your house. I wanna understand it. So think about the dance thing. Tiffany listens. She always wanted the best for me.

And she wanted me to lose weight and stop my mood swings. We would fight. I want her to stop acting so superior to me. You know? I just. Tell me about it. The big Nikki love.

Tell me about that. Couples fight. I want her to stop dressing like she dresses. PAT We have a very unconventional chemistry. They didn't convert me to my Mental Hygiene Law admission status within two thirds of the maximum length of my felony sentence.

PAT O. PAT laughs What a treat! They had to let me go. Hold the remote the way you were holding it before. Why would you say that?

This is your house. Come sit down. Now sit up. You gotta be careful. PAT Superstition. She goes to a lot of therapy. What are you trying to say? You judge everybody. PAT I go to a lot of therapy. He turns, looking at the letter. He just figured something out: Tiffany wrote the letter, not Nikki.

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Everyone is at hotel, either watching the football game or the dancing competition. Pat signs in as Tiffany looks down over the railing at the lobby below. She sees: Nikki walking with Ronnie and Veronica. Oh no. However, the lie has become a reality. This upsets Tiffany, who is clearly in love with Pat.

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