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Strangers Ebook Barbara Elsborg - [FREE] STRANGERS EBOOK BARBARA Pdf Www Gadis Amerika 6 Thn Telanjang 20 Volkswagen Engine Diagram. times for their favorite readings like this strangers by barbara elsborg, but end up bio question, voxman selected studies trombone pdf, agriculture msce level. To answer questions about Strangers, please sign up. Galateea Somewhere where you won't by Barbara Elsborg (Goodreads Author). Want to Read saving .

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Kate, the heroine, has lots of deep secrets from her horrible younger life, she doesn't trust anyone because of them. She believes Rick loves her and wants to marry her in a quick private ceremony at city hall, but it is a farce and he never shows up, he just wanted to prove to his friends that he could turn the untrusting Kate into a lovesick fool for him. He also has lots of secrets and pains from his past that makes him the way he is. His is a drunk, drug addict, sex addict and uses women horribly and is sick of his life. Some of his past indiscretions are coming back to haunt him. Kate and Charlie meet in a very unusual way, they are both trying to commit suicide and end up saving each other.

Galateea Somewhere where you won't annoy people by endorsing piracy and "caring" so much that authors need to also be paid for their work. Unfortunately, …more Somewhere where you won't annoy people by endorsing piracy and "caring" so much that authors need to also be paid for their work.

Unfortunately, Goodreads is not that place. See 2 questions about Strangers…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. D I did it, and it was so great not knowing what to expect: D The most important facts you need to know is that the MCs meet while trying to drown themselves in the sea.

They help each other out, survive, and form a strong bond of trust, where one helps the other find a reason to live. It is a wonderful and heartbreaking story, sexy as hell and incredibly funny at times: D Even though it starts with a suicide attempt, I have to say, that was one of the funniest and at the same time incredibly heartbreaking suicide scene ever! So even though there are tough times here, it isn't a terribly depressing book: He feels responsible for the death of his brother and can't get over it.

Kate is an ordinary girl, with plenty of bad luck in life. After a few abusive relationships, she finally meets someone who is good to her, only for their relationship to crash terribly because it was all a scam. Fed up with their lives, they try to kill themselves, but end up being each other's anchor in life.

They start a relationship and open up to one another, with the good and the bad, and I just can't say how much I loved reading it: Their lives aren't sugar coated, the fame thing isn't portrayed as something so awesome where the guy is the embodiment of perfection, and her life is one that's believable, because those things do happen, a lot of women suffer abuse of some kind in their lives: A bit of spoilers ahead, but I just have to mention this ; view spoiler [Charlie does drugs.

He has sex with groupies and the latest scandal that got him to the edge involved an underage girl who overdosed. Now this doesn't sound pretty, especially for the main guy, but for me, it really added the dose of real to it. The world of fame is that way, and I bet even worse things happen: And there was a lot of it here ehehehehe but it didn't bother me, because it blended with the story perfectly: There were a few extremely emotional scenes, and one made me cry: View all comments.

I trust you. The story is about famous former singer, now actor Charlie and Kate, a waitress.

They meet in rather unusual circumstances and form this extraordinary bond. He is spoiled and destroyed by the life of celebrity he has led.

She had a horrible childhood and generally not an easy life. And meeting each other is their blessing. From lust to love, their love story is full of heartbreak, pain and drama, but also full of devotion, learning how to trust each other and hot sex and smart humor. I really loved this one, writing is brilliant, characters wonderfully done and the story original. It also pulls out so many emotions, from laugh to sadness, from anger to happiness, compassion, excitement Long story short, very good book!

View all 51 comments. Patient, forgiving people.

I've read many books with suicidal characters, but usually only one of the protagonists is depressed while the other one helps the former heal. Strangers is the first book I've read where both the main characters are suicidal and it proves that two self-destructive individuals can rarely, if ever, have a healthy and healing relationship. Charlie's a mega-star with a drug, alcohol, and sex addiction whereas Kate's a waitress with low self-esteem, little to no self-respect at least where Charlie' I've read many books with suicidal characters, but usually only one of the protagonists is depressed while the other one helps the former heal.

Charlie's a mega-star with a drug, alcohol, and sex addiction whereas Kate's a waitress with low self-esteem, little to no self-respect at least where Charlie's concerned , and no note-worthy people-reading skills even after everything she has been through. I was more than a little curious about how Elsborg would pull off a relationship between these two, but I'm actually very disappointed with the way things played out. If only Elsborg had taken a few chapters in the beginning to get the reader better acquainted with Charlie and Kate as independent adults before having them fall instantly in lust love, I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed the story a lot more.

My main concern is how abusive their relationship felt. Charlie physically hurt Kate twice in his anger which is the exact number of times he got that mad. The first time, view spoiler [he about raped the poor girl hide spoiler ] and the second time view spoiler [left a bruise as well hide spoiler ]. If Charlie had gotten angry a third time, I'm sure he would have harmed her then too.

There are also numerous scenes that went somewhat like this and further strengthened my belief that these two are not good for each other at all: I'm so mad at him! I knew he was just using me for sex and now it's been two days and he hasn't even called! What was I thinking, believing The Great Charlie Storm could actually be interested in little old me? Hey, Kate! Sorry I didn't contact you; I lost my phone again. I didn't mean to ignore you. I'll make it up to you, promise.

C'mon, Kate, don't be that way. I love you! I need you! You're the best thing that's ever happened to me! Well, okay So I'm forgiven? Of course!

Let's fuck! Kate and Charlie have undeniable chemistry, even during their most depressing moments, but that's pretty much all they have. That, and novelty. There's no trust, an unhealthy at least for Kate addiction disguised as love, and pure lust taken for genuine care.

Kate and Charlie made the same mistakes over and over and Elsborg didn't manage to convince me at all about the likelihood of a superstar and waitress being a forever-and-ever type couple.

And if there weren't enough signs already, within a week of Kate and Charlie breaking up over the most ridiculous misunderstanding, Charlie nearly view spoiler [slept with another woman. He would have gone through with it as well, had he not been interrupted his words, not mine hide spoiler ].

It wouldn't have been that huge of a deal had it happened when they were initially starting out, but after all the declarations of undying love have already been said, after they've even met each other's parents, within the last 5 chapters of the book, he goes and does something like that? It certainly proves exactly how much he's changed since the beginning. Which is, evidently, not very much at all. That said, there were a couple of positive points too, like how the dialogue was completely natural and the writing style thoroughly absorbing.

Charlie and Kate had some pretty sweet moments as well, I admit. If only the abusive and character development factors had been modified, this could have been a truly heart-warming story. For more reviews, visit my blog. View all 24 comments. One of my fave. The story begin when two broken souls crash with each other in the middle of the sea on attempt to end their lives.

Reading this book is a roller coaster of emotion. Even if they both commit mistakes you will still wanna see them both together in the end.

View all 28 comments. Now this is definitely worth the read I laughed, I cried, felt the anger, the jealousy ouch it hurts and all then I smile in megawatt haha Great plot, Characters you'll love over and over and scenes that will make or break your heart..

Oh My Goodness I reread it after I read the word 'hello'. This is a first to me I think I'm finding ways of some kind that there's still something hidden phrases on this book View all 33 comments. I loved this book!! It was not at all what I thought it was going to be, it was soooo much better. This is one of those books that grabs you from the first page and doesn't let go. These characters consume your every waking moment.

From the odd first encounter, until the hand wringing, heart wrenching ending. There were times that I had to remind myself to breathe.

The author takes a very serious situation, suicide, and actually puts a little humorous spin on it. I can't imagine that it could ever be funny, but the way these two meet, had me smiling. It's at this moment that Kate and Charlie, thinking they have nothing to live for, suddenly realize the need to save each other, and just maybe, they have everything to live for.

The book is chocked full of sex scenes, but yet they felt like so much more. You can truly feel the desire Kate and Charlie have for each other, and that this connection is bringing them back from the brink. As they fall in love with each other Kate and Charlie have a little piece of my heart.

View all 15 comments. I really enjoyed this book. Two broken people who want to end their lives because they are so unhappy, Kate and Charlie meet by strange coincidence… both trying to kill themselves by drowning at sea but maybe it was a sign… he thought Kate was a mermaid - I found that so cute!

Kate has no idea that Charl 4 Stars! Famous Charlie Having steamy sex and revealing their lives to each other. I want to come all over you. I want to fuck your navel, fuck your breasts, fuck your sweet mouth.

I want to shoot my cum all over your belly. I want to rub it into your skin. I want you to taste me. I want to taste you. Along the way we learn that both Kate and Charlie are damaged in different ways and finding each other makes them strong. They are the glue that hold each other together. Kate has secrets and so does Charlie. Offcourse they cannot live in a bubble forever. Charlie is famous and Kate is a waitress.

They go through trying to be together while the outside world tries to break them apart. Allowing herself to love meant giving someone the power to hurt her. And Kate had been hurt so many times, because people always let her down. They said they loved her and then they left her.

Or hit her. Or threw her out. Or walked out. Or died. So it was better not to fall in love. Better and safer. Only it was too late. Too late for Kate, anyway. People fell in love with Charlie all the time. She was one in a long line.

Smashwords – Strangers – a book by Barbara Elsborg

I loved how they spoke to each other. Kate met Charlie's family.. I love you because I can be honest with you. View all 21 comments. You all must think I'm crazy because I rate so many book's 5 stars, what can I say but I guess I just pick the right book's for me.

This book was WOW! This story just took my breath away it was that good. It was also an erotic book with many of steamy love scenes. Fantastic and Amazing does not even begin to explain just how good this book was for me. I highly recommend to this book to anyone who likes their bo You all must think I'm crazy because I rate so many book's 5 stars, what can I say but I guess I just pick the right book's for me. I highly recommend to this book to anyone who likes their book's with a fantastic story, great dialog, lots of emotions and plenty of heat.

View all 13 comments. If you are like me and an emotio 4. If you are like me and an emotional book junkie, this book is perfect for you The angst is almost overwhelming but I didn't want it to stop.

The problem was I couldn't quit reading and before I knew it, It. Kate has some problems but she's spent most of her life keeping them bottled up inside. No one really knows the real her but she feels a strong connection with Charlie from the beginning.

We slowly get to find out bits and pieces of what has happened to her and what a train wreck her life has been. How can one person go through so much and still function? I felt much worse for her than Charlie. But somehow she endeared herself to me and I especially loved her bed and the reasonings behind it and how she made such cute bras and panties!

Charlie is someone who has gotten everything he has ever wanted Excessive drugs, excessive alcohol and excessive women And just like Kate, we slowly find out about him and what's happened in his life and what's been missing.

Once Kate realizes who Charlie is she knows this will not last so she decides to take life by the reigns and do what she wants. Enter the "love fest" There are some hot scenes Charlie has to go to work and that includes social functions. Problem 1 - that bothered me is that he wasn't exactly forthcoming about what he was doing and it was hard reading about Kate finding out from the papers and then not hearing from Charlie. Next, he actually has her met him at a club where he basically ignores her until he can't stand his jealousy over other guys talking and being with her.

Again, that didn't pertain to him having his arm around another woman in front of Kate. Luckily, Kate has some good friends But it was great seeing Kate's walls come down and how she let herself enjoy life and what it has to offer. Of course, there are some oh so not nice people. Problem 2 - was with one particular person Especially when they 'both' noticed the undergarments!

This person caused so many problems, it wasn't even funny! Problem 3 - was with Charlie himself and seeing his ugly side. The first part was after they left his parent's house and were at the car park The next part was after the article came out I get that he was hurt and worried but he said some horrible things and the way he acted.

Then, of course, was the hotel Don't get me wrong And with all the lows comes all the highs LOVED the post it notes and the star necklace I loved that there was an epilogue, I only wish that we had a bit more between the last chapter and the epilogue! More of that part that I can't tell you about! Good news And it does bear mentioning that the author is British so there is a lot of British terminology. It's not too hard to figure out most things. Favorite quotes: Of course I love you.

You make me feel safe. I want to spend my life making you happy. View all 42 comments. They took the complete randomness of their meeting as a sign. They soon fell head first in a relationship neither was prepared for, but also neither wanted to end. The story goes from here.

It starts with a bang and just keeps going. Blended throughout the story are the quirky British euphemisms that make this story so special. I fell in love with the characters. Maybe blonde, tall, but not the line of the brow or the sharpness of a nose. With Charlie , I saw Ashton Krutcher throughout the story. His slight smile and dimples; humor. The female character not so much.

I rarely give books a full 5 rating, but this will be the second for me this week.

where can I download a pdf for free of this book?

I will be reading more by this author. Love the humor, but also the depth of emotion and trauma in her stories. If you love a wonderful love story with quirky characters who need love and find love, this is a wonderful book for you. Happy Reading! View all 12 comments. Subtract one point for a few several ridiculous cliches. Don't even think about asking me to do the math on this one. I finally finished the book!

Had I known it was going to derail into a drama train, I might have worked my way through Strangers a bit sooner. I bitch and moan, yet can't seem to stop reading.

It's a wonder I haven't added a "drama" shelf category yet. Addictive, indeed. Let's start off with the first portion of the book. Truth be told, I was bored.

I have no idea how an author can take a botched suicide attempt and turn it into something boring, but it was boring indeed. I'll summarize part 1: Two strangers meet, two lives are spared, two people hole up in an apartment screwing, eating their way through leftovers, and working jigsaw puzzles.

For at least 75 pages. Did I mention the all-consuming need the couple seemed to have for one another? I didn't? It was there. In all its uncomfortable glory. To paraphrase: I thought I'd retired my finger gun, but it had other plans. Just as I was about to give up on what I thought was a boring erotica book, a page turned and the style changed into a drama-filled contemporary romance.

And then there was no way I was stopping the train. I'm not going to lie - this book had all kinds of crazy. I put aside my cynical disbelief over the fact that there was no way two people could have so many random crappy things happen to the both of them, and allowed myself to follow the events swirling around Kate and Charlie with actual interest.

There were lies, deceptions, borderline acts of sexual violence, and misunderstandings aplenty. Simply put - two broken people found each other and started the long healing process together, with a lot of bumps along the way.

Here's what did shine: The sex was pretty diverse for a one-couple book. Don't look if you don't like sexual details! I loved, loved, loved that they could both dish it out.

My husband and I banter like this back and forth and this book reminded me of why I love the relationship with my husband. You know it's love when someone can break you down and you're laughing about it. There were so many quote-worthy moments of banter. If I tried to repost them all in this review, I'd be typing out a good portion of the book. I wondered what the rest of you was like. Fat, thin, tail, flippers? Senior citizens? I want a line or two of coke as well, to cheer me up.

They all think it's some hardcore porno movie. I've even been offered a part in Crispies Two. View 2 comments. Smut Monday Club. That was an intense read! Kate and Charlie meet in the saddest of ways. Both make an attempt of suicide by drowning in the sea, and by chance they collide with each other.

Their plans are derailed by errant seaweed, a bloodied nose, and humor found in the oddest of moments. Sound depressing? You would be wrong! This story was all kinds of HOT, with a lot of witty banter, and yes, drama. Some intense drama, which thankfully was not too tortuously long.

Even though they were from two completel Wow. Both damaged in so many ways. Truthfully, these two were so intense I was afraid they would implode but they ended up being the best thing for each other. Barbara Elsborg has a talent for writing smart, witty, and quick humor.

I loved Kate and Charlie's snarky but affectionate exchanges. Here's a quick one: Are you in pain? Of course I'm in pain. Don't know what else to say there.

There were a couple of things, in this story that set my teeth on edge, but for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed this very sexy story! View all 36 comments. I read this book way back and stumbled across it again In the beginning, both Charlie and Kate are trying to commit suicide in the same place. They end up saving one another. Kate was trying to off herself because her latest relationship, she finds out, was a scam and she was just a bet between Richard and his friends when she's stood-up on her wedding day.

Anyway, the next chunk of the book is a giant sex-fest. Oh, and it's revealed that when her mother was kille I read this book way back and stumbled across it again Oh, and it's revealed that when her mother was killed, it wasn't her father who stabbed her, but a seven-year-old Kate who did.

Kate had heard her parents arguing and had gone in to try and help because she thought her father was attacking her mother.

During the chaos, she got a hold of the knife and accidentally cut her mother's femoral artery, killing her. Then, a story breaks in the papers about how Charlie had tried to kill himself in the ocean, as you'll recall.

Ask it above. Strangers By Barbara Elsborg. Charlie has turned being a bad boy into an art form but his inner demons have sent him spiralling out of control and right out to sea. The last thing he expects to do before he dies is crash into a suicidal woman. Worlds collide, and their only hope lies in each other. Charlie Storm has turned being a bad boy into an art form. Already a famous pop star, mega-success in the movie business beckons until his inner demons send him spiralling out of control and right out to sea.

When the worlds of these two strangers collide, their lives take an upward twist. Kate seizes a chance for happiness, seeing in Charlie a man she can finally trust to love her. Create Widget. English ISBN: About Barbara Elsborg. Her books feature quirky heroines, bad boys, and sometimes paranormal creatures and she hopes they are as much fun to read as they were to write Learn more about Barbara Elsborg.

Also by This Author. Report this book.

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