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While It Lasts book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Maybe driving home after a few (or more) shots of tequila had bee. Read online or Download Sometimes It Lasts (Sea Breeze Series #5) (Full Sometimes It Lasts by Abbi Glines ePUB MOBI PDF» ebooks: 02 years2 MB 00 be. Buy the eBook Sometimes it Lasts, Sea Breeze: Book 5 by Abbi Glines online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks from Booktopia.

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Abbi Glines - Breathe (Book 1).epub. KB. Abbi Glines - Because of Low ( Book 2).epub. KB. Abbi Glines - While It Lasts (Book 3).epub. 3)While It Lasts 4)Just for Now 5)Sometimes It Lasts 6)Misbehaving 7)Bad for You 8)Hold on Tight 9)Until the End. Breathe - Glines, KB. 03 - While It - dokument [*.pdf] While It Lasts A novel by Abbi Glines a.k.a. Bibliophile Published by Abbi Glines County Road 13 Fairhope.

With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Cage brings his playboy prowess to the countryside as the Sea Breeze hookups continue, from self-published phenomenon Abbi Glines. Low broke Cages heart by getting with Marcus in Because of Low. Cage went into a tailspin that ended in a DUI. In order to salvage his baseball scholarshipthe one thing he truly valued besides LowCage must take a summer job.

May 03, Jenny - TotallybookedBlog rated it really liked it. Yes, this book had me at the prologue! I wanted to see who would break through this bad boys shell and what type of girl Cage would give his heart to. Eva was perfect. She was everything I would w 4.

She was everything I would wish for Cage, and even though at times I wanted to slap her, overall she was just what Cage needed. Just seeing how she lifts him when he needs it was wonderful and I loved her for that. Cage is still the dirty talking bad boy we love. Can this boy ever be tamed?

Just the way he spoke had me fanning myself. That boy has a way with words! I loved how Abbie Glines wove Low into the story.

While It Lasts had it all for me. It had warm relatable characters, great storyline, just enough angst, a lot of emotion but it was also a fun and easy to read book.

I could not put it down. I was so wrapped up in the characters I had to stay and finish it. There was no putting this down and leaving it for another day! View all 6 comments. Oct 27, AJ rated it liked it Shelves: After landing himself in trouble on a DUI, his baseball coach sends him off to work on a farm for the summer as punishment and to sort himself out, otherwise he risks losing his baseball scholarship.

Eva takes one look at Cage and knows that he is trouble. She is still very much in mourning and has shut herself off completely from relationships and men — especially gorgeously sexy womanising bad boys.

Cage is smitten by Eva at first glance, but she is snarky and dismissive of him. They commence a battle of wills which becomes mild teasing and flirtation when they both notice the other watching them. This is a really sweet relationship. The bad boy falling in love for the first time is always great reading, and I enjoyed watching Cage go through all of the motions as he realised what he was feeling.

But fuck if I was just going to leave her. I couldn't do that. I may not be good enough for her but I was gonna damn well try my hardest to become worthy. All was progressing well, and the romance was becoming something really gorgeous, and then comes the inevitable drama that unfortunately brought this book down for me.

Ugh hide spoiler ]. Not what I wanted for this couple. I've been waiting for Cage Story after i fall in Love with Marcus. Love it! Jul 29, Jillian Dodd rated it it was amazing. Whooooo was this book hot!! I'm super excited that Abbi went out of YA and into contemporary romance with this book. Cage is too hot for PG!!

This book was everything I want in a book. Heart tugging, steamy romance, and a dreamy guy! View 1 comment. Mar 19, Erin rated it it was amazing. Hooooooly moley, Abbi Glines has nearly left me speechless!!! I say nearly because I am actually going to write this review While It Lasts is the book I've been waiting for anxiously since I first heard that Hooooooly moley, Abbi Glines has nearly left me speechless!!!

While It Lasts is the book I've been waiting for anxiously since I first heard that sexy beast named Cage was getting his own story! In Because of Low, he was constantly on my radar, and though I never wanted him with Low, I secretly fantasized about this guy the whole time I was reading her story.

He's the sex-crazed, irresponsible bad boy that you never want your girlfriend to date because you know she'll be left in blissful content momentarily, only to have sheer heartbreak the next day. When Cage gets a DUI and sees his free ride to the local junior college going down the drain, he doesn't really have a choice when his coach offers him an out.

He has to work his butt off on a farm for the summer talk about character building! The decision is obvious, and Cage soon finds himself sweltering in the heat for hours on end at Wilson Brooks' farm. That wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't for the farmer's tempting and beautiful daughter Eva always being around.

Having dealt with heartbreaking loss that left her broken and bitter, she's in no mood to deal with someone like Cage She soon realizes that playboy persona Cage puts on isn't really him deep down, and Eva finds herself more and more drawn to him as the weeks pass.

The little stollen moments and sweet things she does for him were cute, and you can't help but cheer them on! These two had a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to be together, though, given Cage's rocky past, Eva's recent tragedy, and her family less than accepting of the bad boy she was falling for! I loved Cage just as much as I did in Low, this guy is just the epitome of the bad boy who suddenly realizes there is a girl for him!

He is sexy as all get-out, and I loved seeing the sweet side of him with Eva. And getting to see his POV, as always is the case with Abbi's work, was just a delish treat!!!!! Good god, the thoughts that run through this boys head!!!! The more I saw of him, though, the more differences and personality traits unique to him came out, so it worked itself out.

The prologue was so incredibly sad, and she was such a lost soul for so much of the book. Cage really brought her to life and made her a new person, and it was really sweet and sexy all at once!! These two had so many scenes that had my heart about to race out of my chest, I felt like I'd gotten a full hour of cardio in for the day!! I just loved that she took the risk and went there with these characters, because she definitely knows what she's doing and it absolutely worked wonders in this story!!!

The plot for this story was well thought-out; I liked seeing more of Cage's lifestyle outside of Low, and I actually really liked that the storyline was simple. It didn't need shocking twists or narcissistic antagonists to keep me hooked, it was just a great romance. I was sitting on the edge of my seat many times, and of course there was some serious heartbreak for both characters. I love the way Abbi rips your heart out and then smashes it back in your chest with a pulse-racing moment that takes your breath away!

View all 8 comments. Feb 15, Cande rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Y bueno, no me gusta dejar las cosas a medias. No pienso tocar un libro de Abbi Glines en mi vida. El pobrecito se enamora de Eva Brooks, la hija del granjero, con la que claro, no puede estar. La protagonista, sin embargo, siempre es igual de tonta e ingenua. Pero ese no es el problema, el problema es que es la idea de un matrimonio del siglo XV. Eva debe casarse y debe buscar un buen partido, debe ser pronto.

Nada, ni siquiera respirar. Ganar dinero, obvio. Como pierdo la esperanza en la humanidad. Best of Sea Breeze so far!

View all 11 comments. New Adult Contemporary Romance Series: Book 5 in Sea Breeze series "You touched something you had no business touching, boy.

She ain't one of your little sluts. She's a good girl who had one helluva year.

I ought to put a bullet through your head and bury you in the yard," -Wilson Hahahahahaha! Dad was not playin any games when it came to his babygirl. Besides who can blame him if you read the previous book Because of Low then you know how much of a man whore Cage is. Cage has never been one to stick around the morning after his sexual quest.

Oh no, he is out the door and on to the next one. But not this time, this time is different. This time with this girl he knows he is in it for the long haul. Left with no other choice Cage is off to the country. Now left picking up the peices of her life she finds comfort in the friendship to the only other person she believes feels her level of pain.

Jeremy, Josh's twin brother. When Eva first encounters Cage she gives him her ass to kiss. Slowly his charm gets the best of her and she stops fighting the attraction. She gives in to temptation knowing that Cage is a player and can charm just about any girl out of her panties.

Abbi Glines – New York Times Bestselling Author – Abbi Glines

And charming Eva out of her panties is exactly what he does. Not sure who thought to classify this as YA, there was nothing YA about it. This is not something you read in YA. Examples below 'His finger slowly eased out and back in and I thought I was going to die from pleasure. So hot. I want inside so damn bad. Ummmmmmm, yeah, so not so much YA if you catch my drift. Not that i mind in the least i like my YA with a little spice but all the sliding and thrusting caught me a little off guard.

Anywho, i read this whole series just to get to this book i am not a huge Abbi Glines fan however this series has won me over i am excited that Cage and Eva will soon get another book. Yes, book 5 is their next book so i am super hype about this revelation! While it last was very steamy and had alot of laugh out loud moments. We get to see some of our fave characters in the series like Marcus, Low and Preston.

Ok so maybe these are my fave characters. Preston's book is next and i can't wait. Am i the only one who noticed he has a thing for Amanda, Marcus's little sister?!?

I recommend this to all YA Romance lovers over the age of 17! Now go forth and read. Then come tell us all about it on Goodreads!

Jun 11, Madison Seidler rated it it was amazing. Check out this and other reviews at Madison Says. Absolutely loved it. Can't even review it yet but it was just ridiculous.

I thought I was obsessed with the Vincent Brothers, but Cage just blew them outta the damn water! I'll probably go back and read this many times - just for his deli Check out this and other reviews at Madison Says. I'll probably go back and read this many times - just for his deliciousness alone. Honestly, I have loved all of Abbi's books so far, but this was certainly my favorite.

I think it definitely has some to do with the fact that it is her most "adult" book, and I loved that. Girl knows how to write adult romance.

That's for sure. I loved Cage in Because of Low. I know a lot of people thought he was just a gross, womanizing ass, but I couldn't wait for his story, because I knew there was more to this dude than he let on. I mean, look at how he took care of Low all those years, never pushing her for more, and just being there for her. That's love. And then, he gets himself a DUI, which threatens his college education and placement on the baseball team, and he lands on a farm - in the boonies - for the summer.

Now, doing manual labor like that isn't something he's used to, and add into that the firecracker farmer's daughter who wants nothing to do with him - Cage is definitely out of his element. Especially when he finds himself falling in love with said firecracker Cage and Eva's love story is so great because it overcomes so much. Eva's dealt with a major heartbreak - more than any 20 year old should endure which by the way, had me crying during the first 3 pages and Cage just doesn't know how to actually handle the fact that he's in love with her.

Mix all that drama with some steaminess and you have yourself one hell of a fantastic Abbi Glines novel. I give this book 5 stars and will recommend to everyone, including random old women at the grocery store. I cannot wait for Preston's story, but am still secretly wishing for more Cage and Eva and while I'm at it, more Ashton, Beau, Sawyer and Lana, because let's face it, that's how I fell in love with Ms. Glines in the first place..

If you haven't read this yet, you should do so, now, but keep in mind that chances are your pulse will race, you'll breath heavier than normal, and you'll more than likely need a cold shower - multiple times.

View 2 comments. Mar 16, Bethany rated it it was amazing Recommended to Bethany by: Smut Monday Club. Abbi really knocked it out of the park with this one and even turned up the heat. I loved it so much! There isn't a book out there of Abbi's that I haven't loved and this one is right up there with the rest. View all 25 comments. Jul 26, Laura rated it really liked it Recommended to Laura by: I know, I know—but I fall every time. Cage York is my type of guy!

Man whoring ways and all! D Our man-whore hero is sent off to the farm for physical-shirtless labor due to a DUI charge. The last thing she wants is to fall for the bad boy. Can Cage keep his hands off? Can Eva really resist the delectable Cage York? These two clash and spark causing the summer to heat up with off the chart hotness! Can Cage and Eva handle the heat? Hell, can we? I love an Abbi Glines world. Her slow, hot, sexy summer days seep into my heart and soul. Cage had me swooning pretty much every time he opened his mouth to speak, lick, and oh-so much more.

Not until you. At times, Cage made my chest ache. The insecurities under all that swagger broke my heart. Readers heard the pain from his point of view, but I never felt like he shared it with Eva.

Even when Cage introduced Eva to his world and opened up in ways he never had before, they really just dealt with his reputation. His bad-boy ways were center stage. I never felt like these two talked and shared their real pasts and pain under their images and reputations.

The chemistry and heat were there on the page. But for me, the banter, flirting, and emotional punch to the heart were missing between Cage and Eva. Hell—Eva started off with attitude, but it never built or showed itself again after their first meeting. That kind of silent flirting and action did not work for me in building a relationship.

Cage stole my heart, but as a couple, the love affair did not sweep me off my feet. Lots of sexy fun though! That said--I had fun here with Cage and Eva on the farm. A world filled with heat, skinny dipping, lemonade, need, lust, and perhaps much more. A hot summer read that I would recommend for any Glines fan. View all 16 comments. Apr 22, Isamlq rated it it was ok. It's with a line like that I turned all hopeful, expectant even. I really thought this would have just the right mix of funny, dramatic, and sexy.

And the sexy times? Bad boy Cage is present off and on in this one… so not surprising are the suggestive bordering on raunchy talky talk here and there. Between the two of them, with the disagreements and the misunderstandings and the cold shoulder treatment and the walking out That's what was missing.

With it, I might have liked this more. But that moment when I was sure it lost me was her demonstrating her musical prowess. I wish I really do wish that WIL had stuck to the hints of music. Those early hints revealed little of what Eva had to offer. Sadly again I found that what would eventually be offered up to be too sappy-sweet for my taste.

Forgive me, but I just cannot get over the corniness. Grand gestures are all well and good, but I just wish there was more subtlety in execution. Too much of everything Nov 10, Jen rated it liked it. I ended up enjoying this one more than I thought I might. I'm not going to write much until I let this one process a little more. One thing screamed out at me as I was reading this, though.

Ashton and Eva are both innocents who experienced long term relationships with stable, good boys without managing to give away their V cards. Both have famili I ended up enjoying this one more than I thought I might. Both have families that expect them to end up with a certain type of guy and they're expected not to deviate from that path. Beau and Cage are both studly athletes from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks with their fair share of female experience.

Both man boys harbor deep seeded beliefs that they're just not good enough for the lovely ladies they've fallen for, especially in comparison to the good boys these gals have loved in the past. Were the two stories exactly the same? No, but similar enough for me to notice as I was reading While It Lasts.

Regardless of that, it's still a solid 3 stars because I had a good time reading it and didn't end up feeling like I wasted my time. I hate when that happens. Apr 26, Joanna rated it really liked it Shelves: If you want me to compare this book to all the other Sea Breeze books, i am so begging you not to let me do that. The book was ok. Maybe i was just expecting a lot from it. Don't get me wrong I was entertained, i got teary-eyed in some parts, especially the prologue.

I somehow find it lacking. Or something Eva's pain has got to really hurt so much. I mean she just lost the person she loved for 18 years. There were promises that she hoped to have someday. Yet all those promises we If you want me to compare this book to all the other Sea Breeze books, i am so begging you not to let me do that. Yet all those promises were broken because of the lost love. That just effin sucks man! Yep she was scared to move on because it's like disrespecting or being unfaithful to Josh but we all know life has to go on.

She knew that, of course, she just couldn't handle it yet. He was her best friend, her protector and he made he Of course because of this Jeremy, Josh's twin brother is trapped with her. Because I was broken. He's actually charming and a flirt and just damn gorgeous. I never expected him to go crumbling down in front of a girl. Well, guess what. This is his moment! He's afraid to be rejected by the girl who means so much to him. Yes he's used to rejection all his life but that doesn't mean it can't hurt him.

In fact, it's what's breaking him. He had been the key to my healing. No one had pushed me before him. She's feeling the intensity of what and how it is to love someone and making the right decisions.

She never experienced this with Josh and it's kinda scary for her. Cage may have a lot of experiences with women but he never experienced falling in love with someone hard.

That makes him and Eva equal. They have to start from what they know. Eva was able to experienced being loved the same way she loved a person while Cage never had that before. You know that part when Eva was saying that Cage has more experience than she is?

That's just for sexual and physical stuff. Funny thing is Cage is inexperienced in falling hard for someone. This is self pity: They wanted to play with me for a while and then go find the boy their parents would approve of. Other than rejection, self pity is another one of our bitches in life. I pity Cage for this. I can't blame him because he lived his life like that. Knowing that he wasn't the keeping kind. It was like a slap in the face to know that the girl you love doesn't want you.

Like i said, not enough drama for me. It was just like that. I was like "oh hey, wait. That's it? I was so ready to cry really hard! Anyway, even though it wasn't enough for me.

I enjoyed other parts! Eva singing that song in the bar declaring her love for Cage! So freakin awesome!!! I was really happy about that. Also when Cage has heard the first time that Eva played the guitar and singing in his apartment. Moment alert! I think i am not making sense, i am so sleepy right now.

This is a quote from that bassist dude, made me laugh so effin much!: Fucking NONE! I want one too. It was good. I can't stop thinking about this book! Aug 08, La-Lionne rated it it was amazing Shelves: The review was written back in , when I was a fangirl of Abbi Glines, so be kind ;- Talking about a good girl going bad. And bad she went. Good for her: This one was one of those few books that I just couldn't put it down. I didn't knew what I was getting my self in to.

When I read the plot I thought it's going to be a story about summer love, a lot of flirting, maybe some making out here and there and a lot of boy chasing after a girl. But it was so much more than that.

While It Lasts

Let me just st The review was written back in , when I was a fangirl of Abbi Glines, so be kind ;- Talking about a good girl going bad. Let me just start by saying how many time I wished I could slap Cage across the face!

What a filthy mouth he had. And to think that he was kissing Eva with it: Panties, titties and getting some was all he thought about antil My palms were twitching every time he made inappropriate comment toward her. Don't get me wrong, I loved his character. But I just wished that he would have threatened her a little better. She had gone through a lot and she didn't need some one like him storming in to her life and messing with her head like that.

And then it hit me. Everybody around her was handling her like she was made out of glass. Afraid to mention HIS name, which could trigger and bringing back memories and the feelings that comes with it. But then again, maybe he was exactly what she needed, someone real. Someone who would help her to snap out of it.

It has been long enough. But putting jokes aside. Losing a son, a lover, a friend, a brother or just someone you deeply care about is no laughing matter. I think that most of us can relate to that. We all deal with loss in our own way.

And people that care about us always try to do their best to ease our pain and help us to move on. But sometimes, unintentionally, they just choose the wrong approach. And I think that that was exactly what happened in Eva's case. She needed someone to show her that there is life outside the pain, grief and what ifs. As brutal as it sounds, life does goes on, either you want it or not. It's what your choose to make of it that counts.

And from that point on I started to cheer for Eva. The hell with it. If looking at his ass makes you feel better so be it. At least you found something that makes you feel… something: As I was reading I was thinking about what an odd couple they would make.

The whole "apposite attract" came in to my mind. But then, if you think about it, they weren't that different. They both had experienced loss in their lives. The first one have lost his childhood and the second one the love of her life. It's not quite the same but both of them are familiar with the feeling of emptiness, being left alone to figure things out on your own. The only difference is that they had different support systems, or lack thereof.

And then the song came in to my mind. I can't recall either name of it or the artist who sang it, but just few worlds which was in it: I have heard many times people say that strength comes from with in.

And it's only up to us how we choose to live our life's. In some cases or maybe most of them it's true. But In others Sometimes you feel so lost, helpless and alone that you have no strength left to fight anymore or see no hope for the future. And then you meet people in your life that gives you a total And it's like a feeling of lightbulb going off in your head "I never thought of it that way". In my case it was my teacher, long time ago. Characters and situations they were in was very believable and realistic, and hit way too close to home than I expected to.

Especially Cage's. It made me very sad when I read: I didn't cry. I also didn't fucking beg. I knew what it felt like to beg someone to want you. I'd been called a worthless piece of shit by my father from the time I was five. Then again by my mother when I was teenager rebelling because of the life I'd been handed. I decided long ago if I was worthless then I didn't have to live by anyone's fucking rules. I'd make my own.

This one is my favorite book of this summer and in my opinion the best one from this author so far. Brilliantly written, hilarious and heartbreaking. Combination that is hard to find. Which are my favorite books of this year. Mar 16, Morgan rated it it was amazing Shelves: I promise I haven't gotten soft with my ratings.

While it Lasts was just that damn good!!! Well done, Ms. I have enjoyed many books by Abbi Glines over the last year or so, but While it Lasts is hands down my new favorite. It was absofreakinlutely amazing!! Simply put, this book has everything that I look for in a contemporary romance novel.

Flirty, witty banter. Hot, sexy hook ups. Heartbreaking discoveries. Character growth. Conflict and Drama. While it Lasts was about as close to perfection as they come. I strongly recommend this novel! Cage's character was first introduced in Because of Low, the "predecessor" to While it Lasts. In Because of Low, Cage was quickly labeled a womanizing bad boy because he lives by the motto: Even though he was somewhat of a jerk in Because of Low, I had high hopes for Cage's story.

I just knew that there was a softer, sweeter side to him that was covered up by his playboy ways. Needless to say, I had high expectations going into this novel, and While it Lasts surpassed all of them. I loved both of the main characters in this novel. Cage is sex on a stick. Not only that, but there was so much more to his character than we saw in Because of Low.

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Sometimes it Lasts

Forever Too Far Rosemary Beach: Because of Low Sea Breeze: Book 2. Never Too Far Rosemary Beach: Breathe Sea Breeze: Book 1. Fallen Too Far Rosemary Beach: When I'm Gone Rosemary Beach: Book Item Added: Sometimes it Lasts.

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