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13th Age is an “open” dbased tabletop fantasy RPG similar in play to games What makes 13th Age different? You can purchase the core rulebook here!. Parent Directory, -, -. Fire & Faith - Map, , MB . Fire &, , MB. 13th Age Core Book Disclaimer: I received the hardcover for 13th Age for page book – I do not own the Pdf, so I can't comment on that format.

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“13th Age RPG delivers an incredible fantasy storytelling experience.” – io9 . 13th Age: Sell me a PDF! 13th Age Core Book Preview | Aaron McConnell says . 13th Age - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Die Environments: Rules For Basic Attacks Combat Actions The 13th Age is less at the back of the book on page that you can photocopy. Items 1 - 50 of 66 13 True Ways is now available in PDF! Get the expansion book for the 13th Age fantasy roleplaying game, by the game's core creative team of.

Learn more about 13th Age. Want to create 13th Age compatible content? See here. Play 5th Edition? See here and here.

The general feats and feat to d20 players. The system is designed to be simple enough to calculate basic attack bonuses and damage. You might find Defense. Mental from ones listed here. Races work like normal. The more details you get from the GM. Your character has at least eight background points.

We think either method is fine. Both methods work. Drop the low die the highest or the lowest.

In each case. If two or more modifiers are tied. We use different methods to create 13th Age characters. For now. Go to Chapter 4: Classes to see which ability scores give a bonus for that class. Put the scores into any order to best fit the character use one of those tied scores as the middle score.

13th Age

You can use whichever system or mix of options you prefer. See Chapter 5: Combat Rules for the details on how combat works. The chart only two ranger talents that allow limited spellcasting from covers the ability scores you 11 3 0 the cleric or sorcerer classes.

Roll 4d6 for each of the six ability scores Strength. By using multiple ability scores to determine defenses. You will get bonuses to ability scores as you rise in level also. Find the base value for your class 6, 7, or 8 in the Base Stats You calculate attack and damage rolls based on the ability scores for Classes chart on page Most classes use one specific ability score for most of 3.

Multiply your hit point value by 3 to get your total hit points their attacks. See Chapter 4: Classes for more information. Find the middle value among your Con modifier, Dex modifier, Each character should have one unique feature you invent for and Wis modifier. That value is your AC modifier. Your one unique thing 3. Add the AC modifier to your base AC value. AC Example moment when a campaign comes to life. The intent is not to create a new ability or power that will help you in combat; your character class already comes loaded For example, a character with a Con of 10 modifier with firepower and combat moves.

Good one that determine AC.

Sometimes good uniques drip with obvious story hooks for you and the GM. Find the base PD for your class 10 to 12 in the Base Stats for to be unfolded later. Classes chart on page Find the middle value among your Str modifier, Con modifier, and Dex modifier. That value is your PD modifier. One Unique Thing: Add the PD modifier to your base PD. Find the base MD for your class 10 to 12 in the Base Stats for the Order of the Koru, a group of rangers who move Classes chart on page That value is your MD modifier.

Add the MD modifier to your base MD. Sweet, sweet music. Start with your Dexterity modifier. Some classes and talent championships. Sometimes they tell me things, and sure that Destiny has brought me back for a reason. No combat bonuses, no combat powers: To repeat: Not icon relationship with the Emperor and some sort of background as a bonus you can count on. And not as a power or defined related to their history around the Imperial Court or wherever ability you can count on in combat.

The one unique thing feature deliberately the wrong questions. Try using our guidelines first. Always telling the truth in a way that other people know you are telling the truth?

All okay. These powers open up roleplaying opportunities. Some uniques can suggest that there are before settling on their big secret or special feature. The suggestion and the possibility are fine—this is the stuff that fantasy protagonists are made of, the More than Jonathan, I sometimes push players to hint that they might be capable of extraordinary things. But hints come up with ways that their characters are truly rather than definite powers are best.

Any powers or abilities that unique—the only person in the world who has surface out of your unique could come as a surprise to you and this particular story. Obviously I enjoy games that will come as part of the cooperative story you and the GM will push into new territory right away. Campaign pivots: The story works out fine when the around their storyline. That should be a good thing. But in my games, the Of course, not everyone can be on center stage at once.

GM decides which stories will play out in which sessions and in which tiers. As characters rise in power through champion and epic tier, new revelations and the natural consequences of dozens of dramatic storylines will shape and redefine their uniques. Suggested backgrounds and icon relationships: It makes perfect sense for a character whose.

One Unique I see truths in shadows that cannot be seen in the real world: So I reinterpreted the unique to be fun for The world is half-created. We hit some high points, but we left both of us: He has I am the only halfling knight of the Dragon Emperor: Being a Knight of the Empire could turn out to surface and provide a helpful power.

But he admitted that be a lot more significant than Gilly realizes. But of course there is. It was a convention No, this was going to be serious juju. But when bad involve some form of icon relationship with the Diabolist. And things happened around him, people just nodded knowingly and possibly the Crusader.

This is everything: Jonathan takes characters like this at their word, the type of big picture unique that a GM can hang an entire supplies more background points connected to knowledge, and campaign on. And Jonathan did, for a while, since the prophecies looks forward to playing on their knowledge and paranoia as concerning this character seemed to be forcing at least three of a means of motivating the campaign.

Rob notices that a character who has read a lot of books is Cool Idea, Consequences Later not entirely unique, not in a world that contains an Archmage.

The GM and players might not know what they personification of an ancient library or a sentient reading-spell mean to the story yet, but they know those uniques will have an who has attained personhood.

Another with the weirder option for their one unique thing. We had no idea why this was true. In the convention game, the clockwork Players with a great deal of experience playing d20 games heart came in handy when a monster that should have killed the sometimes have trouble coming up with ambitious uniques. My eyes were unjustly put out in the elven Court so the I am the only elf in the world with human ears: A Elf Queen replaced them with magical opals: I referred to this convention demo character.

I am an elven pyromaniac: Wait, did we say innocuous? And of the game. If you decide to allow a unique that comes with a that their character is a freak and a danger to society. Too Much for 1st Level. When Rob had a player want to be rule or shape the world is key to engaging your character with the a dragon rider, he said that seemed like a great thing for the game world.

At 1st level, Rob said that the character highlanders have cults, and 13th Age has icons. As you decide was having had a noble title stripped from them. The icons have risen to power levels where they balance especially if they regained their titles. You should feel free to make your character central You are a 1st level character rather than an icon. The fate of the icons is written in the stars. The number power they want to define, you can work with that.

But you need of points you spend on a relationship is a measure of its overall to make it clear to everyone involved that the character is going usefulness, since the relationship mechanic lets you roll one d6 per to pay a price.

A PC with abnormally great power connection to the icon see Using Relationships, on page First, how do you fly? If you want to world? Your wings will be more powerful later on. A winged wood elf? Hmm, maybe replace the elven grace racial ability with a unique elven flight ability that uses the same style of die roll and allows a round or two of flight instead of an extra action.

A winged dwarf? Heroic Icon Usually: Spend 1, 2, or 3 points. Spend 1 point. You may have contacts or inside Priestess hero. On the down side, you soldier who was too good and of trouble waits for you wherever Dwarf King may be called on to serve got drummed out of his legion. Elf Queen representatives of the icon You have insider knowledge and even when you have other allies who are in good with the plans. You might also be a icon, but you also have enemies target of villainous icons or associated with the icon.

Spend 1 or 2 points. High Druid and possibly even a monster some and a villain to others. You may be a dissenter, unwanted Prince of Shadows to a few. The enemies of One way or another, you can family member, or even a traitor your friends may turn out find help or hostility anywhere. Advantages and times—you create them. The Three complications will come from all sides. Villainous Icon Usually: Your connection Your enmity wins you allies among associated with the heroic sometimes gives you special right-thinking people, but some of Possibly: Or for that matter, by the other PCs.

Negative Relationship Level. High Druid. This is the moment when the story pivots on your possible connection to one of the beings who shape reality. In most social circles. You roll 1.

Possibly Emperor and the Three. Dwarf King. If two or three dice come up 6. The conflict is often between two different levels of icon. Why the d6? You Both 5s and 6s: Rolling 5s when you also rolled can usually manage it so that the connection benefits you more than 6s should make life both interesting and advantageous!

Other GMs let the players take the first crack at the icons and build out their campaigns to suit what their players have in mind. We generally do a little pre-planning and offer guidance Positive Relationship around the icon roles. You can often parley this favor into personal advantage. By using problems for the icon that relates to your conflict. Look out for 5s: If any die is a 5. These GMs figure out the motivations of each Ambiguous Icons icon.

Elf Queen. Great Gold Wyrm. Some GMs work out how all the icons are going to play out in their campaign. Possibly Dwarf King and Elf Queen.

As with a heroic icon. If any die is a 6. Lich King. Storytelling and roleplaying demands could take As with the heroic icon.

Orc Lord. Conflicted Relationship with Villainous Icon max 2 points Using Negative The icon has reasons both to destroy you and to support you. The Emperor has a lot of bastards in this campaign. To be clear. One point of positive relationship is the Keep in mind. This sort of relationship is a rich vein for personal drama. But the relationship is only a one-point unexpected sources. Positive Relationship acolytes. If you. Your knowledge might not Strength even amount to some form of destiny.

Crusader and Prince of Shadows. You Relationships might be an angst-driven former villain. Usually it with Villainous Icon max 2 points provides inside knowledge. As GM. Negative Relationship What. If you are a renowned enemy of the Diabolist. This relationship often implies some special knowledge you have If you have a negative relationship with an icon.

You might Dragon Emperor who spent a good deal of time in the presence get help. Often you might find that enemies of your rival see you as We have a PC in one campaign who is a bastard son of the an opportunity to strike against that mutual enemy.

Possibly characters. A negative relationship with an icon are about Utility. It does correlate with the utility of negative relationship need to help you have bigger and better the relationship. If you are a player who likes the extra relationship die and decide to apply it later.

Use it to increase an existing more in keeping with the heroic lifestyle. You owe the GM and other players an entertaining that up by being creative with how your relationship applies to explanation of what this big change represents for your character events in the game. Back to a new icon. When your character achieves champion level 5th. At 5th level.

Negative relationships just require more personally. You can assign a maximum of 5 points to a single background and minimum of 1. In other rare cases. Most skill checks require you to equal or beat a Difficulty combat skills. As at 5th level. Other dmechanic in 13th Age you assign a certain number of points usually eight to games use a variety of ways to set skill check DCs.

Rules and suggestions for using icon relationships When you roll a skill check to find out if you succeed at a in play start on page Instead tier environment. With backgrounds. In rare cases. Background Points if switching a relationship point from one icon to another makes Each character gets 8 background points. Other drolling games frequently use opposed d20 But if you like games that are more specific about rolls that pit skill vs. And if two PCs are competing to see who is character who has mastered many tongues.

Did the fighter learn weapons as a gladiator? A the service of the Emperor. If the GM thought the mountain was So we assume that most everyone speaks a particularly nasty it would be a hard check. So long as the GM agrees. Kasarak says. Not so much. A bodyguard? Or perhaps as a former sentient Kasarak has 8 points to put into backgrounds. Kasarak is a 3rd level adventurer. Still stuck? If both backgrounds applied equally to a situation such as about min-maxing. Natural 20s and Fumbles Suppose a player makes a Charisma check to have his or her rogue rustle up some clues as to where a certain monk of with Skill Checks the black dragon might be hiding.

We included equal background points noble. So we finally decided to write animal. Cathedral servitor. We never felt entirely comfortable about this Acrobat.

Most likely. The player fails the check. And so on. For bard Luke Crane. This interpretation is natural. A low roll on the going on among the party and NPCs. The failure means that interesting things happen.

The character probably descriptions.

But interpretations of the rogue as a high-skill character here are some example backgrounds that have been used in our and the fighter as a low-skill character.

They hated giving some classes fewer Legionnaire of the 17th [Legion]. A more constructive way to but a Wisdom skill check using her former cultist background interpret failure is as a near-success or event that happens to carry might help her identify the attackers based on fearful eyewitness unwanted consequences or side effects. For more examples see each of the class write-ups. But our playtesters had stronger hunter. We were sticking with traditional fantasy the backgrounds from other roleplaying games you like.

Adventurer feats are available to any character in hot-air balloons kept aloft by demons. Used to the old way of interpreting failure. As an accomplished mingler and agent. The party is climbing a Feats appear in three tiers: You can match the story of your character by picking up a new background or improving a background you 9 4 adventurer 3 champion 2 epic already have.

The suave PC does indeed make a good impression on the officer. Jonathan interprets the bad d20 roll quite differently. The Strength and between level 1 and level Lawful Neutral. Sir If you choose to use the 9-alignment system Gilly Tallfather makes an Intelligence check using his heraldry seriously. We like the 9-alignment system and in advancing her own agenda.

If anything. Burning Wheel. If you 7 4 adventurer 3 champion want even better skill checks. Gilly fails badly. Honeybottom Good. We let all your skill checks increase by 1 when you level up. Epic feats are available starting at level 8. Since this is a d20 game. If you like. Reach Tricks Adventurer Tier: To use Further Backgrounding the stunt.

When you roll recovery dice. Precise Shot attacks. Examples would Adventurer Tier: Add a total of 2 points to backgrounds you include getting an opportunity attack against an enemy who already have. Linguist Adventurer Tier: If your campaign cares about languages. Reloading a heavy crossbow now takes only a the lower tier feats before you pick up the higher tier feats.

Adventurer Tier: You get additional hit points equal to half You can also read enough to get by in all these languages.

Reloading a hand or light crossbow is a free action. Once per battle. Stranger languages are no 3 hp with this feat. As usual. If your quick action. Classes that are already ritual casters cleric.

Twice per day. It feels have. You are Strong Recovery probably not fluent in all these languages. See page for the ritual casting rules. Choose after you roll the check. There are also a few champion feats in the Adventurer Tier: When your ranged attack targets an enemy who Races chapter page Champion Tier: Add a total of 3 points to backgrounds you already have.

These points can take one of your could make a case. You can speak. If someone is speaking it. A few general your character already knows how to use those weapons. You can cast any spells you know as rituals. Toughness sure. If a feat is attached to a talent.

At 8th level. When there is more Rapid Reload than one feat attached to a specific talent or power. Quick action to reload heavy crossbow. Once per day. Improved Initiative None A: Cast spells you know as rituals. Halo now activates whenever you heal using a recovery. Dwarf C: Further C: Add 3 total points to your backgrounds. Confounding Gnome C: Target of confounding is weakened instead of dazed. Reroll one die when rolling recovery dice. Linguist None 44 C: None 44 Backgrounding E: Add 2 total points to your backgrounds.

Use surprising an extra time. Use d6 and d8 swords without penalties. When you teleport. Add the escalation die to your skill checks after seeing roll.

Use curse of chaos for free when a nearby enemy gets a natural 1 attack roll. Precise Shot None A: Breath Weapon Dragonic C: Breath weapon now targets 1d3 enemies in a nearby group. You can raise one background to 7.

Speak all normal humanoid languages well enough. Gain bonus hp equal to half your class baseline hp. Balladeer Talent C: Sing two ballads a day. Barbarian Rage Class C: Now start raging for free when esc. Relentless Talent E: Jack another spell from a third other spell-casting class. Increase your maximum recoveries by 1.

Use Barbaric Cleave as often as you want in one battle. The bonus damage dice are now d6s instead of d4s. Deal normal miss damage with missed Whirlwind attacks. Increase your maximum recoveries by 1 2 total. Barbaric Cleave Talent 80 C: You can move for free before using a Barbaric Cleave attack.

Use Building Frenzy twice per day now. Use your 1st or 3rd level battle cries without making a melee attack. The recovery from your Unstoppable attack is free. The warband fights for 1 round even after you are unconscious. Building Frenzy Talent C: The bonus damage dice are now d10s instead of d6s. Gain 20 temp hp when your Slayer attack drops a non-mook enemy. Use Unstoppable twice per battle now. Songs continue for one round when you are silenced.

Deal half damage with missed attacks when you use Violence. Violence Talent 81 E: Strongheart Talent C: Disengage attempts after using Whirlwind Whirlwind Talent 80 succeed automatically.

Use Natural Will twice per day now. Gain 3 or 4 bonus dice at the cost of an equal number of cursed dice with each enemy. Battle Skald Talent C: Battle cries used on yourself also help an ally. Jack of Spells Talent 86 C: Jack another spell from a second other spell-casting class.

Use Natural Will as a free action. Use Whirlwind anytime during your turn now. First time you use the ballad-created relationship. Slayer Talent C: Unstoppable Talent C: Add 2 x Con mod to the total healing from the Unstoppable recovery.

Gain 3 cantrips if you choose wizard. Natural Will Talent C: Number of targets increases to 2d4. Bonus dice and miss dice are now d12s. Use d6s instead of d4s for battle chant damage. Far away allies can now also have their positions swapped. Add a third random target. Pull It Together! Battle cry C: Battle cry now triggers on any natural even roll.

Victory is Ours! Battle cry 90 E: Target of befuddle now only needs to be in sight. Stay Strong! The AC bonus also applies to MD. Battle cry E: On a natural even hit.

13th Age - Core Rulebook + PDF

Hit effect is now a save ends effect. One battle per day. Ally can pop free of one enemy automatically before rolling disengage. Move It!

Use the battle cry 3 times per battle. If the ally is staggered. Hang Tough! Add your level to the temporary hp before any doubling for being staggered. The AC bonus also applies to PD. We Need You! Two of the targets can now be far away. Wild heal effect now provides free recoveries. On a hit. You can be the target of hang tough. Protection Talent A: One ally can roll a save each time you target allies with a spell. Strength Talent 97 C: Damage bonus dice are now d8s instead of d4s.

Knowledge Talent C: Now use a d4 for invocation instead of d6. Increases at each tier. Healing Talent C: Invocation of healing provides 2 extra uses of heal that battle. You also gain the AC bonus. Allies you heal add triple your level hp instead of double.

Circle of Protection Spells E: You gain one free use of resurrection. This spell is now a quick action to cast. The combat boon save automatically succeeds if the attack is a crit. Javelin of Faith Spells C: Spell can now target far away enemy with —2 attack penalty.

Turn Undead Spells C: Target demons or undead with turn undead. Heal Class C: If target is unconscious. War Talent C: The attack bonus can now apply to multiple enemies you attack. Justice Talent C: When you gain a reroll blessing. You can expend turn undead to gain an extra use of heal for one battle. Life Talent C: Each battle.

Mighty Healing Spells C: This spell is now a close-quarters spell. Your allies also get a damage bonus against the enemies you attack equal to double your Cha mod.

You gain a two-dice conflicted icon relationship instead. Spell now deals half damage on a miss. Judgment Spells 99 E: Combat Boon Spells 99 C: Ally can roll a save even if attack misses. Trickery C: Your trick die can now be used for any d20 roll. The domain power works with any attack now. Sun Talent C: Gain a positive relationship point with different random icon each day.

Allies you heal can use your recoveries instead. Increase target hp limit by hp. You can give the reroll blessing to yourself. Talent 97 OR Illusion E: Brace for It Maneuver C: Brace for it now works any number of times before your next turn. AC bonus also applies to MD. Deadeye Archer Talent C: Deal Power Attack damage even if you miss.

13th Age RPG.pdf

You do not take opportunity attacks while using Skilled Intercept. Brace for it now works against any type of attack. You can move to reach a new target before using your Cleave attack. Tough as Iron Talent C: Increase your total recoveries by 2. Cleave Talent C: Use Cleave twice each battle now but only once per round. Comeback Strike Talent C: Power Attack Talent C: Carve an Opening Maneuver C: Power Attack damage dice increase to 1d6 1-H or 1d8 2-H.

Counter-Attack attack now deals full damage. The damage is no longer halved if the attack hits. AC bonus also applies to PD. Combat mastery now triggers on any natural even hit.

Spend a quick action before attack to add your Dex mod to the damage if you miss. Heavy Warrior Talent C: Heavy Warrior now works against an attack vs. Heavy Blows Maneuver E: Add double 1-H or triple 2-H the escalation die to miss damage. Counter-Attack Talent C: Use Counter-Attack once per turn instead of per round. Never Surrender Maneuver E: Deal damage to enemies that fail to disengage from you equal to your Dex or Con mod. Defensive Fighting Maneuver C: Deadly Assault Maneuver C: A Dozen Cuts Maneuver C: Gain another use of Tough As Iron when you roll a natural 20 with an attack.

Triggers on any miss if using two-handed weapon. Skilled Intercept Talent C: Add escalation die to Skilled Intercept saves. You can pop free from up to 2 enemies when using Skilled Intercept. Non-mook enemies that fail to disengage from you are vulnerable. The attack and disengage penalty is equal to —4 or to the escalation die. You can have two enemies challenged at same time. Gain 1 relationship point with a villainous or ambiguous icon.

Enemies you challenge are vulnerable to your attacks. Sword of Destiny Maneuver E: Shield Bash Maneuver C: Lay on Hands Talent C: Lay on Hands healing uses a free recovery instead of one of your own.

Path of Universal Talent C: Your melee and ranged attacks deal holy damage. Can pop the target free of your allies. Your ally takes no damage. Two additional uses of Lay on Hands each day. Stop the movement of the target of your punish them attack. Use your Charisma as the attack ability for cleric spells. Add twice your Cha mod to Lay on Hands healing. Gain 1 relationship point with a heroic or ambiguous icon.

Smite Evil Class C: Cleric Training Talent C: Implacable Talent C: Once per turn. Strong Guard Maneuver E: Way of Evil Bastards Talent C: When your Smite Evil attack kills 3 or more mooks.

Maneuver Punish Them C: The crit range bonus now also applies to any ally who attacks the target while you are engaged with the target. Spinning Charge Maneuver E: Choose 2 cleric spells to gain instead of one. Second Shot Maneuver C: The second shot attack only takes a —2 penalty.

Bastion Talent C: Fearless Talent C: Precision attack now works with ranged attacks. Gain temporary hp equal to double your Con mod instead. Your crit range of Lethal Hunter attacks expands by 1.

Snake Companion E: First Strike Talent C: Lethal Hunter Talent C: Your pet gains a fourth ability. You can now track flying. Is there any other way to sort of quickly and easily or roughly remove things like attacks going up by 1 each level, or is that just too ingrained into the game?

These options might be nice for some, although I suspect it might require a lot of adjusting for the GM. Thanks either way! The forums are a good place for questions like that: Bring them into your 13th […]. Hi, I apologize for asking this request here, but I am not ableto find a contact form or something so I thought I leave my enquiry here. I run a blogengine blog but I am receiving large amounts of spam.

I see u use wordpress, is it simpler to control spam with wordpress or doesnt it make any difference? I hope you will respond to my comment or maybe send me an email with your answer if you dont want to approve the comment.

Best regards, Annie. Auf RPG. No, they have a PDF. Buy It Here! The book has been long anticipated by some patient folks it was originally slated for release […]. While I was only involved in the early concept phase, it was a great opportunity with an amazing […]. Reference the 13th Age book to balance encounters by number of players. The […]. Children of […].

There is even a trailer for the module […]. I say tribute because Guy played hard and fast following the […]. It is an improved version using some dungeons and dragons 4th edition-like mechanics and an a more […]. Why the 13th Age Monthly subscription has been cancelled? Why new products are not been released?

We must assume you are leaving behind this game? It would be a shame because it is a great game, one of the best. I purchased the rule book when it first came out and have recently dusted it off in hopes of getting into it again. Are they still using the original edition or have they brought out a 2nd edition? Thank you. It was this Numenera game that […]. Some 13th Age players and GMs customize minis from various sources or use the cardstock Pathfinder Pawns.

There are not 13th Age-specific minis available at this time. Think about it, something truly unique in a fantasy setting? It boggles the mind. Name required. Mail will not be published required. There are also fun new rules for hitting orcs and making them go splat. December 21, at 8: Wade Rockett says: December 25, at 4: December 26, at 2: Jeff says: January 31, at 3: Simon Rogers says: January 31, at 4: Midgard Icons: March 1, at 5: March 15, at 7: April 5, at 2: April 19, at 2: May 5, at 1: May 17, at 2: May 27, at 6: May 31, at 2: June 21, at 1: June 21, at 8: Top 10 der am sehnlichsten erwarteten Rollenspiel Arkanil says: June 30, at July 1, at 6: Sell me a PDF!

Online Dungeon Master says: July 12, at July 19, at 8: Episode Excited about Gen Con!

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