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Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Download as PPT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content BLUETOOTH BASED SMART SENSOR NETWORKS. INTRODUCTION. PPT on Bluetooth Based Wireless Sensor Networks. 1. . Components of Sensor Network:Smart Sensor Nodes and Gateway; Example.

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PDF | It is neither desirable nor possible to abstract sensor network software from the characteristics of the underlying hardware components. In particular the. issues of Bluetooth based wireless sensor networks, as well as an implementation of and low-cost devices, called smart sensor nodes, capable of performing. Seminar Report Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Network. INTRODUCTION. The communications capability of devices and continuous transparent information.

The communications capability of devices and continuous transparent information routes are indispensable components of future oriented automation concepts. Communication is increasing rapidly in industrial environment even at field level. In any industry the process can be realized through sensors and can be controlled through actuators. The process is monitored on the central control room by getting signals through a pair of wires from each field device in Distributed Control Systems DCS. With advent in networking concept, the cost of wiring is saved by networking the field devices.

Blue tooth defines three low power modes sniff, hold and park. When a device is in the park mode then it disassociates from and Piconet, but still maintains timing synchronization with it.

The master of the Piconet periodically broadcasts beacons Warning to invite the slave to rejoin the Piconet or to allow the slave to request to rejoin. The slave can rejoin the Piconet only if there are less than seven slaves already in the Piconet. If not so, the master has to 'park' one of the active slaves first.

PPT on Bluetooth Based Wireless Sensor Networks

All these actions cause delay and for some applications it can be unacceptable for eg: Scatternet consists of several Piconets connected by devices participating in multiple Piconet.

These devices can be slaves in all Piconets or master in one Piconet and slave in other Piconets. Using scatternets higher throughput is available and multi-hop connections between devices in different Piconets are possible. One of such applications is a wireless sensor network.

Wireless sensor networks comprise number of small devices equipped with a sensing unit, microprocessors, and wireless communication interface and power source. An important feature of wireless sensor networks is collaboration of network nodes during the task execution. As deployment of smart sensor nodes is not planned in advance and positions of nodes in the field are not determined, it could happen that some sensor nodes end in such positions that they either cannot perform required measurement or the error probability is high.

For that a redundant number of smart nodes is deployed in this field. These nodes then communicate, collaborate and share data, thus ensuring better results. From the user point of view, querying and tasking are two main services provided by wireless sensor networks. Queries are used when user requires only the current value of the observed phenomenon.

Tasking is a more complex operation and is used when a phenomenon has to be observed over a large period of time. Both queries and tasks of time to the network by the gateway, which also collects, replies and forwards them to users. More Seminar Topics: Are you interested in this topic.

In order to narrow the gap, a new system for fetal heart rate monitoring using smart phone is proposed in this paper. Medical systems for FHR monitoring at hospitals are normally quite expensive and not portable.

Although there are some recent medical hardware products for mobility, they are not cheap or easy for pregnant women, hence it is simple and portable. The fetal he.

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For the reliable real time video transmission of overlay network, optimal multicast service nodes MSNs should be selected to build highly efficient hierarchical overlay multicast tree. In this paper, a MSNs selection algorithm based on immune evolution is proposed.

MSNs are encoded by real-coded mechanism, and the K-medoids clustering distance is used to measure the similarity between MSN.

Currently scheduled for launch in , GOCE will measure highly accurate, high spatial resolution gravity gradients in three dimensions along a well characterised orbit. The mission objectives are to obtain gravity gradient d.

Robots capable of handling micrometer size components Deals with the study and application of miniature ones like mobile robots of micrometre scale Prefix has been used subjectively to mean small Characteristic dimensions less than 1 millimeter.

Text password is the most popular form of userauthentication on websites due to its convenience and simplicity. Firstly, usersoften select weak passwords and reuse the same passwords acrossdifferent websites.

Routinely reusing passwords causes a dominoeffect; when an adversary compromises. The act of note-taking is a key component of learning in secondary and post-secondary classrooms. Students who take notes retain information from classroom lectures better, even if they never refer to those notes afterward. However, students who are legally blind, and who wish to take notes in their classrooms are at a disadvantage. Simply equipping classrooms with lecture recording systems does n.

With TTD patient can: Natural gas has cost and environmental advantages compared with conventional liquid fuels, and liquefied natural gas can provide useful vehicle range for heavy-duty applications. All the contents avaailable in this site are being uploaded by someone else ,or send via mail to the admin.

If any of these contents seems to be copyrighted,or from other sites. The site authorities are not responsible for any copyright issues!!!! Bluetooth represents a great chance for sensor-networked architecture. This architecture heralds wireless future for home and also for industrial implementation.

With a blue tooth RF link, users only need to bring the devices within range, and the devices will automatically link up and exchange information. Thus implementation of blue tooth technology for sensor networks not only cuts wiring cost but also integrates the industrial environment to smarter environment. Today, with a broader specifications and a renewed concentration on interoperability, manufacturers are ready to forge ahead and take blue tooth products to the market place.

Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks

Embedded design can incorporate the blue tooth wireless technology into a range of new products to meet the growing demand for connected information appliances. Other seminar topics There are more seminar topics available,browse and download. Read more View. It does this through the use of a hundred or so automatically generated, highly specialized, energy-re GPR unit is suspende We start by showing how the delay constraints in real time video tr

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