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Items 1 - 7 Bands Student's Book with Answers Guy Brook-Hart and Vanessa Jakeman . ~. . Who this book is for • a complete IELTS practice test. 'Complete IELTS Bands by Guy Brook-Hart and Vanessa Jakeman with David Jay (C) ISBN Workbook with Answers with Audio CD . Complete IELTS. Bands - Workbook with Answers. Файл формата pdf; размером 6,98 МБ. Добавлен пользователем grassleaf

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Format: pdf Complete IELTS Bands 5 - combines the very best in contemporary The Workbook with Answers with Audio CD contains extra practice. Complete IELTS Bands is a short prepartion course of Format: pdf. Size: 18 The Workbook with Answers with Audio CD contains extra practice. Complete IELTS - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced Band 6 5 With Answers Audio CD.

Educational resources of the Internet - English. Cambridge University Press, Complete IELTS combines the very best in contemporary classroom practice with stimulating topics aimed at young adults wanting to study at university. It is designed to introduce students to the critical thinking required for IELTS and provide strategies and skills to maximise their score. The 10 topic-based units offer step-by-step approach to completing the different task-types for reading and listening and stimulating speaking activities to increase confidence and fluency. A Language Reference provides further grammar and vocabulary explanations and examples while Writing and Speaking References complete with tasks, sample answers and exercises.

If you are not planning to take the exam in the near future, the book teaches you the skills and language you need to reach an advanced level of English Commom European Framework CEF level C1. The Student's Book with answers contains 8 topic-based units with stimulating speaking activities, a language reference, grammar and vocabulary explanations and examples, to ensure that students gain skills practice for each of the four papers of the IELTS exam.

The with Answers edition contains recording scripts for the listening material and complete answer keys. It also includes a complete IELTS practice test to allow students to familiarise themselves with the format of the exam. View, download: Audio CD T 2 There is one part to the question. So cost is not 3 It is only necessary to discuss food production an issue.

Make some notes on these things and will spend a considerable amount of money these questions relating to the task in Exercise 1.

Discuss your opinions and ideas. Read the sample experience? Which of your were also mentioned during your discussion? Countable and uncountable nouns 0 Key grammar: Countable and uncountable nouns 0 Look at this extract from the sample answer on page Which underlined noun is countable and f Work in pairs. Say whether these statements which one is uncountable?

E Look at the highlighted words in the sample answer. Which are countable and which are I Work in small groups. Read this Writing task and uncountable? Put them in Write about the following topic. Many children these days have an unhealthy lifestyle. Both schools and parents are responsible a wide range of a little very few plenty of a lot of a large number of many a few little for solving this problem.

What should they do? Choose the i Write a plan for the task. Decide how many correct expression to complete each sentence. Jof fast food that each paragraph. Also plan your introduction and is eaten has increased. You will lose our lives. You should write at least when I get home. Then decide watch it in the original version.

Germany lea rn to speak German.

Complete: Complete IELTS Bands 5-6.5 Workbook with Answers with Audio CD

I Can you give me some Vice! Use each expression only once. There Write nouns for each of these adjectives. Three adjectives have two possible noun forms. Look at these photos.

Who is You are going to hear a student talking to her course tutor about an assignment. Before you listen, match the words with their definitions a-i. Read Questions and underline the key ideas in the question s not the options. Questions Which comments do the speakers make about Questions each lecture? A The content is repetitive.

A the time it takes to read B It took a long ti me to write. B t he overall organisation C It was shorter th an the others. C the nu mber of words D It was well structured. D t he number of sentences E The content is relevant. E the inclusion of key ideas F Th e topic was p opu lar. The answer. Read all the information for 9 Question s How many extra Exam advice Short-answer questions options are there? You are going to read an article about different theories on how babies learn to talk.

Before you read, look at the speech bubbles below. However, this 'copycat' theory can't explain why toddlers aren't as conversational as adults. What is hard for them to do is to explain these first words, and how they fit into the language acquisition pattern. E Work in pairs. Read the title and subheading of Over th e past half-century, scientists have settled on the passage quickly. What do you expect to read two reasonable possibilities.

The first of these is called about in the article? When do children brains can't handle adult speech. Children don't learn start talking in longer sentences? Likewise, they don't speak multi-word sentences or use word endings and function words 'Mummy opened the boxes' before their brains are ready. Why don't babies talk like adults?

Kids go from 'goo-goo' to talkative one step at a time The second is called the 'stages-of-language hypothesis', which states that the stages of progress in child speech by Joshua Hartshorne are necessary stages in language development. A basketball player can't perfect his or her jump shot A recent e-trade advertisement shows a baby speaking before learning to 1 jump and 2 shoot. Similarly, directly to the camera: I go anywhere I want now. This reverse. There's evidence, for instance, that children advertisement proves what comedians have known for don't usually begin speaking in two-word sentences years: But it also raises an important question: Why don't In other words, until they've crossed that linguistic young children express themselves clearly like adults?

In other words, they listen to the words The difference between these theories is this: Behaviourism, the scientific approach should depend on the child's age and level of mental that dominated American cognitive science for the first development when he or she starts learning a language. Look at the underlining in Question 1 below, then read the first paragraph In , researchers at Harvard University, who were of the passage.

What is the answer? More than 20, internationally adopted children Questions enter the US each year. Many of them no longer hear their birth language after they arrive, and they must learn Do the fo llowing statements agree with the English more or less the same way infants do - that is, claims of the writer in the reading passage? International adoptees Write don' t take classes or use a dictionary when they are YES if the statement agrees with the learning their new tongue and most of them don't have a claims of the writer well-developed first language.

All of these factors make them an ideal population in. These children began learning English This is a paraphrase of few things are as at an older age than US natives and had more mature funny in the first paragraph of the pa ssage.

Even so, just as with American-born infants, t heir first English sentences I I People are extremely amused when they consisted of single words and were largely bereft of see a baby talk like an adu lt.

The adoptees then went through the same stages as typical American- 2 Behaviourists of the early 20th century born children, albeit at a faster clip. The adoptees and argued that chi ldren learn to speak by copying adults. This find ing - that having more mature brains did not help These words are similar to words in the the adoptees avoid the toddler-talk stage - suggests th at passage, so they help find the right place.

B efore long , the one-word 0 Now underline the words in Questions 2- 4 that stage will give way to the two-word stage and so on.

Then Learning how to chat like an adult is a gradual process. Researc hers have long suspected there is a questions see page If the examiner it cannot proceed w ith full success to fluency. Read the title of the summary Questions below and use this to find the right part of the passage. Look at Question 5. Why is 'C' correct?

Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D. Complete the summary using the list of words A to give reasons why adopted children were and phrases, A-H, below. One states that children learn a language a young child's brain needs According to this theory, some A were finding it difficult to learn English.

Children's C were learning English at a later age than US children. A vocabulary level E mathematical knowledge D had taken English lessons in China.

B physical movement F sentence formation 12 What aspect of the adopted children's c time G learning D attention H teaching language development differed from that of US-born children? D Not all brains work in the same way.

Then check 14 When the writer says 'critical period', he your answers with your partner. A studies produce useful results. B adults need to be taught like children. I Underline the key ideas in Questions 14, then C immigrants want to learn another quickly find the right place in the passage. When do you think this might end? Think about how you will link your 0 Work in pairs. Read this task and match the ideas. Describe an English lesson that you really Describe a situation you remember when you enjoyed.

Take turns to give your talks. Listen again to the first part of So the next thing we did Th1s was because Abi's talk and write the missing words. Um, the 2. And, well, I've always enjoyed travelling I've always wanted A C.. At the time, my friend and I had L Consonant sounds It was the summer 0 page 34 Key grammar: Present perfect and past simple break, and 6. Take turns to read the paragraph 0 Work in pairs.

Which sounds are most difficult for Exam advice Speaking Part 2 you to pronounce? Mark six sounds that you find difficult. Read the script extracts to your partner.

Find out or know? Circle the correct words in from Abi's talk with the tenses a-c. Abi's talk and say what tense they are. I want to learn how to drive.

When you teach someone, you give them new knowledge or skills. My dad taught me how to drive. When you study, you go to classes. Complete these questions with 0 page Tenses teach, learn, study, know or find out.

Circle the correct verb form in these sentences. Ask and answer the questions in 5 Sometimes people who have been on a diet eat Exercise 3. Look at the graph below. D 1 What does the graph show? D 3 Are there any significant similarities or e The graph shows how many year-old students differences between the two language trends? D g So there was a significant difference in numbers at this time. D The graph below shows information about the h According to the data, Mandarin has increased languages that year-old students in one school in popularity during this time.

D chose to study. In contrast, the number of students tak ing Summarise the information by selecting Mandarin dipped in and then fluctuated, and reporting the main features, and make before it returned to D comparisons where relevant.

Since , the trends have not changed as much. D Language options selected by year-old students in a school in England Work in pairs. Look at the text in Exercise 2 again and find verb phrases which mean the following. Look at this table and discuss what it shows. Which column: Global statistics: Shore Hotel Staff: D 22 so so b Over the Mext five years, the figure fell 21 65 45 considerably for French, but rose dramatically for Mandarin and reached a peak at 20 79 67 75 students. The information 2 In general, all the figures gradually increased goes bac.

After 6 The temperature decreased until a low of three this, there was a slight fall of a At first, this figure rose by 13 perc. Look at the Writing task below to Work alone and write your summary. You should write at least ISO words. The graph below shows information about the 0 Write an overview of the information in the recruitment of teachers in Ontario between summary in one or two sentences. J below Exam advice Describing trends When you have to describe trends: Look at the photos of different media.

Which do you normally use to do the following? You are going to read a passage about the World Wide Web. Before you read, discuss these questions. How many uses of the Web are mentioned? A Proposal'. That was the bland title of a document written in March by a then little- known computer scientist called Tim Berners-Lee, who was working at CERN, Europe's particle physics laboratory, near Geneva.

His proposal, modestly called the World Wide Web, has achieved far more than anyone expected at the time. In fact, the Web was invented to deal with a specific problem. As the first few lines of the original proposal put it, , Twitterers sampled had 80 friends each, on average 'Many of the discussions of the future at CERN and the LHC those on Facebook had , but some listed up to 1, This showed that an individual's active social network The Web, as everyone now knows, has many more uses is far smaller than his 'clan'.

Dr Huberman has also helped than the original idea of linking electronic documents about uncover several laws of web surfing, including the number particle physics in laboratories around the world. But among of times an average person will go from web page to web all the changes it has brought about, from personal social page on a given site before giving up, and the details of the networks to political campaigning, it has also transformed the 'winner takes all' phenomenon, whereby a few sites on a business of doing science itself, as the man who invented it given subject attract most of the attention, and the rest get hoped it would.

It allows journals to be published online and links to be Scientists have been good at using the Web to carry out made from one paper to another. It also permits professional research.

However, they have not been so effective at scientists to recruit thousands of amateurs to give them a employing the latest web-based social-networking tools to hand.

One project of this type, called GalaxyZoo, used these open up scientific discussion and encourage more effective unpaid workers to classify one million images of galaxies into collaboration. This project, Journalists are now used to having their articles commented which was intended to help astronomers understand how on by dozens of readers.

Indeed, many bloggers develop galaxies evolve, was so successful that a successor has now and refine their essays as a result of these comments. People working for a more modest reviewed in the same way, most researchers only accept project called Herbaria home examine scanned images of reviews from a few anonymous experts. When Nature, handwritten notes about old plants stored in British museums.

It is allowing social scientists, in instinct turned out to be right, because almost half of the particular, to do things that were previously impossible. In papers attracted no comments. Michael Nielsen, an expert one project, scientists made observations about the sizes of on quantum computers, belongs to a new wave of scientist human social networks using data from Facebook.

A second bloggers who want to change this. He thinks the reason investigation of these networks, produced by Bernardo for the lack of comments is that potential reviewers lack Huberman of HP Labs, Hewlett-Packard's research arm in incentive.

It provides information on Unit4 fundamental questions of physics. Complete the notes below. Questions We. IUdol'1j Dr" llube. Y" Write of people. TRUE if the statement agrees with the Dr" llube. Y"mal'1 i. QS also '"'ve. Y" koW lo"'j people. Y" of s. Y"S oV1 Same. Read the title of the notes and find the section 2 The original intention of the Web was to of the passage which deals with the subject. Read the notes and decide what type of 3 Tim Berners-Lee has also been active in information you need for each gap.

Be careful to copy the answer from the passage 4 The Web has allowed professional and exactly. Look at Questions in the next passage for each answer. Read Questions below. Questions 1- 5 1 Do you use Facebook, Twitter or other social Complete the sentences below. What sort of things do you talk about?

II Jj 1 Ordinary people can provide a news story, a. You are going to hear a lecturer talking about journalism practised by people who are not professional journalists. Before you listen, discuss this question. Where do you think amateur journalists can publish articles and reports? Vocabulary I What is a flow chart? Complete these sentences by writing one 3 If you need a noun, do you think it will be of the above words in each gap.

Questions 2 I think the main Put the main facts at the beginning to attract attention. Which words are often used before Use a model in the shate of a 6.

Include 7. The police are still trying to establish the cause of the fire. J, new product. Rewrite, making sure paragraphs are short. I Pollution is a teftSiffi: Exam advice Sentence and flow-chart 3 The growth of big cities has its human, completion economic and political reasons. If not, use agricultural land is losing productiveness. Have you ever'lo. What was it about?

Look at these questions for Speaking Part 3. Look at this task for Speaking Part 2. Which words and phrases in the box 1 What opinion or ideas would you"express to below would you use when you do the task?

Describe a website on the Internet that you use regularly. Internet use You should say: Exercise 5 is she answering? Some people do perhaps, for example personal than in Part 1. Maybe too much ti me chatting to friends, not answers below. Which answer do you think is enough time doing other things. Too much time sitting best? But many people leave the Internet connected all day because they use it instead of a telephone for How does the Internet help messages or instead of going to the library, so I think it people in their everyday lives?

For some things, it saves time. I use the Internet for downloading films. I enjoy 0 Pronunciation: Chunking watchin g films in my free time. Take turns to ask and answer the questions in Exercise 5. I think it helps people in quite a lot of ways. Take turns to ask and answer Writing Task 2 these questions. Read this Writing task and underline the things you must deal with in your answer.

Then Using the Internet answer the question below. Write about the following topic. The media should limit how much bad news they 3 What are the advantages of using social report because it discourages people from doing networking sites instead of meeting friends activities which usually involve very little risk. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Which of these things should you write about in your onunciation answer?

Chunking a Whether the media report too much bad news b What you enjoy watching on TV and reading in We tend to say words in groups, almost like one newspapers word. We call this chunking. Between groups of c If people are really affected by the news words, we pause or hesitate. Read the first paragraph of each of their answers Well, I think it helps people in quite a lot of and match each with a description a-c on page It helps people to study and to do 1 Rodio, televi5ion ond the Internet repetlt 5torie5 research for their homework and their studies or obovt i5oloted incident5, svch tl5 tl mvrder or o even to get advice about how to study.

Then listen and check your answers. Some people do perhaps, for fravellers wAo arrive-d af fneir fown or villa3e. Maybe too much fri3hfe-nin3 ima3es whicA affed fAe- way we f nink and time chatting to friends, not enough time doing behave. Too much time sitting down. But many people leave the Internet connected all day 3 TI-le.

Now take turns to read Elena's answer aloud. Itow ever. I believe we have a rigft to know what is b A short opening sentence introducing the happening in the world and I do not believe that the media should subject of the essay, followed by the writer's restrict whatthey tell us.

Complete Ielts Bands 5-6.5 Workbook with Answers with Audio CD

Another example is when a They are quite short - just two or three a plane crashes and many people stop flying for a while. As a result of these b The writer's opinion is clearly stated. D reactions. D On the other hand. D be informed so t hat they can then take responsible decisions.

I do not stop driving. C onc lusion: In short. I think the media have a duty to report all important events. If we do not receive information of this type. J- motorway 2 I believe we should be informed about how accident politicians behave. Main Idea: JS 6 Television news programmes should show pictures St.

Which d However, I find it enterta ining when I'm driving or words and phrases: Articles 0 Read these rules for when to use articles a, an, Write about the following topic. You will singers or footballers.

They should spend more have to use two words twice time reporting the lives of ordinary people Use the instead. Discuss to what extent Fruit is good for you, 7 you agree or disagree with the statement in the Writing task in Exercise 7. While you are f Correct 0 Write a plan for your answer, then write your the mistakes.

You should write at least tke. Exam advice Writing Task 2 5 It is necessary to keep in mind that the older the people get, the more experienced they are.

Two of 0 Complete each of these sentences with the correct the prepositions are used twice. In some cases, two forms are possible. The chart shows changes in Irish school enrolment 1 I 0,0-,ve b. About , students were studying at primary 3 My favourite author.. Enrolments 4 Not everyone in my old high school fell Enrolments in secondary education fluctuated slightly 6 Maisie. The next five years showed In most cases, correct form.

In some cases, people when deciding where to go on holiday. One is that people can react to it gathering 5 information about 6 groups instantly. When someone accesses Match the photos with the environmental problems a-e. Which do you think is the most urgent? You are going to hear a man Complete the notes below.

Before you listen, discuss these questions. Look at Questions and decide w;ll PClj up fo L Ne-e-ds crote- fo.. OY1 plaV1e- MU5f c. Questions 7- 10 Complete the table below. Eco-holidays type of holiday accommodation adva ntage Dumbar ton Tableland s watching animals house in a Vocabulary Nature, the environment or the countryside?

Tourist or tourism? Match the words with their definitions from CALD a-e. It is usually used when talking about the way people use or damage the natural world. You will have to use one word twice. I phoned you earlier about an eco-holiday, you know, one of those holidays where you don't damage 1.

You get to stay in a quite luxurious house or cabin Vivienne Walt reports on how the Sahara Desert could offer a built high up in a tree and surrounded by lovely truly green solution to Europe's energy problems But this idea may soon change Politicians and scientists on both sides of the Med iterranean are beginning to focus on the Sahara's You might like it because international potent ial to provide power for Europe in the future.

They Find centigrade on many afternoons. It is, in other words, a and correct the mistakes.

Complete IELTS. Bands ,5 Student's Book. Workbook. Teacher's Book.

B A few years ago, scientists began to calculate just how 1 As far as I am concerned, the increase in the much energy the Sahara holds. They were astonished at amount of ffittrtst is inevitable. A smaller square of 3 There is also a very positive side to tourists because it brings money and business to places. Pawlyn ca lls the Reading Section 2 Sahara's potential 'staggering'. You are going to read an article C At the moment, no one is proposing the creation of a solar about a form of renewable energy.

Before you power station the size of a small country. But a relatively read, look at the title and the subheading and well-developed t echnology exists, which proponents say answer these questions. Small CSP plants have prod uced problems with producing electricity in the power in California's Mojave Desert since the s. The Sahara. Sahara Forest Project proposes building CSP pla nts in areas below sea level [the Sahara has several such depressions so that sea water can flow into them.

This water would then be purified and used for powering turbines and washing dust off the mirrors. Waste water would then supply irrigation to areas around the stations, creating lush oases - hence the 'forest' in the group's name.

If they do, perhaps airplane passengers flying across the Sahara will one day count the mirrors and patches of green instead of staring at sand. Then underline the key means building huge arrays of mirrors and pipes across ideas in Questions E Building plants is just part of the challenge.

Technologies in Ludvika, Sweden. Indeed, to use renewable 1 a mention of systems which could not be used sources of power, including solar, wind and tidal, Europe 2 estimates of the quantity of power the will need to build completely new electrical grids. Generous government subsidies will be needed.

F Meanwhile, some companies are getting started. Sevi lle You will not need all the paragraphs for your engineering company Abengoa is building one solar- answers. The next step will be to get cables in place. Although the European Parliament has passed a law that Read the questions carefully. Concentrating Solar Power? Read it and 2 Read the statements and underline the key complete the gaps. Complete the summary below.

Look at the following statements Questions 6- 9 and the list of organisations below. The resulting heat produces high-temperature This, when purified, can be used are possible.

The resulting dirty water will 8 They have a number of renewable energy be used for Quickly locate them and passage, then read it carefully. Take turns to give your talk. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New in Description Complete IELTS combines the very best in contemporary classroom practice with stimulating topics aimed at young adults wanting to study at university.

Other books in this series. Add to basket. Complete Japanese Living Language. Complete German Living Language. Complete Italian Living Language.

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