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Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Who is the Fairest of them all? In the sequel to UnEnchanted, Mina Grime discovers that all is not fair when it comes to the Fae and. Read "Fairest" by Chanda Hahn available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Who is the Fairest of. Alphabet Book is currently available being a no cost, downloadable PDF. Fairest An Unfortunate Fairy Tale 2 by Chanda Hahn explained to Vox he made a .

Fairest Chanda Hahn Pdf

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Uploaded by: KAMI Cover model Laurel Seawell. Cover design by Steve Hahn. Edited by Bethany Kaczmarek. 3rd Edition, License Notes. This ebook is. Fairest. An Unfortunate Fairy Tale (Series). Book 2. Chanda Hahn Author (). cover image of Fable. Fable. An Unfortunate Fairy Tale (Series). Book 3. Read Fairest by Chanda Hahn for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Who is the Fairest of them all? But a new player arises to challenge Mina while new rules revamp the game she has just barely begun to understand. All the while, people are mysteriously disappearing, including Jared, who Mina must finally determine to be friend or foe.

She was petrified. Not needing any prodding, she jumped from her seat and ran out the door, barely beating the smallest bear by seconds. She looked over her shoulder and could see that he had transformed partway when he started to chase after her. He slammed into the closed glass door, shattering it into a thousand shimmering pieces.

It slowed him down just enough for her to escape. It also confirmed her suspicion. They were Fae. The Bears regrouped and decided whether or not to chase her down, which gave her a thirty-second head start. She jumped around the garbage that littered the underpass while trying to pull the Grimoire out of her denim jacket. She would have to think on her feet if she wanted to outsmart three actual Chicago Fae Bears. Armed with only a magical notebook that could morph its shape and imprison Fae within its pages, she took in her surroundings and her enemy and devised a somewhat ludicrous plan.

In the last month, Mina had bonded more with the Grimoire, gaining confidence in its abilities, and trusting it to aid her, even to the point of completing three minor quests. It in no way made her as talented as her father, but it gave her self-confidence. However, tackling small fiendish ravens and troubling foxes was nothing compared to entrapping larger-than-life bears strong enough to rip off her head.

A roar behind her made her turn in surprise. Two of them were no longer hiding their Fae forms and had shifted fully. Their leader was older, with tufts of gray sprouting along his shoulder blades, giving him an otherworldly appearance. Their football jerseys ripped as they could no longer contain the bulk of their true Fae form. Unprepared for the quick change, she bumped into an overturned barrel and fell down, skinning her knee. Jumping to her feet, she saw the third bear coming down the spillway from the other direction.

They had surrounded her. I think it is you who are trapped, little Grimm, the smallest bear growled at her while stepping closer. His golden brown fur was littered with the broken glass of the shattered restaurant door. Who sent you after us? He was older, bigger, and slower. Did the Fates tell you where we were? What does it matter if we eat a few humans every once in a while? We still pay our tithe to the courts. We still obey and appear when summoned.

Who did we tick off to get you knocking at our door? Had they just confessed to eating humans? Mina looked around under the bridge at the empty boxes and sleeping bags and realized where they found their food. This whole time, she thought she was leading them on a chase, but instead they were herding her… to their hunting grounds. She swallowed and felt her stomach drop. The Story, Mina answered, unsure of what else to say.

The Story sent me after you, or should I say, sent you to me. Brown walked closer to Mina. He flexed his shoulders and opened his hands to show her his large black claws. We just want to conduct our business our way. What say we let you live, and you take that cursed book and never come back? Sorry, guys, Mina answered, trying to sound brave while her hands shook with fear.

Story or no Story, you have to be stopped. The smallest bear leaned forward, saliva dripping from his teeth in anticipation as he sauntered toward her. His voice came out muffled and slurred, his bear mouth unable to form clear precise words, which was proof that the youngest spent more time in human form.

Then we will just have to take care of you ourselves. She looked up, and all three of them began to charge her.

She grabbed the notebook and flung it open, concentrating as three giant gold bear traps sprouted from the ground. Each of the bears stopped in their tracks and began screaming in pain as, one by one, they were caught in a magical golden trap. The traps surrounded their ankles and anchored them to the ground, immobile. Mina smiled in relief when it worked, but only for a moment, as the closest bear could still reach her with his long powerful paw.

She looked up just in time to see him swipe for her head. She screamed and opened the Grimoire. A pure bright light shot out of the book, making the bears shrink back in fear.

She held onto the Grimoire in desperation as the book grew hot and the Fae bears continued to fight against the magical traps and trying to dodge the light which poured from the book. Just like before, a powerful wind picked up, lifting them into the air and pulling them into its pages. They came closer, and Mina dropped the book to the ground and moved away, scared of getting pulled into the book as well.

She hid her eyes from the light and waited until the rushing wind stopped. When all was quiet, she looked around and saw that, once again, the book was closed.

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Slowly, she stood, dusted off her dirty and ripped jeans, and picked up the book to check its contents. What had once been a blank page was now filled with a beautiful illustration — a perfect likeness of her attackers in their true Fae forms. To the side of the three bears was the silhouette of a young girl who looked like Mina. She flipped to the beginning and saw words scrawled across the index.

She had finished another quest, and this one without help! Mina lifted her head from its perch on the stack of books on her school desk to gape at Nan. Any minute now he would be walking out of that particular gray building with the rest of his water polo team. She was wishing—hoping—no, praying for a chance to catch a glimpse of him.

Every day it was the same: She would wait here, stare out the window, watch him walk by, and hope he would turn in her direction and smile at her the way he used to. Well, not every day, just each day she had detention.

And because of the narrow-minded, unforgiving Mrs. Porter, she had detention again today. What did you say? Mina asked lamely, resting her head on her hand. Hey, now that I think about it, you have been avoiding that new kid, Jared, like the plague. Nan squealed in delight, her golden hair bouncing with each head bob. She pointed a finger with a sparkly blue nail at Mina. Nan looked striking today in her cute skinny jeans, trendy boat shoes, light blue band t-shirt, and fedora.

She was simply the loveliest girl in school and only had detention because of her insane habit of constantly using her phone in class. Mina frowned and leaned farther out of her chair. Nan mimicked her movement and leaned with her.

No, but you sure are becoming one. You used to be a lot more fun. Tell me, is it Charlie? Nan crossed her legs and arms, trying to hide her worry. Her foot wiggled back and forth nervously. I give up.

I will give you my favorite CD. No, wait, my favorite pair of shoes if you tell me. No, wait. Brody Carmichael rounded the corner with his gym bag slung over his shoulder.

There he was: Tan skin, square jaw, twinkling blue eyes, and blond hair that curled slightly since it was still wet from the pool. Brody threw his head back and laughed at something his friend T.

Someone called out to the boys, and they turned expectantly and waited. Her naturally curled ponytail swayed from side to side, and Mina had the distinct urge to take a pair of scissors to the offending blonde locks Mina had no choice but to watch the exchange between them with narrowed eyes. Mina wanted to scream encouragement through the glass and across the courtyard toward Brody. Apparently, the conversation was over, because Savannah White flounced away smiling like a Cheshire cat.

The pain of knowing love and losing it was almost too much for her to bear. She breathed his name under her breath and was startled when Brody looked across the courtyard right at her. There was no way he could have heard her whisper his name, was there? Mina froze and then realized how silly she must look half pushed against the glass, staring at him like some kind of lovesick puppy.

She let out a squeak and dropped her hands to her sides. Feb 01, life's a fairy tale rated it really liked it Shelves: Possible spoilers! This was the second book to what thus far has been overall an amazing series There is no true happy ending for Mina!

I totally get that this is an unfortunate fairy tale, but stillllll!!! Seriously, if the story and ideas themselves weren't so good, I would be so fed up with how these past two books ended that I would hate them.

Like the first, this book deserves six stars for creativeness. The stories are gripping with just the ri Warning The stories are gripping with just the right amount of mystery, and I love the fairy tale tie ins! Especially as the story moves along, it's great to see where everything fit in! I was actually really shocked to see how many people are rooting for Jared.

To be honest, I didn't even think of a love connection there. I always thought of him as a friend, who happens to be good looking - and really mysterious at times. For me, the real love story has always been with Brody.

Although the first book was heartbreaking, and this was equally so, the connection that Mina and Brody have is strong. Their connection worked its way back into this book, even though he didn't remember any of the previous happenings. I definitely could have used more of the two of them.

Personally, I'm praying for Mina to finally get her happily ever after with him. And again, I get it's an unenchanted story series,but she's such a likable character, I will be devastated if in the end of the series she doesn't end up with Brody I read there's a third book coming out sometime later this year and I'm on edge of my seat waiting for it!!

Aug 09, Hilary rated it it was amazing. I read the first one in this series 2 days ago, and found it enjoyable enough to purchase this book, the second in the series. I enjoyed the first book and rated it 4 stars. I have to tell you that this is one of the MOST enjoyable one sitting reads I have read in a long time.

The writer keeps things moving quickly without making the reader feel "pushed" through the story and without leaving the reader feeling like they've missed out on important pieces o I read the first one in this series 2 days ago, and found it enjoyable enough to purchase this book, the second in the series.

The writer keeps things moving quickly without making the reader feel "pushed" through the story and without leaving the reader feeling like they've missed out on important pieces of the story. You can instantly identify with the characters and their feelings. You understand why they make the choices they make and why they say the things they say and don't say. There are just enough funny moments in the story, but it isn't so much that you feel like you're watching a parody.

There are twists and turns, but not to worry It's well written and easy to read, but not in a way that makes the older readers feel like our hands are being held.

After reading both novels, I went to the authors web site and found out she does NOT use an editor! Thank you Mrs. This is an incredible gift to book readers! You've given us an amazing book series that is well written, east to read and marvelously fun all at a bargain price! I can't wait to read what you have in store for us next! What I liked: I actually like the idea of him and Mina being together, and I could tell Jared really cared about helping Mina.

I liked the more in depth look at the good fae, like Ever and Jared, but I think we still need a bit more world building to r What I liked: I liked the more in depth look at the good fae, like Ever and Jared, but I think we still need a bit more world building to really get a sense of things. What I disliked: She annoyed the hell out of me in this book. She seemed like as much of a moody brat as Mina—the definitely deserve one another as best friends.

And I hated the little twist at the end. Nan and Brody are soul mates or whatever? At least now the third book will hopefully have less romantic sap in it. The main thing I loved about the first book was the originality of it, with the addition of the fairytale element, and both of those things were missing from this book.

It got turned into nothing more than a cheesy romance with a bit of action here and there. I paid three dollars for this book—which is quite a bit for a self-published book—and not only was it not as satisfying as the first book, it was also way shorter.

I think the price definitely needs to be lowered. Overall, this book was not nearly as good as the first in the series. For the most part, it was just alright. There was nothing special about it. It was too short and more of a transitional book.

The bad unfortunately outweighed the good. Hopefully the next one will be better. Jan 11, Brittany rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Review also appears on my blog Misadventures in Wonderland Can I start out by saying I've been all for Jared since the first book?

I feel as if his character is rather flat, like what everyone except me obviously would want from a guy. I understand he was doing the whole " Prince Charming" thing, but I wanted to smack him half the time in both books. At least Jared had a legitimate reason to kind of be a dick periodically. It frustrated me to no end Mina kept pining ove Review also appears on my blog Misadventures in Wonderland Can I start out by saying I've been all for Jared since the first book?

It frustrated me to no end Mina kept pining over Brody. I adore her reason for going through the Story is to protect her brother. But no. That would of course be the logical thing to do. Because she was jealous of her. Some best friend. But I do commend her for getting her act together later to save everyone. And as for Nan and Brody being each others true love, serves Mina right for hurting her friend.

Stupid girl. I actually don't mind Mina that much. She is somewhat mercurial, but I enjoy that in my protagonist. She was pretty well developed, although I attributed some of her character flaws to the author trying to make her like an average teenager.

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The author honestly should have spent more time developing each character because most are pretty flat or stereotypical. Except for Jared. Although I may be biased because I have a thing for bad boys with an attitude hiding a heart of gold.

Oh well. The writing in this novel was an improvement from the first one. There were fewer grammatical errors this go round, which made me a happy reader. Granted there were some time jumps or moments where it took me a minute to realize what was happening because the setting or time changed without transition.

Over-all, Fairest was a feel good type of read. I am enjoying the series other than the occasional frustration from character stupidity. I am looking forward to the third book and am crossing my fingers Brody will no longer be a love interest.

We shall see. Mar 24, Nisha rated it liked it Shelves: I really wanted l like this sequel.

But I found a few things irritated me and others too, it seems from reading other reviews. My biggest point of contention is that the story lurched from one plot to another as if Hahn had in each case just remembered to tie up a loose end or plot hole. I found that this made the fairy tale part hard to follow as the love lives of the characters took a front seat and the fairy tale, the back seat. Now I usually happen to like the romance aspect of any YA novel, I really wanted l like this sequel.

Now I usually happen to like the romance aspect of any YA novel, but I also specifically liked the modern fairy tale premise of this series and it all but disappeared in this book, until the last few chapters. Now onto the characters. Jared's character seemed to have a little more depth that the other one-dimensioned characters - I mean Robert's entire purpose seemed to be to go all 'overprotective, you can't talk to my daughter-in-law' to Mina once every few chapters.

Also daughter-in-law? What happened to good old fashioned 'stepdaughter'? Nan and Brody being soulmates just seemed to me like a convenient tying up of the characters in order to get Brody out the way for Jared and Mina to develop. Now, I much much prefer the Jared and Mina coupling, it's just that the Nan and Brody thing seemed a bit abrupt, especially as Brody being Mina's love interest has been made a huge deal of in the two books.

Also, I just couldn't understand the logic behind Brody being Nan's 'one true love' as she has never shown an interest in the guy beyond giving him a 12 on the hot scale and constantly pushing Mina in his direction and vice versa Jul 17, CalypK rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Amantes de los retellings. Pero se ven bastante compensadas estas fallas con algunas importantes mejoras. Etapa superada por la autora, afortunadamente.

Y no introspectiva agradable. Sino sufrida y angustiosamente comprometida con las tribulaciones adolescentes del amor y amistad defraudada. Pero ganando en el camino la experiencia necesaria para lograr que la historia avance. Overall this wasn't a bad book. I was a little bummed that it didn't focus on more fairy tales like they did in the first book. They really only covered a part late in the book. The one thing that really bugged me was that her best friends true love ended up being the guy that Mina really liked.

Even though I'm pretty sure that the author is leading us up to Mina being with Jared I still think that it's crappy. I guess I'm just tried of crappy "best friends" acting like this and not caring. Hope Overall this wasn't a bad book. Hopefully in book 3 we will focus more on fairy tales rather than personal lives. Aug 25, Tiffany rated it really liked it Shelves: Fairytales, and princes, and Fae OH MY! Mar 17, Laura rated it liked it. I was a bit let down by this book. I quite enjoyed the first one, but in this one Mina is pretty whiney, and goes around feeling sorry for herself.

Also, some editing was needed. Sep 01, Elizabeth Elzburg rated it really liked it Shelves: This one was always my favourite of the three I read when I first read these way back in the day.

It was a huge improvement on the first one because it was edited a lot better still lots of editing errors and it has more JARED!!!!!!!! Fricken love him. This book has a lot of cute Jared moments that I loved years ago, and that I still love now.

Fuck, my ovaries are gone in a fiery explosion. Mina touched his cheek with his hand and wiped away a stray tear. Once they were on the stairs, she realized that she was still holding hands with him.

She tried to pull away, but Jared held onto her hand firmly. Jared wants it. Other stuff. What was up when Brody kissed Mina in Chapter 24? Peter stood above Brody, yelling down at him. Like thanks guys, he really needs to be reminded about that as much as possible. Book 1: Unenchanted Book 2: Book 3: Fable Book 4: Reign Book 1. Hmm, I think I liked the first book a bit more, but I still enjoyed this one.

I think the ending bumped it up a star for me though. The romance was pretty lacking in this one. I wonder how all that will work out? Both guys were actually absent quite a bit of the story and I missed them.

While Mina did drive me nuts a couple times, I did like the growth she went through towards the end. I think she is learning from her mistakes and to be careful what she wishes for. There were some interesting revelations at the end and I look forward to seeing where the story will go.

I actually kind of missed hearing from Brody and even Jared. Overall, a good installment. A bit of fairy tale violence. Reading Order: Book One: Unenchanted Book Two: Fairest Book Three: Jun 25, Gary rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was the final few pages that did for me. Now she is an emboldened character that I believe could actually complete the two tails. She will do whatever it takes to complete them.

In those few final chapters Chanda Hahn redefined her burgeoning series.

Fairest by Chanda Hahn - Read Online

I like the lighthearted tone of this book but I also felt the urgency of the character. Fairest is like part two of a single story being told because it starts just a few day after. Everything that happens in these two books is the tip of the iceberg, which has just flipped. Before reading this book you should definite read UnEnchanted An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 1 first; a few of the references come from this book.

Dec 31, Tera rated it liked it. I'm a bit disappointed in this sequel. First of all, it seemed like there were several discrepancies between the first and second book. In Unenchanted, they made it a point to tell us that while capable of manipulating the truth, the Fae cannot outright lie.

In this book, Mina never stopped questioning the truth of differing Fae's statements. And then there were other small differences that annoyed me, as well, like book ones's all-you-can-eat-potstickers at Wongs' vs book two's all-you-can-eat- I'm a bit disappointed in this sequel. And then there were other small differences that annoyed me, as well, like book ones's all-you-can-eat-potstickers at Wongs' vs book two's all-you-can-eat-dumplings.

Maybe they're the same thing? And in a lot of cases the characters' actions didn't seem to match up with their personalities. Nan was a little self-involved in the last book but still sweet and fiercely loyal. In this book, it seemed like she looked for almost every opportunity to stick it to Mina. By the end, I could have cared less whether she lived or died. Mina, herself, was less than sweet when it came to Jared, and I kept wanting to scream, "You idiot! He's the only one who can and will help you.

Maybe if you were a little nicer and more trusting, he wouldn't act like that. She was rude to everyone from the Fae queen to Brody. Anyway, I like the premise of the series, but I do hope the tone of the next book will be something besides continual discord.

Mar 29, Haley S rated it liked it Shelves: Okay, so now I really want to read the next book in the series!! The book ended in a big cliff hanger. Anyway, the first few chapters were kind of slow.

But, towards the end, it was pretty cool. Sometimes, I thought Mina was a brat. Once she started screaming about something because she thought that someone didn't fulfill their end of the deal.

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