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Love's Executioner offers us the humane and extraordinary insight of renowned psychiatrist Irvin D. Yalom into the lives of ten of his patients - and through them. The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients by Irvin Yalom. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Yalom, Irvin D - When Nietzsche Wept - dokument [*.epub] WINNER OF COMMONWEALTH CLUB OF CALIFORNIA GOLD MEDAL FOR FICTION 'An intelligent.

Becoming Myself: Yalom puts himself on the couch in a lapidary memoir! Irvin D. Yalom has made a career of investigating the lives of others. In this profound memoir, he turns his writing and his therapeutic eye on himself. He opens his story with a nightmare:

In this profound memoir, he turns his writing and his therapeutic eye on himself. He opens his story with a nightmare: He is twelve, and is riding his bike past the home of an acne-scarred girl.

For Yalom, this was the birth of empathy; he would not forget the lesson. As Becoming Myself unfolds, we see the birth of the insightful thinker whose books have been a beacon to so many. Becoming Myself - Irvin D. Ainuddin Mohamad.

Now retina and cortex cooperated perfectly, allowing the image of Lou Salome to pour freely into his mind. She was a woman of uncommon beauty: He noticed with particular pleasure the wisps of hair that had escaped the gathering bun and stretched out recklessly in every direction.

In three more strides, she was at his table. May I? She sat down so quickly that Breuer had no time to offer her a proper greeting-to rise, to bow, to kiss her hand, to pull out her chair.

The Gift of Therapy

Cafe latte? She nodded and, despite the morning chill, removed her fur wrap. Then Lou Salome looked directly into his eyes and began: I'm afraid he'll kill himself in the very near future. It would be a great loss for me, and a great personal tragedy because I would bear some responsibility. Yet I could endure and overcome it. But"-she leaned toward him, speaking more softly-"such a loss could extend far beyond me: Believe me.

What would have seemed adolescent hyperbole in any other young woman seemed different here, something to be taken seriously.

The Gift of Therapy by Irvin Yalom (ebook)

Her sincerity, her flow of conviction were irresistible. Do I know of him? But in time we shall all know him. His name is Friedrich Nietzsche. Perhaps this letter from Richard Wagner to Professor Nietzsche may serve to introduce him. Should I read such a letter? This Professor Nietzsche doesn't know she's showing it to me-or even that she has possession of it!

How has she obtained it? Borrowed it?

Irvin D. Yalom

Stolen it? Breuer took pride in many of his attributes. He was loyal and generous. His diagnostic ingenuity was legend: At forty, he was known throughout Europe, and distinguished citizens from all over the West traveled great distances to consult him. Yet more than anything, he took pride in his integrity-not once in his life had he committed a dishonorable act.

Unless perhaps he could be held accountable for his carnal thoughts of Bertha, thoughts that rightfully should be directed to his wife, Mathilde. So he hesitated to take the letter in Lou Salome's outstretched hand. But only briefly. Another glance into her crystalline blue eyes and he opened it.

It was dated 10 January and began: You have now given to the world a work that is unequaled. Your book is characterized by an assurance so consummate as to betoken the most profound originality. In what other way could my wife and I have realized the most ardent wish of our lives, which was that some day something might come to us from without and take full possession of our hearts and souls!

Each of us has read your book twice-once alone during the day, and then aloud in the evening. We fairly fight over the one copy and regret that the promised second one has not yet arrived.

But you are ill! Are you also discouraged? If so, how gladly would I do something to dispel your despondency! How shall I begin? I can do no other than lavish my unqualified praise upon you.

Accept it, at least, in a friendly spirit, even though it leave you unsatisfied. Heartfelt greetings from yours, Richard Wagner Richard Wagner! For all his Viennese urbanity, for all his familiarity and ease with the great men of his time, Breuer was dazzled.

A letter, and such a letter, written in the master's own hand! But he quickly regained his composure. He needs your help. What are his symptoms? First of all, tormenting headaches. And continued bouts of nausea. And impending blindness-his vision has been gradually deteriorating.

And stomach trouble-sometimes he cannot eat for days. And insomnia-no drug can offer him sleep, so he takes dangerous amounts of morphia. And dizziness-sometimes he is seasick on dry land for days at a time.

Yet such was Lou Salome's intensity that he felt compelled to attend closely. That goes without saying. After all, I am a physician. But, please, allow me to pose a question. Why don't you and your friend take a more direct route to me? Why not simply write to my office in Vienna requesting an appointment?

But this bold woman was not to be put off. I can't exaggerate the seriousness of Nietzsche's condition, the depth of his despair. Or visit a physician in Italy? Where is his home?

A Reference Manual for Radiographic Diagnosis: Robert Newland. Costanzo PhD. Incredibly Easy! And Race it! High Strangeness: MD Saeed.

Genre, Knowledge and Pedagogy in the Sydney School: Hall OT. Klatt MD. Warren Buffett s Words of Wisdom: Irvin Yalom Pages: Basic Books Language: Existential therapy has been practiced and continues to be practiced in many forms and situations throughout the world.

But until now, it has lacked a coherent structure, and analysis of its tenets, and an evaluation of its usefulness. Irvin Yalom, whose Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy has rendered such a service to that discipline since , provides existential psychotherapy with a background, a synthesis, and a framework.

Organized around what Yalom identifies as the four ultimate concerns of life",death, freedom, existential isolation, and meaninglessness,the book takes up the meaning of each existential concern and the type of conflict that springs from our confrontation with each. Drawing from clinical experience, empirical research, philosophy, and great literature, Yalom has written a broad and comprehensive book.

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