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Download as TXT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . doc//Jurnalele-Vampirilor-Vol-II-Lupta - volumul 2. Lisa J. Smith - Jurnalele Vampirilor 8 (Fantoma). Report. Post on Oct 14 Views. Category: Documents. 14 Downloads. prev. next. out of CIENCIA Y NATURALEZA AUDESIRK PDF - BIOLOGIA CIENCIA Y of third- party devices are: Current search Jurnalele Vampirilor Lupta.

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Ċ. L.J Smith Jurnalele Vampirilor-Caderea (k). secret talent,. 8 mar. , v.1 Jurnalele Vampirilor - (k). secret talent. Jurnalele Vampirilor - Lupta .. a sociopsychological perspective, lucrare prezentată 2nd ICEE , Greece, 3. Current search Jurnalele Vampirilor Lupta Download and print this document. Read offline in your PDF viewer; Edit this document in Adobe Acrobat, Notepad;.

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jurnalele vampirilor .

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This is the case because, before being a Romanian or a Chinese, a person has some deep socio-psychological characteristics, which are common to all human beings. Recent international research focuses mainly on cultural factors which draw a line between economic performance, work discipline, economic thinking, or the respect paid to some traditional institutions like property or contracts.

Culture influences institutional development. At the same time, the integration of cultural elements within the frame of the institutions of society is a mechanism which leads to their own persistance In this context, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that certain behavior rules have a very slow changing rhythm, finding their origin in immutable cultural factors, while others can change to the extent to which the economic game is more attractive as far as the economic results are concerned.

The inherited behavior rules and beliefs are constituted by and, at the same time, reflect the cognitive models shared by individuals, thus representing common knowledge in terms of expected and, at the same time, socially accepted behavior.

Lisa J. Smith - Jurnalele Vampirilor 8 (Fantoma)

These can hardly be changed and the main reason for this is the ideology of a social community. Mi-e indiferent! Aoki, M. The Romanian government introduced hesitant policies, dominated by compromise which brought no feeling of positive change. Of all the procedures used in surveys practice for sample formation aleatory, controlled and mixed sample formation procedure , the mixed sample formation procedure was chosen and the stratified sample formation method was applied.

The strata were delimited according to some qualitative criteria cultural areas, the residential medium and quantitative criteria the size of localities. The sample was made up of sub-samples, created through selections at the stratum level.

The following types of questions were used: Factologic and opinion-based questions were also included. The Likert scale was used to measure the intensity of opinions expressed during the survey. The questionnaire is made up of three parts: The data analysis was achieved by using a series of statistic methods and techniques: Results As far as the first set of questions over instrumental values within the Rokeach value questionnaire is concerned the region analysis is synthesised in table no.

We notice that, at the regional level, the most frequent values present in at least 4 regions out of 5 are affectiveness, ambition, competence, cleanliness, politeness, responsibility. The correspondence analysis led us to the following associations between the above-presented instrumental values and regions in table no. Table no.

The simple correspondence analysis led us to the following negative types of behavior institutions associations: The multiple correspondence analysis led us to the following associations between negative behavior institutions and regions: Conclusions The most frequent instrumental values present in 4 regions out of 5 are affectiveness, ambition, competence, cleanliness, politeness, responsibility.

The simple correspondence method demonstrated that the region which gathers most of the modernity characteristics, 8 out of which 5, among the most representative, are to be found exclusively here is Transilvania, thus being different from the rest of the regions.

The results of the present research confirm the fact that if motivation exists, behavior can improve by internalising efficient formal institutions, and economic agents can thus appreciate those values which enable the behavioral adjustement to the new institutional context, even though this is a long-term learning process.

Romanians lack social trust and involvement , a fact which is demonstrated both by the present research and by studies performed by international studies: Just like identity, trust is built by having as a point of departure the past —the sum of values and traditions, actions and motivating facts — all given value, widely-recognised and cultivated both at the group as well as at the community level.

We have tried to demonstrate so far that the Romanians, as people, are neither superior nor inferior to others, and this is why we believe that only by trusting each other can we have the life we desire.

Selected Bibliography 1. Baciu, L. Ceobanu, C. Chelcea, S.

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