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Jan 15, Explore Thuy Nguyen's board "Ebook pdf" on Pinterest. Ebook Táng thư Bộ sách phong thủy âm trạch kinh điển nhất Tứ khố toàn thư . Okakura Kakuzo Trà khởi đầu là một thứ thuốc, sau nâng lên thành món nước uống giải khát. Vào thế kỷ thứ tám, tại Trung Quốc, trà thâm nhấp vào giới thi nhân như là là. Có thể xem đây là một cuốn sách nhập môn về chính trị học. Tác .. sứ quán Mỹ, Thụy Điển, Đức, Phái đoàn EU, Úc tại Hà Nội, văn phòng Cao ủy Nhân quyền. CON ĐƯỜNG GIẢI-THOÁT là quyển sách nổi bật trong các loại sách . Ma-thi ơ Khi một môn-đồ Phi-líp — hỏi: “Lạy Chúa, xin chỉ .. được giải- phóng khỏi gánh nặng tội-lỗi. Sau khi Đấng Christ mà không có tình yêu thâm-thúy như vậy chẳng qua chỉ là xưng đạo Sự xâm-nhập của tội-lỗi vào trong thế- gian.

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Sûå phong phuá vïì nhûäng àïì taâi múái PHÊN TÊM HOÅC NHÊÅP MÖN 7 meã cuâng nhûäng phêìn àoáng goáp vïì têm lyá do. Sách nói rõ thuật tướng, không một lời rườm rà, khoa trương. Ngoài ra, có . Xuân Giao. Phapmatblog Nghi Le Dan Gian Nhap Trach Khai Truong Bằng Mắm. Phong thủy ứng dụng - Nguyễn Nguyên Ky mon don giap toan Hai năm sau, vào năm , ông bắt đầu môn thần học tại trường Đại học. Cambridge . nhiên, đối với Darwin, là một thể liên tục, làm nền tảng cho một sự phỏng sử" đã thêm vào lần tái bản thứ ba của cuốn sách Nguồn gốc của muôn loài trước những giai đoạn sơ khai này bao lâu, những người nguyên thủy giống.

Olcott 4. Olcott, and that the same is in agreement with the Canon of the Southern Buddhist Church. I recommend the work to teachers in Buddhist schools, and to all others who may wish to impart information to beginners about the essential features of our religion. Fredrika Cecilia Dias Ilangakoox, F. Being intended for the use of beginners, this little work aims only to present the main facts in the life of Gautama Buddha and the essential features of his Doctrine. Strange to say, it is unique of its kind in Ceylon, notwithstanding that the Missionaries have scattered their Christian Catechisms broadcast in the Island, and for many years have been taunting the Sinhalese with the puerility and absurdity of their religion.

Buddha's doctrine teaches that there were many progenitors of the human race; also that certain individuals have a greater capacity for the rapid attainment of Wisdom, and arrival at Nirvana, than others. A being who in some future birth is sure to appear upon earth as a Buddha.

Panyadika, or Ugghatitagnya —"he who attains quickly;" Saddhadkika, or Wipachitagnya —" he who attains loss quickly;" and Wiriadhika, or Gneyya —"he who attains least quickly.

Well, proceed? Just so modern science teaches that, out of the millions of beings that appear upon earth, some reach perfection most quickly, sumo less quickly, and others least quickly. Buddhists say that the nature of the rebirth is controlled by the Karma —the preponderance of merit or demerit— of the previous existence. The men of science say the new form is the result of the influences Environment that surrounded the previous generation.

There is thus an agreement between Buddhism and science as to the root-idea. And then, do not both Buddhism science teach that all beings are alike subject to universal law? Both do so teach. Then may all men become Buddhas? It is not in the nature of every man to become a Buddha; for a Buddha is developed only at long intervals of time, and, seemingly, when the state of humanity absolutely requires such a teacher to show it the forgotten Path to Nirvana.

But every being may equally reach Nirvana, by conquering Ignorance and gaining Wisdom. Does Buddhism teach that man is reborn only upon our earth? We are taught that the inhabited worlds are numberless; the world upon which a person is to have his next birth, as well as the nature of the rebirth itself, being decided by the preponderance of the individual's merit or demerit.

In other words, it will be controlled by his attractions, as science would describe it. Are there worlds more perfect and developed, and others less so, than our Earth? Buddhism teaches this, and also that the inhabitants of each world correspond in development with itself. Has not the Buddha summed up his whole religion in one sutta, or verse?

Repeat it? According to Mr. Rhys Davids there are about 1,, words in the whole text of the three Pitakas. Do these precepts shew that Buddhism is an active, or a passive religion? To 'cease from sin,' may be called a passive, but to 'get virtue,' and to 'cleanse one's own heart,' are altogether active qualities.

Buddha taught that we should not merely not he evil, hut that we should he positively good. How would a Buddhist describe true merit? There is no great merit in any outward art: Give in example? But he who, whether rich or poor, does the least of these things with kind motive, or from a warm love for his fellowmen, gains great merit.

A good deed done with a bad motive benefits others, but not him who does it. In what books is written all the most excellent Wisdom of Buddha's teachings? What ore the names of the three Pitakas, or groups of books? Wit at do they respectively contain? The first contains rules of discipline, for the government of the priests; the second contains instructive discourses for the laity; the third explains the metaphysics of Buddhism.

Do Buddhists believe these books to be inspired, in the sense that Christians believe their Bible to be? Do Buddhists consider Buddha as our who by his own virtue can save us from the consequences of our individual sins? Not at all. No man can be saved by another; he must save himself. What, then, teas Buddha to us and all other beings? An all-seeing, all-wise counsellor; one who discovered the safe path and pointed it out; one who showed the cause of, and the only cure for human suffering.

In pointing to the road, in showing us how to escape dangers, he became our Guide. And as one leading a blind man across a narrow bridge, over a swift and deep stream saves his life, so in showing us, who were blind from ignorance, the way to salvation, Buddha may well be called our 'Saviour. If you were to try to represent the whole spirit of Buddha's Doctrine by one word, which word would you chose?

Because it teaches that every man gets under the operations of universal law, exactly that reward or punishment which he has deserved; no more, and no less. No good deed or bad deed, however trifling, and however secretly committed, escapes the evenly-balanced scales of Karma. Yes, these and many more that may be read in the Buddhist Scriptures. The entire system of Buddhism came to his mind during the Great Meditation. Forty-nine days.

He went to the tree called Ajapala, where he decided after meditation to teach his law to all without distinction of sex, caste or race. To whom did he first preach his Doctrine?

To the five companions, or disciples, who had abandoned him when he broke his sever fast. Where did he find them? At Isipatana, near Benares.

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Did they readily listen to him? They meant not to do so. However, so great was the beauty of his appearance and the power of his influence, all five were forced to pay the closest attention to his preaching. What is this discourse of Buddha's called? What effect had the discourse upon the five companions? The aged Koudanya was first to enter the path leading to arahatship; afterwards, the other four.

Who were the next converts? A young, rich layman, named Yassa, and his father.

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By the end of five months the disciples numbered sixty persons. What did Buddha at that time do? Called together his disciples, and sent them in various and opposite directions to preach.

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He himself went to a town called Senani which was near Uruwela. Are there many Buddhists at present in all the world? There are more Buddhists than any other class of religionists. How many people are there supposed to be living on this earth? About 1, millions. Of these how many are Buddhists? About millions; not quite half. You say that after Buddha had been preaching five months, his followers numbered only sixty in all? He had that many disciples only.

After becoming Buddha how long did he teach his Doctrine on earth? Forty-five years. During this time he made a vast number of converts among all classes; among rajahs and coolies, the rich and the poor, the mighty and the humble.

What became of his former wife and win Rahula? First Rahula, and, later, Yasodhara gave up the world and became followers of his Doctrine. Q What of his father, the King?

He accepted the true Doctrine also. Throughout his career was it Buddha's habit to travel about the country? During eight months of the year he went from city to city, and from province to province, teaching and preaching to the people.

During the four rainy months he would remain in one place, giving especial instruction to his declared followers. Do Buddhist priests still imitate this custom?

Yes, many do. Of all Buddha's own disciples, who were his favourites? How do Buddhist priests differ from the priests of other religions?

In other religions the priests claim to be intercessors between men and God, to help obtain pardon of sins; the Buddhist priests do not acknowledge or expect anything from a Divine Power, but they ought to govern their lives according to the Doctrine of Buddha and teach the true path to others. A personal god Buddhists regard as only a gigantic shadow thrown upon the void of space by the imagination of ignorant men.

Do they accept the theory of everything having been formed out of nothing by a Creator? Buddha taught that two things are eternal, viz. We do not believe in miracle; hence we deny creation, and cannot conceive of a Creator. Did Buddha hold to idol worship? He did not. But do not Buddhists offer flowers and make reverence before the statue of Buddha, his relics, and the monuments enshrining then? Yes, but not with the sentiment of the idolater. What is the difference?

Our Pagan brother not only takes his images as visible representations of his unseen God or gods; but the refined idolater in worshipping considers that the idol contains in its substance a portion of the all-pervading divinity. The Buddhist reverences Buddha's statue and the other things you have mentioned only as mementos of the greatest, wisest, most benevolent, and compassionate man who ever lived.

All races and peoples preserve, treasure up, and value the relics and mementos of men and women who have been considered in any way great.

Buddha, to us, seems more to be revered and beloved by every human being who knows sorrow, than any one else in the history of the world. Does popular Buddhism contain nothing but what is true, and in accord with science? Like every other religion that has existed many centuries, it doubtless contains untruth mingled with truth; even gold is found mixed with dross.

The poetical imagination, zeal, or lingering superstitions of Buddhist devotees, in various ages, have no doubt caused the noble principles of Buddha's moral doctrines to be coupled more or less with what might be removed to advantage. Is Buddhism opposed to education, and to the study of science?

Doc Hieu Kinh Dich - Dai Duc Thich Minh Nghiem.pdf

Does Buddhism countenance hypocrisy? Does Buddhism teach us to return evil for evil? Is Buddhism a chart of science, or a code of morals? It is chiefly a pure moral philosophy. It assumes the universal operation of the law of motion and change, by which all things, the worlds and all forms, animate and inanimate, upon them are governed. It is unprofitable to waste time in speculating as to the origin of things.

Buddhism takes things as they are, and shows how the existing evil and misery may be overcome. Does Buddhism teach the immortality of the soul? That which is subject to change is not permanent: If the idea of a human ''soul" is to be rejected, what is that in man which gives him the impression of having a permanent individuality?

Tanha , or the unsatisfied desire for existence. The being having done that for which he must be rewarded or punishsd in future, and having Tanha, will have a rebirth through the influence of Karma.

What is it that is born? A new aggregation of Skandhas, or individuality, caused by the last yearnings of the dying person. How many Skandhas are there? Name the five Skandhas? Briefly explain what they? Of these we are formed; by them we are conscious of existence; and through them communicate with the world about us.

To what cause must we attribute the differences in the combination of the Five Skandhas which make every individual differ from other individual? To the Karma of the individual in the next proceeding birth. Q, What is the force or energy that is at work, under the guidance of Karma, to produce the new being? Upon what is the doctrine of rebirths founded?

Upon the perception that perfect justice, equilibrium, and adjustment are inherent in the universal law of nature.

Buddhists do not believe one life long enough for the reward or punishment of a man's deeds. The great circle of re-births will be more or less quickly run through according to the preponderating purity or impurity of the several lives of the individual. What is the ultimate point towards which tend all these series of changes inform? Does Buddhism admit that man has in his not ere any latent powers for the production of phenomena, commonly called 'miracles'? Yes; but they are natural, not super-natural.

They may be developed by a certain system which is laid down in our sacred books. What is this branch of science called? How many hinds are there? What class of men enjoy these powers?

They gradually develop in one who pursues a certain course of ascetic practice called Dkyana. Can this Iddhi power he lost?

The Laukika can be lost, but the Lokothra never, when once acquired. Had Buddha this last-named Iddhi? Yes, in perfection. What did Budda's wisdom embrace? He knew the Possible and the impossible; the causes of Merit and Demerit; he could the thoughts of all beings; he knew the laws of nature, the illusions of the senses and the means to suppress desires; he could distinguish the births and rebirths of individuals; and other things.

You spoke of a 'deva' having appeared to the Prince Siddartha under a variety of forms; what do Buddhists believe respecting races of invisible beings having relations with mankind? They believe that there are such beings; which inhabit worlds, or spheres, of their own. It is Buddhist doctrine that by interior self-development and conquest over his baser nature, the Arahat becomes superior to the best of the devas, and may subject and control the lower orders.

Should we fear any of them? He who is pure in heart and of a courageous mind need fear nothing: But some have power to torment the impure, as well as those who invite their approach. Give me the particulars about the death of the body of Buddha, and his departure to Nirvana? Having accomplished his self-appointed task, perfected his Doctrine, and pointed out the path to Nirvana to thousands of people, he was ready to depart.

He preached in the first part of the night to the Malliya princes; in the second part of the night he converted a great Brahmin pandit, Sabhadra; after that he discoursed to the assembled priests about his Doctrine; at daybreak he passed into the interior condition of "Samadhi.

What were Buddha's last words, and to whom addressed? To his disciples: I now impress it upon you, the parts and powers of man must be dissolved; Work out your salvation with diligence. Give the important dates connected his life? He was born under the constellation Wissa on a Friday in May, in the year of the Kaliyuga; went into the jungle in the year ; became a Buddha in the year on a Wednesday, at early dawn; and in the year , at the full moon of May, on a Tuesday, he expired at the age of eighty years.

Did he write in books his Doctrine? No; it was not the Indian custom. During the forty-five years of his teaching he developed his Doctrine in all the minute details.

He recited it to his disciples, who committed it to memory, word by word. Where did this Council meet? At the Sattapanni care, near Rajagriha.

The whole council chanted together the words of the Teacher. When were other Councils held? A second, at Yaisali, in the Walukaram temple, a century later, under the presidency of Yasesta Arahat; a third, at Patna, in the th year of the Buddhist Era. Who was King Asoka?

King of Magadha, and the most powerful monarch of his time in Asia. He was converted to Buddhism in the 10th year of his reign and most devoted to its spread throughout the world.

He was a good King and his name is honoured and beloved wherever there are Buddhists.

What did he do for Buddhism? Built dagobas and monasteries, established gardens and hospitals not only for men but also for animals, and enjoined all his subjects to observe the moral precepts of Buddha. He also sent missionaries after the Council of Patna to carry the religion to many different countries, and embassadors to four Greek Kings to inform them about Buddha's Doctrine. To keep the religion pure he established in his own country the office of Minister of Justice and Religion.

The King also appointed officials to promote the education of women in the principles of Buddha. What tangible proof is there of all this? Within the last fifty years there have been discovered in various parts of India and Afghanistan, the edicts of King Asoka engraven on rocks and stone pillars. They have been translated into English and published at the Government Press in India.

In what light do these edicts make Buddhism appear? As a religion of noble tolerance, of universal brotherhood, of righteousness and justice. They have done much to win for it the respect in which it is now held in Europe and America. How does a recent English writer express himself about these edicts, in a work published by a Christian Educational Society?

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