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HarperTeen is an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Starcrossed Copyright by Josephine Angelini All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Manufactured in China. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Still practically new, Helen said optimistically. Unfortunately, her father was no sucker.

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Not even in this heat. I get winded, Helen lied. You sigh. Big difference. Ive just got bigger lungs than you. But since youre taller, youd need more oxygen, wouldnt you?

They clinked glasses and sipped their lemonade, calling it even. Kate was a bit shorter and plumper than Helen, but that didnt make her either short or fat. Helen always. She never used it, though, in case Kate took it the wrong way. Is the book club on tonight? Helen asked. But I doubt anyone will want to talk about Kundera, Kate said with a smirk, jingling the ice cubes in her glass. Hot gossip? Smokin hot. This crazy-big family just moved to the island. The place in Sconset? At Kates nod, she rolled her eyes.

Too good to dish with the rest of us? Kate teased, flicking the condensed water from the side of her glass in Helens direction.


Helen play-shrieked, and then had to leave Kate for a moment to ring up a few customers. As soon as she finished the transactions, she came back and continued the conversation. I just dont think its that strange for a big family to buy a big property. Especially if theyre going to live in it year-round. It makes more sense than some old wealthy couple buying a summer home thats so huge they get lost on the way to the mailbox.

True, Kate conceded. But I really thought youd be more interested in the Delos family. Youll be graduating with a few of them.

Helen stood there as Delos ran around her head. The name. How could it? But some echoey part of her brain kept repeating Delos over and over. Whered you go? Kate asked. She was interrupted by the first members of the book club coming early, wound-up and already in the throes of wild speculation.

Kates prediction was right.

StarCrossed by Josephine Angelini

The Unbearable Lightness of Being was no match for the arrival of new year-rounders, especially since the rumor mill had revealed that they were moving here from Spain. Apparently, they were Boston natives who had moved to Europe three years ago in order to be closer to their extended family, but now, suddenly, theyd decided to move back.

It was the suddenly part that everyone spent the most time discussing. The school secretary had hinted to a few of the book club members that the kids had been enrolled so far past the normal date that the parents had practically had to bribe their way in, and all sorts of special agreements had to be made to ship their furniture over in time for their arrival.

It seemed like the Delos family had left Spain in a hurry, and the book club agreed that there must have been some kind of falling-out with their cousins.

The one thing Helen could confidently gather from all the chatter was that the Delos family was rather unconventional. There were two fathers who were brothers, their younger sister, one mother one of the fathers was a widower , and five kids, all living together on the property. The entire family was supposed to be unbelievably smart and beautiful and wealthy. Helen rolled her eyes when she heard the parts of. In fact, she could barely stand it. Helen tried to stay behind the register and ignore the excited whispering, but it was impossible.

Every time she heard one of the members of the Delos family mentioned by name, it drew her attention as if it had been shouted, irritating her.

She left the register and went over to the magazine rack, straightening the shelves just to give her hands something to do. Even so, she couldnt help but hear how scandalized the book club was to find out that Cassandra Delos, who was thirteen, had skipped a grade and was going to be attending high school. She was supposed to be exceptionally bright, but on the whole, the book club disapproved of children skipping grades, probably because none of their children had ever managed it.

They dont like to be separated, Helen thought. Its safer if they stick together. Thats the real reason why Cassandra skipped a grade.

Helen had no idea where the thought had come from, but she knew it was true. She also knew she had to get as far away from the gossip as she could or she was going to start yelling at Kates friends.

She needed to make herself as busy as possible. As she wiped down the shelves and stocked the candy jars, she mentally ticked the kids off in her head. Hector is a year older than Jason and Ariadne, who are twins. Lucas and Cassandra are brother and sister, cousins to the other three.

She changed the water for the flowers and rang up a. Hector wouldnt be there the first day of school because he was still in Spain with his aunt Pandora, though no one in town knew why. Helen pulled on a pair of shoulder-length rubber gloves, a long apron, and dug through the garbage for stray recycling items. Lucas, Jason, and Ariadne are all going to be in my grade. So Im surrounded. She went to the back kitchen and put a load in the industrial dishwasher. She mopped the floors and started counting the money.

Lucas is such a stupid name. Its all wrong.

StarCrossed by Josephine Angelini | Claire Bennet | Advanced Placement

It sticks out like a sore thumb. Cant you see Im counting? Helen said, slamming her hands down on the counter so hard she made a stack of quarters jump. Jerry held up his hands in a placating gesture. Its the first day of school tomorrow, he reminded her in his most reasonable voice. I know, she responded blankly, still unaccountably irritable but trying not to take it out on her father. Its almost eleven, honey, he said. Kate came out from the back to check on the noise.

Youre still here? Im really sorry, Jerry, she said, looking perplexed. Helen, I told you to lock the front and go home at nine. They both stared at Helen, who had arranged every bill and every coin in neat stacks.

I got sidetracked, Helen said lamely. After sharing a worried glance with Jerry, Kate took over Still in a daze, Helen gave Kate a kiss good-bye and tried to figure out how she had missed out on the last three hours of her life.

Jerry put Helens bike on the back of the Pig and started the engine without a word. He glanced over at her a few times as they drove home, but he didnt say anything until they parked in the driveway. Did you eat? I dont. Helen had no idea what or when shed last eaten. She vaguely remembered Kate cutting her some cherries. Are you nervous about the first day of school? Junior years a big one. I guess I must be, she said absentmindedly.

Jerry glanced over at her and bit his lower lip. He exhaled before speaking. Ive been thinking maybe you should talk to Dr. Cunningham about those phobia pills. You know, the kind for people who have a hard time in crowds?

Thats what its called, he burst out, remembering. Do you think that could help you? Helen smiled and ran the charm of her necklace along its chain. I dont think so, Dad.

Im not afraid of strangers, Im just shy. She knew she was lying. It wasnt just that she was shy. Any time she extended herself and attracted attention, even accidentally, her stomach hurt so badly it felt almost like the stomach flu or menstrual crampsreally bad menstrual crampsbut shed sooner light her hair on fire than tell her father that.

And youre okay with that? I know youd never ask, but do you want help? Because I think this is holding you back. Jerry said, starting in on one of their oldest fights. Helen cut him off at the pass. Im fine! I dont want to talk to Dr. Cunningham, I dont want drugs. I just want to go inside and eat, she said in a rush. She got out of the Jeep. Her father watched her with a small smile as she plucked her heavy, old-fashioned bike off the rack on the back of the Jeep and placed it on the ground.

She rang the bell on her handlebar jauntily and gave her dad a grin. See, Im just peachy, she said. If you knew how hard what you just did would be for an average girl your age, youd get what Im saying. You arent average, Helen. You try to come off that way, but youre not. Youre like her, he said, his voice drifting off. For the thousandth time Helen cursed the mother she didnt remember for breaking her fathers sweet heart.

How could anyone leave such a good guy without so much as a good-bye? Without so much as a photo to remember her by? You win! Im not average, Im specialjust like everyone else, Helen teased, anxious to cheer him up. She nudged him with her hip as she walked past him, wheeling her bike into the garage.

Now, what is there to eat? Im starving, and its your week to be kitchen slave. Normally at a quarter to eight, it would be cool out, even a little chilly with the wind blowing off the water, but as soon as she woke up, Helen could feel the hot, humid air lying on her body like a wet fur coat.

She had kicked her sheets off in the middle of the night, wriggled out of her T-shirt, drank the entire glass of water on her nightstand, and still she woke up exhausted by the heat. It was very un-island weather, and Helen absolutely did not want to get up and go to school.

She pedaled slowly in an attempt to avoid spending the rest of the day smelling like phys ed. She didnt usually sweat much, but shed woken up so lethargic that morning she couldnt remember if she had put on deodorant. She flapped her elbows like chicken wings trying to catch. It was faint, so she must have put it on yesterday, but it only needed to hold on until track practice after school.

Which would be a miracle, but oh well. As she cruised down Surfside Road she could feel the baby hairs around her face pulling loose in the wind and sticking to her cheeks and forehead. It was a short ride from her house to school, but in the humidity, her carefully arranged first-day-of-school hairdo was a big old mess by the time she locked her crummy bike to the rack. She only locked it out of tourist-season habit and not because anyone at school would deign to steal it.

Which was good because she also had a crummy lock. She pulled her ruined hair out of its bonds, ran her fingers through the worst of the tangles, and retied it, this time settling for a boring, low ponytail. With a resigned sigh she swung her book bag over one shoulder and her gym bag over the other.

She bent her head and slouched her way toward the front door. She got there just a second before Gretchen Clifford, and was obliged to hold the door open for her.

Thanks, freak. Try not to rip it off the hinges, will you? Gretchen said archly, breezing past Helen. Helen stood stupidly at the top of the steps, holding the door open for other students, who walked past her like she worked there.

Nantucket was a small island, and everyone knew each other painfully well, but sometimes Helen. Theyd been best friends up until fifth grade, when Helen, Gretchen, and Claire were playing hide-and-seek at Gretchens house, and Helen accidentally knocked the bathroom door off its hinges while Gretchen was using it. Helen had tried to apologize, but the next day Gretchen started looking at her funny and calling her a freak. Ever since then it seemed like shed gone out of her way to make Helens life suck.

It didnt help matters that Gretchen now ran with the popular crowd, while Helen hid among the braniacs. She wanted to snap back at Gretchen, say something clever like Claire would, but the words caught in her throat. Instead, she flipped the doorstop down with her toe to leave the door propped open for everyone else.

Another year of fading into the background had officially begun. Helen had Mr. Hergeshimer for homeroom. He was the head of the English department, and had mad style for a guy in his fifties. He wore silk cravats in warm weather, flashy colored cashmere scarves when it was cold, and drove a vintage convertible Alfa Romeo.

The guy had buckets of money and didnt need to work, but he taught high school, anyway. He said he did it because he didnt want to be forced to deal with illiterate heathens everywhere he went. That was his story, anyway. Personally, Helen believed he taught because he absolutely loved it. Some of the other students didnt get him and said he was a wannabe British snob, but Helen thought he was one of the best teachers shed probably ever have.

Miss Hamilton, he said broadly as Helen stepped. Punctual as usual. Im certain you will be taking the seat next to your cohort, but first, a warning. Any exercise of that talent for which one of you earned the sobriquet Giggles and I shall separate you. Sure thing, Hergie, chirped Claire. Helen slid into the desk next to her. Hergie rolled his eyes at Claires mild disrespect, but he was pleased.

It is gratifying to know that at least one of my students knows that sobriquet is a synonym for nickname, no matter how impertinent her delivery. Now, students: As you are preparing for your SATs this year, I shall expect you all to be ready to give me the definition of a new and exciting word every morning.

The class groaned. Only Mr. Hergeshimer could be sadistic enough to give them homework for homeroom. It was against the natural order. Can impertinent be the word we learn for tomorrow? Zach was usually anxious about something, and he had been since kindergarten. Sitting next to Zach was Matt Millis, who looked over at Zach and shook his head as if to say, I wouldnt try that if I were you. Matt, Zach, and Claire were the AP kids.

They were all friends, but as they got older they were starting to realize only one of them could be valedictorian and get into Harvard. Helen stayed out of the competition, especially because she had started liking Zach less and less the past. Ever since his father became the football coach and starting pushing Zach to be number one both on the field and in the classroom, Zach had become so competitive that Helen could barely stand to be around him anymore.

A part of her felt bad for him. She would have pitied him more if he wasnt so combative toward her. Zach had to be everything all the timepresident of this club, captain of that team, the guy with all the gossipbut he never looked like he was enjoying any of it. Claire insisted that Zach was secretly in love with Helen, but Helen didnt believe it for a second; in fact, sometimes she felt like Zach hated her, and that bothered her.

He used to share his animal crackers with her during recess in the first grade, and now he looked for any opportunity to pick a fight with her. When did everything get so complicated, and why couldnt they all just be friends like they were in grade school? Brant, Mr. Hergeshimer enunciated. You may use impertinent as your word if you wish, but from someone of your mental faculties I shall also be expecting something more.

Perhaps an essay on an example of impertinence in English literature? He nodded. Yes, five pages on Salingers use of impertinence in his controversial Catcher in the Rye by Monday, please. Helen could practically smell the palms of Zachs hands clam up from two seats away.

Hergies powers for giving extra reading to smart-ass students were legendary, and he seemed determined to make an example out of Zach on the first day. Helen thanked her lucky stars Hergie hadnt picked on her. Shed rejoiced too soon. After Mr. Hergeshimer handed out the schedules, he called Helen up to his desk. He told the other students to speak freely, and they immediately launched into excited first-day-of-school chatter.

Hergie had Helen pull up a chair next to him instead of making her stand and talk across his desk. Apparently, he didnt want any of the other students to hear what he was going to say.

That put Helen a little more at ease, but not for long. I see you decided not to enroll in any Advanced Placement classes this year, he said, looking at her from over his halfmoon reading glasses. I didnt think Id be able to handle the extra workload, she mumbled, tucking her hands under her thighs and sitting on them to keep them still.

I think youre capable of much more than you are willing to admit, Hergie said, frowning. I know you arent lazy, Helen. I also know you are one of the brightest students in your class. So whats keeping you from taking advantage of all that this educational system has to offer you? I have to work, she said with a helpless shrug. I need to save up if I want to go to college. If you take AP classes and do well on your SATs, you will stand a better chance of getting enough money for school through a scholarship than by working for minimum wage at your fathers shop.

My dad needs me. We arent rich like everyone else on this island, but we are there for each other, she said defensively. Thats very admirable of you both, Helen, Hergie replied in a serious tone.

But you are reaching the end of your high school years and its time to start thinking about your own future.

I know, Helen said, nodding. She could see from the worry puckering his face that he cared, and that he was just trying to help. I think I should get a pretty good athletic scholarship for track. I got much faster over the summer. Hergeshimer stared at her earnest face begging him to let it go, and finally conceded. All right. But if you feel like you need more of an academic challenge, you are welcome to join my AP English class at any point this semester. Thank you, Mr. As she went back to her desk, it occurred to her that she had to keep Hergie and her father away from each other at all cost.

She didnt want them comparing notes and deciding that she needed to be in special classes and go out for special awards. Even the thought gave her a bellyache. Why couldnt they all just ignore her? Secretly, Helen had always felt she was different, but she thought she had done a pretty good job of hiding it her whole life. Apparently, without realizing it, shed been sending out hints of that buried freak inside of her. She had to try to keep her head down, but she wondered how she was going to do that when she kept getting taller and taller every damn day.

Whats up? Claire asked as soon as Helen returned to her seat. Just another motivational moment from Hergie. He doesnt think Im applying myself, Helen said as breezily as she could. You dont apply yourself. You never do your work, Zach replied, more offended than he should have been. Shut it, Zach, Claire said, crossing her arms belligerently. She turned and faced Helen.

Its true, though, Lennie, she told her apologetically. You never do your work. Yeah, yeah. You can both shut it, Helen said, chuckling. The bell rang and she gathered her things.

Matt Millis gave her a smile but hurried away as they left the room. Feeling guilty, Helen realized that she hadnt spoken to him yet. She hadnt meant to ignore him, especially not on the first day of school. According to Claire, everyone knew that Matt and Helen were supposed to be together. Matt was intelligent, good looking, and captain of the golf team. He was still sort of a geek, but because Helen was practically a pariah ever since Gretchen had started spreading rumors about her, it was a compliment that everyone thought she was good enough for someone like Matt.

Unfortunately, Helen never felt anything special for him. Zero tingles. The one time they had been shoved into a closet together at a party to make out, it had been disastrous. Helen felt like she was kissing her brother, and Matt felt like he was being rejected.

Afterward, he was sweet. She really missed him but she worried that if she told him he would take it the wrong way. It feels like everything I do lately is being taken the wrong way, Helen thought.

The rest of the morning Helen wandered on autopilot from class to class. She couldnt concentrate on much of anything, and every time she tried to make herself focus she felt nothing but irritation. Something about the day was off.

Everyonefrom her favorite teachers to the few acquaintances she should have been happy to seewas annoying her, and every now and again while she was walking down the hall she would suddenly feel like she was inside an airplane at ten thousand feet. Her inner ear would block up, all the sounds around her would become muffled, and her head would get hot. Then, as suddenly as it had come on, the discomfort would go away. But even still, there was a pressure, a pre-thunderstorm energy all around her, even though the skies were lovely and blue.

It got worse at lunch. She tore into her sandwich thinking that her headache was the result of low blood sugar, but she was wrong. Jerry had packed her favorite sandwich smoked turkey, green apple, and brie on a baguettebut she couldnt force herself to take more than a bite. She spat it out. Your dad make another dud? When Jerry had first partnered up with Kate hed started experimenting.

No, its good old number three. I just cant eat it, Helen said, shoving it away. Claire gleefully picked up the remainder and started eating it.

Mmm, is really good, she mumbled around a full mouth. Us a atter? I just dont feel right, Helen said. Claire stopped chewing and gave her a worried look.

Im not sick. You can go ahead and swallow, Helen assured her quickly. She saw Matt approaching and chirped, Hey! He was deep in conversation with Gretchen and Zach and didnt respond, but still came to his habitual spot at the geek table. Both Gretchen and Zach were so engrossed in what they were saying that they didnt notice that they had wandered into geek territory. I heard they were movie stars in Europe, Zach was saying. Where did you hear that?

Matt asked, incredulous. Thats ridiculous. I heard from at least two other people that Ariadne was a model. Shes certainly pretty enough, Zach argued passionately, hating to be wrong about anything, even gossip. Shes nowhere near thin enough to be a model, Gretchen hissed bitterly, before catching herself and adding, Of course I think shes pretty, if you go for that exotic, voluptuous look. But shes nothing compared to her twin,. Jasonor her cousin! Lucas is just unreal, she gushed. The boys shared a knowing look, but silently agreed that they were outnumbered by girls and should probably let it go.

Jason is almost too pretty, Claire decided solemnly, after giving it a moments thought. Lucas, however, is an berbabe. Quite possibly the most beautiful boy Ive ever seen. And Ariadne is a stone-cold fox, Gretchen. Youre just jealous. Gretchen gave an exasperated huff and rested a fist on her hip. Like youre not, was all she had for a comeback.

Of course I am. Im almost as jealous of her as I am of Lennie. But not quite. Helen felt Claire turn to her to see her response, but she had her elbows on the table and her head cradled in her hands, rubbing her temples. Matt said, sitting down next to her. Does your head hurt? He reached out to touch her shoulder. She stood up abruptly, muttering an excuse, and hurried away. By the time she got to the girls room she felt better, but she splashed a little cold water on her face for good measure.

Then she remembered that she had put mascara on that morning in an attempt to make an effort. She looked at her raccoon eyes in the mirror and burst out laughing. This was the worst first day of school ever. Somehow she made it through the last three periods, and when the bell finally rang she gratefully made her way to the girls locker room to change for track practice. Coach Tar was all fired up. She gave an embarrassingly optimistic speech about their chances to win races that year.

Then she turned to Helen. Youll be running with the boys this year, Coach said bluntly. She told everyone to hit the trail. Helen sat on the bench for a moment, debating her options while everyone else filed out the door. She didnt want to make a fuss, but she was mortified by the thought of having to cross the gender line.

The muscles in her lower abdomen started to spasm. Go talk to her! Dont let her push you around, Claire said indignantly as she left.

Confused and afraid she was going to get a bellyache, Helen nodded and stood up. Coach Tar? Also, there is kissing. If the tower falls, your characters act on their feelings!

Hm... Are You a Human?

You decide what happens; the rules will tell you what that means. Of course, that tower may never fall. If you make it through the final scene and the tower is still standing, the character never act on their feelings. Hiding in the gravity of that teetering tower is not the grisly finality of well-swung hammer or the existential threat of eternal void, but something far more terrifying: Star Crossed takes about two hours to play.

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