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The consent of CRC Press LLC does not extend to copying for general refer to frequently as my Handbook of Medi Building Construction Handbook. Read "Speedliter's Handbook Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites" by Syl Arena available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first. I remain humbled by the success of my Speedliter's Handbook. Recently, the Speedlites Syl Arena a that wow Speedliter's Handbook: Learning To. After

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Radio-Enabled. Speedlite. SECOND EDITION. SPEEDLITER'S HANDBOOK LEARNING TO CRAFT LIGHT. WITH CANON SPEEDLITES. SYL ARENA. Speedliter's Handbook. Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites. Second Edition. Syl Arena. Peachpit Press To report errors, please. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Back in the dark ages of view cameras and enlargers, Syl Arena studied commercial photography at Brooks Institute and.

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I shoot Canon. That's all we have in common. I would defend you, if I saw you had been wronged. I was under the impression that this meant the topic was not necessarily forum related. Perhaps I was wrong, I'm really beginning to regret ever posting this in the first place. Mods, Can we close this. Or maybe delete it. I wish I never bothered. I'd say someone who has written a book aimed at members of this group is a friend of the group.

I'm glad you posted the story bfbyrne, you reminded me that the book is in my wishlist and I've bumped it to the top, heard nothing but good things. Stop the sniping back and forth about the author's status here.

He has written a book that overlaps with this group, and someone has infringed on his copyright by uploading the PDF to Scribd. If you don't have something to add besides picking apart the OP, post in another thread.

Speedliter's Handbook

The thread is properly marked at OT, and is fine here. There have been many worse OT threads. The real problem for Syl Arena is not Scribd. The real problem is that one or more of those downloaders probably re-uploaded the book on various other sites.

Even if the author or the publisher will write to all the file sharing sites and request the files to be removed, the files will pop up again under different names. Once a popular file is out there, is out there for good.

But outlaws were supposed to have their code of honour, weren't they? Those taking pride in uploading fresh copyrighted materials, as soon as they hit the market and sometimes even before the official release date.

For what purpose do they do that, other than their own vanity? That's potentially harmful to authors and publishers since they have costs to recover, that may discourage future authors or publishers from embarking into a new book project, and it's not really helping anyone. That's potentially harmful for the readers themselves - the publishing industry as a whole has to remain profitable, or some day new books might become scarce and expensive luxury items.

On the other hand, downloads will never equate lost sales. Peeking through a book in a store is legal, and it's free.

I usually buy a book if, after peeking through it, I'm convinced I want to read it from cover to cover recently I had to abandon a huge amount of books when moving between countries.

Not something I'd enjoy doing again. But I still go to book shops and usually end up by buying something. I think not many people will go through the pain of reading a book from cover to cover while standing in a book shop, and not many people will go through the pain of reading a whole book on-screen - when they can afford to buy the printed version, take it home, in the park or in the train and read it in comfort.

Those who never intended to read the whole thing, or those who can't afford to buy it - they never were future buyers and their free peeks or downloads are not lost sales.

Yep, maybe some teenager in Uzbekistan is reading the book right now, and he didn't pay for it. But is that a real loss for anyone? Some other guy elsewhere is a Net hoarder, he's mass-downloading all the ebooks he can find, although he will probably never actually open them.

Is that really lost revenue for anyone? What about those who read all the books for free at their local library, in every major city around the world? Did they also steal two dollars and change from the authors' starving families? Hopefully, most people will continue to pay the fair price for their books, even if they could with a bit of effort download them for free, borrow them from a library or from a friend. That should be enough for both authors and publishers.

Just the same as people continue to put money in street musicians' tins, and music CDs still sell by the millions, even with all the billion MP3s downloaded each day. No need to panic. RB Bob Jones 8 years ago.

I agree that today's ease of up and down loading and the general lack of concern for who owns what is appalling. If we as a community of almost 90, want people to share their expertise with us we need to do what we can to protect their property.

It is the basic principal of neighborhood watch. A community looking out for each other. I'm in a legal publishing course right now and this post goes right along with our current discussions on copyrights in a digital environment, and Syl's post actually mentioned a few specific items that we have discussed in class.

Thanks for posting. Oy vey Rick Cogley 8 years ago. All four of my books have been appropriated by torrent sites and foreign websites so often it's almost a daily occurrence. Syl is just going to have to develop a thicker skin and concentrate on getting his books to the few people who still have some ethics. I'm glad this was posted. It's a huge problem and may keep future authors from giving us good stuff. There will be nothing left for them Bummer, just found a bunch of links to download the PDF.

Cant stop the internet. Modern Vintage Life 8 years ago. As members of the Strobist group started by a guy with some moral integrity, wouldn't we want to be informed of copyright infringement to avoid and a fellow Strobist Author to support including fine informative photographers like Kirk Tuck? I sat behind Syl Arena and his red curly locks at the Los Angeles Strobist workshop, he was there to meet with David Hobby on that trip to get him to teach a workshop at Paso Robles.

David called him a fellow strobist who could teach us all a thing or two as well. I love books, I also love what I've learned about photography from the internet but there won't be much to offer or reasons for authors to put the work into books if people aren't willing to pay for them.

I also appreciate the variety of experienced photographers including a few book authors who share what they know to inexperienced photographers who want to learn more. Wil C.

Fry 8 years ago. What if it's five lost sales? Or two? These days, every dollar counts. I think that if I was to publish a book or a video I really should do that someday , I would release the full content itself for free, but charge a small price for different grades of presentation. Want to check the content? Download the full version of it for free, in low res and raw presentation, on my own site.

With some touching plugs for the paying versions scattered inside. And my many thanks for bothering to download it! Want a high quality, nicely formatted and digitally signed PDF? Want the interactive Kindle-on-steroids, with some insignificant extras and personalized headers on each odd page? It's 15 bucks. Hardcover in shiny plastic, printed in China?

What do you think, would such approach be commercially viable, or there's still no better way than charge a fixed amount for whatever content I happen to come up with, then start writing angry letters to Rapidshare et al.? Also, I'd do my best to publish the book or video myself, not through a publishing house. Unless they advance enough money and guarantee big time income afterwards, I'd rather feed poor young pirates than rich old pimps, me. Don Giannatti aka wizwow 8 years ago.

Entitlement breeds entitiement. From ripped off music to ripped off images to ripped off books to ripped off computers It costs too much, so I am 'entitled' to rip it off. Who cares if we 'little people' get back at 'the man' and his corprutgreedasswipeminions I am 'entitled' Hey, they are making a fortune on the stuff from the other suckers who actually pay for it.

I am entitled to read the book without paying for it. I convert oxygen into CO Everything else was given to me. Food, money, a place to live Or my favorite: Or some variation thereof. Be careful where you tread, I say. Theft is theft And you have no relevance anyway. It is a cost of doing business. Yes, we all just need to deal with it. But after having my iPad stolen, my wifes laptop stolen, three cameras stolen, and my home broken into, I am probably a bit more grumpy these days.

This morning I awoke in Austin to find out someone had broken out the windows of the rental car to take my GPS. I guess it was my fault for leaving it in the car. The thieves were not really to blame. After all.. Ouch that is going to hurt for Ann Hillsgrove, especially for someone who claims to be a retail professional.

I guess we should all go and "download" something from her shop, but then that would make us no different. What I think is absolutely baffling is that someone is so incredibly stupid as to post this under their own name. I'm sure that by the time today ends she is going to regret posting that pdf.


What I don't understand is how someone can get a pdf of the entire book to post on some website. Did they scan it in and make a pdf compilation?

Nick Arora Photo 8 years ago. The top google results for Ann Hillsgrove are all about how she stole Syl's book. If she starts a photography business, she needs a pen name. Snootist Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Snootist member 8 years ago. At a bookstore's Photography section. Two photographer friends are browsing a popular lighting instruction book. Photog A: Why not? But it's way too expensive. But not enough to pay for it. I'll just AnnHillsgrove a copy when I get back home.

It's cheaper that way. VibrantPhotographs 8 years ago. I dunno Had a coffee and a nice seat by the window well the light is better there Don Giannatti aka wizwow said: Secoast 8 years ago. An act of theft over the Internet should be treated no differently than any other act of theft. Most here seem to agree with this statement.

If this is the case then surely Miss Hillsgrove deserves the same rights as any other individual accused of a criminal act. A shopkeeper has the right to prosecute a suspected shoplifter, but this involves third party legal representation for both parties.

The shopkeeper alone does not have the right to judge and sentence. Even if Miss Hillsgrove is entirely responsible, there is a proper course to follow. Mr Arena clearly considers he is not obligated to such civilised procedures. And this is someone who uses the US Constitution to justify his rights.

If you sell digital media on the Internet you will have two types of customer. Those that pay, and those that don't.

Even retailers in the real world have to accommodate such losses. It may not be right, or fair, but sadly that's the way it is. Taking responsible action to limit such losses is the sensible approach. I fully understand his frustration, but Syl Arena's response is both immature and unprofessional. As such he has now done as much harm to his own reputation as he has to Miss Hillsgroves. On a side note, why aren't the publishers chasing these individuals?

There is a difference between public shaming and legal proceedings. In most cases, if you can resolve the situation without getting the courts involved, it should be preferred.

Syl Arena is not part of the judicial system, so he cannot judge or sentence anyone to anything. Secoast Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Secoast member 8 years ago.

He's made a judgement and decided on the punishment. In principal there is little difference. Also, are you implying public shaming is acceptable when you alone consider it deserved. The consequences could be greater than you might imagine. It is for this reason I would consider it a right for anyone accused of any criminal act to have some kind of representation. I saw nothing in Syl Arena's blog to indicate he made any attempt to even contact Miss Hillsgrove.

Secoast said: If someone buys stuff online and pays with your card's details is no different than if he steals money from your pocket. There are serious social concerns on copyright infringement, and they certainly have to be addressed, but using misleading metaphors cannot be a real solution, no matter what big stakeholders may consider appropriate to print on their materials.

But writing an accusatory open letter to someone, or publicly exposing one's deeds, is not private justice and is not necessarily libelous. It's his right.

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Of course, it would be both prudent and polite if Arena provided Hillsgrove with the opportunity to answer to the accusations on the very same page of his blog. Am I being dense or is not the simple solution to this issue being not creating digital downloads for iPads et al, but just to do a Print issue?

Printed-only books are being shared on the Internet in huge numbers, after being scanned and sometimes OCR-ed. No difference. And electronic distribution has huge merits, no publisher should dismiss it. In whatever form, information leaks, and the Internet makes it instantly and globally accessible, there's no way around it. The only proper solution, IMHO, is to charge not for the information per se, but for ways of adding extra value to it. Free content, paid packaging.

David duChemin. Picture Perfect Practice: Roberto Valenzuela. NK Guy. The Art of Black and White Photography. Torsten Andreas Hoffmann. Light, Gesture, and Color. Jay Maisel. How to Create Stunning Digital Photography.

Speedliter's Handbook by Syl Arena - PDF Drive

Tony Northrup. Mike Hagen. Douglas Klostermann. Picture Perfect Posing. Photo Inspiration. Scott Kelby. Michael Freeman. Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography with Available Light. Ibarionex Perello. Bryan F. The Photographer's Vision. Fine Art Printing for Photographers. Uwe Steinmueller. From Snapshots to Great Shots.

Laurie S. Photoshop CC and Lightroom. Stephen Laskevitch. Imagine Publishing. Secrets of Great Portrait Photography. Brian Smith. Architectural Photography, 3rd Edition. Adrian Schulz. The Digital Photography Book. Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition. Bryan Peterson. The Passionate Photographer: Ten Steps Toward Becoming Great. Steve Simon. The Photographer's Eye. The Photographer's Exposure Field Guide. People Pictures: Chris Orwig.

Gregory Heisler: Gregory Heisler. Within the Frame. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Classroom in a Book. Adobe Creative Team. Bert Krages. Black and White Photography in the Digital Age. David Bigwood. Exposure and Understanding the Histogram. Andrew Gibson. The Art of Boudoir Photography. Christa Meola. Collins Complete Photography Course. John Garrett.

Understanding Flash Photography. Understanding Digital Photography. On Photography. Susan Sontag. The Digital Photography Book, Part 4. Klaus Bohn. Tabletop Photography. Cyrill Harnischmacher.

Beyond Portraiture. The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure. Sean Arbabi. Bob Gallimore. Improve Your Photography: Jim Harmer. Nature Photography Volume 1: The Natural Environment. Margaret Brown. Sketching Light: An Illustrated Tour of the Possibilities of Flash.

Joe McNally. The Moment It Clicks: Photography secrets from one of the world's top shooters. Harvard Business Review. Understanding Shutter Speed. Rob Sheppard. The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook. Juergen Gulbins. Steve Jobs. Walter Isaacson. Fast Sketching Techniques. David Rankin. Landscape Photography. Dane Sanders.

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