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The Orange Girl (Appelsinpiken) is a Norwegian film released in February It is based on a book by author Jostein Gaarder; a book translated to Our Reading Guide for The Orange Girl by Jostein Gaarder includes Book Club Discussion Questions, Book Reviews, Plot Summary-Synopsis and Author Bio. Oct 18, But 'The Orange Girl' is no ordinary story - it is a riddle from the past and I'd hear from him again, but now we're writing a book together'.

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The Orange Girl [Jostein Gaarder] on Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, children's books. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade - The Norwegian author of Sophie's Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new books in more than a. The Orange Girl by Jostein Gaarder - book cover, description, publication history.

Goodreads Summary: At fifteen, Georg comes upon a letter written to him by his dying father, to be read when he comes of age. Their two voices make a fascinating dialogue as Georg comes to know the father he can barely remember, then is challenged by him to answer some profound questions. The central mystery of The Orange Girl is the story of an elusive young woman for whom Georg sense of awe and wonder. My Thoughts: This story is so beautiful and sad at the same time that it just affects you deep down in your heart. It is a relatively short story, but it is beautifully written.

It is based on a book by author Jostein Gaarder ; a book translated to 43 languages.

The Orange Girl - Wikipedia

The film is based on a novel by the same name, written by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder. The main character is the young boy Georg who one day finds a long letter from his deceased father in his old red stroller. The letter tells, among other things, about the father's youthful love for the mysterious " orange girl" appelsinpiken , and leaves a mystery for Georg to solve. The story leaps back and forth between the father's letters to the future, the young boy's thoughts and the events of the father's life.

The newspaper Verdens Gang gave the film four out of six points. At the same time he did not think the flow of the dialogue was entirely natural. Among the actors he was most impressed by Annie Dahr Nygaard's effort. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Seller Inventory n. The Orange Girl.

Jostein Gaarder. Orion Publishing , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition: Synopsis About this title At fifteen, Georg comes upon a letter written to him by his dying father, to be read when he comes of age. About the Author: From School Library Journal: Buy New View Book. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title.

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Stock Image. Mainly, Jan Olav writes about the Orange girl. The reader also has an insight into Georg's head and they both entwine.

They're so much alike. Georg is mature for his age, but still is just a teenager, and there are some funny moments where it's clearly shown. Like, when he didn't want to go jogging with his stepfather because he said the running will help him get rid of acne and Georg didn't want to let him know that acne bother him.

I cried because you were so young. Jan Olav wasn't only sad because he's dying, he was sad because he'll never truly know his son. He spent only three years with him and couldn't get enough of him and suddenly, his happiness is cruelly taken away. The reason for it is not war, divorce nor natural catastrophe, it's actually a disease.

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I was able to feel Jan Olav's pain like it was mine. I just don't know if it was right for Georg to read the letter his father left for him.

And yet, Jan Olav had to live day after day with that feeling and tried to be happy in front of his son, because he was to young to comprehend what was going on. He tried to cherish the time they had left, but he couldn't help the sorrow. Honestly, Gaarder does painfully good job at describing all those emotions. He let his "hunt" get in a way of him living his life.

He wanted her to be a part of his world and he was so persistent, nothing could change his mind about it. But then again, he simply KNEW she was the one and he didn't want to let her get away. This is simply a part of Jan Olav's charm. In his viewpoint, he met his soul mate and he doesn't want to wait and who would?

Said on a right occasion and by a right man, this could melt any girl's heart.

ISBN 13: 9780297849049

Most of us just don't want to admit it. She's independent, unafraid of exploring her affinities.

Without a doubt, she isn't reluctant in getting what she wants, but she also doesn't let her inconsistent desires get in a way. She wants Jan Olav the same way he wants her and honestly their love story is one of the most beautiful romances I've ever read about. The question is whether we have a future together.

There are no big twists in the story. You can guess in the beginning who the Orange girl is and it isn't a bad thing. The book would be pointless if she was anyone else. I just wish I could find out more about the Orange Girl's reaction after reading the letter. We see only glimpses. It's about having a circle of your closest ones and always be with them.

But what happens when you have to leave them against your will? Is it really better to have nothing? I don't think so.

I just love how Gaarder raises existential questions out of tough life choices. Would you have elected to live a short span on earth only to be wrenched away from it all, never ever to return?

Or would you have said no, thank you? You have only these two choices.

Those are the rules. In choosing to live, you also choose to die. If there was a choice for him to try the best flavor of his favorite ice cream, but only a milligram, he'd refuse.

The Orange Girl

But, he'd still choose life despite how short it is. For a teenager, George is incredibly insightful and mature, while still managing not to become an adult too early.

Overall, it was a poignant read. There were some parts so cute that I was actually hugging the book and other parts so depressing I cried. This is the best kind of a book. It's not about the genre, it's about the emotions the book evokes.

Occasionally, the book doesn't need to have astonishing plot to be good, sometimes it's all about the characters like Jan Olav and Georg. Check out my blog!

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