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Anatomic Therapy Book_tamil - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Approaches the theories on various diseases. Welcome to Anatomic therapy Apps. This Apps has created by Healer Baskar only to do service the people. This Apps contains Body, mind, peace, Educational . WHAT IS ANATOMIC THERAPY (TREATMENT THROUGH download this book free in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, English and many.

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Whyshould one not eat such a thing? Ask yourwww. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskargrandfather or grandmother. They will tell you what a life-savingmedicine is this mixture of coconut and Panankaruppatti. So, whatever disease anyone gets, he can cure it by drinking themixture of coconut milk and Panankaruppatti.

This solution is the onemedicine which can cure all the diseases. Several years ago, when ourforefathers took a person struggling for life to a doctor and when thedoctors tried all the medicines and still were not able to cure theperson, the coconut milk medicine was given as the last resort to theperson given up by the doctor.

The coconut milk that we refer to is not the colourful hot coconutmilk which is sold in all the streets nowadays. The coconut medicine isprepared in a unique way. This is made by making the white material of a coconut intosmall fine pieces by grating.

If we press this grated material firmly onour palm and add a little water, we will get milk-like solution. As perage-old medicine, if we give one glass of this coconut milk to a patientstruggling for life and who is given up by the doctor, he will survive.

Thus, our forefathers used to save lives using the coconut milk. Save their lives by givingcoconut milk.

There will be a small problem in giving coconut milk and savinglife. The separation of the assets of grandfather or grandmother by thesons and daughters will be delayed! If you want your grandfather or grandmother to bewww. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskaralive and be with you for a long time, then give coconut milk and savetheir lives. Therefore, coconut is not an item to be avoided at all. By learningthe technique as to how to eat the coconut so that it gets digested welland is converted into good fat, just by eating coconut all those havingfat-related diseases can be cured of their diseases.

Some people are afraid when they see oily dishes. Oil is anabsolutely essential item that is needed by our body. So what is thereto fear about it? We add oil in our food because our body needs fat. Therefore, please do not be afraid of oily dishes. The problem lies in thefact that we are not able to digest even ordinary oil.

There is noproblem with the oily dish. We are now going to learn how to eat oily dishes and oil-relateditems so that it can be converted into good fat. So, from now onwards,we can cure all fat-related diseases just by eating oil dishes and oil-related items. Genuine Nallennai is actually Sesame oil. It is also calledGingelly oil or til oil.

You can buy black sesame Til and get it groundedon your own at your local oil grinding shop. If you taste that oil thenonly you will know about the real Nallennai. Many of us will not knowhow original til oil looks and tastes like.

If you ask your grandfather orgrandmother, they will tell you about it in detail. But please do not buy and consume any oil that is sold in theshops. Especially, do not buy any oil which is publicized widely as fat-free and cholesterol-free. The reason is that, the very purpose of ourwww. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskarconsuming oil is that it has got fat.

Oil which does not contain fat is awaste to be thrown in the dust bin. If you go to the shops in search of original sesame oil, you willonly get disappointment. Therefore, you should get original sesame oilprepared by yourself in the following way. You have to buy 20 kilograms of black til, dry it in the hot sun,remove stones in it, add 1Kg of Panankaruppatti to it, take it to thenearest oil-grinding shop they will get it grounded into til oil within halfan hour in our presence.

If we dry it in hot sun for one day, theunwanted matter will settle down as sediment. Now, you have cleanand pure oil ready. If we prepare til oil needed for our house in this way and use it,we can preserve our health. Therefore, use only original til oil from nowonwards. Do not buy any oil which is sold as original til oil. It is originalonly if you get it prepared by yourself. Our forefathers lived a healthy life full of stamina without anybone-related disease only because they ate sesame oil.

Therefore, in our treatment, fat-related diseases can be curedonly by eating all fat-related items, especially coconut, oil dishes, etc. By reading this book completely, we can eat fat-related items, oil itemsand coconut in such a way that they get converted into good fat andmix in the blood and we can cure all fat-related diseases.

When more of good fat mixes in the blood, bad fat willautomatically come out. After eating for one to three months as perour treatment, you can get fat-related tests done for yourself and youcan observe that bad fat has reduced. Let us all live a happy and healthylife! When the quality of sugar in the blood goes down, it is calledsugar disease.

When the quality of calcium goes down, we get diseasein the bones. Thyroid disease occurs when the quality of calcium,sodium, iodine, etc. Wehave discussed all these in detail. In a similar way, eye diseases occur when the quality of vitamin Ain the blood goes down. This is because vitamin A is needed for the eye. When the quality of Vitamin A goes down, the eyes will be the firstorgans to be affected.

We should not wrongly conclude then that thedisease is in the eye. All the body parts will get diseases when the quality of Vitamin Agoes bad. It is because Vitamin A is needed for all the body parts. But,the eyes need more Vitamin A compared to other parts of the body.

So,the deficiency in Vitamin A will be first visible only in the eyes. Bones get diseases when the quality of Vitamin D in the bloodgoes down. This is because Vitamin D is the food for the bones. Thebasic reason for all the bone-related diseases such as joint pain, kneepain, arthritis, etc.

Therefore, when there is pain in the bones and joints, there is nouse of applying ointment on them and performing bone operation andjoint operation. All bone-related diseases can be cured only byimproving the quality of Vitamin D in the blood.

Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskar We should not immediately conclude that diseases come only inthe bones when Vitamin D goes bad. Vitamin D is needed for all theparts of the body. But, because bones need more Vitamin D comparedto the other parts, bones get affected first when there is a drop in thequality of Vitamin D.

When the quality of Vitamin B in the blood goes down, all muscle-related diseases will occur. This is because Vitamin B is the food for themuscles. The basic reason for all the muscle-related diseases such asbody pain, tiredness, prickling, grinding and burning sensations in thebody, etc. Therefore, all muscle-related diseases can be cured by improving thequality of Vitamin B in the blood. If the quality of Vitamin K in the blood goes bad, blood will lose itscapacity to clot.

Normally, if there is a wound in our body, the bloodwill clot immediately when it comes out. So, more blood will not flowout and our life will be saved. But, if there is a drop in the quality ofVitamin K in the blood, blood will not clot. Then, more blood will flowout and there is a danger to the life. Therefore, clotting of the bloodcan be restored by setting right the quality of Vitamin K in the blood.

Similarly, there are so many items in the blood and whenever anyitem goes bad in quality, all the parts of the body will be affected. But,some particular part will be affected more. The space in this book willnot be sufficient if we want to see which part will be affected for eachand every item in the blood.

Therefore, what we have to understand is that when an item goesbad in quality, all the body parts will be affected but one particular partmay be affected more than others because each body part consumesmore of a particular item and less of other items.

Therefore, when aparticular body part gets a disease, we need to understand that there iswww. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskarno connection between the disease and that body part and that anitem consumed by that part is deficient in the blood. For example, when there is a disease in the eye, there is no use ofanalyzing the eye. This is because the reason for the eye-relateddisease does not lie in the eye. Eyes get the disease only because someitems needed by the eyes have gone bad in the blood.

Similarly, joint pain is not at all a disease related to the joints. Thebasic reason for joint pain is that items needed by the cells in the jointshave gone bad in the blood. Therefore, we have understood clearly thatthe diseases are not in the body parts but the disease is actually thebad quality of items in the blood.

Let us imagine that in a big bungalow all the windows and doorsare kept closed. There is a fire inside the house. You are an onlookerfrom outside. The fire inside the house is not visible to you. All thewindows and doors are closed tightly except only one window which isslightly open. Now, some smoke will come through that window. If someonesays that since there is smoke through the window the problem is inthe window, can we accept it? The disease is not in the window.

Thedisease is the burning of the entire house. Smoke is not a disease. It isonly a symptom. By closing the window tightly, we may be able to stopthe smoke from coming out from that window. But, can we say that theproblem has been solved?

If we understand this example, we canunderstand the world of medicine. When the entire body is burning with fire, smoke will come outthrough one of the body parts.

That is, there will be pain in one of thebody parts. If there is any pain or uneasiness in any part, we have tounderstand that smoke symptom is coming through that part. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskarthe entire body is burning, the smoke called pain will come through thebody part which is weaker than the others. So, whenever any body part from our head to toe gets disease,there is no use of analyzing that body part. We have to understand thatthe entire body is burning and smoke is coming through that part andwe have to find out ways to douse the fire in the entire body instead oftrying to block the smoke in that particular body part.

But, theynever attempt to douse the fire that is burning throughout the body. So, if anyone gets a headache, from hereafter please do not saythat there is a disease in the head. Say that there is smoke in thewindow called head, the head is not responsible for this and this isbecause there is a fire called disease throughout the body.

Then, searchfor ways to douse the fire throughout the body, that is, to cure thedisease in the entire body. When there is pain in the knee joint, please understand that theentire body is burning and there is smoke in the window called theknee joint. Because one item consumed by the knee joint has gone badin the blood, the entire body has been affected. But because of the factthat knee joint consumes more of that item compared to other partsknee joint got the disease first.

Thus, whenever any body part gets a disease, if we realize thatthe disease is not in the part and only smoke is coming through thatpart, we will find it easy to cure all the diseases occurring in our bodyby ourselves. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskar A disease comes because one item has gone bad in the blood.

Anitem in the blood will not go bad on its own. The basic reason for this isthat due to changes in our habits the items that we eat mix in the bloodwithout getting properly digested. Therefore, the first disease that aman gets is the degradation in the quality of some item in the blood. Byreading this book completely, we can understand how we can cure thisdisease in a simple and natural way without any medicine or tablet.

The first disease is the reduction in the quality of items in theblood. Once we get this disease, this has to be cured in the natural way. The doctors who do not know how to cure this disease in a natural waysell medicines and tablets in the name of controlling it throughout ourlives. Controlling a disease is different from curing it. Only those doctorswho do not know how to cure a disease will control it. There is no needto control any disease.

It is very easy to cure any disease. You are running a company. Suddenly, one day you are requiredto go abroad. You have gone abroad. There are some problems in thecompany. Your manager calls you over phone and explains about theproblem in detail.

It will take at least four days for you to return. Theproblem can be solved only if you are physically present in thecompany. What will you do under these conditions? The problem can be sorted out only when I come back. I will tell youhow to manage the situation in the meantime. You will return after fourdays and sort out the problem. So, we understand from this example that managing a problem istemporary and solving the problem is permanent. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskar Managing a disease or controlling it is temporary.

Curing thedisease is only permanent. It is a universal fact that controlling adisease will make it bigger. So, whoever keeps on taking medicines,tablets and treatment for years together saying that the diseases suchas sugar, BP, asthma, thyroid, cancer, AIDS, etc. The first level disease is the degradation of an item in the blood. By controlling it, we are pushed to the second level of the disease.

Thesecond level is that the quantity of an item is less in the blood or theitem is absent in the blood. The quality of sugar going down is the first level disease. If sugar isnot there in the blood it is the second level disease. If quality of calciumreduces you will become obese. This is a smaller disease. But, if thequantity of calcium in the blood reduces or calcium is totally absent inthe blood, then it is second level disease.

Then, the calcium in thebones comes to the blood. Then, the bones will break or rot. This is avery big disease.

Thus, if the quality of an item in the blood is bad, then it is thefirst level, smaller disease. If the quantity of an item in the blood is lessor if the item is totally absent, then it is the second level, biggerdisease. When the quality of an item in the blood goes bad, if we set itright in the natural way, then we need not be pushed to the secondlevel namely the quantity of the item reducing or the item being absentin the blood.

For all those who keep consuming medicines and tablets for yearstogether in the name of controlling the disease when an item in theirblood goes bad in quality, their diseases will be enlarged. After somewww. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskartime, they will be pushed to the second level, saying that in their bloodthere is no calcium, no iron, no sodium, etc. Then they will be requiredto consume medicines and tablets for this disease also.

So, if the quantity of an item is less in the blood or if an item isabsent in the blood, we have to consider it as the second level disease. We are going to learn how to set right this condition by completelyreading this book. If the quantity of the blood in our body isless than this level, then it is the third level of disease. An item in the blood going bad is the first level of the disease. Ifwe control this using wrong treatment, then it leads to the item in theblood reducing in quantity or being absent and we are pushed to thesecond level of disease.

If we give a wrong treatment to the secondlevel of disease also, then the third level disease namely, the quantityof blood reducing occurs. What is the reason for the quantity of blood in our body reducing? First of all, let us see how blood gets generated in the body.

Bonemarrow takes some items from the blood and creates new blood. When some items in our blood are of poor quality and some otheritems are not at all available in the blood, since bone marrow does notget all the items needed for creating the blood, it stops the work ofcreating new blood.

Due to this, the quantity of blood in the bodyreduces. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskar A worker in a factory will do his job properly only if all thematerials needed for his job are supplied to him in proper quality,quantity and at required times. If he is supplied with bad qualitymaterials or he is not supplied with sufficient materials, he will besimply sitting without doing his job.

Similarly, whatever items are needed by the bone marrow forcreating new blood, only as long as these items are available in theblood in proper quality and in right quantity, new blood will continue tobe generated. If some items go bad or some items are absent in theblood, then there will be shortage of materials and the worker calledbone marrow will stop doing his work. If bone marrow stops its work,the quantity of blood in the body will reduce.

This condition is calledanaemia or haemoglobin deficiency. The basic reason for the third stage disease namely quantity ofblood reducing is the application of wrong treatment at the first stageof disease namely quality of items in the blood reducing and for thesecond stage of disease namely quantity of items in the blood reducingand items being absent in the blood.

When the quantity of blood reduces, all the parts of the body willnot get sufficient blood and all of them will be affected.

We are goingto learn in our treatment the easy technique of how to maintain thequality of blood properly and at desired quantity. Through thistechnique, we can easily cure all the three levels of diseases. If themind is affected, the body will be affected. If the body is affected, themind will be affected.

Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskar If we do not get good sleep for two or three days, then we will beangry with all the people we talk to. When we are known as a calmperson, why do we suddenly talk in an angry mood? This is because,when the body gets affected, it affects our mind and it changes ourmood.

When we get a big headache our emotions change. This isbecause, when there is a disease in the body, the mind also getsaffected. The mind will be affected to the extent the body is affected.

Similarly, whenever the mind is affected, its effect will be seen inthe body. Sometimes, some incidents may happen which may directlyaffect our mind. Sometimes our mind will be indirectly affected.

We cancure a number of diseases by keeping our mind calm. Similarly, bycuring the diseases in our body, we can keep our mind calm. First the quality of items in the blood reduces, then the quantityof items in the blood reduces or items are not available, then thequantity of blood reduces and only then our mind is affected. Many ofus may not know that our mind can be affected even in this way.

If weunderstand this and set right our mind, we can cure the fourth leveldisease. For the present, just understand that the mind will be affected ifthe body is affected and the body will be affected if the mind isaffected. Mind is a very big ocean. We are going to bring out a separatebook on the mind very shortly. We can understand easily and clearlyabout how to keep our mind in control by reading that book. Each cell in each and every part of our body has its ownintelligence.

We are healthy as long as this intelligence is functioningproperly. When this intelligence goes bad, it becomes a disease. The intelligence of the cells will not get affected all of a sudden. First the quality of an item in the blood will reduce. Then an item will beabsent. Then the quantity of blood will reduce. Then the mind will beaffected. Only a person who does not treat these four diseases will getthe killer diseases such as cancer and AIDS. If the quantity of blood inour body reduces and then the mind gets affected, only then theintelligence of the cells in our body will be affected.

There are ten dogs in our house. If we give ten biscuits, one toeach dog, then all the ten dogs will eat them without fighting.

If we giveonly two biscuits to the ten dogs, all dogs will fight for the two biscuitsand the dog which is more powerful than the others will eat them. Allthe other dogs will starve and they will get diseases due to lack of food.

Now consider all the cells in our body as dogs and the blood asthe biscuits. Only as long as the biscuits namely blood is in sufficientquantity, all the dogs namely the cells will get proper food. Once thequantity of blood reduces, those dogs which have strength will eat theavailable biscuits and will be healthy.

Those dogs which have lessstrength will starve and their health and their intelligence will beaffected. Therefore, the basic reason for the occurrence of cancer and AIDSin our body is the lack of proper treatment for all the four reasonsmentioned above. One is the intelligence todestroy the disease-causing germs whenever they enter the body. Thesecond is the intelligence to renew all the body parts periodically. If thefirst intelligence goes bad, then it is called AIDS.

If the secondintelligence goes bad, then it is called cancer. Whenever any disease-causing germ enters our body, thymusgland, liver, pancreas, bone marrows, white corpuscles in the blood,kidney and all the other parts will work together and destroy that germ.

When a disease-causing germ enters our body, all the body parts willtogether analyze and find out what is the nature of that germ, how itcan be destroyed, what medicine is needed for that and they willprepare the formula for that medicine, get the raw materials neededfor that medicine from the blood, prepare that medicine, pour thatmedicine on the disease-causing germ and destroy it.

You must have heard about vaccine. Infants are given vaccinationimmediately after they are born. A vaccine for a disease will not containany medicine to kill the germs causing the disease. It will actuallycontain the germs which cause that particular disease. How do they send the disease-causing germs into the body of anew-born baby?

It is based on the following logic. Whenever a disease-causing germ enters our body, our body invents a medicine on its ownto destroy that germ and develops a capacity for itself to fight thatdisease. Vaccination is done in order to develop that capacity in ourbody. Vaccination has been discussed in detail in this book in a separatechapter. What we understand from this is that, as long as our body has thisintelligence, we will not get any disease due to any disease-causingwww.

Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskargerm. But, it is possible that this intelligence goes bad. What willhappen then? If the body does not have the intelligence to destroy adisease-causing germ that enters inside, the germs will eat well, growbig and damage all the body parts. When the body parts are affecteddue to the intelligence of the body to fight disease-causing germs goingbad, the disease is called AIDS.

If the body has lost the intelligence to kill only one type ofdisease-causing germs, that disease is called AID Acquired ImmunoDeficiency. If the body has lost the total ability to destroy any type ofdisease-causing germs, then that disease is called AIDS AcquiredImmuno Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS disease means that the body hastotally lost all its ability to fight all types of diseases that it has acquiredover the years.

The intestines renew themselves once every 36hours, white corpuscles once in 13 days, red corpuscles once in days, liver once in a year etc. On an average, once in every year all thebody parts replace themselves. If this intelligence of the body parts toreplace themselves goes bad, then the disease called Cancer occurs.

What is Cancer? Cancer means that the ability of the body parts torenew themselves has gone bad.


For example, white corpuscles in the blood have to renewthemselves once in every 13 days. If this intelligence of our body hasgone bad, and instead of renewing once in 13 days, if they replacethemselves once in days, what will happen? White corpuscles inthe blood will be renewed after a delay. Then, the quantity of whitecorpuscles in the blood will decrease. As a result, the count of whitewww.

Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskarcorpuscles in the blood, which is expected to be between and, will go below This causes a disease called blood cancer. If the white corpuscles start getting renewed once every 13minutes instead of once in 13 days, what will happen?

New whitecorpuscles will keep on getting created in the blood more frequentlythan necessary. Then the count of white corpuscles in the blood willincrease needlessly beyond the expected upper level of and itwill reach even up to 1 lakh or 2 lakhs. This is also called Blood Cancer. Therefore blood cancer means that the body has lost itsintelligence to renew white corpuscles according to the desiredperiodicity.

Blood cancer can be cured only by giving back to the bodythe intelligence to renew white corpuscles in the blood as per thenormal periodicity. Instead of this, if treatment is given throughChemotherapy to reduce the white corpuscles in the blood if they aremore, and to increase them if they are less, the blood cancer diseasewill not be cured but will only increase. The cells in the bones have to renew themselves in a specificperiod of time.

If they are renewed after some delay, then the cells willrot. If they are renewed more frequently than required, that bone willswell. This is called Bone cancer. In this way, each part of our body replaces itself after a specificperiod of time. If this periodicity is not maintained, then it causes adisease called cancer. If cells are renewed after a delay, then the cells will rot.

If they arerenewed in advance, the body part will swell. If the cells rot, then itmeans that the renewal is getting delayed. If the body part swells, thenit means that more cells are being created than are necessary.

Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskar If lung has lost its intelligence to renew cells it is called lungcancer. If eye has lost its intelligence to renew its cells it is called eyecancer. Thus, whichever part of the body forgets or loses its intelligenceto renew itself, that body part is said to have cancer disease in it. If the intelligence to kill disease-causing germs is lost, then it isAIDS. If the intelligence to renew the cells is lost, then it is cancer.

Sofar, the correct reason for the killer diseases of cancer and AIDS has notbeen given in any medicine or on Internet. You have contracted the killer disease of cancer.

Research on this is being conducted. Research on this isbeing conducted. Researchon this is being conducted. Just think about one thing. They have not yet found out thecorrect reason for the killer diseases of cancer and AIDS. There is noproper medicine for curing it. They say that it cannot be cured.

Welcome to Anatomic Therapy Foundation

They saythat the patient is going to die and fix a date for it. But the doctors ofthe world call the patient for treatment every day, ask for thousands ofrupees and give treatment. Is it fair? Do we need a doctor to say that adisease cannot be cured? Please understand the reason for the killer diseases of cancer andAIDS. When an item goes bad in the blood, not knowing how to cure it,consuming medicines and tablets in the name of controlling it is thewww. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskarfirst step forward to the killer diseases.

Again, when the quantity of anitem in the blood reduces or an item is absent in the blood, applyingwrong treatment is the second step. When the quantity of bloodreduces, applying wrong medicine is the third step. When the mind isaffected, giving wrong treatment is the fourth step. When we crossthese four steps, we are pushed to the fifth step namely the killerdiseases of cancer and AIDS. Therefore, the reason for all the killer diseases in the world is thewrong treatment being given today.

Therefore, please do not try to control any disease. If you controla disease, its end result will be cancer and AIDS only. Doctors say that there is no medicine in the world to cure cancerand AIDS.

They need to understand one thing. If they do not havemedicine and they cannot cure them, is it then fair for them to say thatthere is no medicine at all in the world to cure them? If one doctorcannot cure a disease, can he say that there is no medicine in theworld? Therefore, no doctor should say that there is no medicine in theworld to cure cancer and AIDS.

I do not have medicines for it. There is no medicine for this inthe hospital that I work in. Please go elsewhere, to anyone else, and getyourself cured through some other field of medicine. Are we the human beings used as guinea pigsfor their research? Why should a person study medicine to say that adisease cannot be cured?

Then how can that person boldly call himselfa doctor? A doctor should feel ashamed to say that he cannot cure awww. Anatomic Therapy Healer Baskardisease. There is no need to study diligently for several years for sayingthat a disease cannot be cured.

If the doctor tells a person that his son or doctor has got cancer orAIDS, will he immediately ring up to his son or daughter and convey thenews? Hecannot bear it. We will hide the information from them, but doctorsmay consider that person as another patient and without hesitationthey may immediately convey the news to the patient.

Cancer and AIDs do not kill anyone in this world. Therefore, if anyone gets a killer disease, pleasedo not convey it to them. If he is not aware of it, he will live for severalyears. If he gets the wrong understanding that it is an incurable disease,and then it affects his mind, his mind in turn affects his body and thedisease quickly becomes bigger.

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Anatomic Therapy Book_tamil

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