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THERE IS ONLY WAR. DOWNLOAD: http://saturnfive. us/ships/battlefleet-gothic.d/RULES-PDFs.d/ 4 - THE BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC ADDITIONAL SHIPS COMPENDIUM the firing will hit by tracing a straight line from the stem of the firing ship to the centre of the . Battlefleet Gothic - Space Marine Fleet List Battlefleet Gothic - Comprehensive Chaos Fleet List . Battlefleet Gothic - Armada

Battlefleet Gothic Armada Pdf

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Battlefleet Gothic - Rules - Armada - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or view presentation slides online. Rules - Armada for Battlefleet Gothic. Here you will find the PDF for: The Main Rulebook for Battlefleet Gothic; The Expansion called Armada; Doom of the Eldar: rules for the. with the most recent online versions of the Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook and Armada and the files at Games Workshop's Specialist Games Battlefleet Gothic.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is a game of options. Billions of lives hang in the balance as titanic battleships clash for dominance over a thousand worlds. From picking an allegiance, to choosing a fleet composition or building your own, all the way to how you scout, fight, declare victory or retreat — everything is down to your decisions. Armada 2 features 12 factions, the complete roster from the original tabletop game. Five are available to play across the three campaigns, while each and every one of them is available in multiplayer and skirmish modes. Choose your allegiance.

Craftworlds are cosmic lifeboats, the last remnant of a star-flung civilisation all-but consumed by its own hubris. Forever teetering on the brink of annihilation, the Asuryani fight to defend their existence with ancient technology and the power of prophecy. Wild-hearted aeldari corsairs can be found wherever the galaxy offers adventure and experience to thrill their heightened senses.

Reckless and mercurial, they owe no loyalty save for that they choose to give - only a fool would trust them without good cause. Striking from the dark depths of Commoragh, the drukhari enter the killing fields of realspace in search of captives to slake their abominable desires, and fuel their quest for immortality.

Expect no mercy, for the drukhari have none to offer. Orks live for the violence of war, for the ceaseless contest to prove themselves 'da strongest'. Once an ork Waaagh! Even then, they will soon return Ageless masters of the galaxy, the Necrons emerge from stasis tombs to reclaim worlds lost to the ravages of time and the encroachment of lesser races.

Coldly regal and slow to acknowledge outsiders as beings worthy of survival, they will sweep aside all in their path. Tyranids exist only to feed, to reduce living matter into thick, nutrient-rich gruel to sustain the hive fleet in its nomadic voyage across the stars.

There is no common cause to be struck; no negotiation to be attempted. The heavily-armed and armoured trading vessels served them well in early conflicts, blazing a trail of expansion that has never since guttered. Armada 2 Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. Watch the launch trailer. Play now. A bigger, better Armada. All 12 factions from the tabletop game are available Three campaigns, one each for the Imperium of Man, the Necrons, and the Tyranids The first videogame in the new Gathering Storm setting New UI, more intuitive controls, and the greatest Battlefleet Gothic experience ever.

How to play. Pick your faction. Build your fleet. Engage your enemies. Commanding the fleet. Scouting the enemy. Pick your targets. First strikes. The knife fight. Victory or death. The new setting. Campaign mechanics. Watch the Campaign Trailer. Watch the Factions Trailer. Imperial Navy. Adeptus Astartes. In times of great need these ships will then be brought into service and crewed with sailors from destroyed or crippled vessels or even with hastily mustered new recruits, meaning the crew is unlikely to have any familiarity with their new vessel.

As such a posting to a reserve fleet is an unnerving duty, forcing a sailor to enter deep into an unfamiliar vessel which may have lain dormant for centuries. Much superstition surrounds such fleets and perhaps because of this, unusual behaviour of both crew and vessel is rather too commonplace. Reserve fleets are used only reluctantly by the Imperial Navy, and only in the most desperate of circumstances, but an invasion the size of Abaddons Thirteenth Black Crusade without doubt qualifies as exactly that the most dire of circumstances, the most desperate of times.

If you wish, you may use a Battlefleet Obscura Reserve Fleet, picked using the fleet list opposite. In addition, you may of course use the Reserves rule to pick other Imperial vessels not found in your own fleet list. However, since a reserve fleet also draws on very old or scarce vessels, you may also use your reserve choices to select any of the following Chaos vessels if you so wish.

These reserve vessels are picked in the normal manner, so for every three vessels of a given type which you choose from the main fleet list, you may pick one vessel of that type from another Imperial list, or from the above selection of Chaos vessels but not both.

Reserve vessels use all their normal rules and keep their particular ordnance types i. Chaos ordnance is used on Chaos ships picked in a reserve fleet but you cannot pick any of the ship class variants described since these are described for vessels who have already turned traitor and hence obviously no longer in Imperial service! Strange Happenings In a reserve fleet, all vessels are prone to certain unexpected events, such as mass panic or even mutiny amongst the crew, inexplicable noises, sensor readings and sightings or disconcerting setbacks and failure of machinery.

When any ship in a reserve fleet rolls a double for a command check it becomes unreliable for the rest of the game. Unreliable ships will not continue to fight if crippled.

Crippled ships will attempt to disengage every turn and run for the nearest point on the nearest table edge if they fail. If a vessel in a reserve fleet also fails the command check by rolling a double, then not only does it become unreliable but it also may do absolutely nothing during the current turn other than make its minimum move directly ahead.

Against Chaos fleets, where the followers of the dark gods are able to exert their influence to further unsettle their already nervous opponents, unforeseen events can be even more devastating. When fighting against Chaos fleets, a vessel which has already become unreliable and rolls a second double for a command check must attempt to disengage as soon as possible exactly as if they had been crippled and will continue to do so for the rest of the game.

If the second double is also a failure for the command check, the ship immediately defects and is controlled by the Chaos player for the rest of the game! In this case victory points are awarded to neither player, no matter what the ships eventual fate. If your fleet includes any battle barges, he must be assigned to a battle barge in preference to a strike cruiser. If the fleet is worth over points, the Master of the Fleet must be included to lead it. Master of the Fleet Ld One re-roll.

Taken from the elite First Company and wearing the heaviest armour known to man, Terminators are the greatest ship-to-ship fighters in the galaxy. Once per battle you may use the. Terminators in a teleport attack. All the normal rules for teleport attack apply see the Battlefleet Gothic rulebook except that this teleport attack may be made in addition to a normal teleport attack that turn.

Once the Terminators have performed their attack, they may not be used for the rest of the battle. Space Marine battle barge. Ships with torpedo tubes are armed with ordinary torpedoes and boarding torpedoes. The Ramilies class star fort has formed a vital lynch pin in Imperial strategy since the earliest days of the Great Crusade.

The Hyper-plasmatic energy conduction system used by the Ramilies is barely understood by the Techpriests in current times, but thanks to the STC system it is still reproducible and has guaranteed endurance of over 3, years. The greatest advantage of the Ramilies by far is that its powerful generators can erect a warp-bubble over the entire structure enabling it, with the aid of seventeen navigators and an attendant fleet of tugs, supply ships, warships and system craft, to enter the Warp and be towed to different star systems.

This operation, always perilous, has resulted in the loss of over twelve hundred Ramilies stars forts in their ten millennia of service to the Emperor. However each journey has shortened Imperial campaigns by years at a time by allowing the Imperial fleet to move repair, command and resupply facilities right up to the front line, saving its ships lengthy return trips to temporary supply bases or full repair dock facilities far behind the warzone.

The Ramilies itself is heavily armed as befits its role and fully capable of fighting off a fleet of attackers if need be. On occasion they are commandeered to be placed as permanent orbital bombardment emplacements over embattled worlds, or act as part of the defences of a vital system.

At any one time Cypra Mundi will include between six and. Some are used as Adeptus Mechanicus deep space research facilities for projects too secret to be placed near any inhabited world.

Others have gone to the Inquisition to be used as hidden fortresses for that clandestine and all-powerful organisation. Over the centuries blasphemously altered rebel star forts have been sighted likewise supporting Chaos renegade fleets. Such abhorrence is attached to these twisted parodies that they are pursued doggedly by Imperial Navy captains, but the last accreditted destruction of one was in the Tauran Annulus in M.

Ork raiders have captured partially crippled Ramilies at least six times, most memorably in the notorious Skaggerak Incident during the Segmentum Obscurus fleet review of When the star fort is fired upon, determine which quadrant the firing will hit by tracing a straight line from the stem of the firing ship to the centre of the fort.

Likewise, when ordnance hits it will be resolved against the quadrant of the fort it moves in from. Individual quadrants have their own ordnance and will run out on doubles as normal. Basilica weapons are considered to have an unlimited supply of torpedoes and never run out.

Quadrants are crippled individually once they are reduced to 6 Damage Points. Once a quadrants hits are reduced to 0 any further hits plow into the drifting wreckage and do no further damage, treat that quadrant of the fort as an asteroid field from now on.

Hit-and-run Raiders Hit and run raids are likewise resolved only against the quadrant they are directed at and will not affect other quadrants.

Boarding The Ramilies cannot be boarded by ships. Whole regiments would be needed. The only vessel that may attempt to board a Ramilies is a space hulk, as only a space hulk has sufficient numbers of troops. Templates Nova cannons and Armageddon guns can score a full on D6 hits only against the quadrant most under the centre hole of the marker when it hits. Damage Control Damage control is also undertaken individually. To all intents and purposes the four quadrants function as individual stations placed back to back.

The fort itself is only destroyed once all four quadrants are reduced to 0 Damage Points, and you should then roll on the catastrophic damage table for the Ramilies. Each quadrant has its own shields; when blast markers are placed put them in contact with the appropriate edge of the forts base. In the End phase D6 blast markers are removed from the whole of the Ramilies fort, not just D6 blast markers per quadrant.

If they wish to turn they may use Burn Retros special orders without taking a Command check to do so. If a ship is in contact with one of the four inter-quadrant docking piers it can fully dock. While fully docked a ship it gains an extra four dice when rolling for damage control during a battle and can restock ordnance if it has run out by remaining in contact with the pier and successfully using Reload Ordnance special orders for two consecutive turns, being reloaded on the third turn.

Even while fully docked the ship is still targeted and attacked separately to the fort, although it counts as being in close formation with the fort for massed turret fire with the benefits and dangers that brings.

For more detail see page To represent this a Ramilies can use the following combat orders: Reload Ordnance Lock On Brace for Impact Ramilies are also typically manned by experienced personnel, so their Leadership is rolled as for a capital ship. A Ramilies also has a single command check re-roll which may be used when it attempts to roll special orders. Fleet Commanders may be placed aboard a Ramilies, in which case their own Leadership value is used by the fort and the forts re-roll is added to the commanders own re-rolls so that it can be used throughout the fleet.

For the purposes of issuing special orders to the Ramilies the owning player can effectively divide the quadrants up into squadrons and then issue special orders to each in turn. For example, the player wishes to issue Reload Ordnance orders to the north and east quadrants, while Locking On with the south and west. Only two Command checks are made for the two pairs of orders.

If later in the turn the player needed to Brace for Impact he could do so with a single quadrant only, leaving the rest free to reload or lock on again next turn.

Weapons mounted on the central Basilica count as operating under the special orders of all of the quadrants, so it entirely possible for them to be locked on, reloading and braced all at the same time. Brace for Impact orders will halve the firepower and ordnance strength of the Basilica weapons as normal. In such scenarios orbital defences may be sited within 30cm of a Ramilies class star fort.

A Ramilies is bought from the fleets points, rather than defences to represent its rarity and importance. Ramilies may only be used by prior agreement in competitive games its unlikely to be ambushing you in the middle of a fleet engagement after all , but can prove to be a good surprising find for players in Umpired scenarios.

Alternatively the commander may surrender control of one forge world or hive planet and be granted a Ramilies by way of replacement. A Ramilies generates repair points equivalent to a pirate base and players can attempt to attack it in the same way as a pirate base. If a Ramilies is found it can be moved to try and prevent further attacks on it. If the owning player decides to move his fort he must roll a D6.

On a roll of 1 the fort is lost in the Warp and must be struck from the roster. On a 2 or more the fort relocates successfully and must be found again before it can be attacked. Result Lances damaged. The quadrants lance array is taken off line by the hit. The quadrants lance armament may not fire until it has been repaired. Main armament damaged. Heavy damage silences some of the quadrants weapon batteries. They fire at half strength until it has been repaired.

Ordnance Bays hit. The quadrants ordnance bays are ravaged by explosions. No ordnance may be fired by the quadrant until the bays have been repaired. Reactors damaged.

The hyper plasmatic reactors are damaged, shutting down the power grid to the defences. Until the damage is repaired the quadrants shields and turrets are at half strength.

Oxygen lines are broken, leading to fires in many compartments. Roll to repair extinguish the fire in the End phase, if the fire is not put out it causes 1 point of extra damage and keeps burning. Hull breach. A huge gash is torn in the quadrants hull, causing carnage among the crew. Command Tower Struck.

A command tower on the central basilica is torn away. The Ramilies Leadership value is reduced by -2 points. This damage may not be repaired. Shields Collapse. The shield generators overload and burn out, leaving the quadrants virtually defenceless.

The quadrants shield strength is reduced to 0. Basilica penetrated! The main basilica is struck, causing immense destruction as the torpedoes stored there explode and wreak havoc. All quadrants suffer D3 damage and the Basilica weapons are lost. Reactor Struck! The central plasma reactor at the heart of Ramilies is struck, all four quadrants suffer an extra D6 hits from the resulting power surges and leaking plasma. Roll another critical damage result immediately and apply that to the quadrant struck.

When it comes to taking damage, defences with multiple hits work just like capital ships. They can suffer criticals just like capital ships and get crippled once they have lost half of their Damage Points. Remember that critical hits against the Ramilies only affect the quadrant they are scored against unless the result specifically states otherwise.

The Ramilies class star fort uses the special critical hits table opposite. The main structure of the stations survives somehow with parts intact and even some pockets of atmosphere.

Venting gases and wreckage block line of fire across the wrecked fort, treat any movement through it as moving through an asteroid field. The area is filled with huge chunks of wreckage as the fort comes apart.

Place a 15cm diameter asteroid field where it was. The sophisticated reactor of the Ramilies goes critical in spectacular style. Resolve eight lance shots at every ship within 4D6cm. All ordnance within that distance is removed. All other ships, defences and ordnance markers on the table suffer the effects of a solar flare centred on the fort, as noted on p47 of the Battlefleet Gothic rulebook. Finally the fort itself is replaced by 2D6 blast markers.

The Ramilies is drawn into the Warp by an instantaneous collapse of its warp bubble generator. Resolve four lance shots at every ship and ordnance marker within 4D6cm. All ordnance and ships on the table top are then drawn 15cm towards the Rift immediately and if moved into it will beaffected is noted in the Celestial Phenomena rules.

It bears no resemblance to any Imperial ship design and is assumed to have been constructed within the Eye of Terror by Abaddons forces, just prior to the Gothic War in fact several of the Adeptus Mechanicus doubt whether its construction would have been physically possible outside of warp space. Only one Planet Killer is known to have been built and that was used as the personal flagship of Abaddon the Despoiler during much of the Gothic War.

Built around a central energy cannon of immeasurable magnitude, the Planet Killer is also studded with numerous long range lances, weapons batteries and torpedo launchers. Well armoured and protected by a plethora of shield generators, the Planet Killers only weakness seemed to be its ponderous speed.

The Planet Killer is notoriously slow to manoeuvre and so cannot use the Come to New Heading special orders. It was this lack of pace which was to lead to its eventual downfall, as it was destroyed by salvo after salvo of torpedoes, fired at extreme range by the Lunar class cruisers of battle group Omega, shortly after the destruction of Kharlos II. And furthermore it is our conclusion that such a machine therefore does not exist and any personnel claiming to have seen it are deluded.

It has been proven to a high degree of probability that the destruction of Kharlos II is wholly the result of coincidental seismic activity. The Armageddon gun can only be fired directly ahead of the ship. To fire the Armageddon gun, place the nova cannon template so that it is touching the Planet Killers stem then move it directly ahead 90cm.

If the hole in the centre of the template passes over a ships base friend or foe! If any other part of the nova cannon marker moves over a ships base then the ship suffers one automatic hit. Hits take down shields exactly as normal. Ordnance touched by the template is destroyed.

Once the Armageddon gun has fired, it must build up another charge of energy and you must use Reload Ordnance orders before it can fire again. If you roll a double 6 for a Reload Ordnance check, then the Armageddon gun has disastrously malfunctioned, inflicting a critical hit on the Planet Killer and rendering the Armageddon gun useless for the rest of the battle.

On a roll of any other double, the Armageddon gun can be fired once more before it must be shut down to prevent overloading. Note that as the Planet Killer also has torpedoes, it is possible that you will need to use Reload. Ordnance orders for these at the same time as for the Armageddon gun.

In this case, only make one Command check but apply the roll equally to both weapons systems eg, if you roll a double 6, then the Planet Killer suffers an automatic critical and will also be out of torpedoes for the remainder of the game. This makes it particularly appropriate for the Exterminatus scenario. If the Chaos fleet is attacking, it can include the Planet Killer instead of using modified exterminators or a Blackstone Fortress. The Planet Killer does not lose any of its weapons for being an exterminator, but if the Armageddon gun cannot be used for any reason then it can no longer act as an exterminator and the Chaos player loses the battle automatically.

The nova cannon template moves 90cm directly ahead of the Planet Killer. The hole passes over the Imperious, while the outer edge passes over the Iron Duke. Unfortunately for the Chaos player, the template also passes over the Monstrous. In fact, the Planet Killer is very likely to be the whole reason for a battle.

For example, you could play Scenario three: The Raiders, with the Chaos fleet defending the Planet Killer. Instead of the normal victory conditions, the attacking player must cripple or destroy the Planet Killer. Another variation on the destroy the Planet Killer scenario is to use Surprise Attack. Rather than orbiting a world, the defending Chaos fleet is stationed around the Planet Killer perhaps it is undergoing repairs or something similar. The defender does not have to pay any points for the Planet Killer, but it starts the battle on standby like the other defending vessels.

As such it cannot move or shoot until active, though turrets and shields work as normal. The attackers must cripple the Planet Killer to win. Similarly, you could fight a Convoy scenario, with the Planet Killer counting as eight transports.

The Planet Killers unwieldy size will make it difficult to manoeuvre in the dense celestial phenomena, offsetting its far greater offensive capabilities. If the Planet Killer moves off the opposite table edge undamaged then the Chaos player wins. If it is crippled before it escapes it is a marginal attacker win and if it is destroyed the attacker gains a major win.

After a two day pitched battle around the planets three moons which saw four of the traitor vessels destroyed, taking three Imperial cruisers with them the rebel squadron disengaged, fled out of the system and made the jump into the Warp, led by the squadron command vessel, Foebane.

Since the Treachery of Galan the squadron which has now taken its command ships name has been identified as part of the raiding fleets of three renegade Warmasters, and has been involved in fleet actions in Segmentum Obscurus, Segmentum Solar and Ultima Segmentum. The Foebane and her sister ships were last positively identified during the Raid on Magdellan Prime, now over years ago, which destroyed fifty percent of the planets orbital defences. Special Rules: This costs no extra points.

Individual captains and their ships may turn traitor regardless of class, but when substantial numbers of vessels of the same design fall to the Ruinous Powers, some fallibility must be suspected. By accident, or perhaps by design of some already corrupted Techmagos, the ship may lack proper protection from the influences of the Warp, or its architecture may contain certain geometries, proportions or combinations of material which act as conduits for the dark energies of Chaos, making all such vessels vulnerable to the worst of taints, no matter how loyal, brave and honourable their captain and crew may be.

Few were ever constructed, mostly in the ship yards of Hydraphur and its surrounding forge worlds. The Executor was a lance boat, and as such was much liked by fleet commanders as a counter foil for other more heavily gunned cruisers. Over the years the Executors numbers dwindled as each was lost in battle. One of the last remaining squadrons, under the command ship Blood Royale, was stationed as part of the massive fleets defending the Cadian Gate. During a fleet action against Chaos vessels raiding from the Eye of Terror, the Executor class Blood Royale and her sister ships where part of the pursuit force.

Having held the line and forced the raiders to disengage the Blood Royale and a dozen other vessels gave chase. None where ever seen again, their fate remained a mystery. Most believed they had been drawn into a trap and destroyed.

Five centuries later three of the missing vessels, including the Blood Royale, were identified as part of the renegade fleet of Warmaster Arca Vilespawn. They are thought to be the only Executors left. A corrupted captain may have turned little more than a handful of officers and quartermasters, whom he will conspire with to effectively enslave the ships remaining crew, turning them into unwilling serfs to Chaos.

Under such conditions, most inevitably succumb and turn to Chaos themselves, or else are broken and perish in their servitude. Sometimes, however, the brave fight goes on.

The traitor vessel, Desmeria, for example, was destroyed when intercepting forces from Battlefleet Artemis managed to teleport a supply of melta-bombs to surviving loyalist sailors, holding out deep in the bowels of the Desmeria.

In a series of guerilla raids the valiant loyalists used the melta bombs to blast their way through to the ships anterior plasma coil before finally sacrificing themselves in the Emperors name, overloading the plasma drive itself and committing their treacherous comrades to the oblivion their actions so deserved. Some say they are created when ships crews sacrifice themselves to the Dark Gods, seeking immortality in return for daemonic servitude.

Alternatively, it is argued that they are ships of the damned, condemned by acts so heinous as to defy description, their crews and captains in thrall to the Dark Gods forever.

Those who know something of the Warp claim that Daemonvessels are ships lost in the Warp. For centuries or even millennia, they disappear from the real universe only to re-emerge with a crew of Daemonkind. Tales of Daemon ships go back to the earliest days of the Imperium.

Often the ships are mere manifestations, appearing to spread terror but disappearing as quickly with no tangible evidence that they were really there. The great orbital space dock above Sorraspair 3 was said to be plagued by such an apparition prior to its destruction by the Thousand Sons in M. The legend says the apparition took the form of a great battleship built in an ancient style, which circled the station, its hull wreathed in bale fire, transmitting a continual plea for admittance.

There are rumours exchanged by Navigators of spectral ships that ply the Warp. The Navigators perceive these ships both as twisted parodies of normal ships and as convocations of Daemons.

There are tales of these Daemon ships pursuing their prey back to the material universe. This has led to the theory that Daemon ships can only leave the Warp by following in the wake of another vessel and that at other times they are trapped in an endlessly shifting ocean of madness.

Typically, there has never been enough reliable evidence to confirm any hypothesis. Normally, the time that a Daemon can spend in real space is severely limited. Without the power of the Warp to sustain it, then it will be diminished, gradually losing its stability before translating back to where it came from.

This process can be prevented by ritual worship or by binding the Daemon in an object or living thing. To know exactly how this is done is forbidden knowledge but it stands to reason that possessing a great ship would give a daemonic host greatly enhanced stability.

In time of war, one could expect the sorcerers of Abaddon to add to the strength of his fleets with such apparitions if they are able to. The incidence of sightings of Daemon ships has been tenuously linked to the incidence of flares of the warp storms comprising the Eye of Terror.

If this connection is verifiable it gives great cause for concern for no less than seven warp storms are currently in flare, the most for centuries. If ever it were possible for such monstrosities to be bound to the service of renegades and heretics then that time is now.

Building Daemon ships Daemon ships are best modelled by replacing various sections of the original vessel such as bridges, prows, broadside batteries with suitably twisted Daemonic components. These changes dont affect the ships profile they are simply to denote which vessels are Daemon ships.

The colour section of this book contains examples of Daemon ship models, and some useful notes on how to model them. It does not matter what broadside weapons you replace with Daemon ship components the ships profile is not changed.

The points cost to upgrade a capital ship to a Daemon ship is as follows: This is an exception to the normal rule. A Daemon ship may not have a Chaos Space Marine crew.

Any number of capital ships can be upgraded to Daemon ships subject to these limitations. Daemon ships cannot carry Exterminatus weapons and do not score any points for landing troops in a planetary assault the Daemons are bound within the hull of their vessel, whilst able to board enemy ships normally in the context of a BFG game they would become unstable if holding a planetary objective for any length of time.

Any Daemon ship may have a single Mark of Chaos with the same effects and cost in points as described in the Battlefleet Gothic rulebook. A Daemonship may be kept off table at the start of a game.

The rest of the fleet is deployed as stated in the rules for the mission being played. The Daemonship s are actually lurking in the Warp waiting to either be summoned by one of the on-table Chaos ships or drawn to the ripe souls aboard an enemy ship.

In the End phase of any Chaos turn, after the first, they may enter play from the Warp as follows:. The Daemonship has now pierced the fabric of real space and has started to manifest itself. It is not entirely present in real space, however, although it is real enough for enemy vessels to track its location and react to its presence. It is in effect a spectre. Any enemy vessel attempting a special order when within 15cm of it is at -1 Leadership if the ship also has a Mark of Slaanesh the penalties are cumulative.

Apart from this, it has no effect, can do nothing to affect enemy ships and cannot be harmed in return. It cannot launch ordnance, trigger mines, be affected by celestial phenomena, nothing, at all OK! A Daemonship may disengage at the end of any Chaos Movement phase without having to make any dice roll. It simply drops back into the Warp leaving no trace.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

Select a friendly or enemy Capital ship, only a Capital ship contains enough supplicants or victims to draw a Daemonship from the Warp. Position the Daemonship within 20cm of the chosen vessel facing in any direction desired by the Chaos player controlling it. Next, roll 4D6 and a Scatter dice and reposition the Daemonship accordingly, keeping the ship on the same heading.

If a Hit is rolled on the Scatter dice, then the Daemonship arrives on target. The arriving Daemonship is unaffected by celestial phenomena and does not trigger attack by ordnance markers it may happen to land on. If it would appear in contact with an enemy vessel, reposition it by up to 1 cm so that it is out of contact.

At the end of any subsequent Chaos End phase it may complete the translation to real space. It does not have to and may remain a spectral, haunting presence as long as the Chaos player wishes. When the decision is made to translate to real space roll a D6 - on a roll of 2 or more it becomes solid. This final translation cannot be made if the Daemonship is in contact with an enemy vessel.

No actions can be undertaken in the End phase during which final translation occurs no sneaky teleport boarding attacks or suchlike. From this point on the Daemonship is solid and fights like a normal ship. A disengaged Daemonship may re-enter play on any Chaos turn following the one in which it disengages. This is done following the translation rules detailed above. If it was damaged when it disengaged it may be repaired when it returns, roll a d6, 1,2 or 3.

A returning Daemonship cannot come back with more hits than it could normally have.

At the end of the game a Daemonship which disengaged even just once will count as having disengaged for Victory points purposes, unless of course it is destroyed or crippled when the normal rules apply. A lowly engineer left alone in some remote engine compartment may not be subject to routine inspection for months on end, ample time in which to slowly make minute, undetectable adjustments to the operating frequencies of the vessels warp drive.

Over time these adjustments will amount to the point where the distorted warp frequency becomes a screaming beacon of Chaos, calling out to the traitors Daemonic masters with each new journey the vessel makes through the warp. Warp entities will be drawn to the vessel and slowly infest it, running throughout its core and allowing the Dark Powers to slowly apply their corrupting influence over every inch of the vessel and over every member of its crew.

In this way, that same single lowly engineer is able to offer up the souls of every one of his thousands of comrades and condemn them all to damnation long before they will ever suspect his treachery. M41 and What means he used to bring together the fleets of so many different Chaos Lords and Warmasters is unknown, but even his unholy gift of leadership must have been stretched to the full coordinating the attacks of such an anarchic coalition. Abaddons own warfleet was the most powerful in the sector and one of the last to be defeated.

This was in no small part due to the awesome power of the Planet Killer at his command, to say nothing of the Blackstone Fortresses he succeeded in corrupting to the service of the Dark Gods. Abaddon was once a Space Marine, a captain of the Lunar Wolves 1st Company during the Great Crusade, over 10, years ago, conquering distant stars in the name of the Emperor. The Lunar Wolves battled across uncounted worlds to free them from alien tyranny or the taint of Chaos, and Abaddon was ever at the fore.

Battlefleet Gothic (Rules)

But at the time of the Great Heresy, Abaddon chose to betray the Emperor and join with the forces of his Primarch, the Warmaster Horus, in his attack on Earth. Upon Horus defeat, Abaddon rallied the remnants of the hordes which had fought on Earth and fled to the Eye of Terror, where the powers of Chaos welcomed him as their champion.

For ten millennia Abaddon has continued to harry the Imperium at every opportunity, raining fire and destruction on the empire of Mankind that he helped to build. The Gothic War is one of the most recent of his terrible works, but his history of bloodshed extends as far back as the Imperium itself.

You may not place a Chaos Lord on the same ship as Abaddon you dont get to be a Chaos Lord by spending lots of time near a bloody-tempered maniac! He has the following characteristics:. His crew and fleet live in mortal terror of arousing his anger and perform at peak efficiency when he is aboard. He is also aided by the prophecies of the Sorcerer Zaraphiston. Abaddons awesome reputation and dogged determination ensure there are seldom any failures in the chain of command. When there are, the consequences are likely to be dire.

Abaddons fleet is allowed to re-roll a single Command check or Leadership test each turn. Boarding Actions Abaddon is accompanied by his company of Black Legion Traitor Marines aboard the ship he is commanding.

Boarding torpedoes and assault boats from Abaddons ship will be manned by more mundane minions and do not receive this modifier. Who else amongst the hosts of the traitors embraced Damnation with such a fierce glee? You have failed me for the last time Abaddon the Despoiler does not tolerate failure, as many of his followers have discovered to their cost. If Abaddons re-roll is used for a Command check or Leadership test on another ship or squadron and the test is failed a second time, he will become angry very, very angry!

In the Chaos Shooting phase Abaddon will direct at least half the available firepower and lance strength of the ship he is commanding against the weaklings who have failed him assuming the worthless scum are within range and fire arc.

Resolve the attack as normal, just as if Abaddons vessel were an enemy. The Leadership bonus will only take effect once after that the crews are working as hard as they can! This means that no further Commander re-rolls may be used on the ship or squadron unless it is carrying its own Chaos Lord with a Mark of Tzeentch. Should this dreadful failure occur on Abaddons own ship, it will lose one Damage Point as the Black Legion massacre those who failed him.

No Leadership increase is gained. And lo the beast issued forth to assail the righteous and cast down their works. Though the beast stood clothed in human form, no flesh could conceal the corruption of his damned soul, and the foul denizens of the outer dark flocked to his banner. The righteous cried out for retribution, but the beast would not be laid low.

The name of the beast became a curse upon the lips of the righteous, and that curse was Abaddon. Orations of Saint Josephus, apocalypt of Savaven. Each Primarch commanded not only a Legion of Space Marines but also vast fleets of warships and innumerable armies of Guardsmen. The military might at the disposal of each of them was immense. Then came the Horus Heresy and fully half the Primarchs rebelled against the Emperor.

The history of the Heresy is well-known, it was a dark and terrible time in which civil war almost destroyed the Imperium. In its aftermath it was clear to the High Lords that too much power had been at the disposal of the traitor Primarchs.

The Codex Astartes of Roboute Guilliman was the main reform. The huge Space Marine Legions were broken down into Chapters of a thousand warriors and equipped with specialist barges and. The fleet was reorganised into battlefleets dispersed between the major worlds of each Segmentum.

The Imperial Guard was reorganised to more clearly define who could authorise the formation and deployment of additional regiments. The measures were successful insofar that although there have been rebellions since the Heresy they have always lacked the capacity to tear the Imperium apart as Horus almost did.

The defeated Traitor Marines were never a part of these reforms however. When the Ultramarines were spawning numerous successor Chapters the Black Legion, the World Eaters and all the others were establishing territories in the Eye of Terror using all the forces they had managed to salvage from the defeat on Terra. From his crypt Vassenna was mind-linked to all his ships systems, even though his withered body lay in its sarcophagus he still found joy in slaughter. His amplified laughter echoed around his ship chilling the souls of the long lines of slaves labouring beneath the lashes of Vassennas Black Legion overseers.

The Darkside was a Carnage class cruiser, unbelievably ancient but still a sleek hunting shark with superior speed, range and weight of fire than any Imperial ship of the same displacement.

Keep firing, yes ALL weapons, I want those destroyers dead before they can release their torpedoes. On the gun decks Vassennas crew, renegades, corsairs and freebooters all, redoubled their efforts, urged on by their Captains words and the watchful attention of the Chaos Space Marines.

Vassenna watched the bright explosions, the incoming Cobras were easy targets once locked into their attack runs.

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The Darksides Captain felt the waves of energy from their destruction and exulted in it. His warp eye opened, matter faded, and his gaze pierced the real universe studying the tides of the Empyrean, judging his moment.

Warp engines, NOW. The Darksides hull shrieked as its warp engines tore a bloody wound from reality and slid into the vibrant, pulsing, unreality of the Warp that lay beneath and drifted onward carried on a tide of mortal dreams. To them any capital ship with the capacity to launch Dreadclaws or boarding torpedoes is potentially a battle barge and any fast cruiser might be used to move small forces around.

Chaos Space Marines are relatively rare however and a great many Chaos fleets will be made up of renegade captains and their ships with not a Traitor Marine in sight. The degree of fealty rogue captains extend to their Chaos Marine masters is variable and some pirate fleets that ostensibly serve Chaos have probably never seen a Chaos Space Marine so it is perfectly acceptable to use a Chaos fleet without including members of the Traitor Legions, which you can do using a fleet selected from the Chaos Incursion fleet list in the Battlefleet Gothic rulebook.

This war was primarily fought in space and Abaddon had no need to gather the Lords of the Traitor Legions around him. This list represents a Black Crusade fleet where the object is to transport Chaos Space Marines to conquer and destroy Imperial worlds.

Any capital ship can be designated as having a Chaos Space Marine crew at the points cost indicated in the army list. The ship will be subject to the Chaos Space Marine special rules. If the ship contains the Warmaster or a Lord then you can assume that he is also a Chaos Space Marine.

However there are some restrictions on exactly which Mark it can have based on the Chaos Space Marine Legion that controls it. The options are shown in the table below. If capital ships are grouped as squadrons then each squadron may only contain a single Warmaster or Lord and that ship must lead the squadron. Similarly a squadron may not include ships with different Marks of Chaos. Furthermore the maximum Leadership of the vessel is increased to Hit and run attacks launched by boarding torpedoes, Dreadclaws, Thunderhawks or teleportation originating from such a ship add 1 to their result.

Terminator Teleport Assault For an extra 10 points battleships and grand cruisers with Chaos Space Marine Warmasters, Lords or crews may roll two dice when conducting hit and run teleport attacks and select which one they wish to count. They will add one as normal. This represents them unleashing their Chosen Terminators in a teleport assault. Similarly members of the Death Guard and Thousand Sons may not be combined in the same fleet.

His ship has the Mark of Nurgle. His fleet contains six other cruisers, three ships have Chaos Space Marine crew and one of these also has a Chaos Lord. The ship containing the Lord can be Death Guard as well but doesnt have to be as it could represent an allied force from another legion. Because the fleet contains members of the Death Guard the Lords ship may not be crewed by the Thousand Sons but may be represent any other legion. Lets assume it is the Emperors Children and therefore has the Mark of Slaanesh.

When organising these ships into squadrons the Warmaster and Lords ships may not be in the same squadron and each must command any squadron they do join. The Chaos Lords squadron may not contain any ships with a Mark other than that of Slaanesh and the Warmasters squadron may not include any ships with a Mark other than that of Nurgle.

What is a Space Marine without a ship to carry him? He is an insignificant insect crawling in the mud of a single world. But what is a Space Marine with a fleet to carry him? He is death from above, a harbinger of the gods who walks the stars seeking battle. The ship is full of the sensation-craving followers of Slaanesh and their siren cries extend into the minds of the crews of nearby enemy ships. Enemy ships within 15cm suffer 2 to their Leadership value. You may include up to one grand cruiser in your fleet for every three cruisers or heavy cruisers.

In addition they may be given a single Mark of Chaos as shown below. Crewed by the homicidal followers of Khorne, the ship is extremely dangerous in boarding actions. It doubles its value in boarding actions. The Captain can call upon the power of precognition as well as formidable magics to control his vessel. This ship has an extra re-roll. Abaddon Ld Mark of Nurgle. It gains 1 Damage Point and may not be boarded.

The Hand, the Eye, the Fortress, the Prize Heavy Cruisers You may include up to one heavy cruiser in your fleet for every two cruisers. Chaos Styx class heavy cruiser. A ship commanded by a Lord may be given a single Mark of Chaos from the list above. Repulsive class grand cruiser. If you include the Planet Killer, Abaddon does not have to be present, but if he is he must be aboard the Planet Killer.

The Planet Killer also counts as a battleship when working out how many heavy cruisers and cruisers the fleet requires.

Planet Killer. Battleships You may include up to one battleship in your fleet for every three cruisers or heavy cruisers. Despoiler class battleship. The options are shown in the table on page For an extra 10 points, battleships and grand cruisers with Chaos Space Marine Warmasters, Lords or crews may include Chosen Terminators, as explained in the special rules. Any number of capital ships in your fleet may be upgraded to a Daemon ship at the additional points cost shown, based upon the type of vessel chosen.

Ships with launch bays can have a mixture of Swiftdeath fighters, Doomfire bombers and Dreadclaw assault craft. Ships with torpedo tubes are armed with normal and boarding torpedoes. Chaos Idolator class raider. You should feel free to paint and model them to be consistent with the rest of your fleet, it will not have any game effect however.

A ship with a Chaos Space Marine crew may be equipped with Thunderhawk Gunships but if so it may only carry Thunderhawks and may not launch Swiftdeaths, Doomfires and Dreadclaws. Furthermore the launch capacity of the ships bays is halved round down. This is because the launch bays have to be substantially rebuilt to deal with the larger Thunderhawks. Any Daemon ship may have a single Mark of Chaos with the same effects and cost in points as described in the list above.

He drew in a breath, lips pursed to again issue his order, before exhaling in relief as the comm-link suddenly burst into life at last. What Corran was about to hear, was not nearly such a relief. Each looked back at him with an equal expression of bafflement.

The silence took over again and the comm-link fell menacingly silent. At long last, the comm-link crackled back to life and that same feeling of relief which had accompanied its earlier transmission flooded over, Corran. Corran sighed with relief before being cut short by a most unexpected post-script.

Disciple, what are you doing? The look of astonishment on Corrans face was instantaneous, though it took longer for his thoughts to register, leaving Corran barely a second to ponder the mysterious communication before he felt the floor fall away from him as a dozen searing plasma projectiles tore through the hull of his vessel. One final transmission crackled over the comm-link before all fell silent.

However, after the battle of Gethsemane and the alliance of many of the Eldar pirate fleets with Lord Ravensburg, a new terror was to hunt across the stars. The Void Stalker is the pinnacle of Eldar stellar technology, combining strong armament with high speed and manoeuvrability; the match of any ship in the Gothic Sector. Repeat, this is Fortitude requesting assistance from any Imperial vessels in the vicinity of Picus VI.

Engines and weapons crippled, fires on twelve decks Ambushed by alien Eldar vessels in the asteroid fields two point three standard hours ago. The devils may be using us as bait now approach with caution Repeat, this is Fortitude requesting assistance.

The Bright Star, which it was later found was the flagship of the Executioners corsair band, was first sighted leaving the area around the Graildark Nebula, but was shortly after seen, with an attendant number of escorts and Cruisers, wiping out a raiding fleet across the Gothic sector in the Lysades sub-sector.

The Bright Star was also instrumental in lifting the Lethe blockade, destroying the Grand Cruiser Unstoppable Rage and several escorts, and crippling two Chaos cruisers. It is claimed by the Eldar that before, during and after the Gothic war, the Bright Star has never been defeated in battle. Another Void Stalker was most frequently seen pursuing some personal vendetta against the Orks of the Cyclops Cluster.

Several times this mysterious vessel appeared during Imperial bombardments of Ork ground positions, using its sophisticated weapons to level whole greenskin settlements.

Rumours have it that the ship was eventually destroyed when it attempted to single-handedly take on an Ork Hulk [later codified as the Misery of Platea].

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The vessel mimics the design of the larger cruisers with the same sail configuration and hull design. As a light cruiser, logic dictates that the Aurora fulfils the same purpose as the Dauntless serves in the Imperial fleet.

Even though Eldar cruisers are fast, the Aurora has the added benefit of the speed and manoeuvrability of an escort but carries firepower to match a cruiser. The most noted example of the deployment of the Auroras came during the closing stages of the Gothic War. An uneasy alliance was formed between the Imperium and the many Eldar pirate fleets of the sector after the Battle of Gethsemane.

This seemed to spur the appearance of many previously unseen Eldar vessels such as the mighty Void Stalker and Aurora light cruisers.

The Auroras first significant engagement recorded in Imperial annals was during an encounter between a fleeing Traitor fleet and a large and rare Eldar-Imperial battlegroup deep in the Graildark Nebula. Crippled and drifting, prey to the Wolfpacks they came from nowhere and drove our attackers away for reasons I could not, and cannot begin to comprehend. They come to me second as a mystery, aboard the Eoppus, when first we battled them, only to watch as more of the same damned aliens arrived and tore the first apart.

And, as I always feared having watched their madness that is their every act, I meet them again as my doom, for even now I watch as the Eldar strafe my flanks and hide from my guns. As the Imperial and Traitor fleets ponderously closed in on each other, the Eldar typically peeled off and speed past the Chaos fleet.

Admiral Vortigue, who was controlling the Imperial force, was convinced they had done a runner! Shortly after the first long ranged lances began to fire the Eldar reappeared. The majority of the Eldar fleet was directly behind the Traitor ships, however, roughly a third containing a number of escorts but mainly Auroras attacked from the flank.

The flanking force sped into action flying straight at the Chaos barges, making suicidal strafing runs against the Chaos cruiser hulls. The Chaos fleet was thrown into confusion, ships began to break off formation as their corrupted captains began to take evasive action.

A second Eldar squadron approaching from behind then opened fire. Caught facing the oncoming Imperial fleet the Chaos ships could not return fire.

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