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ensure that applicant has obtained the approval from the District Town. Planner either as per these rules or as per the provisions of the Town. Rules may be called the Kerala Municipality Building (Amendment) Rules, Attachments: kerala_municipal_building_rules_pdf. S.O(E).- WHEREAS a draft notification under sub-section (1) of section and clause (V) of sub- section (2) of section 3 of the Environment.

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Panchayat Buildings Rules, (2) They shall apply to all Village Panchayats in the State. (3) They shall come into force at once. 2. Definition.- (1) In these. S.R.O. No. / In exercise of the powers conferred by sections , , , , and read with section of the Kerala Municipality Act, (20 of. As of December 31, , Indofood·s 8,,, shares with a par value of other brands, the Cakra Kembar, Segitiga Biru, Kunci Biru and Lencana.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Allan Megill. Further, I teach the course differently every time. Consequently, the indications of what might be discussed in a given lecture are merely indications.

Although I have a grader in this course, the grader does only the first reading of the midterm test, term paper, and final. I do the second and definitive reading. In short, I as instructor read every word that students submit to me.

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Office Location: Office tel. See Course Description and Requirements for more details. The course offers a survey and analysis of Marx's theory, focusing heavily on what Marx himself wrote. To a large extent, the organization of the material of the course must come from the student. Although the instructor has very highly developed views on Marx, you are expected not to regurgitate what he says. Rather, you must tackle the reading on your own. Understanding does not come from reproducing what others say but from active engagement with the material.

I want to see evidence of that engagement. I want to know that you have read Marx directly. You have to cite Marx himself. Consequently, it is important that you grapple with the reading assignments before they are explicated in class.

Admittedly, many of the reading selections are quite difficult, and I do not expect you to understand them in any large degree on first reading. In assessing student work, I look for evidence that you have directly struggled with the readings. One piece of advice that I hope you will follow is this: Read each new reading for itself.

Don't try to fit it into the pre-existing stereotypes in your mind. Unless you hold those stereotypes in check, you won't be able to see what is going on. This is the 25th time, or more, that I have taught this course I first taught it in I long ago became bored with following a rigidly set lecture script. Instead, I re-engage with the material before class and then I usually present a lecture that has a somewhat ad lib character. I know generally what I want to say when I enter the classroom, but which of the many possibilities will actually come out is in part accidental.

One important factor in what I say in class is the engagement of the students with the material: This does happen, quite often. To be sure, PowerPoint is fine in its place.

Its place is not here. I encourage students to discuss the course material among themselves if they wish. Often, points of difficulty can be resolved in this way. I want students to be able to show that they understand what Marx was arguing and why, and how he might have taken some different turns, but did not. Since I am writing a short thematic biography of Marx, more biographical details may slip out this semester than is usual.

His Life and Thought this seems to be out of print, but I have asked that a copy be put on reserve: A far more detailed and demanding biography is Jerrold Siegel, Marx's Fate: Pennsylvania State University Press, [orig. S36 ]. Fourth Estate, Liveright, There is also a recent, good biography of Engels: E64H86 Pantheon, [c. A Socialist Tragedy Oxford: Oxford University Press, A standard survey of German history in Marx's period is James J.

Sheehan, German History, There is no need to read this book for this course. There are several books by the British Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm that cover nineteenth-century Europe more generally, with an emphasis on economic matters: The Age of Revolution: The Birth of the Industrial Revolution.

These are excellent books, which you can, for example, glance at in partial views on amazon. These writings are difficult enough—and rewarding enough—to keep you busy throughout the semester. The actual reading assignments and also the think questions TQs will diverge from what are listed here. One consequence is that, in order to get the assignments, you have to attend the lectures, or else have a very, very good friend in the class.

Other books: CENSUS 2011 PDF

The definitive reading assignments are those that I make in class or give by e-mail. Be sure to keep a careful record of the reading assignments, and note those instances where I suggest that you only skim a reading, not read it with deep attention. After all, you are presumably taking the course because you do not yet know the material. But by the end of the semester the schedule will serve as a useful device for review.

To be sure, from time to time technical failures may occur. Again, I do want to emphasize that, because I rethink this course every time I teach it the definitive reading assignments are those that I make in class or, sometimes, by e-mail. I teach this course differently every time. Accordingly, you should not take what I write below as predictive of what I will say in any given lecture.

An important Internet resource relevant to the material that follows: Much Marx-Engels material is available on the Web. This is a set of conveniently arranged links to a wide range of Marx materials available on the Web which includes material in www.

The MarX-Files site was put together by Prof. Derek Stanovsky of Appalachian State University.

Building rules

Not all of the material is good, but quite a lot of it is, and kudos are due to Prof. Stanovsky for assembling this material, including texts, in a very intuitive, and searchable, way. Anything that is regurgitated from elsewhere will be pretty clearly identifiable as regurgitation. The continuing relevance of his theoretical project. His version of globalization.

Stereotypical—and often wildly misleading—views of what Marx held. The Communist Manifesto and the notion of economic modernity.

Marx and the term Marxism.

Was Marx an X? Was he a Y? Marx is rarely seen as a philosopher, although he was. These days, few people in academia have actually read Marx with any care—very, very few of your professors have, for example.

Why did he exclude politics and markets from his vision of a future socialism? CM, MER a, c, bc, c, bc, a; plus d, on private property, buying and selling. Discussion of course requirements. Possible TQs: Based on what you know about Marx and on what Engels writes about Marx in the Graveside Speech [see item 2 , below, what is the most surprising absence from the Preface? Or What are the central sociological categories that Marx presents here?

Possible TQ: What is the glaring, uncommented-upon contradiction in this speech? To read them attentively you will need to print them out. Encyclopedia article] in Resources. Another possible TQ: The definitive assignments are given in class or, often, by e-mail after class. Any TQs mentioned on this syllabus are hypothetical, and only become definitive if they are actually assigned in class. The same applies to reading assignments. Also, bring to class copies of the texts that are most likely to be discussed normally, these will be texts that you have recently read.

Continued discussion of course requirements. I shall elicit, from you, initial reactions to the Graveside Speech and to the Preface. What to cover here?

More important: The paradox: How are we to explain this? McLellan, chapter 1. Alternative TQ: What is the outcome of history according to Engels, and why?

The conceptual anatomy of the Preface. Analysis of the Preface continued. What does the Preface give us? A set of social categories; a theory of change; a metaphysic of history; an expression of faith.

On the relations among the categories. Why is that which is absent from the Preface absent? Arthur Prinz article, Journal of the History of Ideas, , notes that Article 20 of the Prussian Constitution guaranteed the freedom of science and of the teaching of science. Article of the Prussian Penal Code, on the other hand, set an up to two-year prison term for inciting class hatred, and authorized the confiscation of works inciting class hatred.

READ or re-read: Also Karl Marx: TQ to be assigned. KMBR is a very dense and heavy book and it is sometimes hard to find things in it that you may vaguely remember and want to check out again. I notice, however, that at www. In other words books. By this period, I hope that we shall be able to get into the conceptual apparatus of the Preface in quite a lot of detail.

It is also possible that we shall start to grapple with the two connected but quite distinct theories that Engels presents in Socialism: Utopian and Scientfic.


Different meanings of the term materialism: Conceptual problems raised by the Preface. Some essentials for talking about causation. Sufficient vs. Economic vs.

But hidden is the relation of determinism back to a Hegelian conception of logical-historical necessity. The Aristotelian analysis of causation. Marx's metaphysic of history. Here or earlier: In brief: In what ways does Engels resemble Marx ? Why can't one predict the rise and fall of market prices? Entsprechen, bedingen, bestimmen.

These mean what? The problem is rather that Marx has not adequately thought out his implicit causal analysis. Why markets are unpredictable: KMBR, Is Marx primarily a theorist of history? Perhaps we should better see him as…. Also KMBR notes 8 and 9, on terminology , I may also assign KMBR xxid-xxii and bb. Questions to consider not necessarily a Think Question: What is the source of progress in Marx's conception of history? A possible agenda: What is Engels' objective in parts 2 and in 3?

Distinction between historical materialism and dialectical materialism. Marx was not a dialectical materialist. He was a historical materialist. But, given that nature is not the basis of so-called historical materialism, what is? Transition back to Marx's earliest period. If you want a narrative account of what Marx was doing in this early period, read, again, McLellan, Karl Marx: His Life and Thought, chap.

According to Marx in his letter, what was the crucial thing he got from Hegel? Then in the dissertation materials that come a bit later, what does he say that he got from Hegelian philosophy?

Kerala Panchayat Building Rules, 2011 (Malayalam and English Version - Bilingual Edition)

What is the difference? Collected Works, vol. Think Question: What, fundamentally, does Marx seem to be getting from Hegel according to the letter to his father? What is Marx apparently getting from Hegelianism according to the passage from his doctoral dissertation?

In the materials of ? I remind you: But most of this material will appear at some time in the course.

Treat these notes as a good review device, one that will make more sense—if you have followed along in reading and note-taking—late in the semester than it can early in the semester. A key question: Can you figure it out on the basis of what you have read so far? Marx and Engels, The Holy Family: It possesses no immense wealth.

History is nothing but the activity of man pursuing his aims. The productive forces are therefore the product of practical human activity; but this energy is itself conditioned by the circumstances in which men find themselves. Hegel and the dialectic. Four models of progress: Elements of some of these are to be found in Marx.

MECW 1: Marx's Dissertation Notes, p. Or possibly we shall be a bit further along than these items. I particularly asked students to attend to the arguments Marx offers in these texts. By this time we shall probably be getting to a laying out of the Hegelian background to Marx; however, there are a number of different possible ways to go. Why did Hegel's philosophy matter to Marx and his friends, and what did they try to get from it?

A , Epimethean vs. Promethean view of Hegel's philosophy. What did Marx get from Hegel a according to Engels? Discussions of religion and theology in s: Toews and Warren Breckman. The question: An alternative line would be for me to say something about the assumptions underpinning the political philosophy of Hegel. EW also, 3rd letter is in MER What is the recommended program, and why?

Megill, The Burden of Reason, p. And how not? The midterm test 50 minutes long, not the entire class period is scheduled for the class of Wednesday, March 5, , just before the March break. Just make sure that you are keeping up with the work, doing the reading on your own account rather than simply copying down what the instructor says, and so on. In , the focus was on what Marx in his various writings considers to be the motor of change. Some crucial passages: Laboratory Services Quality of testing is assured through regular Quality Assurance Testing programmes as well as participation in Inter laboratory Comparative and Proficiency Testing.

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