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Before it was a movie, Lemonade Mouth was a hit novel written by Mark Peter Hughes. It was published in and set in a High School in. What begins as a somewhat outlandish tale of how five outsiders almost accidentally form a freshman band—Lemonade Mouth—grows into a. Lemonade Mouth: Adapted Movie Tie-In Edition () : Mark Peter Hughes: Books.

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Lemonade Mouth is a young adult novel by Mark Peter Hughes, published in by . At the end of the book, he starts dating Mo and finally lets go of Aaron. Lemonade Mouth book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Poets. Geniuses. members of the legendary. Start by marking “Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up” as Want to Read: Olivia, Wen, Stella, Charlie, and Mo—the members of the legendary band Lemonade Mouth—have been labeled many things. Mit ihrem Auftritt in,,A Rizing Star'' haben Olivia, Mo, Wen, Charlie und Stella es auf den Radar von.

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Blog Facebook https: We're not. We haven't been looking for trouble. It's not a good feeling, but we can't change what we believe in and won't pretend to. Not for anything. Doch wie kann sich die Band darauf einlassen, wenn das bedeutet, ihre Ideale hinten anzustellen? Und genau aus diesem Grund kann man mit Musik etwas bewegen, egal in welchem Genre. Entsprechend wurde Puckers Up wahrscheinlich eher aufgrund des filmischen Erfolgs geschrieben.

Dennoch steht dieser zweite Teil dem ersten in nichts nach und reiht sehr gute Aussagen aneinander, die der jungen Zielgruppe ein realistisches Bild von Musik und dem Business dahinter vermitteln. Lemonade Mouth ist wie die besseren Disney-Filme: Be hard, be strong, be proud - I wanna make some noise!

Nov 21, Emily rated it it was ok Shelves: I don't think I've ever felt this way about a book before, to be quite honest: This book literally and completely annoyed me. The only reason I stuck out to the end was because I thought something big was going to happen, even though that was pretty much opposite of what the book was about.

When I got to the end, I was sort of happy with it, and sort of pissed that I read this book. I really think it would have been perfectly fine as just one book. There really I don't think I've ever felt this way about a book before, to be quite honest: There really was no need for this second one; nothing was left unresolved in the first. But alas, whatever makes money I guess. Jan 14, Nancy H rated it really liked it.

This is an excellent YA novel that will speak to many teens, especially those interested in music. There are many more levels to the story, though, and many teens will be attracted to this story of a teen band whose existence seems to be on a roller coaster ride, sometimes soaring with the stars, and sometimes all the way at the bottom.

A very good, hip, current teen read. Mar 12, Merg rated it liked it. Ok so I watched the movie a while ago, never even knowing there were books. And this is really embarassing, but I liked the movie more. Probably because they made it into a Disney movie with a happy ending for everyone. The movie reference in the book was the funniest part. View 1 comment. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. They are recording new music and their friendship is stronger than ever. So of course things immediately start to go wrong. Wen's Dad quits his job to start a hot dog food truck business and enlists Wen to be a dancing hot dog on street corners - unpaid. Olivia is contacted by the Mom who abandoned her when she was just a toddler.

Mo's parents force her to be friends with Rajeev, the Indian teenage son of their college friends who is staying with them for the summer, with the obvious hopes of an eventual arranged marriage and Charlie is going through a philosophy crisis. Oh yeah, and Stella just might be falling in love! Life is never boring for the band, especially when a famous music producer named Earl Decker reaches out to them and they sign a contract with his record company. But when the music and the things they believe in begin to fade into the background in favor of corporate greed, it's time for Lemonade Mouth to take a stand again.

Even if it means that they lose their chance at the big time. I was hesitant at reading a sequel for a book that I felt didn't really need one. I was afraid that it was just scheme to make more money, based on the popularity of the Disney Channel movie from the first book. But once I started, I couldn't put it down! It is once again started off by Naomi Fishmeier, aspiring reporter and friend to the band, who is assembling the real story of their rise to fame.

It is also in the POV of every member of Lemonade Mouth, with a few other POVs thrown in like some of the parents, Naomi, Larry, a limo driver, and some other contestants on a reality show that they audition for. I feel like it managed to capture the somewhat magical quality of the first book, but also with some serious realism thrown in. I especially loved the crack that Olivia makes about like not being a Disney movie when Charlie asks where all the cool clothes and the money went to.

It made me laugh so hard. And the pros and cons of being indebted to a corporate mind by contract were definitely represented, especially in the ad campaign that eventually makes them break the contract and quit.

I loved the interactions with Sista Slash, the resolution of Olivia and Wen about whether or not they're dating, and Ray's secret soft spot for animals. The characters matured a lot through the novel and by the end they had each changed for the better. The ending was perfect and left the way open for it to really be the end OR for there to be another book, which I think would be perfectly okay with me. Overall, fans of the original might really like it if they can get past the fact that it came on the heels of the Disney movie.

It is not at all related to it! No money or favors were exchanged for this review.

This book was published November 13th, Excellent way to end a simple but good story, I liked this book more than the first. The story felt like it was going the same way as others and they would get everything they wanted in the so called "usual" way however by the end you realize that after many problems they encounter they find success but in their own way which goes completely with the message this book gives.

This totally goes with the phrase used in the book "this isn't a Disney movie", even though this book series turned into a Excellent way to end a simple but good story, I liked this book more than the first. This totally goes with the phrase used in the book "this isn't a Disney movie", even though this book series turned into a Disney movie. The character development in this book was better, this might be related to the fact that we already knew most characters so we didn't need many introductions so there was more space for each of them to grow with their individual and group struggles.

By the end of the book each character shows some degree of growth and also the group as a whole feels more united.

This book gives a very good message through the characters, story and book as a whole. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes coming of age stories, young adult books or anyone who read the first one because the sequel doesn't disappoint.

Sep 24, Mikela rated it it was amazing. Some authors make sequels that don't really measure up to the first book. The book was really moving, as well as the first book, and I actually felt like I was a fan in the crowd of a Lemonade Mouth concert. Reading this book brought back the feelings of wanting Lemonade Mouth to be an actual band. I like the foreshadow in the story, and Hughes lets the reader know that Lemonade Mouth will be a huge success in the future, but he doesn't reveal Some authors make sequels that don't really measure up to the first book.

I like the foreshadow in the story, and Hughes lets the reader know that Lemonade Mouth will be a huge success in the future, but he doesn't reveal exactly how yet. Reading other minor characters' POV made the band feel more real, because they talk about how much of an influence the band was.

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It amazes me how Hughes can come up with a portrayal of a minor character in just a few paragraphs. Using different grammar and perspectives made a huge difference. His ability to make the minor characters relatable and real blew my mind. Bottom line, if you haven't read this book yet, go out and get it. Aug 04, Myndi rated it it was amazing. A sequel to Lemonade Mouth. As I sat reading, I couldn't help but wish that they'd done a movie sequel as well. This was a very good sequel! What happens when a group of kids DON'T get what they'd always dreamed of, but things are ok anyhow.

This tells that story. The writing style is unique to most books I've read In this book, Charlie writes as if writing a screenplay. It was hard to get into h A sequel to Lemonade Mouth. It was hard to get into his sections at first, but by the end of the book I found them to be pretty neat. We follow ups and downs of the five teens as they rise in stardom, get knocked down for doing what they believe in, and eventually rise again. In addition to their group happenings, as in the first, we also see what each is going through in their own personal lives.

I loved the book, it's a good read. Jan 03, Joyce rated it it was amazing. I loved reading this book and having more Lemonade Mouth!! This tells of all the ups and downs of the summer after Lemonade Mouth came together. They deal with being actually famous, and not liking the price to pay for it. I also liked the alternating views and how they were organized so you got a little perspective from everyone even though some of them weren't that developed. Particularly liked Olivia's way: Glad Disney kept that bit even with a little editing.

Lemonade Mouth

I hope fhere's a sequel in the works for both the movie and book! View 2 comments. Feb 02, Alexandra Elend Wolf marked it as to-read. How did I had no idea this book existed? But no worries, I can fix that XD. Exactly what I anticipated and didn't feel let down at all. What I didn't like about the movie was made up for in this book, and what I didn't enjoy about the book the movie made up for. If you want to read a fun book about a band of misfits who come together to start a Revolution, grab this.

You're bound to connect to one of these characters. For me it was Olivia. The shy one who has a tough time being herself in front of people. It didn't hurt that I would have had a crush on Wen too Enjoyable! It didn't hurt that I would have had a crush on Wen too.

View all 8 comments. Feb 23, Hanna rated it really liked it.

Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up by Mark Peter Hughes

Disney Channel must die. I know movies are never exactly like the book, and a lot of kids watch Disney, so the movies they play have to be family friendly. So in that case, they shouldn't have touched Lemonade Mouth. They completely dumbed down the story and the characters, making their personal struggles less heavy. And speaking of things being less heavy, the actress who played Olivia. Olivia is described as being fat and rather creepy looking, so who does Disney cast, you might ask?

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Bridget Mendler. My point is, this book has a lot of good messages in it, and it's a great story. I really enjoyed it, and I don't think Disney did a good job of portraying the struggles of these characters and didn't show how much of outcasts they were. I have news for you Disney, you can dumb down your little crap movies, but you can't dumb down life! View all 3 comments.

Mar 11, Brandi rated it really liked it Shelves: It was fortuitous that the five freshmen serving their time together being as they normally were not members of the detention-attending crowd. All it took was a radio commercial and a little improvising and then the monumental band, Lemonade Mouth, was born.

Stella is the spearhead of the group. Stella, the green-haired ukulele player, is an individual always looking for a cause to back. Percussionist Charlie tells his part of the story through an English assignment which will guarantee a passing grade. Lastly, Olivia is in the spotlight as the voice behind Lemonade Mouth, but she keeps her personal life close to the chest.

Together the members of Lemonade Mouth along with a forgotten music teacher front a massive crusade against corporate infiltration into their school and the removable of their beloved frozen lemonade machine while doing battle with the current popular upperclassmen band at Opequonsett High. Hughes successfully creates five distinctive voices as each character tells their story themselves.

Lemonade Mouth is a fresh and funny story that shows how certain causes can bring people together despite their differences and unite with a common goal. May 13, Sloan rated it it was amazing. I am in love. Lemonade Mouth is brilliant. A masterpiece. I watched the Disney Channel movie version and loved it. Then I went and got the book. Even better. I can't believe I've lived this long without reading this.

Then I read the prequel to Lemonade Mouth. I now want to play the electric ukulele, the trumpet, the timbales, and the double bass. I want to have a voice like a 3-pack-a-day smoker. I want to be Stella Penn. I want to be Olivia Whitehead. I want to be Mohini Ba Oh. I want to be Mohini Banerjee. I want to be in love with Wendell Grifford.

I want to know Charlie Hirsh. I want to ride my bike across town. I want to die my hair green. I want to see Lemonade Mouth in concert. I want to be Lemonade Mouth. All because of this book.

View 1 comment. Dec 03, Lo rated it it was ok Shelves: You know when you watch the movie before reading the book and you can't help but reference every bad thing about the book to good things from the movie?

I loved Disney's Lemonade Mouth. As somebody who no longer likes Disney, I was shocked by how much I liked it. I cried about three times, to be honest. The book was just very different. I expected this, since Disney censors literally everything, but the amount of things that were changed could have made the movie and book two almost completely dif You know when you watch the movie before reading the book and you can't help but reference every bad thing about the book to good things from the movie?

I expected this, since Disney censors literally everything, but the amount of things that were changed could have made the movie and book two almost completely different stories. Whereas the movie was about friendship and empowerment, the book was more about young teens coming to the awkward age of teen-hood and trying to deal with life. Because I had already watched the movie, I had already gotten in my mind what was going to happen, who the characters were, and how I would feel at the end.

It was strange trying to adjust how I felt about everything to fit the book. For one, I never knew the characters were the same age as me high school freshman, For another, I never knew how awkward the whole thing was for them. The movie depicted it almost like fate; five people who just happen to come together and be amazing. Probably, but it felt almost magical. The book felt more like real life. Awkward kids at the awkward age, trying to make a situation with great potential not awkward.

I don't have a problem with reading gritty coming-of-age stories, but this one just felt off. Surprisingly, the repeated theme of everyone wanting to fit and be cool didn't annoy me books with this kind of content is one of the main reasons I enjoy New Adult novels more than Young Adult now , though it could've been that the movie left me with such high expectations I just didn't want to be knocked down by such a petty thing.

None of the characters were relatable. Every character essentially had the same characteristics, besides a few differences in their attitudes and way of narrating. It wasn't like this in the movie at all; Stella was the reckless one, Olivia the shy one she was depicted pretty well in the book, I believe , Wen was a jokester, Charlie a cheerful but shy guy, and Mo didn't take any nonsense and was very sure of herself. I think the author intended for the characters to be a mixture of personalities coming together and becoming great friends like the movie, but instead everybody seemed really stale.

The anti-climactic, two-sentence resolutions each character got didn't do much for me either. For once a Disney movie lacked the usual "happily-ever-afters" crap they usually spew out, and the book didn't. If you told me a YA novel about five troubled individuals would have a happier ending than the Disney movie version, I would not have believed you, but here it is.

Lemonade Mouth (Book)

And it really drove me crazy how little nerve any of them had. I barely even know how the band members had the drive to perform and do what they did because they were that unconfident. Maybe some good poise could have scrapped what was left of the book and made it good, but the narration fell flat.

I didn't see the point in having the switches in narration because it did nothing for the plot or the characters themselves, and I didn't have time to understand each character and their story because by the time I started to get into it, the next person would start.

There was even a section where random students at the school would narrate about their lives and how Lemonade Mouth's music impacted them on a personal level. I thought this was a bit pretentious, and I just didn't care about random kids' personal problems.

The five band members' problems were enough. I would much rather have had one consistent narrator throughout the whole thing, or even a third-person narrator. Maybe I only disliked the book because it differed so much from the movie, but I have the second book on my desk right now, and I'm going to take a stab at that.

Since I've never read the summary or seen any movie of this one there isn't one , I'll get to see whether I really like the books or not. Mar 02, Mella rated it really liked it Recommends it for: YA fans, people who liked the movie.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. So, I have spoilers for both the book and the movie!!!! Anyway, I really liked some things more in the book and some more in the movie. First off, I was very happy to see that Mo and Charlie got together in the book!

It made my day! And I'm not quite sure why they changed that part of the story. Mo's character is definitely different in the movie. And also in the movie, it's not really explained why she turns back to Scott after she made this huge deal about being a different type of person, not one that could be with him.

So weird! Olivia and Wen also made me smile. Although there were hints in the movie, it didn't distinctly have their romance laid out like in the book. But I understand why Disney would take that out.

But there were some things that Disney did right. Like adding in Mel at the end of the movie. It was a great little "The world works in mysterious ways! Mel of Mel's Lemonade is the one who brought them all together after all. I'm not sure how the Disney audience would react to Charlie's Though I did like it in the book. Personally, I really liked this book. And although I still had the movie characters in my head, I saw major differences in their personalities.

And yet some major similarities. I liked how Disney kept all of the injuries pretty much the same. That was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. I also liked the book bringing in Olivia's dad. Changing that in the movie changed a good bit of Olivia's character. In the book, she's completely loyal to her father. She knows he has done wrong but she also still loves him. In the movie, she's afraid to write to him. I think I liked Mo and Olivia more in the book. The others were about the same.

I liked Wen a lot in both and Charlie and Stella were both pretty okay. I honestly always looked forward to reading the story from Wen's or Olivia's perspective. It never confused me at all - though then again, I had VERY clear images of all five of them from the start from seeing the movie. It's like saying, "Hey! Actually there ARE other characters in this here book!

Have a good day!!! Overall, a very good read. I'm glad I picked it up!!! Oct 30, hpboy13 rated it it was amazing Shelves: While not as good as the Disney Channel movie, this book was nevertheless a very good teen read about the power of a few people to make a difference.

But after a chapter or two, I lost myself in the book again, feeling goosebumps as I reread the more powerful passages. I maintain that this works better as the movie musical, because the music is so integral. But it is also a fantastic book. As someone who saw things worth fighting for in high school, but could do nothing about them, there was a big element of wish fulfillment in reading this book.

I wanted to fight back, to make a difference, to start a revolution. And reading about the profound impact this band had on other kids really affected me. Jun 03, Sonia Reppe rated it it was amazing Recommended to Sonia by: Disney channel.

I hadn't heard of this book until Disney channel made a movie out of it Lemonade Mouth is the name of a band of Five Rhode Island high schoolers three girls, two boys who meet each other in detention and start playing music together. The point of view switches between these five unique voices and even, at times, to other students and teachers. Normally I wouldn't like this because it takes yo I hadn't heard of this book until Disney channel made a movie out of it Normally I wouldn't like this because it takes you out of one story and puts you in another, but here is not the case.

The focus is always on the band.

The band is the main character and it has a life of its own. You get to see the band and the music from different perspectives. In chapter 5, the Halloween Bash, the perspective changes every page but always the story moves forward and this technique really worked here. So the pacing is excellent. The situations are realistic, dealing with typical teen problems, sometimes sad but not too sad one kid's dad is in jail, another is dumped by her boyfriend, etc Even their band is unique: Mar 17, Hannah rated it really liked it Shelves: Major spoiler alert!

So I found out that there was a book after I had already watched the Disney version of the movie. I hate it when that happens. Anyway, I finally sat down and read the book and it is so very different from the movie! Names are the same and general ideas are the same, but a lot was different. I was prepared for a story identical to the movie and instead I get thinks like Charlie had a twin that died at bir Major spoiler alert! I was prepared for a story identical to the movie and instead I get thinks like Charlie had a twin that died at birth and he hears his twins voice in his head, instead of an older brother having gone off to college.

Olivia is writing letters to her dad in prison and takes the whole band to meet them. Stella plays the ukelele and her family is all different. Mo is way more clingy in the book to the Mudslide Crush boy, and poor Wen has a major crush on his step mother to be in the book.

The songs are all different, but overall it is the same story as the movie. Which is so odd coming from me, but go figure. Aug 04, Myndi rated it it was amazing. I don't normally watch a movie before I read the book, I have always been a read the book first kind of girl, but I did actually see Lemonade Mouth before I read it. Learn more. Frequently bought together.

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Showing of 7 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The second lemonade mouth book is a success! I loved every minute of it, from the very first word to the very last!

You get to read about new love, awesome riots, and great music! If you liked the first book, you'll love the second! Hardcover Verified Purchase. Excellent follow-up to the first book.

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