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Love Messages Book

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Loved this book. This is one of those books, though, that can't be read in a rush.

I always felt like after I read patches, I needed to contemplate on those. This reading has allowed me to set some new goals for myself: In succession to the first book in series Many lives, many masters regarding patient past life regression analysis, in this 2nd book, Dr.

Brain Weiss talks about the messages from the spiritual masters.

Messages from the Masters: Tapping into the Power of Love

Whether you believe in past life and reincarnation or not, these messages are described and explained so beautifully that you know and inherently realize that each message is anything but a profound universal truth.

Everything comes when it must come. A life can not be rushed on schedule. We must accept what comes to us a given time and not ask for more. The life is endless. We never die as we were never really born. What we pass through are just different phases of learning. In sixteen beautifully written chapters, Dr. Weiss lovingly lead the readers through his professional and personal experiences and thinking. I have read this book again and I feel happy to own my copy of this book.

Jul 05, suchi rated it really liked it.

A life enhancing and empowering book. Throws light on the intricate subjects like reincarnation, hypnosis, NDE, post death experience, regression activity. The book re-emphasizes the fact that a soul never dies, it just gets liberated from the body and transcends to the next body. Brian has also explained the steps to under go a state of hypnosis. There are many examples cited for the people who have experienced the regression process and have experienced a much better state of heart and mind.

A A life enhancing and empowering book.

Best Love Messages

According to Brian, every soul melts down to light. The light is the most powerful and largest object. This light could be translucent, golden or convergence of several different colored lights.

This light is entwined. He also emphasis on the importance of Love ad relationships in our life. Relationships are never incidental, not even the family we are born in.

We are always related to our family members since our previous births, though me might happen to share a different relation with us in this birth. But, we always stay connected and chose our family. Love is an absolute energy whereas anger is transient. Understanding can immediately heal deepest pains.

Aug 30, Steph Hundt rated it it was ok. A friend recommended that I read this book after she had read it during a difficult time in her life.

The book talks about the idea of reincarnation and past lives. She said after reading the book that she was sure we had known each other in a past life and I had been her mother, sister, or aunt.

I thought that was such a sweet compliment that I had to give this book a shot. I consider myself to a be a pretty open-minded person but when this book started to give examples of people who had been A friend recommended that I read this book after she had read it during a difficult time in her life.

I consider myself to a be a pretty open-minded person but when this book started to give examples of people who had been regressed to experience their time in the womb or their own birth I was a bit skeptical.

Each chapter starts off with a profound thought from "The Masters" and in the end I found the book to be a lot of mumbo jumbo. Maybe if I had read it at a different time in my life I would feel differently. To me there is only one Master and this book was not my cup of tea. Mar 01, Wildcat-Mimi rated it it was amazing.

I really loved this book. My father passed this year and I found comfort in knowing that I will most likel excellent book.. My father passed this year and I found comfort in knowing that I will most likely meet him again in another life and that perhaps he had accomplished what he was set on earth to do.

I highly recommend this book, but feel if you are not open this may not be the book for you. Apr 21, Amanda rated it it was amazing.

Brian Weiss i've slowed down with one, but it is still wonderful and does go further into the meat of the true purpose of his experiences as a Psychiatrist working with past life regression It's so very affirming. I am well. All is well. A spiritual journey in pages This is probably the best series of books I have ever read on the subject of spirituality.

Love Light Healing’s Daily Self Love Messages

It provides the deepest spiritual insights into the existence of life on Earth. Aug 31, Susan Burris rated it really liked it. Interesting and thought provoking. If you are ardently Christian it may bump against some of your beliefs. Jun 03, Chelsea Green rated it it was amazing. He perfectly walks the line between 'crazy' and 'eye-opening'. May 16, Divyanshi Garg rated it it was amazing.

Weiss Many Lives, Many Masters: This being my second book of his has been nothing short of a phenomenal and overwhelming experience.

I urge every person who is on a spiritual journey or those who want to broaden their horizons as a health care professional must read any of his books. Jul 03, Jen rated it it was amazing.

There are different levels of learning, and we must learn some of them in the flesh. We must feel the pain. When you're a spirit you feel no pain. It is a period of renewal. Your soul is being renewed. When you're in physical state in the flesh, you can feel pain; you can hurt. In spiritual form you do not feel.

There is only happiness, a sense of well-being. But it's a renewal period for View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Privacy Policy. See more. Love Messages. Love Messages for Girlfriend. Love Sms Messages Aimt Apps. Find out best and latest Heart Touching love sms messages Collection Love Test Calculator: Crush Test.

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