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Metroid Prime at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Walkthrough: A step-by-step guide through Metroid Prime 3. ○ Upgrades: Check out how to This PDF Guide is property of IGN Entertainment. Any unlawful. Metroid Prime: Official Nintendo Power Strategy Guide [Nintendo of America Inc] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Metroid Prime: Official.

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PDF file of our game guide scans here. More will be added as they Metroid Prime Hunters. Official Nintendo Official Strategy Guide 2-in-1 – by Prima. 66MB. File:Metroid Prime and Fusion - Strategy (file size: MB, MIME type. Metroid Prime Official Strategy Guide is a strategy guide for Metroid Prime, published by the American company BradyGames in The book was written by.

The book was written by Doug Walsh and Bart Farkas. The introduction features a history on the Metroid series, the Chozo , the Space Pirates and then goes on to page 6, which has acknowledgements from the authors. It is interesting that the page with the introduction has artwork of the Fusion Suit from Metroid Fusion on it. This may simply refer to the fact that the Fusion Suit is unlockable in the game. The Hunter Basics chapter has information on all of Samus Aran 's powerups. This section is similar to that of Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide , but this guide has more laid-out paragraphs than Prima 's guide.

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Sevii Islands. Battle Frontier, Hoenn.

Face Shrine. River Rapids.

Series: Official Nintendo Player's Guide

Eagle's Tower. Turtle Rock. Stark Mountain.

Fall City. Catfish's Maw.

Survival Area. Resort Area. Fight Area. Ukuku Prairie. Toronbo Shores.

Mysterious Forest. Tail Cave. Koholint Prairie. Mabe Village. Koholint Island. Phenac City. Pyrite Town. Agate Village.

Tabahl Wasteland.

File:Metroid Prime and Fusion - Strategy Guide.pdf

Goponga Swamp. Yarna Desert.

Tal Tal Mountains. Mount Tamaranch. Angler's Cave. Dream Shrine. Animal Village. Bottle Grotto. Kanalet Castle. Key Cavern. Martha's Bay. How do series work? Top bar: Official Nintendo Player's Guide Series by cover 1—7 of 91 next show all. Advance Wars 2: Animal Crossing: Wild World: Conker's bad fur day: Official Nintendo player's guide by Alan Averill. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Gamecube: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Dawn of Souls: Final Fantasy IV Advance: Official Nintendo Player's Guide by Nintendo.

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The final feature of the guide is a page with information on the secrets ingame, complete with a small, text walkthrough of Metroid , included as a bonus in the game. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save. Main Series. Metroid Prime Series. Federation Force. Metroid Prime Hunters: Blast Ball.

Re-releases and Compilations. New Play Control!

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Metroid Prime 2: Rumored and Cancelled Games. Super Smash Bros. Comics and Manga.

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