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64 Microwave cooking - The healthy option. 65 Microwave cooking - The economical option. 66 Your Store Cupboard. Vegetarian. Remember – just for treats!. Microwave Mug Dhokla Recipe, Khaman Dhokla by Tarla Dalal You can also make baked veggie wafers using beetroots, carrots, sweet potatoes etc. Microwave Recipes. 2. About the Author. I am Vaishali Parekh, a resident of Kolkata, India and a Graduate. Nutritionist. My passion for health and nutrition and a.

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Microwave Chef. Quick, easy, and healthy meals you never thought you could make in the microwave. This cookbook was made possible by a generous grant. If a recipe requires several minutes of cooking, the food can get very hot, which does make the container hot enough to Different kinds of coverings may be used when cooking in a microwave. Waxed paper allows .. Vegetarian Enchiladas. You can prepare many healthy, no-cook, or microwave recipes with only a few simple .. ets; Stoplight Salad; Vegetable and Bean Fajita; Veggie Quesadilla.

We recommend that you read this section before - I.. Cooking T i The cooking time indicated you start using your Kenstar microwave oven. Cook for 4 min. Checkfor doneness, then bring out the taste, appearanceand texture. They use same steps for given after each microwaving. For better understanding of this book 9.

There is decreased to a lower level depending upon the Microwaves are. Indeed, we cooking has a health risk Indeed, your Kenstar , u n d e h , using the appropriate button. On being generated, the pefonned in your present Kenstar Microwave Organization. Your microwave oven will then penetrating through the container holding the food and getting absorbed, causing the water - Convwdence Set the time for cooking and watch I.

The cavity of your Kenstar microwave oven is automatically calculate the time, power your favourite TV serial, while Kenstar specially designed to reflect all micmaves settings etc. The specially designed oven door contains a programmed functions, to defrst uniformly, food is cooked evenly. Ym need to only feed in the up to 1. The oven door also has a specially designed automatically. Economical - Miirowave Vs oonventiond cooking 4. All these safety measures make the prevent it f r m overcooking.

To defrost The microwave cooking process is completely microwave an absolutely safe appliance. Special metal grill on the In gas cooking, the cooking utensil a conventional oven heats up the air inside the door frame protects you fiom the microwaves. Its 0 Child-safe lock - This feu- may be while allows you to see inside. Easy to use buttons activated to prwent the microwave ovenfiom oven, which in turn heats up the cooking utensil weight makes it heavy enough not to topple.

The heated step Kenstar Microwuve Cook Book will enuble 5. Running food fiom all directions. Heat fiom the surface like your Iruditionul cuisine. Microwave ovens are ensy to operate.

This px cc. PJ rhc, not require any pre heating. Furthermore, food does not retain any cooking needs of making "tadh-a",browning of systems. All microwaves are converted onions, etc. The ou t power may however be. Remember that browning is done to add Factors affecting Microwave Cooking cook fate,: Evenly distributed fat tenderises short re-heating.

Glass, china, pottery, ceramics, colour and crust to food a f i r it has been Food characteristics affect all forms of cooking, and helps cook food evenly. Foods with high etc. A cooked. However; plastic cookware cannot be used for grill or combination speed of microwave cooking with the colour the longer it will take to heat up or cook and cheese, eggs, cream, condensed milk etc.

You may use functions or for cooking foods with a high fat and vice-versa. Remember room temperature too which can overcook quickly and the dzrerent combination settings depending sugar content like halwa. Therefore,cooking times used unless otherwise stated in a particular Test For SuirPbiliry of A Microwave Cookware 'requiredin a recipe. Place the container next to a glass bowl filled 0 Your Kensfar Convection microwave when change in temperature. The r e c m in this 0 Stirring or repositioning or rearranging is with I cup of water.

Either use a lid or container is suitable for microwave cooking. It has a twin source of heating, vegetables take longer to cook than light one on fop and the other at the back of the cling film for covering, but always remember touch, while the water is still cold, it indicates porous foods like b r e d , cakes, etc. The stirrer fan located at the 0 QuMtily - Smaller amounts of food take cling film.

Round Most technques used in microwave ovens are cooking time will increase by about haK as flat dishes with straight edges are most similur fo those used in conventional cooking 0 Your Kenstar microwave oven is equipped much while if the quantities of main suifable, and produce best results.

However; their application may dzffer. Choosing Cookware - 0 Timing The timing is of prime importance when cooking in microwave ovens. It igh. Since microwaves can effectively Cookware must be chosen with care for cooking in microwave ovens. Shape and size 0 Always underestimate rlie cooking times cakes,fwh, chicken etc: Should your food be Medium-High 80?? Shallow dishes work better than deep ones. In sloping sided dishes, food in done to your satisfaction.

A loose cover will dishes since heat is transferred from the reheatingfwh, chicken also prevent splattering on oven walls etc. So the pieces of meat with bones cook Microwave oven is the one that allows - 0 C h s covers prove usem when food does ,Medium-M ;?

Remove these lids melting buaer: Boneless cuts cook ' less rapidly but more evenly. Choose your cookware carefully. In a microwave oven equalizing the temperature for sensitive important while cooking dishes. Do not 0 Separate pieces of food as they thnw. These short gentle warmed over. Standing time Plates can be covered with kitchen towels or 0 Shield thin edges. Stir foods from be covered in foil to keep them warm during this period.

Plastic wrap or cling which are tightly covered by a skin or Care must be taken to avoid additional cooking. Individual corner to allow trapped steam to escape. Use small pieces of speed. Whw cooking. As a broken. Food reheats without any loss of material and ensure that it is of a non. During the standing time. This distributes heat general rule. Cooking bags without metal tags in the oven may be warmer than others.

Remember to tie loosely with apiece of string or an elastic rubber band to - 0 Piercing Steam builds up pressure infoods.

Foods defrost 0 When reheating in a plate. Standing time is observed to allow the residual heat to conventional methods. Unlike in conventional cooking. So do not add T i s on Defrosting: Unlike Tis on reheating: Such foods are likely. ThiY agitation of molecules releases heat 0 Pour offliquids fromfonen foods in a plastic distribute heat.

Yepetables and foods that do not require like tomatoes. Check the Rearranging during cooking process helps to defrost function is used. This time is in nddition to the time for overcooking. It is especially get leaked away and food retains its natural plate will be just w a n However. Nutrients do not While reheating food.

Before uniform rate so that food thaws without getting placing in the microwave oven roll back one unless pierced before cooking. The way the world lives The way rzworld lives.

Be sure that the "afl'tation" of molecules will continue to releaye absorb moisture. This may cause the poultry and whole vegetables like potatoes. Always place a glass filled with water J Always stir liquids during and after reheating J When in doubt or while adapting a new inside the microwave oven when not in use.

O Wipe the door and windows on both sides as a precautionaty measure or else put the bubbling. For liquids. OO minutes. J Remember to utilize the child safety lock O The turntable. However use containers of at least double the position before operating the microwave U Allow the huntable to cool before washing metal cookware can be used in the capaicty than the volwne of liquid to avoid oven.

It may catchfire. Sufety Precautions J Always use oven mittens while removing a J Always underestimate the cooking time as wate. J Food particles stuck to the oven walls or after taking into account the standing time U Ensure that food never accumulates around I Do not block the vents or exhaust outlets. Be f Do not operate the microwave oven when hot dish from the oven. Rinse the cloth and wipe again. Allow it to cool of cooking while using your microwave oven. Microwave on I Do not anempt to deep fry in the microwave R Disconnect the oven from wall socket.

Remove J Cut the vegetables. Be careful not to unattended. R Microwave ovens are easy to clean and need behind the element thoroughly. J Always allow standing time to finish the J Always keep a watchful eye m i the progress R Clean the oven cavity with a mild detergent X Do not install your microwave oven next to a cooking process.

Allow to stand covered for 5 mins.. Add fhe mustard seeds..

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Mix in lightly beaten curd.. Place the mould in the plate. Keep aside for one hour: Add fhe soda bicarbonate and beat till light and jbthy Pow spoonfuk of the buffer into a lightly greased idli moulds.

Stir twice during cooking. Add the semolina. Allow to cool. Serve hot with sambhar and coconut ch-. Pour ml water in fhe plate of the mould.. Add the potatoes. Cut the boiled potatoes into large p a. I G""dthegingerandgreenchil1iestoapte garlic paste. Mix well the gram flow.

Mix well. Allow to stand covered for 5 mins. Ingredients Ingrew. Mix I. Add the mustard seeds and serve hot. Pour over the dhoklas and serve hot. Sprinkle with a little chat m a l a powder and 8. I Brush the cutlets with a little oil. Zngredicnts gms m h e d paneer 8 Bread slices 4 green chillies. Stuff the slices with 8.

Mix the potatoes. Place on a 3. Turn the bread rolls over times for even browning.

Soak the bread slices in water: Turn the the pornto mixhrre and shape into rolls..? Mix the paneer. Add the corn flour: Sprinkle with grated cheese.

Knead into a dough. Siew the flourand add to the mixture. Preq the pasty down again to bring it up fiom the sides. Top with the egg and cream mixhrre. Line a tart dbh with the parby. Add the eggs and beat well. Stir twice dwing cooking. Add the onions and gms salted butte6 sofrened microwave. Divide the dough into 2 portions and roll out I 5. I25 gms onwns Spread thefilling evenly over the pasby. Stir in the capsicum. Refrigerate for mins. Add the mushrooms. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour: Then kmad again.

Add salt and 2 eggs pepper to taste and beat again. Beat well the eggs and cream. E SOUP. Stir once during cooking.. Add tomatoes. Heat butter: I -. Heat oil in a 1. Stir well and serve hot. Mix and 3. Strain and fblB for 30 secondc. Stir in the boiled chickpeas. Jr4mft IKi? Finally add the spinch. Boil the famarind in ml water in a IL? Method 2. Add the mustard seeds.

Sprinkle chat naasala. Place the tomatoes.

Pour and Strain. Stir till golden brown on allsides. Mix the curd. Add the paneer cubes. Reposition the once during cooking. Dissolve the corn flow. Add ml water and brush with a little oil and grill for mins. Add the onions. Add lightly beaten c-. A h w to srand covered for 9 min. Stir times dwing mins. Mix in the potatoes. Mix ond microwave min. PO minr. Microwave on h power for 1: Microwave on 3. Melt butter in a 1.

Serve hot with naan r mti. Add green chillies corimder leaves and power for I. Stir 2 times dwing cooking. Add the cumin s 4. Now o d i the tomato puree. Serve hot. Garnbh withfinely c opped coriander 1eave. Add the whole spices ginge. Grind onion. Add the tomato puree.

Ada power for min. Add onion paste to oil and mix well. Heat oil in a Add salt. Ingredients Ingredients gms panee. Stir once during cooking. Mix and Microwave. Now add the tomatoes. Mix gently so that khoya should capscium. Mix and microwave on tomato puree. Mix well and serve hot. Stir hvice during cooking. Sprinkle 2 tbsp grated khoya and keep aside. Add the tamarind paste dksovled in a little water.. Stir twice min. Wmh chopped beans carrots. Allow to stand covered with a min.

Keep on dish. Add the brinjal. Heat oil in a 1 litre medium dkh on 10PA power for 30 secs. Add the 2: Mix tomatoes. Veget b? Mix well and add onions. Add turmeric powdec red chilli. Add cumin seeds and microwave on 10PA power for 25 seconds.

Stuf the prepared masala in the slit 4 ' s 2. Add the poratoes. Allow to stand covered for 5 minutes before Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot. Stir twice during power for 40 seconds. Add the cumin seeds and mango powder and aniseed powder.

Add the cumin seeds cooking.

I gms potatoes. Mix well the onions. Mix and allow to stand covered with an twice ckuing cooking. Heat oil.

Stir 4. Add the cumin seeds and 9: R salt and turmeric power for 1: RIh Serve hot with rice or roti.

Mix in the tomatoes and salt. Allow to stand for I0 min. Allow to cool for I0 mins. ID" p a gms potatoes. Coarsely mash the potatoes. Heat oil in a I litre medium dish on I s. Finally add the. Add the vegetables. Mix well 2. Stir once during with oil. Stir twice during mins. Allow to srand for 5 mins.

I" pc gingec finely chopped cut into small pcs I tsp red chilli powder 9" Wah and soak the dal in water for one how: Add the onion paste. Mix and microwave on 10PA power for min. Ingredients m gms onions? Add finely chopped onions. Serve hot with Roti. The way tz world lives The way the world lives D. OO min. Heat ghee in 1. Mix and 2. Sprinkle with a little lemon seconds Grind the onions. Finally add the paneer cube.. Mix in the peas. Allow to stand coverwl Jbr 5 min.: Microwave on 10PA I stick cinnamon power for 40 secs..

Add the asafoetida. Heat ghee. OO mins. Mix the dals. Add the red chilli powder. Garnish with coriander leaves and sprinkle with lemon juice. Boil the h k. Add the boiled pulses. Allow to sfand covered for I0 mins. Stir once or twice during cooking.

Serve hot with fix rice or chapatti. Wash and soak for one hou. Allow to stand. Now add the spring onions and microwave on power for 2: Add red chilli powder. Mix w d. Add the 4. Add the cribbage. Add the noodles. Serve hot with roti or paratha. Stir once during water Drain and keep aside. Add the remaining ingredients and boiled noodles. Add thz vegetables. Allow to stand covered for 10 min. Only then you can bake with it.

Microwave Cooking Book

About preheating, usually the oven gives a beep once it is preheated. If not, just preheat for about 10 minutes. I have a godrej convection microven. It should take about 20 minutes degrees F. However, the timing may be little more or less for each oven. So you need to experiment a couple of time to get the right timing. Which micro oven is good and simple hadel please tell me. Hi Sarika, I have the LG 3-in-1 oven which has microwave, convection and grill mode. I use it for microwave cooking, baking, toasting, etc.

I am not sure of the other brands. On what temperature I have to keep mug for making cake? Microwave full power But i am not aware how to use it and also it has autocook recepies how to use it.

I have recently taken samsung conventional oven. But I am not aware how to use it and also about the receipes , please guide me. First please get the company people to show a demo Learn to use the different modes Later you can try recipes using different modes one by one You will learn as and when you use it.

Can we use plastic cantener on convection mode. No you cannot. You have to use glass or ceramic or aluminium which is oven proof. Thank you. I have Electrolux microwave , and I want to bake a cake which mode I select for backing???? When making nankhatai in microwave wich mode either convection either microwave convection please help me and it's wonderfully recepies on your sides.

Hi Pinki. You have to make nankhatai in the convection mode.. Thanks enjoy!! Post Comment. Hi, I'm Dahlia, living in Chennai. Trying new recipes is my passion. Subscribe Email Newsletter Subscribe to our weekly newsletter Vegetarian Gravy Bottle Gourd Korma.

Special Features. Published by Dahlia Twinkle on and last updated on Search Recipes Carrot Halwa. Khaman Dhokla. Rava Kesari. Instant Low Fat Palkova. Instant Chocolate Cake.

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