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Napoleon's Book of - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. NAPOLEON'S ORACTJLUM; or, BOOK OF FATE THE ORACULUM IS GIFTED WITH EVERY REQUISITE VARIETY OF RESPONSE TO THE FOLLOWING. Napoleon's Book of Fate: In Napoleon was defeated at Leipzip. Originally this Oraculum had been discovered in one of the Royal tombs of Egypt during.

Napoleons Book Of Fate And Oraculum Pdf

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T. NAPOLEON'S ORACULUM. AND. DRE..A.l\LC BOOK:_?~APOLEON'S ORAOULUM; or, BOOK OF FATE. THE ORACULUlll IS GIFTED WITH EVERY. HOW TO WORK THE ORACULUM. Make marks in four linos, one under another, in the follow- ing' maimer, making more or less in each line, according to. Napaleon's Oraculum and Dreambook; ; S.N., New York. Download: PDF. There is also this more elaborate edition from , with the epic title The Book of Fate, formerly in the possession of and used by Napoleon rendered into the.

Select a question for the Oracle to answer: Remember this oracle is quite old, select a question that "best" fits your situation. For example, a question about someone who has a bad habit that person could be the "prisoner". I thought it important to keep the oracle with original translated text. Inform me of any or all particulars which relate to the woman I shall marry? Will the prisoner be released or continue captive? Shall I live to an old age?

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See Fire. To dream of bees is good and bad: To dream of seeing bees, indicates profit to country people, and trouble to the rich ; yet to dream that they make honey in any part of the house or tenement, is a sign of dignity, eloquence, and good success in business.

To take bees, shows profit and gain, by reason of their honey and wax. To dream you see a beggar, foretells you will be surrounded with lovers. See Alms. To dream that one is beheaded, and that the head is separated from the body, denotes liberty to prisoners, health to the sick, comfort to those in distress ; to creditors, payment of debts.

To parents, good fortune, and that their cares and fears will be turned into joy and confidence in their children. If one dreams that a person of his acquaintance beheads him, he will share with him in his pleasures and hon- ors.

See Head. To dream you see many birds, denotes assemblies and suits at law. To dream of catching birds with nests, shows the entrapping or ensnaring of enemies by deceitful means. To dream of great birds is better for the rich than the poor. To dream of little birds the contrary. To dream that you hear little birds chirp is a good sign. To see birds fighting betokens adversity.

To see black-birds, de- notes trouble, to hear birds sing, is joy and delight. To dream you find one is a good sign. To dream you find one without either eggs or birds, shows you will meet with a great disappointment. To dream you catch birds, is a sign of profit and pleasure. To dream you are bitten signifies you will suffer the pangs of jealous -.

To dream of being blind, shows a man shall be ad- monished to foresee his errors and avoid them, especially in love affairs. This dream also threatens the dreamer with 26 napoleon's oraculum. To dream you vomit much blood, and of a good color, is good for him that is poor, for he shall get store of money.

It is also very good for him who hath no children, and whose kindred are in a strange country: To dream of carrying blood, is not good for them that desire to be hidden, to dream you vomit corrupt blood, is sickness to all. To cast a little blood in spitting, foretells sedition, as some have known by experience. Blowing the Fire. To dream of blowing the fire, denotes, to the rich, servitude; to the poor, profit.

Napoleon's Oraculum and Dream Book

To dream of stirring up and blowing the fire, denotes also the stirring up of wrath, and that old quarrels, that have long lain dormant, shall be revived. To dream you give blows is a sign of a law-suit. To dream you receive them — reconciliation with enemies.

To dream you are in a boat upon a river, lake, or pond of clear water, is very good, and indicates joy, pros- perity, and good success in aflairs. If a man dream that he is walking in a boat, and recreating himself without fear, he will have'cotnfort and success in his affairs; but if the water be rough and tempestuous, it falleth out contrary.

See Reading. To carry one, marriage; to destroy one, separa- tion ; to throw one away, displeasure. See Flowers. See Metals. To dream of eating such bread as is usual, or as the person dreaming is accustomed to, is good ; buc to dream of eating unusual bread is bad, and therefore for the poor to dream they eat white bread, denotes sickness; and for the rich to dream they eat brown bread, shows they shall meet with some obstructions in their aflairs.

To dream of rye bread is good for all, for it signifies health and content. Brewing and Baking. To dream of brewing and baking, is a sigu of an ill housewife, who lies dreaming in bed when she should be at work and doing her business. For one to dream that he goes over a broken bridge, betokens fear; and to dream you fall upon a bridge, is a sign of obstruction in business.

To dream of eating broth, is a good sign, and in- dicates profit or gain. To dream that you discourse with your breth- ren, betokens vexations ; because our brethren bring us noth- ing when they are born, but diminish our inheritance and succession, and are the cause that those things which would napoleon's oraculum.

Tiraocrates dreamed that he buried, or caused to be in- terred, one of his brothers, departed, and a little while after, one of his chief adversaries died. To dream of the death of our brethren, signifietb, not only the loss of our enemies, but also deliverance or acquittance from some loss or hurt which attended us, and whereof we stood in fear; as it happened to Diodes, the grammarian, who sustained no loss of money, whereof he stood in doubt, and was afraid because he dreamed before that he saw his brother dead.

To dream you own a bull is a sign of gain. To dream you see a bull killed is a sign of affliction. To drive a bull signifies gayety. A black bull signifies deception and cheating; running, a secret divulged; at work, a fortune; drinking, a theft; without horns, peculation; fighting with another, fraternal affection.

See Cattle. Buried Alive. For a man to dream he is buried alive, shows he is in danger of being unhappy and unfortunate during his life. To dream you see a burial is a sign of long life. See Funeral and Grave. To dream you manage business of great con- cernment shows you will meet obstructions. To dream of a butterfly is a sign you have an inconstant lover, or sweetheart. To dream you see a calf is a sign of certain prosper- ity.

To dream of a camel is a sign of some great good fortune. A caravan of camels signifies a quickly dissipated fortune. To dream one sees a candle extinguished, denotes sadness, sickness, and poverty. When one dreams he sees a shining lighted candle, it is a good sign to the sick, denoting recovery and health; and if he that dreams be unmarried, it shows he will speedily marry, have success, and prosper in his undertakings.

To dream that you make candles, is a sign of rejoicing. To dream that you see candles not lighted, shows you shall have a reward for something you have done. To dream that a capon crows, indicates sadness and trouble. See Camel. Playing at cards, tables, or any other game in a dream, shows the party shall be very fortunate; and tables allude unto love, for love is the table, fancy the point that stands open ; and he that dreams much of table playing shall be a great gamester, as well with Joan as my lady.

To dream of being tied in a cart, to draw like a horse or an ex, denotes servitude and pain to everybody, how rich and mighty soever they be. To dream that you are carried in your cart or coach, to be drawn by men, signifies to have might and authority over many, and to have children of good behavior.

As for travelers, it is to go slowly, but surely, when they have such a dream. To dream of a cat signifies you will be robbed. To kill one, an averted danger; enraged, family quarrels. To dream of keeping cattle, portends disgrace and loss to the rich, nut profit to the poor. Also to dream of fat cattle shows a fruitful year; but lean cattle denotes scarcity. See Cow and Bull. To dream of guiding a chariot drawn by wolves, leopards, dogs, tigers, or such like beasts, is only good to those who have great enemies.

To dream of being drawn in a chariot by men, is only good to those that desire to com- mand and be obeyed; to others it denotes loss and discredit.

To dream you eat ripe cherries denotes good luck, but sour cherries, signifies a lawsuit. To dream you are playing chess is a sign of discord with friends.

To dream you eat cheese is a sign of profit and gain. To dream of chestnuts portends home troubles. To dream that a man sees two or three chil- dren, show3 he shall have cause of joy, and meet with good success in his business.

When one dreams that he hath many small children, and that they seem to him to run about the house, and yet notwithstanding he hath none, it signifies it will be very difficult for him ever to have any, besides which, he that so dreams will have many cares and obstruc- tions in his affairs.

And here note that, among little chil- dren, it is better to dream that you see boys than girls. To dream of anything to befall little children, which is not proper to their age, is not good; as to dream that boys have beards and gray hairs, and that little girls should be married and have children, which betokens to them death.

Napoleon’s Oraculum (1839)

To dream you are in church signifies prosperity in business. To see a church closed, great misfortune. Same as Oysters. To dream of a clock is a sure sign of happiness. To dream that one has lost his cloak, is good ifit be old, for thereby is signified that the party so dreaming napoleon's oraculum.

See Apparel. If a man dream he has a new suit of clothes, it is a sign of honor. To dream that you see your clothes burned, denotes loss and damage. To dream that you see yourself in black clothes signifies joy. To dream that you take your clothes to put them on, denotes loss. If a man or woman dream they are meanly clothed, it betokens trouble and sadness. If one dream his clothes are dirty, or i that he hath bad clothes tattered and much worn, it means i shame.

To dream your clothes are embroidered all over with gold, or any other kind of embroidery, signifies joy and honor. To dream of white clouds, is a sign of prosperity; clouds mounting high from the earth, denote voyages, and re- turn of the absent, and revealing of secrets.

Clouds red and inflamed, show an ill issue of sfffairs. To dream of smoky, dark, or obscure clouds, shows an ill time, or anger. See Air. To dream of riding in a coach, shows that the party so dreaming shall love idleness, is given to pride, and shall die a beggar. To dream of coming out of a coach, denotes being degraded from great honor, and coming into disgrace upon a criminal account.

To dream of being at the bottom of coal-pits, in- dicates matching with a widow, for he that marries her must be a continual drudge, and yet shall never sound the depth of her policies. To dream you are drinking coflee, is a sign that you have insincere friends who are plotting against you. To dream you see others drinking coffee signifies a domestic quarrel. To suffer from cold is a sign of a joyous life. To have a cold signifies you have secret enemies. To dream of a concert signifies a life of harmony with the one you love.

To dream you see a cook in the house, is good to those who would marry, for marriages are not good without a cook; it is also good for the poor, for they shall have goods, and ability to keep a good and long table ; to the sick it is inflammation, heat and tears.

See Metals and Money. To dream you see a comely countenance, unlike your own, betokens honor. To dream of a cow is a sign of prosperity and abun- dance.

Napoleon's Book of

To dream of eating cucumbers denotes sick- ness and vain hopes, but to the sick it is a prognostic of recovery. See Fingers. To dream of a dagger, foretells that your dearest hope will be fulfilled.

For a man to dream that he sees himself dance alone, or in the presence of his household, also to see his wife, children, or either of his parents dance, is good; for it shows abundance of mirth; but to him that is sick, or hath any disease about him, it is evil. See Ball. To dream of being in the dark, and that he cannot find his way out of the room, or so that he loses his way in riding, or in going up a high pair of stairs, denotes that the party so dreaming shall be blinded with some passion, and much troubled.

Dead Man. To dream that you see a dead man, signifieth that he that dreams will be subject to the same passions and fortune as the party deceased had when alive, if he knew him.

To dream of talking with dead folks, is a good auspicious dream ; it shows great courage, and a very clear conscience. To dream a man i3 dead, who is alive and in health, denotes great trouble and being overthrown at law. To dream of death, signifies a wedding; for death and marriage represent one another. For the sick to dream they are married, or that they celebrate their weddings, is a sign of death, and signifies separation from her or his com- panions, friends, or parents ; for the dead keep not company with the living.

See Marriage. To dream of debt, we are to take notice, that the debtor and creditor represent life; wherefore, to the sick, the creditor urging and constraining is great danger, and receiv- ing is death; for we owe a life to nature, our universal mother, which she makes us restore and pay.

To dream that one has seen the devil, and that he is tormented, or otherwise much terrified, is a sign the dreamer is in danger of being checked and punished by the law. To dream of dice, is a sign of poverty and sickness. To dream you are digging, is very good ; but if you dream that your spades, or digging tools, seem to be lost, it portends loss of labor, dearth of corn, and ill-harvest weather.

To dream you see great ditches or precipices, and that you fall into them, is a sign that he who dreams will suf- fer much injury and hazard by his person, and his goods be in napoleon's oraculum. To dream you go over a ditch by a small plank, means much deceit by lawyers. When we dream of such dogs as belong to us, it sig- nifies fidelity, courage and affection; but if we dream of those which belong to strangers, it means infamous enemies.

To dream that a dog barks and tears our garments, betokens some enemy of mean condition slanders us, or endeavors to de- prive us of our livelihood. To play with a dog, denotes you will suffer for former extravagance; to hunt with one, hope; one running, loss of a law-suit; to hear one howling, great danger; to lose one, want of success; one frisking about, loss of a friend ; two fighting, a warning to beware of false friends.

To dream you see a dragon, is a sign you shall see some great magistrate; it implies also riches and treas- ure. See Pictures. To dream you are drowning, is a sign you will make your fortune. To see another drowning, tells that your sorrow will have an end. Duck or Goose. Profit and pleasure. To kill one, mis- fortune; to catch one, snare laid for the dreamer. See Geese. If a man dreams that he hath good lands, or earth well inclosed, bestowed upon him, with pleasant pastures, he will have a handsome wife.

If you dream you see the earth black, that implies sorrow, melancholy, and the weak- ness of the brain. For one to dream that he sees the sun in eclipse, means the losa of his father ; but if he sees the moon eclipsed in his dream, it betokens the death of his mother; but if the party dreaming have neither father nor mother, then the death of the next nearest relation See Sun and Moon. To dream of eggs signifies that you will have suc- cess with all your undertakings.

See Hens.

To dream that one sees an elephant, signifies the party shall be rich; for if one dreams he is carried on an elephant, he shall enjoy the estate of some great prince or lord ; and if one dreams that he gives an elephant anything to eat or drink, it is a sign he shall wait upon some great lord to his advantage. Evil Spirits. Dreaming that evil spirits shall obstruct 32 napoleon's oraculum.

And if thou dreamest that thou seest hideous physiognomies, things more than common shall be revealed to thee. If any one dream he hath lost his eyes, it shows he will violate his word, or else that he or some of his children are in danger of death, or that he will never more see his friends again. Dreaming the eyebrows are hairy, and of a good grace, is good, especially to women. But the eyebrows naked and without hair implies she will be afraid to marry.

But if either man or woman dream their eyebrows are more comely and large than they used to be, it is a sign they will do feats in the matrimonial way. Dreaming of earth-worms betokens secret enemies, that endeavor to ruin and destroy us. To dream you see a fresh, taking, smiling face and countenance, is a sign of friendship and joy. Dreaming you see a meager, pale face, is a sign of trouble, poverty, and death.

Dreaming you had a fall from a tree, been scratched by thorns, or otherwise prejudiced, signifies you shall lose your office, and be out of favor with grandees. To dream of a farm signifies you will soon have anxious cares. See Plowing. See Husbandry. To dream one sees his father-in-law, either dead or alive, is ill ; especially if he dreams that he uses violence or threatening. And to dream that he U3es gentle speech and good entertainment, implies vain hopes and deceit. To dream of going to fairs, threatens the person so dreaming with having his pockets picked, which is usually done in those places.

See Banquet. To dream that a man's feet are cut off, betokens damage. Dreaming one hath a wooden leg, implies the alteration of your condition from good to bad, and from bad to worse. Dreaming of fields and pleasant places shows a man that he will marry a discreet, chaste, and beautiful wife, and have handsome children. And to women it betokens a loving and prudent husband. Momentary pleasure.

Dried, festivity ; green, hope ; to eat them, reverses. To dream of lighting, signifies opposition and napoleon's oraculum. Dreaming you cut your fingers, or see them cut by another, betokens damage.

To dream you lose some or all of your fingers, implies either the hurt or loss of servants. To scriveners, orators, and attorneys, it is a sign they shall want employment; to debtors, that they shall pay more than they owe; to usurers, loss by interest. When a man dreams of fire, or that he sees fire, it means the issue of his choler ; and commonly they that dream of fire are active and furious ; if a man dreams he is burnt by fire, a violent fever is prognosticated thereby.

When a man dreams that his bed is on fire, and that he perished, it be- tokens damage, sickness, or death to his wife; and if the wife dream it, the same will happen to her husband. If one dream that the kitchen is on fire, that denotes death to his cook. If any one dreams he sees or catches large fish, it is a sign of profit. Dreaming you see fish of divers colors, means to the sick, poison ; and to those in health, injuries, contention and grief.

To dream, el a flag signifies loss by fire. To dream one is pleasant and easily endures flattery, is not good ; especially if one of our familiars, for it signifies to be betrayed by him. To dream yon see a flea, portends disappointment in some cherished design.

To kill one, triumph over your enemies. If any one dreams he has increased in flesh, he will gain wealth. On the contrary, if you dream you have got thin, you will grow poor. If you dream your flesh is spotted or black, you will prove deceitful. Jealousy excited by the dreamer's success. If you dream of holding or smelling odoriferous flowers in their season, it means joy. On the contrary, to dream that you see or smell flowers out of season, if they be white, it denotes obstruction in business, and bad success ; all other colors denote sickness.

To gather flowers, lasting friendship; to cast away, despair, quarrels. See Garden and Bouquet. To dream you hear a flute signifies your fondest hopes will be blighted. To dream you are playing the flute is a sign you will have a pleasant, prosperous life.

To dream you are eating good, sweet ripe fruit, denotes joy and happiness, but to dream you are eating sour and unripe fruit, signifies cares and contention. A ruse to which the dreamer will fall victim.

Killed, 34 napoleon's oraculum. To dream one goes to the funeral of a friend, is a good sign the dreamer shall have money, or marry a fortune. See Buried Alive. To dream of walking in a garden, and gathering flowers, shows the person is given to pride and to have high thoughts of herself, but it also denotes a lasting friendship.

If a man dream of seeing fair gardens, he will marry a chaste and beautiful wife. See Flowers and Land. If you dream of the cackling of geese, you will have an increase of business, and much profit. See Duck. If you dream of seeing a giant, or a large-sized man, it is a good sign. To dream you see a person hanging on a gibbet, is a sign of damage and great affliction. Dreaming you are girt with a girdle, means labor and pains. If you dream you have a new girdle, it meaus honor.

If one dreams that he hath had a glass given him full of water, he shall be married speedily, and his wife shall have children. To dream of white goats is a sign of wealth and plenty, but black signify sickness and uncertain lawsuits. If you dream of seeing and gathering grain, it de- notes prosperity. If you dream of eating it in soup, it is bad. Rejoicings, enjoyment. To eat them, joy, gain ; to gather them, considerable increase of fortune; to throw them away, loss, care, and bitterness; to trample them under foot, abundance.

To dream of grasshoppers, portends a poor harvest. If you dream of being put into a grave and buried, it presageth you shall die in a mean condition. Dreaming you have land and groves adjoining, de- notes you will be married well, and be blessed with children. Dreaming you fall upon the grouud, denotes dis- honor, shame, and scandal.

See Predecessors. For a man to dream his hair is long, like a woman's, denotes cowardice and effeminacy, and that the person dreaming will be deceived by a woman. If you dream you see a woman without hair, famine and sickness will ensue. If you dream you cannot pass the comb through your hair, and cannot disentangle it, it portends great trouble and lawsuits.

Dreaming of hatred, or being hated, whether of friends or enemies, is an ill omen. To dream you have a great head, or a head bigger than ordinary, and very highly raised, denotes dignity. If you dream of your head being cut off by robbers and murder- ers, that indicates loss of children, relations, estate, or wife; and to a wife so dreaming, the loss of her husband. See be- heading. Dreaming of heaven, and that you ascend up thither, is an indication of grandeur and glory.

If you dream you hear hens cackle, or that you catch them, it denotes joy, and an increase of property, and success in business. Dreaming you see a hen with her chickens, means loss and damage.

If you see a hen lay eggs, it denotes gain. See Chicken. To dream you are traveling over hills and wading through great difficulties, and meet with assistance in the way, shows that you shall have good counsel, and overcome all your troubles.

If you dream of having horns on your head, it de- notes grandeur. If you see a man with horns on his head, he is in danger of loss of his person and estate. If you dream of a horse, it is good sign ; or if one dreams he mounts a horse, it is a happy omen. To dream you are riding on a tired horse, shows one shall be desperately in love; to kill one, disunion, grief; to dream of a black horse, denotes partial success; a white one, unexpected good fortune; to see one wounded, failure in undertakings; to shoe one, good luck ; to dream you see a dead horse tells of mis- fortune.

See Plowing and Saddle. To dream one builds a house, denotes comfort. Dreaming of building houses, wearing fine clothes, and talk- ing with ladies, is a sign that the parties will suddenly marry.

If you dream of a plow, it is good for mar- riages. Te dream of the yoke, is good, but not for servants. See Plowing and Manure. Denotes a good harvest to husbandmen; and to merchants, and to other men of employment, it betokens hindrance in their negotiations and voyages. Dreaming you make images of men, denotes you will shortly be married and have many children, and very like yourselves.

Dreaming of jollity, feasts, and merry-makings, is a good and prosperous dream, and promiseth great prefer- ment. To dream you lose your keys, denotes anger. But to dream you have a bunch of keys, and that you give them to those that desire them of you, shows goodness to the poor. A key seen in a dream, to him that would marry, denotes he shall have a handsome wife and a maid. Dreaming you discourse with a king, implies honor.

Dreaming your knees are strong and sturdy, shows health and strength to go through your various avocations ; but to dream they are weak, the contrary. If a man dreams that by the strength of his knees he can run swiftly, he shall be happy in all his undertakings. If it be a woman, she will be ready and willing to obey her husband, and be careful to govern her family. To dream you bestow a knife upon any one denotes injustice and contention. If a man dreams he has good lands, well incjosed, he shall have a handsome wife.

If he dreams that the 'lands have gardens, fountains, pleasant groves, and orchards, he will marry a discreet, chaste, and beautiful wife, and have children. A selection of illustrations from Variae Architecturae Formae, a series of architectural studies after the works of Joanne Vredemanni Vriesio, also known in Dutch a… more. The majority of the digital copies featured are in the public domain or under an open license all over the world, however, some works may not be so in all jurisdictions.

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