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Night Whispers Judith McNaught Judith McNaught La coupable idéale This Digital Download PDF eBook edition and related web site are NOT. Night Whispers by Judith McNaught. After 30 years, Sloan Reynolds is about to meet the father she never knew. Claiming that his ill health has. Discover the sensual and sweeping power of love in New York Times bestselling author Judith McNaught's contemporary romances that will.

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Read "Night Whispers" by Judith McNaught available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Discover the sensual and sweeping. Editorial Reviews. Review. After 30 years, Sloan Reynolds is about to meet the McNaught. Romance Kindle eBooks @ inside this book. Night Whispers (The Paradise series Book 3) by [McNaught, Judith]. Night Whispers by Judith McNaught - Nine New York Times bestsellers and more than twenty million books in print have affirmed Judith McNaught's stature as the.. . eBook. LIST PRICE $ Price may vary by retailer. BUY FROM.

Judith McNaught is a talented writer, but this is not one of her better works. In general, I think her writing is better suited towards historical romances rather than contemporaries, and 'Night There are more than thirty million copies of her books in print. She lives in Texas. Night Whispers.

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Marrying Winterborne. Diamond Bay. A Willing Murder. Devil in Spring. Duke of Secrets. Gaelen Foley. Unfortunately, she is also exploited by the author's need to prove Sloan irresistable.

Night Whispers | Book by Judith McNaught | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

She is made to approve of everything she does and says, even when it makes no sense, and is then view spoiler [ murdered. I think we're supposed to dislike him straight off the bat, but he is set up to be clever and dedicated.

Of course, Heaven forbid anyone but Sloan should be good at her job! He's forced to fail, take actions that have no explanation, and generally just provide brainless conflict. That glimpse of complexity still screams at me, but it's never seen again. He is then forgotten all about. Personally, I'd prefer to read a book about either of these two. Edith, dealing with her family drama in the past and watching them ruin their lives, all the while disapproving Or Cagle, fresh on the force but terribly needed, who makes a few mistakes at first and has to live with him while he pursues better things.

It would be so much more interesting than Sloan the Sloth. For the first half of this book, there is no direction. Sloan attracts men, saves children, makes friends with everyone, and occasionally tells Paul the FBI agent what has happened. Getting through this requires patience and kills a lot of brain cells. Then, somewhere in the second half, it remembers it's a mystery and makes stuff happen.

Cue the murder! Do Paul and Sloan investigate? There are no sly clues, no foreshadowing, and there is no chase. We are told everyone who is suspected, and for what reasons.

Then we're led to believe that one of those goodie-goodie characters that Sloan converted was actually acting and thus worthy of incredible praise in my eyes, as it'd make them the smartest person in the book. But, in a few pages, we're corrected, because Sloan is good and only likes good people, and nobody dislikes Sloan. We are informed about the events of it later. And everyone gets married because, hey, what is a woman without a man? If you're in this for the romance, forget it.

There is one "love making" scene, and it's awful. Noah's description makes him sound like a high-rise building, Sloan's description makes it all sound like a doctor's health check, and it's as sexy as a fallen branch.

Also, they need to stop talking about kids. The writing itself is too keen to ramble on about Sloan's looks and talents even if it means breaking the flow , adds in long descriptions about things that aren't relevant or interesting, and actually gets people's names wrong at times.

For one sentence, Noah is Paul and Paris is Sloan. It's hilarious, but inappropriate. View 1 comment. Jun 30, Aisyah rated it it was amazing. Oct 24, Bedoor Khalaf rated it really liked it. Very enjoyable. I love the way Mcnaught describes the characters in details. The plot is very interesting. Jun 16, Elvie Doll rated it it was ok Shelves: This book felt formulaic and tired.

Also, the first quarter of the book is filled with people and situations that I would avoid to my utmost in reality, which made that part of the story trying. The heroine's biological clock is practically deafening her, her mother comes across as a brainless twit, her best friend is portrayed to be shallow and mercenary, and her boss is such a blatant chauvinist that he ought to be up to his neck in lawsuits.

Is it any wonder that I was questioning whether I w This book felt formulaic and tired. Is it any wonder that I was questioning whether I would even finish this book?

Night Whispers Judith McNaught

Things improve with a change of venue, which completely changes out that cast of characters, with the exception of the heroine. She, predictably, gets immediately swept into a sizzling romance with the brilliant, sexy, single billionaire next door. Because, they're just lying around for the taking all over the place.

He is the requisite jaded womanizer, soured on women and relationships, who nevertheless is instantly entranced and sexually captivated by our naive, near-virginal sweetheart heroine, someone so flawless you need shades so as not to be blinded by her halo.

Anyone who tries to bill this book as a suspense story is yanking your chain. The murder mystery is simplistic and easily solved, and the story revolves entirely around the relationships the heroine develops with her billionaire and some long-lost family members. Even the McNaughtian Great Misunderstanding which temporarily separates the two lovers seems limp and easily conquered compared to previous offerings, although, since the Great Misunderstanding is probably my least favorite McNaught trope, this was not really a negative for me.

This one was easily solved because the characters got around to unstopping their ears and behaving like rational people much more quickly than usual. Despite these flaws, fans of McNaught's modern romances will probably find things to enjoy about this book.

It benefits from her fluid prose, the pert, witty banter in which her characters engage, the lush, sweet sensuality of the physical romance, and the pleasure of having nearly every character's problems tied up in neat bows by the end of the story even if some of the HEAs seem pat to the point of absurdity.

All in all, this is the stalest of McNaught's books that I've read so far. McNaught is a talented writer. She just needs to get a new playbook. Sep 22, Ash rated it really liked it. Apr 22, Susan rated it did not like it.

Judith McNaught is well-known for her very thick scenes--"thick" meaning lots of description, good backstory, maybe a tad too much internal dialogue. But her characterizations and storytelling are what make her stories great reads. Not so this book. Night Whispers reads like a ghostwriter wrote it. It was filled with very thin scenes, and barely any romance which, for a romantic suspense, is a touch odd , and a way-too-transparent suspense that wasn't suspenseful.

I gave it Yuck. I gave it pages, which is when the heroine met the romantic interest, and it still didn't pick up speed. I skimmed and scanned to the end and realized I missed absolutely nothing.

Sniff sniff. I hate wasting my time with a bad book. And as an author myself, I hate giving bad reviews. But I'm not on Goodreads to lie, either.

Evet, bu kitapta olan bir serinin 3. Ve ben seriye 3. Bunu neden diyorum.. Yine de yola gelmesine sevindim: May 11, Dina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I complained about why Ms. McNaught's books in this series is so long.. I want more!! A beautiful, marvelous tale! And a lovely way to tell it! You never get disappointed with Ms. McNaught's books and you'll always hunger for more..

Night Whispers

On for the next one ;. This is a romantic mystery that was fast-paced and for the most part a good read. I could have done without some of the romance, which I thought was a little far-fetched, but I am not a big romance fan. Sloan Reynolds, a small city police officer, is estranged from her father and sister, whom she never talks about or to, although she reads about them in the society pages of the newspaper.

Her life is far from the Palm Beach life they inhabit. She secretly wishes she could at least get to know her This is a romantic mystery that was fast-paced and for the most part a good read. She secretly wishes she could at least get to know her sister, and in an unlikely event, she gets that opportunity. Unfortunately this chance comes with strings attached, especially shielding her job and pretending she is a helpless female to spy on her father and his business associates.

As the lies become more entangled, she longs to tell her sister and others the truth, but is helpless to reveal her true identity. The romance is hot and steamy, and leads to the inevitable breakup and broken hearts.

What makes up for this predictable romantic plot is the mystery behind her father's business tactics and just who is really responsible for an unpredictable death that occurs late in the book. Oh, thank the Book Gods. I was so scared I was going to hate this. I loved Perfect but then I hated Every Breath You Take with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, so it was a real toss up as to whether or not I'd enjoy this.

There was a lot in the blurb that said to me I might hate this book too, but it worked out in such a way that I did like it. While the pacing of the book was pretty weird, I liked the progression of the story and couldn't immediately guess who was guilty of what. I pretty mu Oh, thank the Book Gods. I pretty much liked all of the characters except, of course, Carter and cared about them. I felt a lot of apprehension throughout at how hurt certain characters were going to be when the truth unraveled.

It turns out one of the characters was actually in Perfect and I didn't realize until it was explained at the end of the book I read Perfect two years ago but I definitely remember them from that book. I'm not sure why, but it excited me to no end to find that out.

I actually want to read that book again now. The only things I didn't like were that Sloan continually felt the need to make people feel better about Carter. Screw that asshole! He should have everyone hate him. There's no excuse for what he did. Especially blaming it on his mommy. He was a grown ass man. And the ending dropped the ball. I wanted, no I think we needed, more of that final scene. There needed to be more words between them.

That epilogue was utterly useless.

The first part was a total waste of irrelevant words and there were just a lot of things that were left unmentioned and questions unanswered. I might have been able to deal with that if it just ended with the last chapter, but with that epilogue I would expect to know much more than we were given.

It felt really rushed, like she had to turn it in in a half hour and just typed up something really quickly. Down from four for the pacing and that ending. Mar 06, Jenny rated it liked it Shelves: Sloan is one of those heroines that, based on the blurb on back of the book, you're pretty sure you're going to hate. She's blonde, gorgeous, has no idea she's gorgeous, rescues children, kites, puppies, and old ladies, and can kick your butt if she feels the need.

Sloan is very happy being a policewoman a very beloved policewoman - see aforementioned children, kites, puppies, and old ladies in her small town whe her Sloan is one of those heroines that, based on the blurb on back of the book, you're pretty sure you're going to hate. Sloan is very happy being a policewoman a very beloved policewoman - see aforementioned children, kites, puppies, and old ladies in her small town whe her father calls her out of the blue.

As it happens, Sloan has never met her uber-wealthy father - he abandoned her mother while she was pregnant with our heroine and tricked her into signing away all rights to their older daughter, Paris.

So Sloan has no desire nor intention of reconciling with the man You see, her father is under suspician of What is our poor heroine to do but pretend to be an airheaded interior designer and try to make nice with her coldly perfect society sister and possibly criminal and nonetheless still despised father. And the ridiculously handsome and even-more-ridiculously wealthy neighbor makes things even more interesting Must redeem within 90 days.

See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. Sign up and get a free eBook! Book 3 of The Paradise series. Mass Market Paperback. Price may vary by retailer. Add to Cart Add to Cart. About The Book. By now, he knew her habits and her schedule. He knew what time she got up in the morning, whom she saw during the day, and what time she went to sleep. He knew she read in bed at night, propped up on pillows.

He knew the title of the book she was reading, and that she laid it facedown on the nightstand to keep her place before she finally turned off the lamp. He knew her thick blond hair was natural and that the startling blue-violet color of her eyes was not the result of the contact lenses she wore.

He knew she bought her makeup at the drugstore and that she spent exactly twenty-five minutes getting ready to go to work in the morning.

Obviously, she was more interested in being clean and neat than in enhancing her physical assets. He, however, was very interested in her considerable physical assets.

Everything was beginning to annoy him, and he realized his patience was coming to an end. So was the watching and waiting. To curb his temper, he went over his plans for her while he turned his full attention on his prey. At the moment, Sloan was descending from the branches of a big tree from which she was attempting to retrieve a kite that looked like a black falcon with outstretched wings tipped in bright yellow. At the base of the tree, a group of five- and six-year-olds cheered her on.

Behind them stood a group of older adolescents, all of them boys. The boys elbowed each other and ogled her, and he understood the cause of the minor male commotion: Normally, he was attracted to tall, voluptuous women, but this one was only five feet four with compact breasts and a slender body that was appealingly graceful and trim although far from voluptuous.

She was no centerfold candidate, but in her crisp khaki shorts and pristine white knit shirt, with her blond hair pulled up in a ponytail, she had a fresh wholesomeness and prim neatness that appealed to him—for the time being.

A shout from the baseball diamond made two of the older boys turn and look his way, and he lifted the paper cup of orange soda toward his mouth to hide his face, but the gesture was more automatic than necessary. In fact, he thought with an inner smirk, she was incredibly and stupidly heedless whenever she was off duty. She had no secrets from him, however.

In his pocket was a photograph of her, but all of that combined information was minuscule in comparison to what he now knew.

He took another swallow of lukewarm orange soda, fighting down another surge of impatience. At times, she was so straight, so prim and predictable, that it amused him; at other times, she was unexpectedly impulsive, which made her unpredictable, and unpredictable made things risky, dangerous, for him.

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