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Under the Dome: A Novel [Stephen King] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Don't miss the “harrowing” (The Washington Post) #1 New York . Under The Dome [Stephen King] on *FREE* Book 1 of 2 in the Under the Dome Series . 11/22/ A Novel by Stephen King Paperback $ . The page for the Novel Under the Dome. Under the Dome is now available in paperback as two volumes,Under The Dome Part I and Under The Dome Part II.

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Under the Dome is a science fiction novel by American writer Stephen King, published in November It is the 58th book published by Stephen King and it. Under the Dome book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. On an entirely normal, beautiful fall day in Chester's Mill, Mai. Under the Dome is the 58th book published by Stephen King; it was his 48th novel, and the 41st under his own name. The book was released by Scribner on .

S tephen King's new novel is predicated on, and takes its epigram from, the song "Small Town", one of country-singer James McMurtry's savagely compressed and contemptuous indictments of American life. Not content with this quiet pressure cooker, and determined to write what he describes as "a book that would keep the pedal consistently to the metal", King drops a dome over his small town — Chester's Mill, not far from the infamous Castle Rock — and clamps it there so we can watch what happens. The dome is invisible: Its appearance, as witnessed by drifter and frycook Dale Barbara, is sudden and unforgiving. Barbara, recently beaten up in the car park of the diner where he worked, and anxious as a result to leave town, is forced to change his plans.

When the dome descends, Barbie is promoted to colonel and given command of the town by a concerned President Obama, but Big Jim a Palin supporter frames him and throws him in jail, where he is threatened with waterboarding: The sci-fi aspect of the story — the origin and purpose of the mysterious dome — is kept for the most part on the back burner, which was a relief to me, as I find it difficult to suspend my disbelief in such stuff, but when it does emerge it has an ingeniously metaphysical plausibility.

This strikes me as unfair.

Under the Dome by Stephen King: review

He is certainly no Proust, but nor is he a Dan Brown. And he can write consistently good sentences, such as these, which sum up the spirit of his work: In the middle of night thoughts became zombies.

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A complete edition of John James Audubon's world famous The Birds of America, bound in linen and beautifully presented in a special slipcase. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. So just keep in mind this is not a new addition to a series, it's simply the original story split into 2 paperback books.

On to the story, it was a classic Steven King thriller.

Fast paced, highly detailed, horrifying in it's own way and mind blowing in it's own way. I felt like I was in a car going mph and my drinks were all laced with cocaine.

What This is part two of Under the Dome, not a sequel of the original book.

Under the Dome by Stephen King

What a ride. I loved the story and found it terrifying for the very idea of what can happen to people when their lives are at stake. And how quickly calm and rational people can become predators trying to survive. I also found bits of it weird, but really it wouldn't be a King book without some weird thrown in. I can say that this has made me want to go to my library and pick out some other Steven King books because I now remember what an amazing storyteller he is.

View 1 comment. Dec 30, Troy rated it liked it. This is a typical Stephen King book. I was glad that it wasn't quite as deranged as some of his works, but it was dark.

I liked it ok. I was a little put out by his use of a sudden appearance of a first person narrative description in the last third of the book for a few pages. It seems like something that an editor would have caught and said, "this style doesn't fit. This literary device might have worked if it was used t This is a typical Stephen King book.

This literary device might have worked if it was used throughout the book, but not as a one time shot near the end of the story. I though the ending was a little weak.

Les menaces ne suffisent plus? Cela semble un peu facile de la part de Stephen King, un peu comme un "faute de mieux", et je sais qu'il est capable de beaucoup mieux que cela. Jan 02, Jennifer rated it really liked it. Mais j'en relirai c'est certain. View all 4 comments.

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Apr 09, Danna rated it did not like it. In a word: No spoilers here, simply a warning to save your money and check this out from a library if you want closure. There is not enough substance to warrant two books, grindhouse is not horror, and what a disappointing deus ex machina excuse for the dome. I was really hoping for better. Also, I'm not going to bother watching the TV series.

All I really want to do now is re-watch Jericho ; now there's a show that gets it right! A little too much relationship drama for my taste, In a word: A little too much relationship drama for my taste, but otherwise much more compelling than this. Sorry, Mr. King, this Constant Reader was not impressed. View 2 comments. Jul 25, Renea rated it it was amazing Shelves: A stark look at the sheep following a leader and burned in the end for not thinking for themselves. Jun 12, HornFan2 Mike rated it it was amazing Shelves: Guess I've gone full circle in my reading, grew up in NH, my favorite bookstore was the now defunct Paperback Booksmith store were I discovered Stephen King in a local author display.

At the time, I just read Westerns, King was the first fiction author I tried. Really like his writing a lot, arguably along with J.

Rowling the Guess I've gone full circle in my reading, grew up in NH, my favorite bookstore was the now defunct Paperback Booksmith store were I discovered Stephen King in a local author display. Rowling they are two of the best wordsmith's out their, they just pull you into their pages, your so engrossed in reading that nothing distracts you and they leave you eagerly waiting for their next offering. Glad that this was broken into two parts, made it easier to read and even though it took me 3 years to finish with the 2nd part, from when I read part 1.

One of the cool things with King, you don't forget the story, he's a master with these good verse evil reads and his characters are unforgettable, good or bad.

He puts you in the bomb shelter as Big Jim dying from a fatal heart attack being haunted by those he killed, gasping his last breaths, thinking he'll be sitting at the head table eating with Roast Beef and Mashed Potato with Jesus.

Glad my reading found it's way back to King, definitely won't stop reading his books again and have some pretty scary creepy reading to catch up on. Apr 04, Cristiana Silva rated it it was amazing.

May 21, Victoria Hawco rated it really liked it. Stephen how could you do me like this. Pour les lecteur. Je l'ai dit: Ils puent, ils sont racistes, ils sont misogynes. Ai-je besoin d'en citer plus? Ca marche avec le racisme, l'homophobie, l'islamophobie, etc. En revanche, il l'a fait dans son traitement de la chute, un peu rapide sur la fin c'est un comble pour pages d'intrigues. Better than the first in that many things happen there.

But the pace is still devilishly slow and he goes back every minute to tell the story of another character. It is easy to read but it feels like he's wasting time and chapters on trivial things instead of telling us more about the important stuff.

Never got into it at the end even though the idea was cool. Two huge books to tell that story, that was a bit too much! Mar 25, Nikki rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was action-packed with loads of thrilling scenes, gruesome deaths and awesomeness.

And really: This book is so, so, SO much better than the television series. I would not even bother with watching it if you haven't done so yet. It's much better to stick to this book only! May 27, Nancy rated it it was ok. It's still the same Stephen King writing but I am very disappointed to find out this isn't a continuation of the first Under the Dome, but rather the second half of the original book.

At least the publishers could mark that on the cover of the book. I loved the book the first time I read it, and it took me a while to realize that everything sounded familiar as I was reading this version.

Ansiedad, incertidumbre, temor, bronca, tristeza y rabia son alguna de los sensaciones que te hace sentir la historia a medida que vas avanzando. En pocas palabras, el libro es un viaje emocionante!. Gracias Stephen King por otra apasionante obra. Jul 10, Cory rated it it was ok. I was hoping the dome was going to be a supernatural punishment for Big Jim's actions, and the town a sacrificial example May 13, Paul Sposite rated it it was amazing.

I am pissed, I thought this was a new book, but it's nothing but the hard cover book split into 2 parts My bad Mar 24, Somago rated it it was amazing. Aug 21, Ipeh Alena rated it really liked it Shelves: Di buku ini, kasus menjadi semakin bertambah. Karena Barbie aka Barbara, mendapat tuduhan bahwa dia membunuh beberapa orang.

Tidak ada yang bisa membuktikan bahwa dialah pembunuhnya. Namun, tentu saja si pembunuh asli tengah melimpahkan kesalahannya pada Barbie karena banyak penduduk yang tidak percaya pada Barbie. Meski sekali lagi, mereka tidak dapat membuktikannya. Bahkan Rose, seorang wanita yang menjadi bos Barbie selama bertahun-tahun, dia tahu bahwa Barbie tidak mungkin melakukan hal itu. Belum lagi Big Jim yang memiliki kuasa pada wilayah Chester's Mill ini yang sungguh memuakkan, dia melakukan beberapa pencurian propane demi menghidupkan generator kantor walikota.

Under the Dome: Part Two

Tidak mau memedulikan warganya, seperti biasa, dia memang pejabat korup. Namun, dalam buku ini, kita sebagai pembaca tidak memiliki kuasa apapun untuk menghakimi apalagi menghukumnya. Kita hanya dibiarkan pasrah, bagaimana tokoh lain berusaha untuk melepaskan diri dari jeratan kekuasan tersebut, juga pasrah dengan keputusan yang ada. Sungguh, memang rasanya melelahkan sekali karena sepanjang membaca novel ini, saya berkali-kali merasa emosi jiwa dan raga akibat tidak bisa membuat Big Jim dan antek-anteknya segera mati saja.

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