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A love as bright as the stars and enduring as stone Katie James is unlucky in love--so unlucky she's been reduced to kissing the marble statue in her own. By Gena Showalter. ISBN ISBN A love as vibrant because the stars and enduring as stone Katie James is unfortunate in. Currently, simply get it with the form of word, pdf, ppt, txt, kindle, rar, as well as zip . the stone prince imperia 1 gena showalter the stone prince imperia pdf.

The Stone Prince Gena Showalter Pdf

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About the Author Gena Showalter is the author of sexy paranormal romances includingThe Stone Prince, The Pleasure Slave, andHeart of the Dragon, with. The Stone Prince. Home · The Stone Prince Author: Showalter Gena. 18 downloads The Leopard Prince (Prince 2). Read more · The Leopard Prince. Get Free Read & Download Files The Stone Prince Imperia 1 Gena Showalter PDF. THE STONE PRINCE IMPERIA 1 GENA SHOWALTER. Download: The.

A love as vibrant because the stars and enduring as stone Katie James is unfortunate in love--so unfortunate she's been lowered to kissing the marble statue in her personal backyard. Jorlan en Sarr hails from planet and prefer the entire different males Katie's recognized, he comes with loads of baggage. A cursed warrior with a lover's magic touch Entombed in his stony pores and skin for hundreds of years, Jorlan has been anticipating a maiden reasonable to wreck the spell.

The last cop he set her up with had spent the entire night discussing—in minute detail—the way a bullet had once pierced his chest cavity.

Download PDF by Gena Showalter: The Stone Prince

All of the fascinating details were delivered while she tried to suck down chopped tomato spaghetti. She had finally come to the conclusion that she suffered from a severe case of First Date Syndrome. The only symptom—which was proving fatal—was that she always found something wrong with her love interests within an hour of meeting them.

Richard ate his peas one at a time. Quinn walked with his knees bowed out. Mitch was too clingy. Worse, all of them were shorter than her own six-foot build, and she hated,hated looking down at a man. Deep down she truly desired a man to cuddle with, a man she could look up to literally and share her hopes and dreams with.

A man who would kiss and lick every inch of her naked, quivering body. But how could she find such a man when she turned away the few who wanted her? Maybe sheshould go on another blind date.

Thankfully, the sound whisked away her foolish musings. My brothers taught me that lesson very well. Earning a little money back was an unexpected boon. Her brother crossed his arms over his chest.

Soap is the only cure. He won, of course. Who could compete with being accosted by a delusional psychotic intent on ruling the world?

Silence greeted her. Impatient, she tapped her foot and waited for some sort of reaction from him. One minute passed, then two. Finally, she could stand it no longer. Three were male; four were female. All were nude and posed in different stages of self-gratification. Though he stood just around the lush, green thicket unobservable from where they stood, Katie knewher stone warrior had his hands at his sides. Magnificently aroused. His body as beautiful as any Greek statue. What he offered a woman, however, could not be covered by a fig leaf.

Why am I thinking about him? He ran his hand along the curve of her spine. He checked the number. In less than a heartbeat of time, his shoulders tensed and his facial features hardened. He was no longer her teasing older brother; he was now a seasoned detective, distanced and in control.

Just like that she was alone again. With nothing else to do in the garden, Katie strolled to the house, allowing herself only one backward glance. Inside, she blinked away the orange and red specks clouding her vision.

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Thick cobwebs filled each corner of the dining room, both high and low. Dirt stained every wall and the white paint was yellow and peeling. As she moved into the kitchen, her shoes crunched on the broken shards of what once must have been a magnificent chandelier. The house needed major renovations to be considered even halfway livable, and at that moment, all the work required threatened to overwhelm her. One task at a time, she reminded herself. One task at a time.

First she had to remove the layer of carpet, which covered a layer of linoleum, which covered a layer of God knew what else. Tomorrow she would replace the wood trim and baseboards in the bathroom. Two hours ticked by unnoticed as she pulled up and discarded the thin, dirty shag and matting. When she finished, she settled herself and her toolbox on the lime-green linoleum.

In her position, a large bay window loomed in front of her, and she had a perfect view of the pleasure garden. Her hands began to shake, but she continued working. After a while, she found it impossible to concentrate and had to stop altogether before she chiseled a finger instead of the floor. Not knowing what else to do, she nailed a sheet over the window, then drove home, cursing her wild imagination the entire way.

For the next three days, she worked from dawn until evening without difficulty. But all the while, a need to see her stone warrior was growing inside her. Over and over again. But what about the rest? Not see him? Not touch him? Surely she could remain strong enough to resist his allure. Her will broke completely the fourth day. Early that morning she began fantasizing abouthis hands traveling over her body, his breath fanning her ear, his hard, nakedhuman body pressing against hers. Those images haunted her, consumed her.

When dusk painted the landscape, perspiration dotted her brow and her breath came in short, erratic pants, a condition that had nothing to do with manual labor. Finally, she strode to the bay window, reached out with a shaky hand and removed the sheet. Moonlight spilled inside at the same moment she felt those invisible eyes upon her. She was gazing at him, unable to look away. Big deal. But even as she thought the words, Katie found herself strolling out the back door and into the twilight as if an invisible cord tugged her closer.

A chilly April breeze caressed her cheeks and danced several long, pale strands of hair across her shoulders. Spring was a versatile time inTexas.

In the matter of a single day, a cool wind could mutate into sizzling heat or bone-numbing cold. The closer she came to the stone warrior, the more her blood threatened to overheat, and she was immensely grateful for the chilly air. Up ahead, paper lanterns flickered, the bulbs within giving the illusion of actual flames.

Crickets chirped a lazy tune. Colorful flowers bloomed in every corner, some yellow and pink, some purple and blue, but each filled the air with a sweet, floral fragrance.

Katie worked her way around the winding bushes and soft petals that swayed in her path.

The Stone Prince

When she faced the object of her torment, she came to an abrupt halt and drew in a deep breath. At last. Atop his marble base, the stone warrior towered above her, making Katie feel wonderfully small in comparison. As she had many times before, she studied the long, thick length of him—but only in the name of observation, of course. Lord, what would he feel like if he were actually real? What would he say and do to her? A shiver raced through her.

His muscled chest, arms and legs gave him a powerful aura very few men possessed. Long strands of bright green ivy stretched around his left leg, the only color to his form. He was so blatantly masculine, so wonderfully detailed. His eyes seemed heavy-lidded, sleepy, as if forever beckoning a woman to bed. The beautiful sculpted lines of his face reminded her of a movie star. Or someone equally unattainable.

My dreams. My fantasies. My work. She traced her fingers over the cold, hard ridges of his abdomen, trying to absorb his essence. Maybe if she touched him enough, her obsession with him would wane.

Entertaining that glimmer of hope, she moved her hands higher and circled his nipples. What would happen if…She gulped and tentatively moved her palms downward. Her fingers wrapped around his penis, an action so utterly insane, but entirely necessary for her peace of mind.

Another bolt of pleasure shot through her, this one so hotly intense she was nearly incinerated. Katie jumped, startled. Surely she had just imagined such a forceful electrical charge. Brow wrinkled, she clasped his rigid length again. Shivers swirled and danced through her, just as intense and just as arousing. No, she had imagined nothing. Unable to stop herself, she climbed the marble steps until she stood at the very top, placing her eye-to-eye with the giant warrior.

Katie blinked incredulously. She would swear those eyes trulysaw her. The thought made her swallow with trepidation, but she shook it off. Statues, no matter how eerily real, were simply inanimate objects. And yet… Kiss me,his expression said. The urge to do just that besieged her. Thankfully, her common sense reared its head. Touching a work of art she could somehow justify; kissing a work of art she could not. Kiss me. Kiss me! This time, the words pounded through her mind, insistent, intense and demanding.

Well, I could kiss him this once, she thought dazedly,but only this once. Twilight offered a shadowy sort of protection, so no one would ever have to know. That thought provided all the incentive she needed. Carefully, cautiously, Katie closed her eyes and cradled his cheeks in her hands. That invisible force pulled her, hard, and she moved closer, closer still. Then her lips met his. Ribbons of heat and passion and hunger traveled all the way through her, and all of her thoughts tapered to a close except one: This is what a kiss should be like.

Her hands slid from his cheeks and into his thick, silky hair, holding him captive. His lips were softer, warmer, than she imagined, and she lingered far longer than she should have before laying her head upon his shoulder. Her nostrils filled with the clean, male scent of him. She could almost feel his hands caressing down her back, cupping her butt and guiding her even closer against him. She could almost feel his breath against the curve of her neck and the hot wetness of his tongue as it glided along her collarbone.

Could almost feel the slow, rhythmic beat of his heart. Another breathy sigh slipped past her throat. Crickets began another leisurely tune while fireflies flickered and danced overhead. But then she came to realize two startling facts. One, her inner voice had never spoken with a raspy, masculine accent before.

And two, the strong, bracing arms she had visualized around her waist were actually there. Shocked, she snapped to attention…and found herself staring into the most beautiful pair of eyes.

Eyes that were pale blue, almost crystalline, and aglow with knowing, wicked promise. Eyes that belonged to a man, not a statue. Katie gasped with a combination of disbelief, fascination and mortification. Where was the gray stone? Where was the freaking gray stone? Breath snagged in her throat, and she squeezed her eyes tightly closed. When she refocused, everything would be back to normal. She was sure of it. She was, after all, a mostly sane person. Yes, she experienced moments of madness—like kissing the statue, for instance—but those moments always passed.

Please, Lord, letthis moment pass. Very slowly, she cracked open her eyelids. Damn, damn, damn,she thought desperately. How could a flesh-and-blood man with bronzed, completely kissable skin be holding her in his embrace, the heat of his body seeping through her clothes, his heartbeat pounding against her chest?

Oh, God, the moon suddenly seemed brighter, the air thicker. There was an explanation for this. She had only to ask. But when she opened her mouth, only one word formed. Looking bewildered, he slowly moved his body this way and that, stretching and twisting each vertebra of his back as if for the very first time. And then—Lord above, he smiled, a devastating smile that revealed even white teeth and sent waves of sexual heat straight to her core.

I was a statue. Whatever the emotion, he appeared as if he had just realized the full extent of his proclamation. What the hell was going on? She needed to hear something intelligent and rational.

Something believable. When he refocused, he paused to catalog his surroundings. One heartbeat passed. Fierce disappointment pulled at his lips, eradicating his smile. He uttered the words again. Again surveyed his surroundings. A trick of the light, maybe? Or a hallucination? That makes sense, right? Perhaps it was that gentle caress, or maybe even her own wits finally sparking to life, but Katie suddenly realized that she had no idea what this very real, very muscled man planned to do to her.

Battling a surge of fear, she slapped at his hand, pushed at his chest and spun around, ready to dart to her truck and speed away. But she had forgotten that she was perched on a ledge several feet above the grassy foundation.

She teetered precariously on the edge, trying to regain her balance without actually reaching behind her and grabbing hold of the stranger. A second later, she hurtled face-first toward the ground. She twisted midair and managed to land on her butt with a painfulthwack. The impact knocked the air from her lungs and whisked several strands of hair over her eyes.

Once she found her breath, she jumped to her feet. Be it shock or fascination, Katie remained firmly in place. The man had stepped down from the dais and stood just in front of her. So tall, in fact, she was forced to look up, up, up. The realization caused her common sense to melt like ice cream in a hot summer sun. Amazingly, the top of her head barely peeked above his shoulders, and for the first time in her life, she felt breathtakingly feminine and surprisingly vulnerable.

What am I doing? He sighed. Women are weak, delicate creatures, and you collided quite forcefully with the ground. She scanned the garden. Her brothers were behind this and were most likely hiding in nearby bushes, having a good laugh at her expense.

Lord, the man standing before her was probably Steven Harris, the detective Gray wanted her to date. His muscles tightened and strained. Come out. I know this is Steven. Only to my sanity. He began stretching again, this time rolling his shoulders and ankles. All the while the wordsI am not called Steven echoed in her mind. The direction her mind veered just then scared and confounded her all the more. Had he…was it possible…could his transformation have happened supernaturally? No, no, no, no, no.

That was easy to accept. But hewas simply a man. A man who had a lot of explaining to do, be he a psycho killer or a practical jokester sent by her brothers. She chewed on her bottom lip. Psycho killer? She began hedging backward again. Surely a killer would have tried to stop her.

She stood there, curiosity battling with prudence while she silently observed this man who had appeared from nowhere, taking in every detail, searching for answers.

He was just so…big. One flick of his wrist, and he could snap her neck like a twig. There was a gentleness to him, however, that belied any menacing intentions. A walking contradiction, he was. Oh, that just pissed her off, made her forget any lingering hint of fear. He was big enough to hurt her, yes, but she was mad enough to inflict some major damage of her own. His eyes possessed a wistful quality.

In a mere snap of time, his soft expression mutated into potent fury, like fire across a night sky, both hot and cold at the same time. He was tense and ready, like a vengeful hunter inspecting cornered prey. Unexpectedly, he turned and again strode away.

A puny action, really, but he stopped all the same. When he did, he arched one brow in an insolent salute and gazed down at her.

But his voice was husky and richly intent, and resonated a secret, carnal meaning meant only for lovers. Did he realize what his tone had just suggested? He stared down at her, his eyes heavy-lidded and erotically inviting. Her nerve-endings sparked with renewed life.

Oh, yes. He knew. This is my place. Someday a man will show you exactly where you belong by giving you the savage bedding you silently asked for each time you passed through this garden. What stung was that there was nothing she could say to discount him.

The truth of it danced through her, undeniable now in every way. Her brothers would never allow a man to intimidate her like this. Or even invite her to participate in a night of debauchery. Not even for a joke. Now, I thank you once again,katya, but I must return home. In this instance, however, he stopped without her urging. He glanced left then right, studying the horizon.

A scowl marred the perfection of his features. He crossed his arms over his chest.

The stubborn stance said that he was a man used to issuing commands and receiving instant compliance. But the way this guy was looking at her, as if he was a king and she was his royal subject headed for the guillotine, almost made her jump into action. His eyes widened. There is something else I had forgotten in the excitement of returning to my homeland.

Or maybe it was a gasp of anticipation. Bed her, indeed. Silence stretched between them. With each passing second, she became increasingly aware of his nakedness, ofhim. She smelled his warm, masculine scent, felt the caress of his gaze over each and every part ofherbodyasifshe were naked.

You know, through magic. When both our bodies are sated, I will allow you to take me to the psychic. Gee, thanks. Before she had time to blink, he was on her, pinning her back against a statue.

She was strangely aroused. Her long-ignored body sprang to life, anyway. Her nipples strained for contact, and her hips arched forward, arched into him. She gulped, unsure whether she was still turned on or if she was deathly afraid. All business establishments are closed until tomorrow morning. I will have your word on it. She waited, hoping to hear words likenew next-door neighbor, trap door andsilver paint.

Instead, she heard only silence, and as minute after minute dragged by, her sense of unease grew. Again, silence. She thought her nerves would completely frazzle before he answered. Unbidden, a shiver moved through her, and she leaned into him.

Her body was reacting all on its own, heedless of her will. Lusting after a man was natural, expected even, but having sex with a stranger journeyed beyond her realm of acceptable. Her arousal mingled with another spring of fear. His hold only tightened further. Cotton to flesh. Far from cowed or charmed, she was now furious.

Despite her best rational intentions, Katie found her blood becoming molten lava, an inferno of need. While his lower body rhythmically brushed against hers, he palmed one of her breasts. Her knees weakened, right along with her will. He noticed. A dark brow rose, taunting her. She darted away. You could run from me, but do not. When I touch you again, you are the only one who will be sorry…for your denial. Well, there was one fact he would soon learn about her: A woman she might be, a doormat she was not.

Did I not hold your breast in my hand? You set me free. There was no time to ponder his words. He was getting closer by the second. Naked man approaching. She darted to the left. He followed. And then he was in front of her, once more so close she could feel the heat of his body. Her back pressed against the tall, rising column of a prickly bush. She gazed up at him, the scent of raw male virility wafting to her nostrils, carnal and sexy.

Without pausing to think about her actions, she gave a sharp twist and placed her foot behind his knee. That knee collapsed and brought him propelling in her direction. She latched on to his arm and sent him all the way to the ground, face-first.

When he hit, he hit hard, all that muscle and brawn weighing him down. He was back on his feet almost instantly and facing her with a look bordering on murderous. He remained in place, glaring and huffing instead. Getting her eyes to peer away from him was another matter entirely. Thick battle scars formed a random pattern across his abdomen. Somehow, each one added to his appeal. A whorl of hair surrounded his navel, then dipped enticingly—Do not look down,she commanded herself.

He gave her a slow, knowing perusal in return. Katie cleared her throat. However, that twinge was not strong enough to make her revoke the question. Oh, really? His eyes narrowed. He cursed me, locking me inside stone, able to hear, see and feel everything around me, yet unable to respond.

The guy had been locked in stone and her kiss had temporarily set him free. Yeah, right. That kind of thing only happened in fairy tales. Besides that, she was no princess charming. Katie drummed her fingers along her crossed arms and thought to expose his lie for what it was.

Katie studied his masculine features. Not a flicker of emotion betrayed him, however. Can you prove your story or not? You are a race that relies on the seen, the explainable. Where I hail, both Great-Lord and peasants laud mystical abilities, and before you ask again in your strange way, aye, I wield magic.

Magic that I can prove. By that you mean another state or country or continent, right? World means celestial body. My home. A look of intense concentration etched his expression. As she watched, a small, colorful globe materialized in the air above his skin, spinning slowly. Three smaller globes circled above it. Every inch was exquisitely detailed, making each orb appear solid, and yet colorfully translucent.

She tentatively reached out and touched the largest globe, surprised to find the sphere firm and warm. At the moment of contact, vivid pictures flashed in her mind like the click of a camera. She gasped. Crystal castles stretched to the violet-and-pink skyline. Majestic, dragonlike creatures soared from cloud to cloud. Trees arched in every direction, heavy with brilliant sapphire and diamond-colored fruit. Most beautiful of all were the blankets of white grass that billowed with a gentle, dew-kissed breeze.

His expression tightened, as if he were using every ounce of his strength to maintain the image above his palm, but the globes began to waver, then disappeared altogether. His hand dropped to his side. A cold shiver raked her, freezing her limbs.

No mortal man could conjure such a wondrous apparition. And no earthly man could change from stone to flesh in less than a heartbeat. Images of spaceships and bedlam danced through her head. An alien with magic powers. Her mind had yet to return from hiatus. But Lord, had she ever thought to come in contact with any otherworldly being? Fantasy Fiction Romance. Publication Details Publisher: HQN Books Imprint: HQN Publication Date: More about Gena Showalter.

The Stone Prince Embed. Media The Stone Prince. Well, almost --Jorlan en Sarr hails from a distant planet and like all the other men Katie's known, he comes with a lot of baggage.

Entombed in his stony skin for centuries, Jorlan has been waiting for a maiden fair to break the spell. Yet this statuesque beauty with the will of an Amazon and kisses like flame is a far cry from the obedient damsels of Imperia. And though Jorlan is tempted to abandon all for the sake of Katie, unless he can convince her to give him her heart in two weeks' time, he'll be turned back to stone.

And she'll be lost to him forever. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Romance.

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